the cover image is a badger!!!!

We’re flawed in our philosophy, lost in the monotony, caught in the cacophony, going hungry feeding monopolies. I can’t even speak out properly, I might lose all my property, either my breath or my bones with twenty cops on top of me. In confusion I call this democracy, but politics is not for me; definitely, probably, with the probability of death haunting me. Punishment is not new to me, but the police are friends with impunity. The media covers the casualties, forgets about some casually and completely neglects it gradually. They try to blunder and badger me and blemish my image to the point of insanity. Then they sugar coat in hopes to cope, and loss of life is suddenly battery. In truth we’d all love a lobotomy, but apathy has penetrated our society like nonconsensual sodomy. Everything’s a mockery, our beliefs and morality sabotaged by hypocrisy. I see it all around me, people struggling with their own tyranny, each drowning in a private sea, neck-deep in irony. We forget that a trump card is an anomaly, not a true form of authority or superiority. And if you listen to the dissonance of broken dreams, therein you’ll find the tragedy of being a minority.
—  Nav K

dylansstrome  asked:

marner + matthews for the ship thing !!

  • falls asleep on the couch: Marns! With his head or his feet in Auston’s lap, part way through a movie that he himself insisted they put on to watch. 
  • makes friends with the neighbors: Oh god, Marns again. Of course we know everyone who has ever met Mitchell Marner loves him immediately. He always has something funny to say to literally everyone, and he thrives on getting attention. So the neighbours were wrapped around his finger in approximately no time flat. 
  • is the adventurous eater: Auston. Mostly because he has an image to maintain, and being too scared to try any kind of exotic food would damage his reputation. 
  • hogs the covers at night: It’s basically a constant Game of Covers all night every night between them. They’re in a perpetual semi-conscious struggle to snatch the blankets away from each other.
  • forgets to do the dishes: Mitch forgets. But Auston doesn’t do them. He just badgers Mitch until he actually does them.
  • tries to surprise their partner more often: Definitely Mitch. Auston doesn’t really get the whole Romantic Surprise  thing? He thinks loving Mitch faithfully should be enough (because that’s more than he’s ever given basically anyone else ever), but Mitch is a sentimental kind of dude who would totally do the whole “I saw this and thought of you” thing on the reg.
  • leaves dirty laundry on the floor: Both of them, their condo is a fucking write off. Bio-hazard suits required, it’s the real reason Mo (was it Mo?) said he’d get Auston a maid for Christmas.
  • stays up til 2 AM reading: Neither of them, they’re up playing video games… Mitch chirping Aus for being terrible, and Aus just doing his goddamned best. (WHO WROTE THE FIC: Mitch and Auston announce their relationship with an insta caption “When your bf is fire on the ice but *puking emoji* off the ice.”)
  • sings in the shower: Mitchell. Because he sings absolutely everywhere. In the car, on the bench, in the shower.
  • takes the selfies: Mitch again. Rocking those snapchat filters, of course. He thinks Auston looks cute with the dog filter on
  • plans date night: Auston. Because maybe he doesn’t understand the point of little romantic surprises, but he knows that it’s important to never stop dating your boyfriend, no matter how long you’ve been together. He might not be the best at relationships, but, damnit, he knows Mitch’s favourite restaurants in all the cities in their conference and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t at least have take-out from there waiting for them after games.