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Hi read your post, D is diff in s3 but that is because she is struggling with all whats happened. 3.01 she was so sad ,then after Roscoff she was annoyed with him,he says one thing and does another,Dwight was his friend ,yes he had to go but one min he wants to be a country squire and next he in France. She gets snarky with him because he is stubborn

(2/5)  She knows what he wants before he does,he is blind to things, she deserves to be snarky after what he put her through ,it took him months to say sorry,now he is saying twice, you have married the wrong man, look else where,not all men are besottted, he cant see what L is really like,says she wouldnt allow G to behave bad, he knows L, (yes thats the prob). Know D knows he kissed L, would that sound good to a 25 yr old girl, she ought to hang the moon for R now and he still didnt change

(3/5)  He cant see that she is more vunerable now things that never bothered her before do now, she has lost her faith in him and herself,chink in her armour, she has been second best for most of her marriage . She has never had his unconditional love, he loves her but he just needed to show it more,one dance at the ball,tell her she looks nice, she doubts her self worth ,he is not honest with her,she feels unappreciated.he is s good man but takes her for granted, so yes glad she is modern

(4/5) He would walk all over her otherwise, think she deserved to be snarky with him at times ,didnt like the beach snark after Agatha died,he retaliated bad back as well, she knows that R should do this job not G,he knows it,it annoys her, agree that some dialogue from book D does not suit show D that gets mixed up, book D would not of suited todays audience,she was too forgiving after his vbt, then when with H while she was still happy with R, that was horrible,glad Deb changed that. D was sweet in

(5/5) She was sweet in s1 but she was young and blinded with love,she no longer sees him with rose rimmed spectacles, she had him on a pedestal . Circumstances have changed her. Going with H was wrong because of her beliefs but he is the first man thats loved her because he wants to,R married her out of obligation,Sparks helped me with understanding all this. Thats my take anyway,

Okay, Nonny. Since your ask was long, I’m going to try and tackle this the best I can. This answer will probably be long, too. Here goes: 

This is my take. Modern Demelza does not work in the show because they gave her 21st Century attitudes, but left everyone else in the 18th century. This is a period drama. It is not unreasonable to expect that the characters and the story are accurate to the time period. If modern people can’t accept that this is a period drama and that characters are going to act according to the mores and dictates of that period, then perhaps they shouldn’t watch the show. The other thing is that if DH wants a modern take on this, then, as @mmmuses said in another post, she should do a modern adaptation of Poldark and set it on the 21st century. 

One thing that people miss who love modern Demelza is that she can be as feisty as she wants, but it doesn’t change things like the laws at the time. A modern woman, in the same situation has the freedom to leave. In the 18th century, she did not. A married woman had zero rights under the law. In fact, the law did not recognize her as a person at all. She was part of her husband. In 18th century England, a woman could not obtain a divorce at all. A man could, but only if his wife had committed adultery. So hypothetically, Ross could divorce her after her thing with Hugh and she would be left with nothing. Not even her children. Being modern and feisty isn’t going to help you there. 

The thing about book Demelza is this: she is a more mature character. She is allowed to mature. Time and experience made her grow up. But in spite of everything she has gone through, she was still a sweet and kind person. That is not weakness. To maintain that in the face of some really tough things shows strength of character. She is wiser, but she is not bitter. What you’re describing with Modern Demelza is anger and bitterness. Those are not positive traits in a person.

There is a time gap between Warleggen and Black Moon where R & D’s reconciliation happened. Their reconciliation actually started in Warleggen, but it was very slow. Still, most of it happened between the two books. So no, she did not forgive Ross “too quickly”. Warleggen ended around Christmas time. Black Moon picked up a few months later. It may be your opinion that their reconciliation happened “too quickly”, but you are forgetting that R & D love each other deeply and they are meant to be together, which is their motivation to resolve things. The amount of time someone needs to resolve a problem is also subjective. It depends on the parties involved and how much effort they put into it. 

You’re also forgetting that Ross was sorry for what he did with E, even though he didn’t express it the best way. He showed regret and remorse right away because he damaged the trust between him and his wife. On the show, you see it in Aidan Turner’s acting and facial expressions. Ross is horrible at communicating things verbally, so on the show, you have to pay close attention to all those non-verbal cues, which Aidan does so beautifully. Demelza is also not very good at communicating, for that matter. Modern Demelza is even worse at it than Book Demelza. Modern Demelza has this nasty habit of never giving Ross a chance to explain or clarify things he says that don’t come out sounding as he may have intended. She reacts to the words. It also seems that Ross on the show is the one making the effort to change, where Demelza is not. 

