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It’s been a year since Darkpilot came into our lives! Thank you for all the Benpoe universes <3 @tenukii‘s Benpoe AUs have really been a gift! Prince Ben and the masquerade in Downfall is a favorite. Also Cowboy AU.

Okay. But a Captive Prince western AU. I haven’t seen anything for something like this so HERE. I’m putting it all in your heads xD because you KNOW it would be the best~ And it means more horses for Laurent <3 <3 <3 LOTS.

And just Damen tipping that cowboy hat at Laurent, just to watch him blush a little bit while he fingers his belt. AAACK I need this <3

#Richonne Party Day 2: Tuesday- Favorite Moment

My favorite Richonne moment…damn, again, there’s so many to choose from but this time, I’m gonna go with the Opening Scene of 6x10 (The Next World)

Technically, it’s more like a montage of moments but bear with me.  

More than a Feeling by Boston is the official anthem for our heroes. 

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Now, we’ve got that established, let’s talk about this opening scene, shall we? 

We’ve got Rick back on track. The 5B-6x09 Rick Grimes who was confused and messy (Messie…) as fuck is gone and we’ve got a fully functioning, reasonable, good kind of crazy Rick back. He’s accepted the ASZ as home, as a good place with good people in it for his Family to be a part of and you can tell that there’s peace in his body language. There’s genuine peace and he’s ready to move forward, hence the first bit of awesomeness: he left his wedding ring in the dish. He left it in the dish, not for Messie or some other broad but for Michonne. You know it, I know it, and everyone else does too.

Second moment of awesomeness: Judith. Because Judith is adorable and growing and playing with her Dixie cups and I just wanna cuddle her. She is living hope and joy for The Walking Dead. Rick smiling at her as she plays? YES. The only thing better than Daddy Rick to me is Zaddy Rick.

I have no shame.

Third moment of awesomeness: Michonne in her robe asking for toothpaste like it ain’t no thang because it ain’t. It’s normal for them now. It’s the new normal and I can’t help but smirk a little at how Rick slowed down in getting dressed, letting Bae get a good long look at him because he looked good. He looked like a bacon and egg sandwich, he looked good and he knew it.

Although, I’m quite sure that Michonne showed up in her robe on purpose because hey, why not? He wants to look? Give him a show…LOL!

Fourth moment of awesomeness: Stepmomma Michonne and Carl. I love her bond with Carl. It’s one of the best relationships on the show and regarding Richonne, somebody aptly put it this way: ‘Michonne adopted Carl first and after a while, she was like, hey wait a minute, your dad’s kinda hot and it went from there’.  As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for Carl, we wouldn’t have Richonne at all. 

He shot the Walker that was gonna eat her when she passed out in 3x08. He said that she was one of them in 3x12 and he opened the door to Michonne being willing to have a family again. He opened the doors in her heart and mind and helped her be brave enough to love and care and come home to her family, to her Boys & later Judith after The Prison fell (4x09-5x01). 

Carl made all the glory we’re celebrating this week and in general possible and it’s yet another reason why I adore my Cycloptic Cowboy Prince and why I will fight anyone who talks shit about him. Anyone and their momma, I don’t give a fuck. I’ll fight ‘em all!

Anyway, Richonne double teaming Carl with parenting (Rick was all like: listen to your stepmomma, boy), Rick picking up Judith, and them saying goodbye in with the low five and the banter and…they’re adorable. Rick and Michonne aren’t just BAMF LEADERS, they are genuinely adorable. How can you not love them? 

“Spearmint and baking soda…that’s my favorite” led to “Have your mints” and it…it really became The Next World for Richonne. They took the next step, the most logical step, and our ship went canon. Thoroughly canon.


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I slept with Richard Prince and all I got was this painting, 2015

Acrylic on canvas

45.7 x 60.9 cms

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This blog went from cool/cute cowboys and a prince meeting evil cowboy and serious nonsense to meme hell hole.

hell is real and its this blog

in all seriousness its bc i forgot what the hell my original idea was
PSA: After 704 and in general? Those of you out there who still insist on hating Enid can choke. As a matter of fact, Carl’s gonna choke you to death for disrespecting her and I’m gonna laugh.

OC-tober - Day 1: Amelia

Age: 25
Birthday: July 3rd  ♋
Height: 6'1" | 185 cm
Universe/Story: Mark of the Spiral
👌: Traveling, music, performance art, a good sense of humor, spicy food, horses, sports, a good balance of work and relaxation, sunny days,  tropical environments, the occasional indulgence in luxurious items and places, the outdoors

👎: staying cooped up in one place for too long, cold places, back-talk, completely rushing into something without a plan, bullies, waking up early, sad or tragic stories, pessimistic mindsets, having parts of her life and destiny decided for her, feeling rushed (which is often)

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