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Imagine being Oliver’s sibling and dating Ray Palmer.

“So what’s one of the Queen kids doing working at an electronics store?”

You arched a brow at Ray, eyes dancing with amusement, “You know my boss hates it when you visit me at work,” you teased, leaning over the counter to press a quick kiss to your boyfriend’s lips. “He’s really against flirting with the customers.”

“What if the customer is flirting back?”

You pretended to consider the question, “I’ll have to check with management, sir.”

Ray smirked, “I thought the customer was always right.”

“You could always lodge a formal complaint.”

“Or I could just wait for you to get off,” Ray teased, “Which is when?”

You rolled your eyes, unable to keep the smile off of your face, “I get off work in an hour. Now get lost before my boss sees you.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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Preview for Frustration Part 2

@oddlyfamiliar convinced me…I’m hoping to have the full part up tomorrow…

“This kitchen isn’t really big enough for morning sex,” she laughed, but wrapped her arms around his neck anyway to pull him toward her body.

“I think we can improvise…” He brought his hands up to her thighs, and pushed her back on the shallow counter to press her against the breakfast bar. With a wink, he dove in to anchor her hips to the marble and suck at her pulse point easily. Ginny keened backwards and brought a hand up to tug on his hair, probably a bit harder than was necessary. But that was the point, right? She could be as hard as she wanted…

She got so lost in the sensation of Mike’s mouth on her neck, his solid body pressed flush against hers, that she almost didn’t hear the chime of the cell phone beside her. But could anyone blame her? A shirtless Mike Lawson was enough to drive any girl to distraction. But she did hear it, the telltale beeps of the Mario theme, and she knew that ring.


Mike looked down at her phone before she could grab it, seeing Noah’s face emblazoned across the screen. Ginny froze, not sure about proper etiquette here. What was the right thing to do when your boyfriend called while you were still touching your one night stand/team captain?

A one night stand/team captain who gave you the best sex of your life last night, and was well on his way to making it a two-day stand.

She stayed frozen as Mike pushed up to a standing position and stepped away from the counter. She instantly missed his touch, his breath, his lips. Where his face had been light and teasing just moments before, the storm clouds had taken over, though he was trying to hide it behind a wide grin.

“You should probably get that,” he gestured to the phone. The smile didn’t meet his eyes. “Wouldn’t want to keep a billionaire waiting.” And he retrieved his shirt from the floor, tugging it over his head before grabbing his leather jacket from where it had dropped in the entrance the night before.

Ginny hopped off the counter and lifted the phone, but didn’t answer, her eyes trained on Mike. “Mike, I…”

“It’s cool, Baker, we’re good,” he flashed the smile again, and a wink that almost seemed sarcastic, though she was sure he didn’t intend for it to. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

And he was out the door before she could respond, her voice caught in her throat. Another chime of the phone broke her from her reverie, and she swallowed hard before lifting it to her ear.

“Hey Noah!”


Imagine: baking cookies with Castiel.

Castiel x Reader, fluff

“OOOOh… oh oh ooooh oh oh ooooh…ria In else kay cee day oooh… oooh oh wee-oh ee-oh…ria in else casey dayo!”

“Actually, it’s ‘Gloria, in excelsis Deo’.”

The deep voice made you jump. Your hands jerked pulling the bag in your hands taut. Flour shot from the container shooting into the air in a white plume. The dust dotted your nose, coated your hair, and spilled on the counter.  You pressed your hand to your chest where your heart had stopped. You found the source of the surprise with wild eyes. Recognizing the newcomer, you exhaled heavily sending wisps of flour spiraling outward.

“Castiel…” You peeled your hand away leaving a distinct handprint on your apron. “You startled me.

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Newt Imagine #209: Oh Brother


Pairing: Newt x Reader

Warnings: Embarrassment 😳

Requested: No


You were new to work. You hadn’t know anyone besides Newt, your brothers best friend. It was your first day after all.

You sat at a booth wondering how things would go. Wondering how long it would take a trainee like you to get to a position much higher. Just silly little things. When you unlocked your phone, you saw that it was time to clock in. You got out of the booth and walked into the front counter and pressed onto the screen of one of the registers your employee number.

