the cover tho


jamming on SO-BANG-CHA 🚒🔥🔥


You’re the sun and I’m the moon / Stickin’ as one like glue
You’re in pink and I’m in blue / When you’re ‘round, go crazy with you

today was the solar eclipse so i made some sun and moon jaspearl!! 

(the song is Crazy Crazy by Yasutaka Nakata 💕)

Zayn’s 16 magazine covers so far… Which one is your fave? 😍😍😍

me: i wanna do a cover of a kamome

also me: wow but imagine victor and yuuri waltzing to kamome but then yuuri shimmies out of victor’s grasp and then suddenly they’re salsa-ing and otabek’s on the keys and they’re just lettin it rip??????????



Painting finished!!! I’m rly proud of this one, it’s been ages since I’ve been able to paint traditional work like this and I really liked how it turned out. It’s still drying but it’s painted matte, with the bones painted gloss luster.

For sale if anyone wants it, taking offers of $30+ USD

Four 3x3" canvas glued to a black backing