the covern

  • Matt Bellamy: they are onto us
  • me: who
  • Matt: they are CONTROLLING US
  • me: whO???
  • me: AGAINST WHO????????
Love gives your enemies a perfect target

(Final) PART 4 

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Paul x imprint!reader

Warnings: Swearing, kidnapping, torture, violence, assault/attempted rape

Request: “can u write a paul imagine where he imprints on the reader but doesn’t tell her but since it’s so obvious, some vampires kidnap and torture her to get back at him and he saves her and it’s super angsty and paul being a mess and a fluffy end? thanks!”

I’m soooo sorry you guys have been kept waiting for this, hopefully it was worth it<3 I used a lot of cheesy emotive and dramatic writing in this but i’m just going to roll with it because i couldn’t think of better stuff

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anonymous asked:

Someone said that Wicca is a closed religion. Is that so? 'Cause I always heard it wasn't.

I don’t know who has been telling you it’s a closed religion, but they’re sorely mistaken. Some specific branches of different types Wicca work strictly within covens and work on an invite only basis, others you can apply to join. In Wicca’s really early days during the 1940s/1950s and for a little bit onwards the coverns were again, only something you could be invited to and there weren’t too many solitary Wiccans. But later on with authors like Raymond Buckland and Scott Cunningham producing content on how to practice Wicca by yourself, it quickly became something that anyone could do without the need for any coven membership or initiation from a mentor. Then we had the huge occult boom in the media of the 90s which made it even more accessible, this time for a younger generation. Anyone can be a Wiccan, regardless of gender, sexuality or nationality.

TLDR is that Wicca is definitely not a closed religion!

idk yet

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I got a bit carried away with this hahah, and sorry I did more details about the reader in the volturi and her with Jasper than I did with the the reader and the imprint wolf, i will make a part 2 of this where the reader meets the wolf and they imprint etc. Hope you enjoyed <3

Request “Hi! I was wondering If you could do a thing where the reader is Jasper’s sister but they went their separate ways just after escaping from the coven in the south and she joins the Volturi. Her amazingly powerful gift that is better than even Jane’s (idk what it is maybe you could make one up?). So she has been trying to get away and during breaking dawn battle a wolf (Embry, Jake or Paul) imprints on her. Thank you much!! You’re beautiful. Additional complication(?) Alec is obsessed with her???? (+) Hi! I’m the anon that requested the Jasper’s sister, wolf imprint at the Breaking Dawn battle. I would appreciate you coming up with gifts and letting me choose. Thank you for that btw! And also I was think you could just pick the wolf you think would best fit the character. Thank you so much! I love your writing! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. You’re amazing! Have a wonderful whatever is left of your day! Also if you’d just rather choose the ability that’s okay too!! Thanks!!”

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You have so many black clothes, it makes the clothesline look like a burial ground for a covern
—  my mum after hanging out the washing (via teletubbie-at-heart)

It was Monday, August 7th, 1972 in Springfield Township, New Jersey.Raven haired, sixteen year old Jeanette DePalma waved goodbye to her mother and said that she was taking to a train to visit a friend.

She would never be seen alive again.

Jeanette failed to arrive at her friend’s house, and never made it back home.Her parents, of course, filed a missing persons report.

Everything was quiet, until six weeks later, when a dog from the local area retrieved a severed, decomposing piece of DePalma’s right arm, from a cliff at Houdaille Quarry.The cliff was known to locals as “The Devils teeth”.

The teen’s skeletal remains were found and reports stated that she was encircled by various suspected occult objects, including sticks and branches said to have been placed around her in a coffin like structure, as well as in the shape of crosses. Others residing in the immediate area allegedly claimed that sticks had been laid in the shape of pentagrams and the remains of mutilated animals surrounded the body.
Officers denied these rumors, but the locals continued to talk.

Investigation showed no signs of bullet wounds, knife wounds, broken bones or other.
She is believed to have been strangled.
High levels of lead were found in the body, however for whatever reason remains undisclosed.

The death was ruled as suspicious and remains an unsolved homicide.There have been no leads on who the suspected killer could be.
A homeless man, known to locals as “Red”, was said to have abandoned his camp around the time of Jeanette’s disappearance, however he was ruled out as a suspect and no other leads were ever found.

Still reeling from the shock of the Bogeyman of Westfield, and taking the locals mutterings of mutilated animals and occult symbolism into account, local newspapers began reporting stories of the occult and spinning them in stories of sacrifice. Coupled with the Evangelical link between the DePalma family’s pastor and an alleged Watchung reservation based witch’s covern, the theories started to fly.

Nobody knows who is responsible for the death of sixteen year old Jeanette DePalma to this day.

