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Can you please explain why bellamy is so beautiful????????

It feels like all the stars aligned with Bellamy. Everything about him is so breathtaking. He’s the paragon of the tragic hero, forever stumbling after his tragic dream. He is everything he thinks he isn’t, his self-perception is the opposite of his true character, his true qualities, his true values. He’s so incredibly selfless yet he feels selfish. He’s loved, so loved, but he isn’t aware, and doesn’t agree. He loves too much yet he thinks he can’t possibly love enough. He carries himself with so much courage and bravery but all he sees is his fear: of mortality, of time, of the uncontrollable. He’s saved so many yet he can’t help but feel this indelible sense of failure.

And Bellamy is a genuine soul, a sincere lover at heart. All he knows is loyalty and affection and this need to protect and it all stems from his upbringing. What he defines as love is more like a conflation of fear of failure, overbearing responsibility and a love so strong it can burn him out. You see it in everything he does; every step he takes, every word he utters is for the sake of one of these three things. He lets his fear dominate at times, and other times it’s his duty of care/love reaching through. You can’t even pin him down to ‘modest’ because he truthfully is not aware of his own beauty to even conceal it.

Bellamy is, to put it simply, a masterpiece. Crafted to near perfection, he’s a fusion of tragedy and fortune, of all things beautiful and all things sorrowful. Bellamy is an untapped spirit, so incredibly unactualized. His main arc is actually his road to self-actualization: Bellamy has been written for gradual ascent to his final revelation where who he wishes he could be can absolutely be congruent with who he truly is. The moment this happens is the moment he will see what everybody else has been seeing this whole time – just how beautiful he is.

My Top 10 Favorite Women Characters

Thanks so much to @anais-fromanotherplanet for tagging me in this awesome meme! 

Despite my complaints that people don’t write enough awesome female characters in fiction, once I started listing them, the list just went on and on. It was so hard picking my top 10, so I had to throw a few honorable mentions in…

1. Rell (LoL, my own fantasy novel OC) 

Well, being my original character and the badass action hero of the story + comic relief with a kind/loving soul, she’s basically my idea of a perfect woman. So ofc she is my number one. ^^

2. Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) 

No one does the things Homura does for love. No one dares the things Homura dares to do. No one is that courageous. No heart loves so much. Homura is fucking epic. And she’s damn stylish and cool too! XD

3. Moana (Disney’s Moana) 

THE PERFECT HEROINE. Everything about her, from her adorable voice (which is EPIC when she sings!!), her extraordinary hero’s journey arc, to the way the narrative treats her with the respect and dignity a hero of whatever gender deserves. Loved her movie, loved her compassion, loved her bravery, loved her closeness with her family, loved her love of the sea, loved everything about Moana.

4. Daenerys (Game of Thrones) 

People build shrines to her both in real life and in the world of Game of Thrones for a reason. She’s so epic, dares so much and accomplishes so much. She also suffered terribly in the beginning and started from nothing, building everything she eventually grew to have with her own hands. And through it all, she kept her compassion, and still tries to do what’s right, even as she grows wiser and strong enough to do the hard things a ruler must do.

5. Aquila Yuna (Saint Seiya Omega) 

A female underdog hero story done RIGHT. In terms of her journey as a young warrior/Saint of Athena, the way she dresses, carries herself, fights like an utter badass, relates to her friends, and earnestly seeks her way makes her the perfect teenage girl protagonist for me. Plus, she’s just so graceful-looking despite packing such a wallop, and looks epic in armor (my eternal weakness) like all my favorite male Saints.

6. Tachibana (Aoharu x Machine Gun) 

Lol, this girl is teenage me in another life. Her extreme passion for justice, her compassion that balances her towering wrath and extreme smiting power against the evil and the unjust, her tomboyish looks and sensibilities, her kindness, her intelligence—I love this girl.

7. Mrs. Bradley (Diana Rigg – The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries) 

When I grow up, I want to be Diana Rigg. She mixes high intelligence, dignity, and a deep capacity for love and compassion into the perfect, elegant package in any role she plays. I loved her especially as the wry, smart, and modern Mrs. Bradley, who is her own woman, has carved a place of respect for herself in the male-dominated world of Edwardian England, and has a fun, scintillating relationship of wits (and romance?) with her chauffer George. A lady so ahead of her time and making it work—I love her.

