the covers project

i really want my stats teacher to ask why i put 9 boys on the cover of this project and then i gUESS i’ll have to tell him all about the 9 most amazing beings on this planet bangchankimwoojinleeminhoseochangbinhwanghyunjinhanjisungleefelixkimseungminyangjeongin amirite
Amour Eternal Live CD Cover
Auditions TO AUDITION: 1. Fill out ALL info requested below. If a question doesn' t apply to you, say" none" or" not applicable." 2. When you link to a vocal sample, please choose something you have as many solo lines in as possible. A solo song is preferable. Mixed or unmixed is fine. 3. Mu...

Do you like Sera Myu? Do you like to sing? 

I’m putting together a cover project for the songs we got official instrumental tracks for on the Amour Eternal CD (right now Tux songs aren’t included but if someone auditions that would make a perfect Yuuga-Tux that could change!). If you’re interested in participating, check out the linked spreadsheet for info on how to audition. 

Please DO NOT contact me through tumblr to ask questions about this project! I often don’t get notifications of tumblr messages so your question might get missed. My preferred contact info is in the spreadsheet. 

“The sun is nearly gone…”

“…The lights are turning on…”

“… A silver shine,”

“…that stretches to the sea…”

Reveal idea:

So for about a month or so, Adrien has been asking his father for discarded textiles, just left overs or rejects in his fathers office after a design session.

He takes things like half used spools of thread, almost empty flasks of pearly buttons, a rejected roll of crocheted lace.

His father has no idea where Adrien is squirrelling them away to, but he’s actually okay with Adrien developing an interest in design and manufacture of clothing.

Gabe finds out from Nathalie that Adrien’s class is doing a project on manufacturing or something, and that parents are invited to look at the presentations. Gabe thinks ‘ah-ha!’ and has Nathalie open up his schedule this one time. 

This is when he attends he realises where all his rejected clothing supplies have gone. The young lady who won his bowler hat contest is doing a project on textile manufacture. From the scraps she assembled a blazer, the outside is carefully arranged crocheted lace, the lining is soft pink satin (off cuts from an evening gown if he remembers correctly). 

Her project covers how each type of fabric is manufactured, how they are coloured, stitched, knitted and pieced together to create a final product.

He understands, he thinks, his son has spent a month gathering treasures for this girl like a bower bird collecting blue bottle caps. So Gabe attempts to put a good word in for Adrien. So he tells Marinette about how Adrien has been putting a lot of effort into selecting the materials for her.

“Adrien did?” she asks, visibly surprised. “Is that true?” she cranes her neck at someone behind Gabe.

Gabe turns to find Adrien behind him, face pale, mouth gaping.

Oh… “Son, did you perhaps deliver those items anonymously?”

“Uh something like that…?”

Cue Gabe excusing Adrien and himself so he can apologise to his son for throwing off his game. 


get to know me: [5/10] fav movies → Star Wars: A New Hope
“For over a thousand generations, the Jedi knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the old Republic… before the dark times… before the empire.”

I had this composition in mind for like a week, for a possible future cover-art. At first I wanted to do it digitally, but since it wasn’t masochist enough I decided to do it with traditional media (watercolours, copic markers and gouache). So now I have terrible cramps in my wirst, but I feel so proud of the result.

Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me is officially going to be a part of the @criterioncollection . I am so excited you wouldn’t even believe! I was, however, a little disappointed to see that the cover they paired with the announcement is essentially the poster from the movie. Usually, Criterion will do their own special cover to celebrate the movies they include with their collection. I am hoping this was just temporary and that movie will be getting the full Criterion treatment it deserves, but just in case I have taken my own stab at redesigning the cover. How you guy’s liking that gum btw? Pretty tasty so far! 


reyes voice: youre gonna bite a HOLE in your CHEEK, is this what you want?? ?

anyway. concept: jesse has a nasty skin picking/biting habit

Maybe it’s just me but I feel like redesigns that are done for fun or as some kind of personal challenge with no malice attached are always better than redesigns done for “woke” points or because the artist hated the original design.