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Horror in the Cove

I know the cove doesn’t get a mention much here anymore, but everyone needs to know what is going on right now. 

On the 20th of January a superpod of around 200 bottlenose dolphins were driven into the cove. 

They were surrounded by nets and left overnight before the captive selection process began. So far 82 dolphins have been taken for the captivity industry, most of them calves taken from their frantic mothers. 

Each day, for around 7 hours, the dolphin have faced the trauma of being manhandled by hunters and trainers. The people responsible are as usual driving their boats straight through the pod without any shred of decency. Dolphins have been repeatedly tangled in the nets attempting to reunited with their pod members. They are starving, dehydrated and exhausted, and at least 2 dolphins have died, either from stress or injury sustained during their harrowing ordeal. 

This horrendous torture will continue tomorrow, it is likely that even more dolphins will be taken for the captivity industry. It is not yet known if any individuals will be slaughtered. 

This is not tradition. 

This is barbarism. This is greed

*Update 1. The estimated pod size has now been increased to 300 animals. The captures are ongoing, 2 more dolphins have died*

*Update 2. 100 Bottlenose Dolphins were captured and transferred to the sea pens for a life of confinement. Of those that survive the first months of confinement, half will be dead in under 7 years. The 2/3 of the pod that were driven back out to sea are exhausted, injured, dehydrated and traumatized. Its is highly likely there will be more fatalities among the survivors, especially among the very young calves. 

Sign the Petition to Help Save Japan’s Dolphins

More than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year for their meat at the Cove in Taiji, Japan. Yet, the majority of the world is not aware of this happening. Be a part of the solution by signing and sharing this petition.


“The Cove”, a documentary film by director Louie Psihoyos brought to light the slaughtering of dolphins in Japan. Unfortunately despite the remarkable world-wide success of the film, the slaughtering still continues today. This is an info graphic with a few numbers about Taiji, the blood red cove, stained by dolphin blood. 

The film may be over, but the slaughtering is not. If you haven’t seen the documentary, take the time to watch it. If you have, remember it’s a documentary film, documenting real events and unfortunately when the Director yells cut, it’s not over, at least not for the dolphins. 

Close Taiji down.

More than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year for their meat at the Cove in Taiji, Japan.

We just need 100,000 more signatures to reach our 1,000,000 petition goal. Help us end this tragedy once and for all!

Click here to take action.


I went off a bit on this person just bc I’m feeling at wit’s end with these kind of comments lately.

This person always brings up drive hunts on anything REMOTELY related to Japan on fb. I tried to report the comment as hate speech but fb says “to resolve it by Messaging.”

I’m seriously considering contacting The Dolphin Project and other organizations that are anti-drive hunt and asking them to help combat these kinds of comments and attitudes. Organizations overall should step up their game with any kind of racist stuff.


“I usually don’t respond to our few detractors, but the recent article in Newsweek seemed deserving because the misinformation it contained might be believed. Mr. Powell’s article contains false equivalence and journalistic cowardice that insists that every story must have two sides. It’s also devoid of basic fact checking.

I hope to set the record straight by clarifying a few of the article’s claims, and by releasing unedited footage from The Cove that has never been seen before, so that the public can determine for themselves that none of the footage we used was doctored:

Newsweek (March 27): ‘Mistrust of the filmmakers and anti-hunt activists is so intense that some villagers, who say the water never turns that red during the killing, believe the producers later added the lurid color with special effects. The filmmakers adamantly deny this.’

I have always said that the slaughter we showed in The Cove was the Disney version of what actually happens behind the tarps. It seems that now it’s time to show the truth of how barbaric the Taiji fishermen and their renegade mayor really are.” - Louie Psihoyos

Caroline Kennedy slams Japan’s annual dolphin slaughter

NBC News, Reuters: Caroline Kennedy, the US Ambassador to Japan, has weighed in on the issue of Japan’s controversial annual dolphin hunt criticizing the ‘inhumaneness’ of the slaughter.

Hundreds of dolphins have been rounded up in a secluded bay for this year’s hunt, according to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Photo: Fishermen hunt dolphins at a cove in Taiji, western Japan, on Monday (Adrian Mylne / Reuters)

anonymous asked:

you do realize that documentaries are biased and one sided right? I read about earthlings and i already know that they don't present a non-vegan alternative in the film. the filmmaker can choose to show you whatever he wants to leaving out all the positive and showing only the negative. youre gullible af if you think earthlings is the whole picture.

Oh, you’ve “read” about the film, have you?  How quaint.

Even if Earthlings only showed the negative and none of the “positive” (although, enlighten me: what the fuck could possibly be positive within the walls of a slaughterhouse?  Or in the cove of Taiji when the sea turns crimson?  Or on fur farms where foxes and minks run circles around their cages until they’re anally electrocuted and skinned for coats?) 

Even if the footage in Earthlings accounted for .00001% of the cruelty committed to animals around the world, I’d still choose vegan.  

The fact of the matter is: factory farming accounts for roughly 95% of meat, egg and dairy production and it’s simply not profitable nor plausible to be “kind” to these animals in such an environment.  

Why don’t you actually WATCH the film and then come talk to me about “non-vegan” alternatives.  But do me a favor: put yourself in each animal’s shoes (hooves/talons/fins) just for a moment while you watch.  Then, imagine yourself in their shoes in the BEST case scenario and tell me you still wouldn’t want your freedom.  Come back and tell me all about how you would still want your life cut exponentially short so humans could have a fucking plate with pieces of you on it.  My ask box will be open.  I look forward to your return.