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LostAlone Fan Book!!!

Thankyou for all the beautiful submissions we’ve received so far, LostAlone really do have an amazing fanbase.

For all those who haven’t submitted please send anything to - so far we have received letters, pictures, artwork. Anything you want adding we will put in and give it to them on Friday. 

The final deadline for submissions is this Wednesday. 

If you want further information visit Steven J Battelle Fan Hub on Facebook, or tweet @chloandaunicorn or @venom_number_5

Everything received is greatly appreciated! Thankyou!



Street team! The time has almost come for a brand new LostAlone video to be unleashed upon us - GET READY for VESUVIUS appearing on the website of a weekly rock magazine TOMORROW!!

Mission time! Our role is to spread the word about Vesuvius online to the rock masses from tomorrow. For a chance to win a pair of VIP tickets to a LostAlone show of your choice, pledge your allegiance and read the following…

Provided above is a selection of different UFO avatars created especially for you. Select a favourite, or create one of your own and display it as your avatar on Twitter. 

Your task is to then spread the word about Vesuvius! Share the video link as much as you can throughout the weekend, as soon as its live tomorrow. You must include the #Vesuvius hashtag as often as possible. Be creative with your tweets! 

On Monday (17th Sept), we’ll be selecting the street teamer who does the best job, to win two VIP tickets to a LostAlone show of their choice.

Good luck and lets GO! 

Avatars can also be downloaded here



The guys recorded a little video update from the studio, exclusively for the Covert Agenda! Check it out!


Check out this cool acoustic footage of Orchestra of Breathing and Paradox On Earth outside Le Batofar in Paris. 29.09.2012. 


‘Do You Get What You Pray For?’ is at 99,909 views!! Let’s see how fast we can get it past the 100,000 mark!! 

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Hey, LostAloners!

We were thinking of a new design for our headers and wallpapers, and for anyone who feels up to using them. So, we thought, what better way than to involve the fans? If you want to take part, take a picture of yourself with the new logo, whether it’s on a paper, on your hand, on your faces, whatever you like! We will use all the pictures for a collage.

Send us your photos via twitter, facebook or tumblr, deadline is February 16th 2014.

Hope to hear from you guys!

The Covert Agenda