the coverter

fuck covert twerf blogs. stop ignoring lesbians boundaries dammit!

(also tfw when you spend 20 minutes scrolling through a “lesbian positivity” blog and can’t find a single word about non-cis lesbians and despite them reblogging lots of cis lesbians selfies, the only trans woman who shows up is one lady who is cis passing and doesn’t out herself in her about. while simultaneously half the people the blog reblogs from are twerfs, but none of that amounts to any proper evidence)

anonymous asked:

hiiii so i was wondering maybe this is a silly question im sorry but do you know if louis' triangle tat is only allowed for gay people i mean i want to get one tattooed but im bi im sorry this is stupid

a single triangle will definitely largely read as gay. i have a tattoo of two overlapping triangles (just the outlines for me though) which can also symbolise bisexuality. i know that it’s not that ideal of a symbol but i wanted something covert enough at the time!

au where padme lives and raises her two children thinking that anakin died on mustafar and works behind the scenes in the rebellion

and anakin/vader thinks that he killed padme

and they both think the other is dead and vader hates the shadowy leader of the rebellion and padme hates the emperor’s black-suited attack dog

i just have a lot of ideas about this idk

Ableist hostility disguised as friendliness

Some people relate to people with disabilities in a dangerous and confusing way. They see themselves as helpers, and at first they seem to really like the person. Then the helper suddenly become aggressively hostile, and angry about the disabled person’s limitations or personality (even though they have not changed in any significant way since they started spending time together). Often, this is because the helper expected their wonderful attention to erase all of the person’s limitations, and they get angry when it doesn’t.

The logic works something like this:

  • The helper thinks that they’re looking past the disability and seeing the “real person” underneath.
  • They expect that their kindness  will allow the “real person” to emerge from the shell of disability.
  • They really like “real person” they think they are seeing, and they’re excited about their future plans for when that person emerges.
  • But the “real person” is actually figment of their imagination.

The disabled person is already real:

  • The helper doesn’t like this already-real disabled person very much
  • The helper ignores most of what the already-real person actually says, does, thinks, and feels.
  • They’re looking past the already-real person, and seeing the ghost of someone they’d like better.

This ends poorly:

  • The already-real person never turns into the ghost the helper is imagining
  • Disability stays important; it doesn’t go away when a helper tries to imagine it out of existence
  • Neither do all of the things the already-real disabled person thinks, feels, believes, and decides
  • They are who they are; the helper’s wishful thinking doesn’t turn them into someone else
  • The helper eventually notices that the already-real person isn’t becoming the ghost that they’ve been imagining
  • When the helper stop imagining the ghost, they notice that the already-real person is constantly doing, saying, feeling, believing, and deciding things that the helper hates
  • Then the helper gets furious and becomes openly hostile

The helper has actually been hostile to the disabled person the whole time

  • They never wanted to spend time around the already-real disabled person; they wanted someone else
  • (They probably didn’t realize this)
  • At first, they tried to make the already-real disabled person go away by imagining that they were someone else
  • (And by being kind to that imaginary person)
  • When they stop believing in the imaginary person, they become openly hostile to the real person

Tl;dr Sometimes ableist hostility doesn’t look like hostility at first. Sometimes people who are unable or unwilling to respect disabled people seem friendly at first. They try to look past disability, and they interact with an imaginary nondisabled person instead of the real disabled person. They’re kind to the person they’re imagining, even though they find the real person completely unacceptable. Eventually they notice the real person and become openly hostile. The disabled person’s behavior has not changed; the ableist’s perception of it has. When someone does this to you, it can be very confusing — you were open about your disability from the beginning, and it seemed like they were ok with that, until they suddenly weren’t. If this has happened to you, you are not alone.

  • Canon McCree: a highly trained covert operative with extensive knowledge of black ops tactics who has been able to successfully evade and outsmart authorities and terrorists alike since the fall of Overwatch
  • Fanon McCree: doesn't know what a code name is and can't tell a robot from a horse
  • Reyes: I designed the Blackwatch uniforms to be simple and tasteful, as well as practical for covert operations. You are welcome to make modifications but I would prefer if you kept things subtle.
  • McCree: I want a cowboy hat and spurs.
  • Reyes: ...
  • McCree: GLOWING spurs.
  • Reyes: McCree I swear to-
  • Genji: And I want my left nipple to be exposed.

Yuri Plisetsky WeekDay Five: Social Networks
↳ Yuri “I must post a selfie with this shirt immediately” Plisetsky

Once, and only once, Geoff made the mistake of sending Ryan and Jeremy out on a job that required stealth. A job he wanted taken care of quietly, without witness, secrecy not quite vital but ideally to be done without links back to the crew.

Honestly it was a reasonable pick; the Vagabond was a ghost when he wanted to be, and Jeremy was pretty decent at flying under the radar. Or at least he had been, before he joined the FAHC. Since joining though, where blending in isn’t a matter of life or death and Jeremy had the freedom to be whatever he wanted to be, he’d become kind of. Loud. Bright, in your face, unapologetically jarring, a goddamn eyesore more often than not. It’s not that he couldn’t be subtle, it’s just that he kind of refused to be.

