the covers project

I had this composition in mind for like a week, for a possible future cover-art. At first I wanted to do it digitally, but since it wasn’t masochist enough I decided to do it with traditional media (watercolours, copic markers and gouache). So now I have terrible cramps in my wirst, but I feel so proud of the result.


this indian classical version of the harry potter soundtrack is too pure for this world


shake it! (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】




「 and with those eyes of yours, dyed in a colour I’ve never seen before… 」

AAAAAA I’M A BIT LATE but I sang this for ayano’s birthday!!!!!! lol i wrote this in the desc too but im dying from school so i didn’t have much time to work on this but i hope it’s ok!!! hbd to my princess ilu♡♡♡


yes hello it is time for me to be VERY OBNOXIOUS about one of my final projects. please look at it.

Shoutout to tumblr users @Mahnoor, @anythingtomakeyoustay, and @captainwalrus, (even though two of their tags won’t take?) for providing the blurbs on the back! And also shoutout to @glitzandshadows, or possibly @bluelikesmoke? I’m pretty sure I borrowed the term “conclave” from one of your sci fi snippets when i did these at 3 am last week ?

(fun fact: these books are actually Red Queen, The Glittering Court, and And I Darken)



At last, I’ve got a video covering the newest project by Wham City Comedy! The group that brought you Unedited Footage of a Bear and This House Has People In It are back with a unique little collective of truth-seekers. Come and meet the Children of the Mirror.