the cowardly lion

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Hmmm. How about... Prinxiety and “Thanks. But... What is it?”

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Virgil wasn’t the good kind of creative. He knew that. He’d always known that, as far back as he could remember. His kind of creative made Patton cry, made Logan frown and squint at him, and…and made Roman mad.

Roman didn’t like him. That was okay, Virgil didn’t like himself much, either. But Roman was brave, Roman could think of ways to fight monsters. All Virgil could do was make them.

He tried not to. He wished he could make good things, like Roman. Things that people liked. Roman could make puppies for Patton, he could make bees for Logan to stare at for ages (and say he was studying but Virgil knew he just liked them), and Roman could make Thomas happy.

Virgil could only make him scared.

And Roman didn’t make anything for him.

He sighed, kicking at a few fallen leaves. There was a pile of them–Patton had been good and done his chores and raked them all up–and Virgil was pretty sure there wasn’t a wild animal hiding inside, or a bad guy, but he was keeping his distance just in case. It was better outside, even if it was cold.

No one was mad at him here.

He should’ve known it wouldn’t last. The door banged open and Roman came running out, something held in his hands. Virgil flinched, hugging his chest.

“There you are!” Roman said, huffing as he skidded to a halt. “Patton said it was getting chilly and where were you and Logan said you were outside and Patton asked how you were dressed and Logan said you had a tshirt on and Patton said you’d be too cold and Logan said he didn’t think you had a jacket and Patton kept talking so…here.”

Virgil bit his lip, trying to work out exactly what Roman was saying–but gave up when Roman shook the fabric he was holding. “Um. Thanks. But…what is it?”

“It’s a hoodie, duh,” Roman said, rolling his eyes. “I made it for you, because Logan and Patton wouldn’t stop talking and pay attention and so I had to do something.”

Virgil took the thick, black and grey checked hoodie in his hands. It had soft fleece on the inside, and it was big and comfy and looked so warm and… “Really?” he whispered. “It’s for…for me?”

“Not like I’m gonna wear it, it’s all black.” 

Roman turned away, not watching as Virgil hesitantly slid the hoodie on, zipping it up and cuddling into it. This was…it was the best thing he’d ever gotten. “Th-thank you,” he managed, his voice shaking a little, even though he tried to sound like he didn’t care.

But he did.

“Whatever,” Roman said, waving his hand. “Hey…now you can stay outside longer…wanna jump in the leaves?”

Virgil darted a glance over at the pile, hugging himself tighter. “But…”

“C’mon, cowardly lion, I’ll protect you from the scary leaf monsters. It’ll be fun!”

Not sure he agreed–but certain he didn’t want Roman to suddenly stop being so nice to him, Virgil put up his hood and nodded. “Okay.”

“Race ya!” Roman took off and Virgil followed. Maybe it was okay if he could only make monsters–Roman seemed willing to keep fighting them.

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W.W. Denslow. She caught Toto by the ear, I am the Witch of the North, Dorothy gazed thoughtfully at the Scarecrow, “This is a great comfort,” said the Tin Woodman, “You ought to be ashamed of yourself!”, The stork carried him up into the air, “Permit me to introduce her Majesty, the Queen,” The eyes looked at her thoughtfully, The Monkeys wound many coils about his body, The Monkeys caught Dorothy in their arms and flew off with her. Illustration for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum. 1900.


A bunch of cute couples costumes this year! 

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W.W. Denslow. You must be a great sorceress, The man with the green whiskers led them through the city, The Tinsmiths worked for three days and four nights, “Exactly so! I am a humbug,” The scarecrow sat on the big throne, the branches bent down and twined around him, The Head shot forward and struck the Scarecrow, “You must give me the Golden Cap.” Illustration for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by Frank L. Baum. 1900.  Contd from here

SUN-MOON NICKNAMES, based on jefferson anderson

Sun in Aries
Moon in Aries — The Daredevil
Moon in Taurus — The Fortune Hunter
Moon in Gemini — The Fast Talker
Moon in Cancer — The Cowardly Lion
Moon in Leo — The Dynamo
Moon in Virgo — The Faultfinder
Moon in Libra — The Rebel Without A Cause
Moon in Scorpio — The Self Directed
Moon in Sagittarius — The Curious
Moon in Capricorn — The Status Seeker
Moon in Aquarius — The Pioneer
Moon in Pisces — The Visionary

Sun in Taurus
Moon in Aries — The Self Absorbed
Moon in Taurus — The Rock
Moon in Gemini — The Busybody
Moon in Cancer — The Accommodater
Moon in Leo — The Performer
Moon in Virgo — The Voice of Experience
Moon in Libra — Mr. Nice Guy
Moon in Scorpio — The Pessimist
Moon in Sagittarius — The Big Spender
Moon in Capricorn — The Worrywart
Moon in Aquarius — The Reactionary
Moon in Pisces — The Shrinking Violet

Sun in Gemini
Moon in Aries — The Speed Demon
Moon in Taurus — The Troublemaker
Moon in Gemini — The Whirling Dervish
Moon in Cancer — The Pendulum
Moon in Leo — The Theatrical
Moon in Virgo — The Nitpicker
Moon in Libra — The Mediator
Moon in Scorpio — The Storyteller
Moon in Sagittarius — The Fool
Moon in Capricorn — The Politician
Moon in Aquarius — The Inventor
Moon in Pisces — The Split Personality