When that was done, you walked to the back through the kitchen and towards the office. When you reached some lockers you put your belongings into one and locked it, placing your key in your pocket. You quickly grabbed a hairnet and walked back to the front counter.

When you opened the door, you saw Newt. He had just punched in his number, clocking in. When he turned to you, he smiled, “hey Y/N!”

“Hi Newt.” You smiled back.

“You ready to start training?” He walked up to you, heading into the kitchen.

“Excuse me?” You giggle.

“Yeah, I’m a CT. I’ll be training you for two weeks.” He flashed his smile at you once more before actually heading into the kitchen.

You watched as he went through the door. You had to admit, Newt had the skills to train people. He was very good at explaining things. Also the fact that you had a major crush on him. Who wouldn’t! He was tall, handsome, and very smart. Sure this job sucked, but it was enough to feed himself and put a roof over his head, well not really because he lived with his parents…but he still had to pay for gas in the car he bought himself, and to help pay bills. Either way, this job helped.

Not only that but it would help you too.

Newt walked back to the counter and asked you to follow him to a cash register. “So, you know how this works, right? You punch in your number, grab the slip of paper, yeah?”

You nod yes.

“Good, we’re off to a beautiful start.” He chuckled.


As the day went by, you and Newt went all around the store, while he talked to you about the fine establishment. He showed you were everything was and made sure you knew where it was. Newt did not like to repeat himself, but for you, he did.

When the day was over, he made sure you knew where most of the stuff was, he even quizzed you. Then as soon as he clocked out, he drove you home.

“We’ll go over it again tomorrow, yeah?”

“Yeah.” You mimic him.

“I hate you.” He chuckled.

“I love you too.” You smile and leave, walking into your house.

Before making it to the gate, you stop and blush, just realizing what you said.

You turned around and the car was gone.

Oh boy.


Note: omg this is gonna be good I know it! Lol there has to be a second part though! Maybe tomorrow or Friday or next Monday?! Who knows?!?!?!

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#camilaisnotavictim is to counter the Camilizers and press stories saying Camila was bullied and tossed out of 5H. Like her friend Taylor, Roger is trying to position Camila as a victim when anyone with common sense knows she wanted to go solo and stopped being open to the girls a LONG time ago.

all i saw was hate there

do you think that Dean sometimes thinks about Cas completely sub-consciously? like he’s not even aware of it? like maybe some nights he’s tossing in his bed, half awake, half asleep, for hours on end, one second he’s thinking about burritos, the next about Cas, the next he has no idea what he was just thinking about. you know that state.

and the next morning he’s pumping himself up with like three mugs of coffee walking around the Bunker’s kitchen like a zombie and when Cas walks in he says, ‘couldn’t sleep at all last night’ and Cas is like, ‘I know’ and they just look at each other and they just know.

and then Dean blushes the most outrageous shade of red and tries to hide behind his mug because dammit, even if he tried to stop thinking about Cas, his thoughts always run to him anyway and he can’t help it, okay?!

izanamie domestic au

  1. “honey :)” “what did you do this time.”
  2. “i love you” “how much money do you need”
  3. izaya always teasing and seducing namie for fun and though she never reacts, when izaya gets bored and saunters off, she’ll let out this little breath because he’s an asshole but even she can’t be fully immune to his charm. especially when he’s intentionally being smooth
  4. izaya picking her up, kissing her as he hoists her onto a counter or presses her against the wall
  5. namie letting him play with her hair when he’s stressed or upset
  6. afternoons where she’s reading and he’s napping with his head in her lap and he smiles slightly when she absentmindedly runs her fingers through his hair
  7. “you use my conditioner didn’t you” “what’s yours is mine” “don’t you mean what’s mine is yours?” “nope!”
  8. she doesn’t ever cry (unless i guess seiji dies) but one night he comes home and sees her in the kitchen, biting her lip and shoulders shaking as she’s ripping up napkins and he just says ‘tell me what you want done and i’ll make sure it happens’ (or alternatively he just leaves and comes back once he’s finished and has good news for her)
  9. “that’s my girl”
  10. izaya’s standing by his floor to ceiling window, one arm folded over his stomach as the other holds his mug of coffee and he’s just staring at the city. namie walks up to him and she wordlessly leans up, stands on her tip toes so she can kiss him softly, her hands grasping at the hem of his shirt. he kisses her back just as gently with no questions, no taunts and when she pulls back, her eyes stay closed until she absolutely needs to take a breath, at which point she opens her eyes and they exchange the same, slight smirk
  11. that’s the first time they say i’m in love with you without words

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"You...Tommy never mentioned you have a daughter." Frankie's cheeks were pink as the 17 year old stuffed his hands into his pockets, "Not that I mind or nothing...I like kids." (Frankie finding out about Celia after a date)

“I never thought it was important.” The redhead countered, her lips pressed into a thin line. 