This brings me back to the point about historical accuracy. Because Demelza is stuck in this marriage, the only option she has is to make it work. Being snarky and bitter and angry is not how you work things out like a mature adult. And as young as she is, people in those days grew up very quickly. They had no choice. Modern Demelza also does not work here because if she remains snarky and bitter and angry, then she’s basically stuck in a miserable marriage and contributing to its miserable state. What motivation does Ross have to stay faithful to her if all she does is bitch at him all the time? Plus now you’ve taken away the happy ending. As part of the audience, if she’s going to be bitchy and out of character all the time, then what motivation do I have to root for this couple to fix things and be happy? None. I can’t find anything worth cheering for if all she’s going to do is complain and be snarky at him and criticize him all the time. 

A successful marriage is about balance. Both partners are responsible for maintaining equilibrium. Things will happen that will upset this equilibrium. It is up to both partners to adapt and change to restore equilibrium. You cannot have equilibrium in a relationship when one person decides she’s going to do whatever she wants while the other person has to sit back and let her do it. This is also my problem with Modern Demelza. In the books, Ross and Demelza are perfect foils for each other. They also adapt and change to maintain that equilibrium in their relationship. I’m not seeing anything like that on the show. In fact, it seems like they’re trying to make Demelza more modern at the expense of Ross’s character. I also believe that making D modern also comes at Caroline’s expense as well. 

The other issue with modernizing a period character is that our modern culture defines strength of character backwards. Book Demelza is a stronger character than Modern Demelza. Book Demelza is a stronger character because she takes the time to think through and ponder what she does and how she feels about things before she acts. She doesn’t always do the right thing, but she is human. Modern Demelza is impulsive and doesn’t think things through. She acts on emotion and sometimes that emotion is spite or anger. Our culture mistakenly teaches us that to stop and think about things first is indecisiveness and therefore indecisiveness is weakness. Acting without thinking is weakness. 

Hugh Armitage doesn’t love her in an adult way. Hugh has basically a crush on her and because of who he is and his station in life, he can act on it and he does. 

The lines that Ross says about “you’ve married the wrong man” are an example of how Modern Demelza misinterprets things and doesn’t ask him to explain what he meant. At times during this past season, it felt like Modern Demelza was looking for reasons to take up with Hugh. This is an example of that. He was not pushing her away nor was he telling her he didn’t want her, as so many people are interpreting that to mean. Book Demelza struggled with her attraction to Hugh right up until the act itself. 

Modern Demelza is trying to make Ross into something he is not, and then she gets snippy when he won’t do what she wants him to do, while Book Demelza understands who her husband is and doesn’t push him or berate him for not taking the MP offer at first. 

If you have not read the books, I recommend that you do because there is so much context in them that is missing from the show. I felt that S3 was rushed and they tried to cram too much into 9 episodes. There was a lot of context missing from what we saw on screen. 

In the end, these two crazy kids, Ross and Demelza, do love each other. Deeply. They do not want to be without the other. And they do stay together because they love each other and they want to be together. That is the end goal, but with the changes that Debbie made, she’s going to have to do a lot of logical gymnastics in order to have the TV versions reach that goal. I can suspend my disbelief, but up to a point. Because if I were in TV Ross’s shoes, I wouldn’t want to stay married to someone who was snarky to me and did things out of spite towards me or never gave me the benefit of the doubt. That’s tantamount to emotional abuse. 

Dai Gyakuten Saiban (2015) is a better Sherlock Holmes adaptation than BBC Sherlock.

In order for me to explain why properly, though, we must take a step back and discuss a number of things the minds behind BBC Sherlock very likely knew next to nothing about. Back in the good old 1800s, colonialism was becoming A Thing, and with that came the rise of European Nationalism. For the first time ever, most of Europe was attempting to give itself a uniform cultural identity, which very quickly lead to the erasure (and oppression) of many, many minorities.

Then came Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a naive Irishman who himself did not fit into these strict social norms. Being the poor med student he was, he wrote a number of detective stories revolving around the middle class– an unintentional exposé of the people England attempted to erase.

BBC Sherlock acknowledges none of this. To the contrary, it goes out of its way to ignore this fact. Gone is the knowledge that Watson “had neither kith nor kin in England”; gone is the fact that the country squires Holmes is descended from more likely dabbled in francs than in pounds; gone are the infinitesimal number of characters simply described as “swarthy”. Now only the anglo-est of saxons need apply. What was once a rebel fighting on behalf of those who who had no one else became our Rain Man– or rather, our “high functioning sociopath”.

Dai Gyakuten Saiban exists at the opposite end of this spectrum. It strips London of its romanticism, leaving a powerful city with a crumbling infrastructure in its wake. Instead of Holmes acting as the symbol of what makes Victorian England great, he stands as the epitome of everything Imperialist England fails to be. He is kind where others would be vengeful. He is compassionate where others would be ignorant. He would stand on a chair where others would sit in it.

What I’m getting at here is that BBC Sherlock’s defining characteristic is being The Smartest Man In The Room. DGS Sherlock Holmes, on the other hand, enters the aforementioned room with a brief song and dance number, makes a dozen inquiries about facts that go nowhere, then apologizes when he realizes catching the murderer ruined your dinner.