Phantoon is the ghost of a biological Chozo supercomputer named Antu'un, which looked very similar to Mother Brain, but was more primitive and encased in a “skin” which caused it some discomfort. At the time, it was one-of-a-kind. Its modified DNA was based on that of a Chozo scientist.

Ant'un was built by the predecessors of those who colonised Zebes. They hooked it up to a giant exploration ship, and it functioned like an Aurora Unit. Zebetite ore veins were used to “feed” the computer, in the same way they were later used to fuel Mother Brain, while the electrical components of the ship were powered by creatures called Atomics in order to place less strain on the limited fuel supplies.

The world Antu'un and its passengers came from was on the brink of becoming inhospitable, so they journeyed across the stars in search of a new home planet. At first, everything was going well, and Antu’un treated its crew kindly. But then Antu'un started to become erratic. It considered the ship its “body” and began to refer to the crew as “parasites”. It fiddled with the systems to inconvenience or endanger them.

By this point, it was too late for them to turn back and go home, as they were on a time limit and already locked on course to a suitable-looking planet. In the end, almost everything was manually operated and Antu'un barely had any control. It appeared to go dormant for some time.

The Chozo finally reached Zebes. It was a harsh planet, but they couldn’t afford to be picky. They tried to make a landing, but in a last-ditch effort to attack them, Antu'un overrode the systems and crashed the ship into a lake, destroying itself and half of the crew. The survivors explored the new world, and established contact with the rest of their people, so that eventually, all of the Chozo from the original world migrated over to Zebes.

The Chozo feared technology for a while, and lived in a fairly primitive, territorial society for many years. Eventually, their curiosity prevailed, and they returned to exploring science and technology. Vowing to improve upon their mistakes, they created a better model of the supercomputer- the Mother Brain- which lasted for hundreds of years before she turned against her creators.

No Chozo ever dared to go near the Wrecked Ship, considering it a cursed place. Even the local wildlife avoided it. They had good reason to: the spirit of Antu'un lingered inside the ship, holding on to the trapped souls of the Chozo who had died along with it. The tormented ghosts eventually morphed into mindless amalgamations known as Covern. Antu'un’s ghost, the Phantoon, used them to guard its fallen body. For thousands of years, it strengthened itself by draining the electrical energy that the Atomics were still feeding into the systems.

When Mother Brain was rebuilt, she used telepathy to search Zebes for additions to the gate over Tourian. She communicated with Phantoon, and promised to feed it with her own psychic energy, in return for it becoming a part of the golden statue. Phantoon was strengthened so much that it became almost fully tangible, but after being defeated by Samus Aran, it lost its connection to the Wrecked Ship and was unleashed, powerless, out into the universe.


Broken Memories…


Halo 5 Guardians - Warzone Maps!

I love the enviroments these maps are based in, mainly Raid on Apex 7 but thats due to i feel like im on a lovely nostalga trip.

You can tell they looked at the campaign mission from Halo Combat Evolved, The Silent Cartographer. How you land on the beach to then instantly fighting the covernant, that plus its based on an island that lets you drive around the outside of it …etc. While half the time the match just ends up concentrated on the Spire, i sometimes like to just grab a ghost and go speeding around the map.

list of cute and fluffy sheriarty things you need to consider:

  • jim and sherlock sleeping in the same bed together after three days spent without any sleep
  • jim and sherlock sitting on a bench in the park and spending the afternoon deducing people
  • jim and sherlock cuddling on the couch and watching crime shows only to complain about how unrealistic they are
  • jim and sherlock playing silly board games
  • jim taking a lot selfies with a confused sherlock in the background
  • sherlock playing his violin for jim
  • jim teaching sherlock about astronomy
  • jim and sherlock taking a bubbly bath together
  • jim and sherlock breaking in mycroft’s office and rearranging all the stuff 
  • sherlock being the only one to hear jim’s genuine laugh
  • jim and sherlock spending the whole day cuddling on the couch
  • jim and sherlock slow dancing 
  • jim watching sherlock doing his experiments
  • jim and sherlock standing under the same umbrella
  • jim wearing sherlock’s scarf/coat/shirt/underwear/robe/other
  • jim sending sherlock gifts and clues about new cases
  • jim and sherlock trying to cook something
  • sherlock tracing jim’s face and body with his fingers for hours to learn everything about him
  • jim, sherlock, one bathroom and only 15 minutes to be ready and pretty
  • sherlock breaking in jim’s flat when he’s away so he can spend hours just going into his stuff to learn more about him
  • jim coverning sherlock with small little kisses
  • jim and sherlock insulting ~ordinary people~ together and just being rude assholes
  • jim, sherlock and rage games
  • jim and sherlock being happy and in love (◡‿◡✿)