They were just lingering on her front stoop, her arms crossed in front of her chest as she did her best not to panic. Frankie was barely more than a kid himself. How could she hope for him to deal with the reality of raising one?

Well, that assumed that he wanted to be a permanent part of her life. And with this new information, he might not want to.

“You…you wanna come in?”

Chapter one: Small Beginnings

{ @paintingandscience continue from here }

cringing inwardly, Wheatley squeezed his eyes shut, mentally kicking himself as the smaller man scurried past. When he was sure he had moved on, Wheatley rather cartoonishly he opened his lids, the glass suspended above his face masking the world in a soft haze drifting in and out of focus. Quiet awkwardly he rubbed the flesh underneath the glass, balancing the cup in one hand and wiping away the embarrassment/sleep with the other. 

He had wished that this would solve the small awkward encounter …but as Wheatley scanned the room once more it became evident that this was just the beginning. 
His eyes fell onto three spots. 
The lady and the evil-eyed child. 
The particularly odd placed potted plant hanging over the chair.
Or the free stool at the counter pressed up against the shop window… right next to the man who he had just embarrassed himself in front of. 

His cup was growing cold and to be truthfully honest, putting up with the plant was not going to be an option, nor was the lady… that kid… something’bout him screamed ;im going to throw my toy into your drink!;… so gingerly, Wheatley stepped away from the counter, and made his way past the seated people. willing any of them to get up and leave! but none did. and sooner than he’d liked, Wheatley found himself seated next to his morning mishap. 

Phan: Those Who Trust- Part 17

Wordcount: 2.6k
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: past non-con and abuse
Summary: Dan used to be a submissive and now he’s just a broken shell of a man.
Beta: legendarygalaxydragon
A/N: I didn’t mean to post this today, but I’m almost done with the next chapter so might as well. You can tell that I’m writing to avoid studying. Anyway, huge shoutout to my amazing beta @legendarygalaxydragon, because I hit a huge wall halfway through writing this chapter and when i sent her the first draft, I was so unhappy with it, but with her help it turned out well!  Hope you enjoy! :)


One second he had stopped Phil from falling, and the next he felt the edge of the kitchen counter pressing into his back, another body pressing against his front, lips pressing against his own lips, moving fast and hungrily.

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Rivers sighed as she came home from rehearsal. Tech week had begun, which meant that she was completely ready for death. She was still massaging her thigh as she headed inside. She tossed her keys into the bowl, before yawning. “Oliv-ia!” she sang loudly as she moved through the large home, stopping as she saw her boyfriend in the kitchen. “Mm, watcha makin’?” she asked, as she shrugged off her jacket, leaving her just in her tee-shirt, leggings, and because she couldn’t give up heels for a day, creepers.

She moved over to press a sweet kiss to his cheek and then his jaw before she forced him to give her a hug. Her whole body ached, and all she wanted was her boyfriend to call her cute and to scratch her back. “I danced for eight hours straight today. What kind of food are you making?” she murmured, finally pulling her face from his neck to glance at the counter, still pressing her cheek to his. She was clingy as ever today, and she hoped he was ready for it.

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    STILL finding himself flinching at times when moving the wrong way or sitting too long in an upright position, still had to change the bandages every so often and have Michel to help him. Michel, surprisingly has been a huge help in the healing progress and has been entirely clingy and worried and overly emotional these days and he didn’t mind that. It took a lot to even convince Michel that it was okay for Sky to head back to work and with some bickering, fighting and barging – he eventually convinced his lover to let him go.

     Though when walking in he already felt entirely out of of breath and was behind the counter with Hana who was the new assistant manager and the bus boy who started just a few weeks ago. He had yet to meet the guy but as skiddish and quiet as he was around the both of them and avoiding being behind the counter and went to clean up the small amount of tables they had. 

