When in Dallas: see the @Bruce_Weber exhibit @dallascontemporary ✔️, eat a burrito as big as your head ✔️, drink all the margaritas ✔️, sleep in in your ridiculously comfortable @whotels bed ✔️. More from our #WCFDA guide, now on
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From closing out @givenchyofficial’s runway show (handpicked by @riccardotisci17 himself, btw) back in 2010, to modeling *and* styling @31philliplim’s FW17 lookbook, Toronto-based model @juanpaoloroldan has made quite the name for himself. Get to know him (and his style) a little bettter with a look inside his closet and home on
“My style is always evolving because I’m constantly discovering new things that influence the way I put myself together. I’ve been addicted to collecting vintage clothing in the last 5-6 years. I mix my vintage finds with current pieces—I wear anything from the late 1800’s to the ’70’s as far as vintage goes. I just basically wear what I want and not really pay attention to trends too much. It’s more personal for me and I get to express myself in the way I want—I guess I’m a classic man with a gangster twist. At least that’s how I feel when I dress myself.” 📷: @reneerodenkirchen

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hi t, what do you like to do on the internet as downtime? like what are you favourite websites?

honestly in my downtime i hardly go online because my job is to scour the internet and to know everything going on etc. but, like everyone else, i always hit in the morning

+ youtube, my favorites are asia jackson, christine, riantamira, the line up, jolleen, estee, to the 9′s 

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coveteur: We caught up with the stunning @NinaDobrev to talk her upcoming film @xxxmovie, how she differs from her tech wiz character, and the epic prank war she started with @RubyRose on set (spoiler: there were crabs and a @taylorswift impersonator involved). Read up on 💻

Have you watched @netflix’s @dearwhitepeople yet?
“The themes [in ‘Dear White People’ are] far surpassing what the title leads you to believe—gender identity, sexuality, your relationships in college, needing to have a safe space as a marginalized group on a mostly white campus… From the beginning, when you meet [my character] Sam, you understand that anything you think the show is going to be preaching to you, it’s not.“
Get to know actress and activist @loganlaurice , more about the show, her thoughts on diversity in Hollywood, and why the number 27 is so important to her on (And then get to binging! 🍿)
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Need weekend inspo? We’ve got you. Head to to find out the 3 spots we suggest you hit up ASAP—and the spring-ready clothes to match c/o @saks—for an adventure-filled (and IG-worthy 🌿) weekend even model @immywaterhouse approves of. #covcollab 📷: @jakerosenberg // styling: @stephaniegmark

Model @jourdandunn let us tag along for her Met Gala dress fitting with @hm and it was everything. (Seriously though… Look at that dress!) Head to to find out what she had to say about the look and how it all came together. Then let us know your favorite red carpet looks from the night, below! 👇
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What do you get when you mix @1jessicahart, a gorgeous garden, and @AERIN’s latest Rose Cologne Collection? One stunning springtime fragrance campaign, of course. 🌹 Find visual proof and a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot on
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Two words: BELLA. 👏 HADID.👏
We tagged along on her @nike Cortez campaign photo shoot in Hollywood and got all the dirt on her wellness routine, her sneaker collection, and how she finds time to chill out during her jam-packed work schedule 👉
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As @kanyewest’s personal barber, it’s a given that @ibnjasper owns a pair of Yeezys in every style and color—not to mention the shelves of @Vans, Jordans, and the @diamondsupplyco shoes he designed that make up his must-see sneaker collection. Learn how he started cutting hair, his thoughts on the role of skate culture in fashion, and why ‘work smart, not hard’ is his personal motto on
“When I got my first job—I started cutting hair freshman year and then I got my first job in the summer between sophomore and junior year. I went back to school junior year and had seven pairs of Girbaud [jeans] and ten Girbaud shirts and a pair of Air Max BW’s and a pair of Scottie Pippen Flights. Then I instantly became one of the popular kids. I got into clothing to be invisible. I wanted to blend in. You get talked about if you have bad clothes. I was like, ‘Okay, everyone is in this, so that is what I’m going to wear so I’m not noticed.’ I am in this style industry, so people think my value is in that, but I’m the opposite—I am fresh to be invisible.”
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