Sun in Cancer
Moon in Aries — The Self-Righteous
Moon in Taurus — The Provider
Moon in Gemini — The Psychic Antenna
Moon in Cancer — The Protector
Moon in Leo — The Pity Party
Moon in Virgo — The Servant
Moon in Libra — The Yes Man
Moon in Scorpio — The Cobra
Moon in Sagittarius — The Starry-Eyed
Moon in Capricorn — The Inferiority Complex
Moon in Aquarius — The Zealot
Moon in Pisces — The Great Pretender

Sun in Leo
Moon in Aries — The Showman
Moon in Taurus — The High and Mighty
Moon in Gemini — The Con Artist
Moon in Cancer — The Gallant
Moon in Leo — The Peacock
Moon in Virgo — The Moralist
Moon in Libra — The Crowd Pleaser
Moon in Scorpio — The Opportunist
Moon in Sagittarius — The Adventurer
Moon in Capricorn — The Monarch
Moon in Aquarius — The Benefactor
Moon in Pisces — The Charmer

Sun in Virgo
Moon in Aries — The Clark Kent
Moon in Taurus — Old Faithful
Moon in Gemini — The Genius
Moon in Cancer — The Wallflower
Moon in Leo — The Simple Soul
Moon in Virgo — The Critic
Moon in Libra — The Tranquilizer
Moon in Scorpio — The Sly Fox
Moon in Sagittarius — The cockeyed Optimist
Moon in Capricorn — The Self Made Man
Moon in Aquarius — The Scientist
Moon in Pisces — The Good Samaritan

Sun in Libra
Moon in Aries — The Rabble Rowser
Moon in Taurus — The Hedonist
Moon in Gemini — The Intellectual
Moon in Cancer — The Diplomat
Moon in Leo — The Personality Kid
Moon in Virgo — The Social Worker
Moon in Libra — The Social Butterfly
Moon in Scorpio — Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
Moon in Sagittarius — The Libertarian
Moon in Capricorn — The Social Climber
Moon in Aquarius — The Humanitarian
Moon in Pisces — The Martyr

Sun in Scorpio
Moon in Aries — The Individual
Moon in Taurus — The Leader
Moon in Gemini — The Salesman
Moon in Cancer — The Magnet
Moon in Leo — The Magnificent Obesssion
Moon in Virgo — The Sleuth
Moon in Libra — The Tactician
Moon in Scorpio — The Extremist
Moon in Sagittarius — The Forerunner
Moon in Capricorn — The Power Seeker
Moon in Aquarius — The Guru
Moon in Pisces — The Sponge

Sun in Sagittarius
Moon in Aries — The Tattler
Moon in Taurus — The Guilty Conscience
Moon in Gemini — The Cheerful
Moon in Cancer — The Deep Thinker
Moon in Leo — The Show Off
Moon in Virgo — The Insightful
Moon in Libra — The Scholar
Moon in Scorpio — The Crusader
Moon in Sagittarius — The Forgetful Professor
Moon in Capricorn — The Comic
Moon in Aquarius — The Trail Blazer
Moon in Pisces — The Poet

Sun in Capricorn
Moon in Aries — The Busy Beaver
Moon in Taurus — The Rooted Commoner
Moon in Gemini — The Quick Study
Moon in Cancer — The Tough Guy
Moon in Leo — The Dictator
Moon in Virgo — The Workaholic
Moon in Libra — The Socialite
Moon in Scorpio — The Fighter
Moon in Sagittarius — The Carefree
Moon in Capricorn — The Sage
Moon in Aquarius — The Prodigy
Moon in Pisces — The Wizard of Oz

Sun in Aquarius
Moon in Aries — The Pacemaker
Moon in Taurus — The Hard Nosed  
Moon in Gemini — The Journalist
Moon in Cancer — The Stiff Upper Lip
Moon in Leo — The Puzzling
Moon in Virgo — The Analyst
Moon in Libra — The Dreamer
Moon in Scorpio — The Free Spirit
Moon in Sagittarius — The Diletante
Moon in Capricorn — The Trend Setter
Moon in Aquarius — The Nonconformist
Moon in Pisces — The True Believer

Sun in Pisces
Moon in Aries — The Underdog
Moon in Taurus — The Artist
Moon in Gemini — The Artful Dodger
Moon in Cancer — The Settler
Moon in Leo — The Eccentric Character
Moon in Virgo — The Perfectionist
Moon in Libra — The Delicate Balance
Moon in Scorpio — The Hurricane
Moon in Sagittarius — The Philosopher
Moon in Capricorn — The Cynic
Moon in Aquarius — The Reformer
Moon in Pisces — The Mystic


The Animal Alphabets Fairy Tale Edition continues on.  This week was N for Nutcracker.  Interesting to learn that the original story is a bit darker than the ballet that everyone knows.  In the original story, a princess is cursed by the Rat Queen to turn into a nutcracker doll.  To break the curse, the most handsomest man in the kingdom must find the hardest nut and crack it open with his teeth and must feed it to the princess before her transformation is complete.  However the curse is transferred to the handsome man and he takes her place as a nutcracker doll. No one tells him he would inherit the curse and is banished from the kingdom.  Its so sad


“I just conjured up a drug epidemic simply to stop one human and her small dog, and Glinda somehow negates it with snow? What kind of bullshit magical logic is that?”

-The Wicked Witch of the West