the cozy cave

100WTSILY #1

Request by: swansong321

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Hi, can I request number 40 with Bucky, and 37 with Civil War’s Spiderman please? Have a great day, and I love your blog :)

Prompt:  40. “I made this for you.”

Word Count: 540

A/N:  So what I’ve decided is that I’ll give myself a set amount of time to write whatever I can based on these things. I don’t want these to become full blown one shots. They’ll probably be 1000< words each so let’s get started! I’m making the Spiderman one separately though.

    You rubbed your tired eyes as you rolled out of the bed. It was exhausting, the mission last night. The only thing you wanted was to just fall back asleep, but you knew that wasn’t seeming likely, as the smell of food wafted down the hallway, enticing you and drawing you from your cozy little cave. You grabbed the shaggy blanket that was haphazardly thrown across your plush bed, and you wrapped it around your shoulders tightly, desperately trying to keep that warmth with you as you journeyed down the hall. Who would be on your floor at this hour? Let alone using your kitchen. It was preposterous. Soft footsteps padded down the hallway as you rubbed your eyes again. A lazy hand ran through your hair as your rounded the corner, light from the large glass windows blinding, and yet strangely welcome. Your tired eyes struggled to adjust to the sudden influx of light, but while your eyes had decided to give up trying to function, your ears became attuned to the faint humming coming from your little kitchen area.
    “Hm?” you hummed, breezing over the tiles in your kitchen towards the figure. Long dark hair brushing his shoulders. Long sleeves even as it neared summertime. Even in your half blind state you could recognize Bucky Barnes. The real question was, what was he doing in your kitchen.
    “Buck?” your tired voice seemed to wake him from his little trance as he looked up from his work to look at you, a smile that seemed to be reaching his eyes adorning his face. 
    “(Y/N),” he mused, voice still a bit raspy. Your eyes wandered the counter, taking in the sight before you. Pancakes which seemed to be cooked to perfection adorned a cute little plate, with some toast and orange juice. You looked up at him, surprised again.
    “What’s all this?” you asked, looking up at him through some strands of hair that had fallen over your face.
    “Well, I made it for you,”  he smiled, picking up the plate and handing it to you, ushering you over to the counter and placing your juice on the counter top in front of a stool. 
    “You did? Why?” you asked, looking up at him in disbelief. Sure, you were friends, but he’d never done anything like this before. 
    “Well, you were a little tired after yesterday’s mission, so I figured it’d be nice. Do you hate them?” he asked sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. You blamed your tired state for the faint, faint blush you thought you saw on his cheeks. 
    “N-no, I love them! Did Steve put you up to this?” you asked, still in slight disbelief.
    “No, I wanted to.” 
    “Wow. Well, thank you so much!” you smiled up at him from where you sat, feeling a faint blush that mirrored his own spread across your face.
    “It was no big deal, (Y/N),” he insisted, but you pushed yourself up off the stool and made your way over to him, not bothering to pick up the blanket that slid off your shoulders. 
    “Seriously, Buck. Thank you,” you smiled, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek, pulling away before going back to eat your practically gourmet breakfast. 


(Mod: Finally! This took way to long! So here are the pictures for the first floor of The Cozy Cave. These are for you guys to use if you’d like, no need to ask. So draw your pony stopping by our store we’s love to see you. Just know this is one of 3 batches that will have 4 pictures each, 1 batch per floor. Other information … Cashiers that will be in image 1 are Demented/Shy, Luna, and Huevo. The pony working at the order desk [image 2+3] is Fire Mixer. Then stocking the shelves is Midnight. Enjoy every one! Also there are multi colored lights in the fountain that go on at night.)

Its hard coming to work each day knowing it going to be another day with almost nothing to do. We thought this would be a fun place to work and meet new ponies but sadly the store seem to always be empty except for us who work here.

(Hey don’t be shy you are allowed and encourage to ask questions because sometimes it hard for us to think of things to draw with out some help. So ask away. Its you the followers that can make this blog happen.)


Say hello to The Cozy Cave’s new work uniforms every pony! Each uniform will be fitted to your body, no one size fits all sort of thing. Also yes I do realize some of you have wings so alterations will be made accordingly. All uniforms hold the company logo in it full color over your left breast, under that is where you will wear your name tag! The black t-shirt is for cashiers, walk through window workers, maintenance, dish washer, and stockers. The red vest with long sleeves uniform is for waiters and waitresses. Then the white chef’s coat is for chef’s.  

Also, to be kind I ask that all of my employees that handle food (Chef’s, Waiters, Walk Through Window Workers and Dish Washers) are to have long hair (mane and tail) tied, for sanitary reasons of course. If you use a bow try aiming for a color that matches your uniform. 

By the way there are still jobs available. Go here to see what jobs are available, what jobs are taken and who you will be working with.


Mares and gentil colts, say hello to The Cozy Cave! And hello I am Kayla, the owner and boss of this establishment!

Yes! After all my time and planing it is finally finished! The Cozy Cave is an art supply and bakery/restaurant all in one! The first floor is the art supply store, the second floor is the bakery restaurant with indoor and half outdoor (half because there are hidden folding windows that would be closed when wether permits it to be so) as well as the kitchen and bathroom, then the third floor is storage and employee lounge (so employees only of course). 

Some features we have are the walk through bakery! Just walk up, place your order and pay then we tell you to come back when your order is done. Theres the rock fountain that pours into a koi pond, it has many fish, the fountain has multi colored changing lights that go on at night. 

We will have the art store open 10am-4pm every week day but the restaurant is 9am-9pm Monday-Saturday.