the couple in a cage

Relationship Advice
  • Feyre: if you are ever pissed at your man, cause he did something stupid, just throw a shoe at his head or something. That usually gets his attention.
  • Mare: *yanks boot off* *hurls it across the table at Cal's head* *literally takes Cal out*
  • Feyre: I mean sure... if that's how you want to do it.

books i’ve read in 2017: king’s cage by victoria aveyard

“Through it all, I stare at the boy on the throne. He maintains his mask. Jaw clenched, lips pressed into a thin, unforgiving line. Still fingers, straight back. But his gaze wavers. Something in his eyes has gone far away. And at his collar, the slightest gray flush rises, painting his neck and the tips of his ears.

He’s terrified.

For a second, it makes me happy. Then I remember―monsters are most dangerous when they’re afraid.”  

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why do you think cal chose the crown instead of mare?

Buckle your seatbelts kids because I’ve been thinking about this all day and I have some thoughts I’d like to share

So at first, I was like, “oh my god, how could he???!!? they were in love!!!” But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

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B3 on the request! How about some cagie and Sym after a job well done, she wants to tease Cagie with a 'lil reward <3 Ooooh! And maybe a wee thing of Commander Shepherd and that Alien you adore with a C1? (Maybe Red Beauty... maybe...) (I have no idea what I'm doing/asking.) ( I should start watching Once Upon A Time) (Imma do it) (Right now)

Soft Light (B3)


Although I’ve decided that their ship name is Soft Light. And clearly this is pre-Recall because Cage still has a full head of hair. :B 

because… because they both use Hardlight, and they soften each other’s edges. Or something stupid idk. 


Okay so, I modified your request a little bit because I had drawn SO MANY of the C1 already. So this is an (A1) for Tanna Shepard and Liara. The ship name I use for them is Shiara, but I’ve also seen Blueberry and Strawberry used a lot, which is super cute. (Because Liara is blue, and stock female!Shepard is a redhead.) 

Soupery’s Original Couples Meme

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2C Symcage?

Overwatch - Symcage (2C) 

for YOU, my sweet anon! 

I’ll always love drawing these two - especially when I get to draw in different styles. I tried to branch out a little. :) 

Soupery’s Couples Meme 

Thank you SO much for asking - clearly you know how near and dear to my heart these two are. 


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