During the time he was cleaning he leaned against the counter and pressed his hand to his side and sighed, wincing in pain. It was a slow time of the day where they had little customers  so he was able to put his guard down but he didn’t think anyone was really paying too much attention to him. 

Day 1 || Aspen

Neslyn gestured towards the bartender, “Another double, please.” The blonde sighed leaning against the counter, as she pressed her elbows to its wooden surface. After the man had poured her whiskey, she took a sip letting the alcohol burn her through. Nes had her back turned away from the door, though she kept herself from looking to see when the mysterious J would arrive. Would she know who he was right away?


Joe Sugg imagine || Knock Knock part 4 ||

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

- - -

Finally, you were back in London on you’re school summer holiday. It was about two weeks into it and you were glad you didn’t have any school work to focus on or anything else related to your studies. 

Just finishing the dishes you had dirtied from eating a late supper of Chinese take away from yesterday night. You yawned. “I’m getting old.” You whispered to yourself - it was only ten o'clock and you were exhausted. 

“And who the hell is that?” You asked out loud hearing a knocking at your front door. You glanced over your iPhone sitting on the kitchen counter and pressed the home button to see if you had gotten any messages from someone saying they were coming over… Mainly Caspar who randomly always showed up with little warning. 

Walking away from your phone as you heard knocking again, you got to your front door, you unlocked it and opened it slightly to peer out into your flats hallway. 

“Uhm, hello?” You stared blinking slightly as Joe stood in front of you. “I know I’m the last person you expected to see.” Joe started.

“Last person I wanted to see more like.” You interjected and he sighed, “I need to talk to you.” His hands were in his sweater pockets. “I don’t wanna talk to you.” You admitted honestly. 

“Please? (Y/N) I need to talk to you.” He looked over your face, you noticed the whites of his eyes were reddened. 

“Look, Joe - I have nothing to say to you - nor do I wanna hear anything you have to say.” You didn’t try coming across as a mean old Bitch or anything… But you were trying to move on with your life and Joe popping up randomly wasn’t helping. 

“I need you… I need your advice.” His voice lower. “So, if you need advice go talk to Caspar he is your best friend.” You crossed your arms. 

“No… I need your advice. Caspar is great but he always tries to solve anything with a game of FIFA. I need you..” He continued. 

You just continued to stare at him. “You’re the only person I’ve ever known to always be able to help anybody with anything. I only need five minutes… Please?” He asked again staring into your eyes.

Staring back after moments of silence you sighed uncrossing your arms and moving aside. “Fine.” You muttered, allowing him into the flat. “Thank you,” he said walking in…

… Bringing two cups of tea from the kitchen to your living room you handed one to Joe and put yours on the coffee table. “Okay, so - talk.” You sat on the edge of your couch. 

He sighed again. “Jamie thinks she might be pregnant.” He whispered and you suddenly felt how Joe looked - slapped in the face. 

You narrowed your eyes and your tone got dark as you spoke: “What advice do you want from me about that Joe?” You quizzed. “How to change a diaper? Like… What the fuck.”

“No, I mean - I don’t know.” Joe put his mug down. “Well? I can’t help you with this, I don’t know why you even came here. What did you think was going to happen?” You wanted to slap him upside the head. “Did you use protection?" 

“Sometimes.” He nodded, before looking from his hands to you. “I’m sorry.” He said. “You should be.” You admitted. “I can’t help you because this doesn’t involve me. And I’m going to be a little bitter about it because of the fact you’re talking about the woman you cheated on me with.”

“I just… Didn’t know who else to tell or talk to about it… I can’t talk to anybody else like I can talk to you.” Joe was looking at you. “I know I fucked everything up… But I don’t know what to do right now… I just – I think I’ve ruined my life.” He started to cry.

You stared, watching tears coming down his cheeks, he looked away from you to try and hide it. “Oh christ… Joe.” You muttered, looking at him being emotional.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have bothered you… This isn’t your problem. This is my problem.” Joe sniffed, rubbing his eyes. “You’re just… You’re my rock. You always have been. God I’m such an idiot.” He put his face in his hands, shaking his head.

