Model @jourdandunn let us tag along for her Met Gala dress fitting with @hm and it was everything. (Seriously though… Look at that dress!) Head to to find out what she had to say about the look and how it all came together. Then let us know your favorite red carpet looks from the night, below! 👇
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@__carolineventura, the designer behind jewelry brand BRVTVS and owner of West Village boutique @welcometocalliope, knows all the best spots to pause and gather inspiration. From art galleries to nature-filled hikes, grab your #EAsunglasses and head to to find your next getaway. 📷: @alec_kugler #covcollab

“After I opened my own brand, the handbags, I really just wear my own designs. It’s very rare that I am wearing other designer shoes. I made [my own] with so much love, so I really want to wear them all, you know? I really like to wear my own things.” Makes sense when your designs are as whimsical and elegant as @pcademartori’s. Pop on over to to see inside her her floor-to-15-ft-ceiling closets and museum-worthy jewelry collection.
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How would Coco Chanel conquer Paris in 2017, according to @marieangecasta? She’d drive a hybrid car, live at the Ritz, and fight for feminism on the daily, of course. More on her thoughts and a look at @chanelofficial’s new Gabrielle bag on!
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Two words: BELLA. 👏 HADID.👏
We tagged along on her @nike Cortez campaign photo shoot in Hollywood and got all the dirt on her wellness routine, her sneaker collection, and how she finds time to chill out during her jam-packed work schedule 👉
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@__carolineventura, the designer behind jewelry brand BRVTVS
and owner of West Village boutique @welcometocalliope, took us through her ultimate afternoon, and we’re so on board. People watching through a pair of @armani sunglasses? Check. ✔︎ Lunch at @santambroeus? Check. ✔︎ The best spot for a glass of organic wine? Also, check. ✔︎ Add her go-to spots to your weekend itinerary at
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When model @bridgetmalcolm (whose literal job it is to make outfits look amazing) teaches you how to add a touch of ease into your wardrobe, you listen. And then you shop. (Pro tip: @bloomingdales has everything you’ll ever need.) Read her tricks and take notes on
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Some closets are just *so* good, they deserve a second visit. Enter model, stylist, and blogger @alealimay, who let us peek around her closet (this time in West Hollywood, last time in NYC) for Sneaker Week. Let’s just say the girl’s got drawers of graphic and vintage tees and stacks upon stacks of Jordans and Yeezys—the kind of collection you kind of just have to see for yourself. Pop on over to to see what we mean, plus find out her favorite part about styling @lilyachty, why she thinks it’s so important to support your friends, and just how exactly she got into collecting sneakers.
“I like to have that one-on-one talk with my clients [I’m styling]. Style is something that is coming actually from inside the other person, I am just helping to bring it to fruition. I need to know if you’re feeling Lady Gaga vibes and you want to show up in an egg, you know? I need to know these things. Then I’ll have an idea of where to draw inspiration from. Even if they don’t have a direction, that is when you figure out that you have to try things with them. ‘What do you think about this?’ You know, ‘Hey, this is what’s trending right now, do you like that style?’ Face value.”
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