the council of elrond

Sum up of lord of the rings

Elrond: isildur don’t do the thing!!!
Isildur: *does the thing*
Elrond: you bastard

<Fast forward an age>

*Elrond at the council*

Elrond: ok everybody sit the fuck down and listen up! You by no means are doing the thing again and put that ring back where it came from or so help me!

Frodo: ok who wants to be in my clique?!

Aragorn to Elrond: I’ll go if I can marry your daughter.

Elrond: I probably won’t let you anyways but go

Legolas: I’ll go because I don’t want to go back to my dad, that would be weird.

Gimli: oh hell no! If that elf’s going I’m going there is no way I’m missing out on this!!!

Boromir: I’ll go because I’m Sean Bean and I die in EVERYTHING

Merry and Pippin race out: we’re coming to because every group needs some funny idiots!

Gandalf thinking: we already have enough so yeah thanks guys

Sam: Mr. Frodo ain’t going anywhere without his gardener! If I don’t come who’s going to throw the ring in the fire?!

Gandalf: we’re so screwed but I am amazing so yeah

Basically how that scene went down I my opinion

Elrond quite enjoys Nerdanel’s company in Valinor. To him, she is a combination of both of his fathers, but also, the mother he never had.

Her appearance is like that of Maedhros, while her gentle, artistic personality resembles that of Maglor. But then there is something else about her, something only exclusive to her. Elrond cannot put his finger on it, but he loves her nonetheless.

Not only that, but Nerdanel is one of the few people alive, and living in Vailnor that Elrond can speak freely to. He can speak about his love for the Feanorians to her, he can admit how he truthfully felt about his biological parents—how he hated them— without fear of ridicule or chastising.

Nerdanel listens—she counsels and gives advice when appropriate, yes—but for the most part, she simply listens.

It helps Elrond, because for his entire life he has had to put up a wall when it comes to matters of his parentage, when it came to matters of himself. Even to his wife.

But with Nerdanel, he can be truthful. Not a lord, or a king, or even the “Survivor of Sirion”. He is just Elrond (occasionally, son of Maglor and Maedhros).

She treats him like a son, or perhaps, a grandson.

He also takes up her craft. He practically lives in her workshop, creating statues himself. He helps her recreate an updated version of Maglor and Maedhros as well, and eventually does his own projects.  

At the same time, he heals her. Like him, she is alone. Utterly alone. Those she loved have left her with only scars to remain, and fragmented memories of what they used to look like. Elrond knows the feel all too well, and does what he can to ease her suffering.

She can never replace Maedhros and Maglor. And she can never replace his parents—for there was nothing there to begin with.

He wants to call her his grandmother—it would be the correct things to do. But he feels the term is too loose to describe their relationship. Too wrong— like calling Elwiing and Earendiil his parents when for all those years when they abandoned he and his brother.  

It’s an understatement—like calling Maedhros uncle when he was their father too.

Neradnel is a mother, she is a mentor, and a teacher. And sometimes, Elrond thinks that she deserves the title of Queen of the Noldor amongst, or at least one of their leaders. She speaks with unheard of wisdom beyond her years with her opinions of the courts, yet she balances it with her humble personality. And Elrond isn’t surprised. She is the mother of Maglor and Maedhros.

Her lack of royal blood means nothing to Elrond, yet everything to their people.

But together they work to influence politics. She councils him, and he takes her wisdom to the courts. Over time, they slowly reshape the system of Valinor, while reshaping their lives as well.