He’d probably have toned it down for the job, never one to mess up serious work, but Geoff had gone an paired him with Ryan. Ryan whose thoughts on following orders were iffy on a good day, who never could resist a bit of good old fashioned wanton destruction. Theres something sort of malleable about Ryan; not innocence or naivety, not ignorance, but when a request aligns itself with his interests he’s never been all that great at turning it down. It’s what has him playing along with all Gavin’s vicious games, what get him leaning towards explosives with Michael or high speed chases with Jack.

It’s what sees him on this job with Jeremy, only moments after splitting up and already watching wisps of black smoke rising from the building they’d been sent to infiltrate. Ryan knows he should tell Jeremy to reign it in, knows Jeremy would if he asked, knows this whole covert plan of Geoff’s was still salvageable if he works quickly enough. Ryan has a sniper rifle in one hand and a rocket launcher in another, has Geoff’s disapproval on his mind and Jeremy’s laughter in his ear; with two distinct paths Ryan has to make a choice. It’s really not a difficult one.

By the time they call Geoff to check in the news choppers have long been circling, gleefully broadcasting the growing damage. Crumbled walls and leaping flames, a vicious firefight and daring escape, absolute carnage and all with the utterly unmistakable figures of the Vagabond and Rimmy Tim caught slap bang in the middle. One might argue that the whole secrecy deal was kind of a bust at that point.

Geoff was having kittens, spluttered rage restricted by the phone that could not witness his wild gestures but making up for it tenfold as he howled down the line all dickheads and assholes and biggest mistakes of my life. He’s clearly caught somewhere between temper, long suffering resignation and utter disbelief at the sheer level of their disobedience, though the anger certainly wins out when Jeremy pipes up, downright chipper without a hint of remorse, Mission accomplished boss!

Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is often covert and difficult to notice, with only 5-6% of individuals with DID having a more florid presentation. Switching between alters is rarely accompanied by dramatic shifts in personality that are highlighted by changes in clothing, preferences, and accent. In contrast, systems often go to great lengths to hide their condition and will deny and downplay their symptoms as much as possible once diagnosed. Alters frequently manifest through passive influence instead of completely taking executive control, and many individuals with DID are amnesiac for their own amnesia and do not notice even when a full switch has occurred.
young justice panel thoughts

let me be real about the panel

  • i really hope that zee is 13′s mentor bc my girl deserves so much more love
  • that’s if she’s a magic user as in traci thirteen
  • the fact that they said “zatanna and dick were to show you don’t always marry your first love“ really broke my heart but don’t think for a second i’m giving my otp up
  • uh steph/tim/cassie love triangle????? i want it but i don’t
  • why have the whole jason memorial if y’all aren’t gonna give any jason info???
  • bluepulse is gonna be canon no doubt in my mind pls and thx
  • virgil’s new look is fucking LIT and honestly i can’t wait bc i love him sm
  • still really sad about chalant
  • WALLY WHERE ARE YOU pls greg and brandon save him pls
  • what is up with this new ninja look???? 
  • i bet they’re their own covert team and they’re gonna get wally out of the speedforce pls
  • where’s m’gann???? 
  • and babs
  • kinda hope for wondergun but at the same time cassie and tim
  • is my girl zatanna okay? is she sleeping well? eating? i’m v worried about her
  • where is wally i’m so concerned about my fave speedster
  • lowkey glad they didn’t bring in starfire as much as i love kori i want to see other characters

it’s really fun to imagine fake ah crew ryan and jeremy being on the exact same level of “look how covert and ingenious and TOTALLY SUPER A SECRET my alter ego is”

and meanwhile, every civilian and cop and criminal in los santos: “of fucking course we know who the vagabond is. haywood goes out in plainclothes striking up conversations about the decomposition process with the dude serving him ice cream at twisty cone. rimmy tim? dooley fucking walks around with orange and purple hair.”

and ryan and jeremy are just like yes good job a+ we’re so good at being subtle

Day One Hundred And Twenty-Eight

-As I walked to my register, I found a John Cena action figure hiding amidst a shelf of candy. I was fairly caught off guard by this, but much to my credit, I could, in fact, see him.

-Before the clock hit nine in the morning, I had been given a mojito and a love on the rocks. I downed the drinks eagerly and was invigorated and prepared for the shift to come. Admittedly, both were virgin drinks from Starbucks, but they were refreshing nonetheless.

-A woman purchased a gift card, paying with an identical gift card. Her motives remain unclear.

-While her mother paid, I stuck my tongue out at a toddler. Usually this covert op goes undiscovered, but without hesitation or prompting, she snitched on me. My cover completely blown, the encounter ended with a satisfied look on the toddler’s face, and an utterly shamed look on mine.

-A squadron of children demanded I turn on my conveyor belt so that they could “run a race.” I fulfilled their request, and with it, their enthusiasm and zest for life. The latter part came much to the dismay of their mother, who had to resort to the threat of having to drink water in order to get them to calm down.

-An elderly woman told her companion that a pair of little girls regularly came by her house to waste her computer paper. Her friend looked as aghast as I felt, but no additional details were given, save the fact that the woman was always capable of spitting on one.

a stolen moment