“Well… Kinda.” You admitted, before clearing your throat. “It’ll be okay… I guess, I mean maybe.” You didn’t know what to do. You were mad at him but at the same time, seeing him upset was making you feel a bit upset. “It’ll work out.” You suggested now. “You can’t really make any plans until you know if she is or she isn’t. So the first step is finding that out and then you can go from there.” You pointed out and he nodded, still crying.

“Please stop crying.” You muttered, you carefully put your hand on his shoulder and lightly squeezed it assuringly.

Uncovering his face, Joe looked at you, he moved and he wrapped his arms around you pulling you close against him. You felt weird, “Uh.” You held your hands up not sure what to do with him, “I’m so sorry.” Joe started crying again, you moved your arms to hug him back loosely. “It’ll be okay.” You patted his back.

“I still you love… I should never have fucking done what I did.” He muttered. “No. You royally fucked up there.” You agreed once again. “(Y/N?” He asked. “Yes?” You answered. “Do you still love me..?” He wondered.

Rain (Jimin Fluff)

Request: Hey can I request one where it’s pretty much just a cuddle-fest with Jimin on his day off ? Thx 😋

Word Count: 518

“You know, eventually we’re going to have to get up.” you pointed out, your words muffled by Jimin’s chest.

You two had been awake for an hour yet neither of you had made a move to get up. It was a cold day, rain hitting the window of your shared bedroom and making Jimin’s warm arms all that more inviting. It didn’t help that they stayed locked around you, refusing to let you to move away.

“But not yet.” he countered, his lips pressing a soft kiss into your hair.

It was rare for your boyfriend to have days off but when he did, you two would do nothing. He was always so busy, full of energy and adventures that were just waiting to be explored but when he had a moment to himself, he liked to stay in bed. You gave no complaints about it, loving nothing more than the feeling of being wrapped up in his arms for hours on end.

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Imagine Dan and Phil baking cupcakes again

•Dan flicks flower onto Phil, and Phil sprinkles it into his hair, earning a squawk from Dan as he tries to duck away, only for Phil to catch him with his arms around Dan’s waist as he presses gentle kisses to the back of his neck

•Dan covering his hand in flour and smacking Phil’s ass, leaving a large white handprint on the other mans jeans

•Phil sticking his finger in the batter and licking it off, “mm, Dan this is good you should try it!” And Dan smirks and replies “do I get to lick it off your finger too?”

•Once the cupcakes are in the oven Phil grabs Dan and lifts him onto the counter, pressing their lips together, and Dan’s flour covered hands instantly tangle into Phil’s hair

•When they’re putting icing on the cakes Dan dips his finger in it and draws a smiley face on Phil’s cheek with icing while Phil giggles out a gentle “stop it!”

•Dan tastes a cupcake and gets icing all over his lower lip. His lips are slightly parted and Phil leans in and closes his lips around Dan’s lower lip and gently sucks the icing off, earning a whine from the brunette


Sighingly you checked the time on your mobile phone.
The boys would be back in less than three hours and in the two weeks they had left you alone in the Bunker you somehow had managed to make a huge mess out of it. 
The library and your room were done eventually but the Kitchen…
You put your mobile on the kitchen counter, pressed play and started to clean up the mess you’d made over the last few days.
You moved your hips to the beat of your favorite song as you started to wipe the tables and the floor.

This hit
That ice cold
Michelle Pfeiffer
That white gold
This one, for them hood girls
Them good girls
Straight masterpieces
Stylin’, while in
Livin’ it up in the city
Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent
Got kiss myself I’m so pretty

You got more passionate with each word and started to use your swap as your Micro as you moved your hips to the beat and started to use the whole kitchen as your personal dance floor

Girls hit your hallelujah 
Girls hit your hallelujah 
Girls hit your hallelujah 
‘Cause Uptown Funk gon’ give it to you
‘Cause Uptown Funk gon’ give it to you
‘Cause Uptown Funk gon’ give it to you
Saturday night and we in the spot
Don’t believe me just watch (come on)

All off the sudden the music stopped and made you turn around.
“Hey!” you shouted at your mobile but Sam and Dean made you startle in shock. 
Dean was holding your mobile in his hands and grinned at you while his brother tried to hold back in his laughter.
“How long have you guys been standing there?” you whispered wide-eyed after a few seconds of silence.
Now they both started laughing.
“Long enough”