Dai Gyakuten Saiban is better than BBC Sherlock because Moftiss knows nothing about 19th century tax laws. Or the Anglo-Japanese Alliance of 1902.   Or pawn shops. How on earth do they plan on deconstructing a piece of work if they don’t understand why it exists in the first place?

Emmerdale Big Bang Round 1 Schedule

It’s here! Here’s the posting schedule for Round 1 of the Emmerdale Big Bang:

Friday, 18/08: Neighbours AU (@aarobron + @iamarobronniffler)
Saturday, 19/08: Rumours (@beautifulhigh + @thisissirius)
Sunday, 20/08: maneuver one into place (@robertjacobsugdens + @justleavemebreathless)
Monday, 21/08: Love Never Fails (@nooneelsecomesclose17 + @xlozx)
Tuesday, 22/08: we’ll meet again (@littlelooneyluna + @smugfacesuggle)
Wednesday, 23/08: Fool’s Gold (@strongboyfriends + @minglewithadingle)
Thursday, 24/08: The Country Squire (@misswhimsy + @zippywafflebuns)
Friday, 25/08: Separation Never Suited Us (@wellyfullofale + @vaticanchameleon)
Saturday, 26/08: A Tail of Two Worlds (@geena-rae + @minglewithadingle)
Sunday, 27/08: find somebody (like you) (@kayceecruz + @dasoni)
Monday, 28/08: Midnight in Paris (@capseycartwright + @robertjacobsugdens)
Tuesday, 29/08:  Front Page News (@realityisonlythebeginning + @inloveamateursatbest)
Wednesday, 30/08: the insubstantial shadow (@thisissirius + @likethemtrashy)
Thursday, 31/08: Magical AU (@halethesourestwolf + @likethemtrashy)
Friday, 01/09: Forged in Fire (@escapingreality51 + @scrapyardboyfriends)
Saturday, 02/09: Asking The Moon To Stay (@softrobertsugden​ + @dingleminyard)
Sunday, 03/09: All In (@godamnarmsrace + @iwantmessedup)

If you don’t want to wait that long here are some teasers for the forthcoming fics! If you’re one of the participants then let me referr you to the Posting Guidelines.

Yesterday on...

Plotdale - 12th April 2017

[Running in the Village with Robert and Aaron who look unfairly adorable in their running gear *Fan Baiting Alert*]
AARON: Why don’t you just go home Robert? You’re clearly not fit enough to keep up with me. (DANNY: Plus, Ryan, I know your knee is still bothering you and I can’t watch you limp anymore, bro)
ROBERT: No Aaron, you’re my number one priority, so I must be seen doing these kinds of activities with you. If you’re going to be doing an activity that you’ve previously used as a method of self harming I have to appear willing to go with you to keep an eye on you. Plus, I need a reason to be outside right now. (RYAN: It’s getting better, honest. Nice that they keep giving me all these scenes where I have to walk and run though. But hey, at least the plot says I get to stop for now)
*Two lines of cute banter* - for the fans
ROBERT: Go on Aaron, I have a plot cramp. I’ll catch you up.
AARON: Doubt it.

[In the Village with Robert and Rebecca. Swing set clearly shown as Robert walks by…as if the audience needed a reminder]
ROBERT: Have you done the thing I’m forcing you to do yet? I have my evil reputation to keep up.
REBECCA: Later today, as you asked. I am deeply conflicted about this. Doesn’t it show?
ROBERT: What time is it exactly? I need to know so I can stalk you later and make sure you really did the thing.
REBECCA: *Shows appointment on phone* There you go. Happy stalking! Oh and just to give you another opportunity to sound like a jerk, happy now?
ROBERT: I will be when it’s done. (Thanks, I needed that. I wasn’t sure my jerkish side was properly showing in this scene yet)

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Some musings on the short cases at the beginning of TST

Had no idea how interesting and amusing it would be to take a closer look at them. Each one is a little treasure on its own.  

Dusty Death _______________________________________

I won’t name the client out of respect but she came to us because of her late husband. His body was recovered from the sea near Falmouth …

FEMALE CLIENT: He drowned, Mr Holmes. That’s what we thought but when they opened up his lungs … sand.

SHERLOCK: Superficial.

Drowned? What immediately comes to mind when I hear that word is … Carl Powers, Redbeard, Victor, John. But also Sherlock himself. Ajay pushes him under water in TST. Jim wants ‘to go over the fall’ together with Sherlock. There is the maths professor who got pushed over a waterfall in TAB. 'Deep Waters …. all your life, Sherlock’ …. indeed.   (On drowning and suffocating)

The question though is …. what does Sherlock mean by 'superficial’?  The water or the sand? Maybe both? Did that man die for some other reason?


The other cases are under the cut …..

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