8. Historia Reiss (Attack on Titan) 

Easily the most interesting and fascinatingly developed/grown female character in AoT despite not being one of its many awesome badass warrior women. Her outburst against her father in the cave (and the way she bosses Eren around there XD) is one of my favorite moments in the entire series. Plus, the way she uses her political power when she gets it is proof of the kind of genuinely good person she is.

9. Marinette/Miraculous Ladybug (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir)

A perfect teen heroine–full of dreams/hope/excitement, smart, relatable, adorable, fully fleshed out, and fun. The entire show is just so well done and does excellent, diverse characters in spades. I love this unabashedly girl-centric show, its beautiful graphics/aesthetics, its hilarious scripts, and its appealing character designs. 

10. Madoka Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) 

Had to get her on here, because even if her story arc isn’t as epic as Homura’s, the decision she makes in the end with full knowledge, intent, and foresight, is one for the ages. She’s the very picture of an empowered woman, who grabs back charge of her mind/body/soul/DESTINY from those who tried to disempower and manipulate her, finds clarity, and delivers to us not only the right/perfect answer to an impossible-seeming dilemma, but does so with selfless love and grace. Those who detract from Madoka, saying she doesn’t do anything for the majority of the series, clearly didn’t pay attention to what was going on behind this big, sweet eyes—there was a very intelligent, observant, compassionate soul there, seeing and learning and piecing together the things she needed to to save us all.

Honorable Mentions:

Dowager Countess Grantham (Maggie Smith – Downton Abbey) – in terms of cool factor, few female characters can top the Dowager Countess—and she’s an old lady, which kicks up both her adorable-ness factor and badassery. XD Sharpest of all wits and tongues, and style and dignity for days. I love this lady.

Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kai’ou (Sailor Moon) – with her quiet intelligence, charm, elegance, brimming talent, and courageous/fierce inner character, she’s the perfect role model. I also loved that she holds love and her beloved above all else. As a fellow “follower of Aphrodite” so to speak, I really relate to her.

Ms. Marvel/Kamala Kahn (Marvel Comics) – the first truly relatable American comic book character I’ve ever read. And she reads/writes superhero fanfic. XD I love Kamala.

Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan) – not sure if this is more props to Isayama-sensei, her creator, but I love that Mikasa is universally acknowledged by her peers as the physically strongest warrior among them and is never undercut by the narrative like so many other purportedly “strong female characters,” especially in Shounen manga. I can’t relate to her much in personality/thought process though, which is the only reason she doesn’t make my Top 10.

‎Oscar François de Jarjayes (The Rose of Versailles) – the badass beautiful lady with a compassionate heart and endless dignity who started it all. The Rose of Versailles, the godmother of badass warrior women in manga/anime ever after (and the savior of my beloved Takarazuka Revue ;-)).

Random Bonus:

Chloe (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir)

This is probably a shocking mention because Chloe is AWFUL–the consummate Mean Girl and petty, entitled brat extraordinaire. But she’s just so absurdly over the top in her awfulness that she almost becomes lovable for being so flawed. Also, she has the most hilarious lines and I respect that she’s a girl who definitely knows her own mind and isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. ^^

You poor darlings who read through this whole thing, I tag you all! Please tag me if you do this, I’d love to see your lists! <33333 Also tagging @kiriblabs@oleanderhoney, @hannibalcatharsis, @sensitive-eruri, @prosotankutu, @careruri, @cherryamber, @momtaku, and @lostcauses-noregrets if you guys are up for it! <333333

Cuz I had so many, here’s a list of more awesome women characters I love under the cut~

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Be fierce. Face your biggest fears and don’t allow them to scare you. You are strong enough to overcome anything imaginable.
How to be an amazing partner, poly or not.

Be courageous

Ask for what you need. Ask for what you want.


Know yourself.  

Be honest with yourself and your partner(s).

Own your shit. Seriously. Humility, curiosity and honesty are a huge part of this, and you must be willing to take responsibility for your part - emotions, actions, all of it.

Love boldly and with great compassion.

Remember to take care of yourself and treat yourself gently. You’re human, you’re imperfect, and we all make mistakes. It’s okay. Just remember to be patient with yourself.