the countdown is on for vegas!!!

Coming in last out of the Top Ten Megacorp Countdown is Horizon Group. The newest mega on the charts shot to success with smash hits in entertainment, PR, news and multimedia.

• Technomancers creep me out with their Matrix hoodoo, but what came out after that Vegas techno protest? Drek, man. Really looked like we had a Nice Guy Corp for a while. - Byank

• Naive. Even if Horizon hadn’t been experimenting with technomancers, free spirits and who knows what else, I wouldn’t call them ethical. Media manipulation, propaganda, corp PR cover-ups - their hands aren’t always bloody, but they know where the corpses are buried. - Voske


LA & Las Vegas - 10:30am
Lima/Bogotá & Quito - 12:30pm
Toronto/Miami & NYC - 1:30pm
Buenos Aries & Rio de Janeiro - 2:30pm
Ireland & UK - 6:30pm
Berlin/Madrid/Copenhagen & Rome - 7:30pm
Helsinki & Athens - 8:30pm
Moscow - 9:30pm
Philippines - 1:30am (July 16th)
Sydney - 3:30am (July 16th)
Auckland- 5:30am (July 16th)

Hope this helps people who don’t know what time to watch out of the massive announcement that they had a countdown for❤️