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project 21 ‘17

ASOUE Modern AU + The Baudelaires and the Quagmires living together in an apartment and being happy

•The Quagmires just show up at the Baudelaires’ door one day. They don’t like to talk about whatever happened in The Great Unknown, and the Baudelaires don’t ask. They just sort of settle in.

•They have one bookshelf but G-d knows it doesn’t hold all of them. Isadora keeps her poetry books in a box under the bed in the room she shares with Violet, Beatrice, and Sunny. Klaus keeps various books everywhere, under the couch cushions, in the cupboards with the plates, everywhere. Violet acts like she minds it, and tries to get Klaus to clean them up once in a while, but secretly she enjoys it. She’s never enjoyed libraries as much as her brother, but after libraries saved her more than a few times, she found that she didn’t quite mind that her whole home has become one.

•Sunny starts kindergarten that year, and Violet feels uneasy leaving her with someone else. But she has a job now, in a local garage, and she’s suddenly busy with carburetors and jumper cables and her coworkers who always have a funny story to tell about their kids. Klaus and Duncan and Quigley and Isadora are all in their last years of high school, but they have after school jobs as well. Violet gets her GED online, and she gets out of work early enough to pick Beatrice up from Pre-School every day. They fall into something of a routine.

•The days are easy, but the nights are a little harder. Violet can sometimes hear the boys cry out in the other room, the sounds of a night terror leaving them, some unknown monster that they’re fighting in their own minds. Duncan sleepwalks on the worst nights and Violet gently guides him back to bed. Isadora never cries out, she just whimpers and shifts in her bed, but Violet always wakes up anyways. Sunny doesn’t get them. Beatrice murmers for her mother in her sleep.

•The apartment always fills with the smell of Sunny’s cooking. Her flair for food only grows as she gets older. On Passover, the Quagmires’ first with the Baudelaires, they sit down at their table with the Seder plate in the middle and the Afikomen hidden somewhere amongst the clutter of their apartment. Violet immediately picks out the smells of different foods, like the Gefilte fish and the Maror, but mostly she smells the Matzo Ball Soup and her eyes fill with tears as she remembers her mother’s and how it never failed to warm her up in the rainy month of April.

•Violet sits on the fire escape with Quigley, her hand in his, as they look down at the alley below them. She remembers a moment, forever ago, when they sat on a similar ledge and watched the moonlight glisten on the snow-topped mountains. “It’s a very lovely view,” Violet says, only once more. “Very lovely indeed,” was the reply. Violet realized then that he wasn’t looking at the alley.

•Life for the Baudelaire-Quagmire family is crazy. It’s all spilled coffee and dog-eared pages and lost socks and nights spent in a pile on the couch and school projects and helping hands and fire escapes and everything that they always wanted for themselves. It’s home, and they’re still getting used to having one again. But the best part about it, is that it’s the easiest thing they’ve done in a long time, and bad memories are almost forgotten.


Dyllan and Kenz in Danny’s class at brea space 


Songbird - Katie and Kami Couch

Project 21

4th Overall in the 9-12 division out of over 40 duo/trios!

The Couches' mom is the real MVP tho

I mean look how much they’ve improved in a year
She took them to many extra conventions on the weekends, and extra classes during the week (the brea space) and it obviously paid off so much
Like they pick up very quickly (they’re always in combos filmed at conventions which are typically the kids that “get it” first)
And they’re very comfortable on a stage (I honestly saw more nerves from Dyllan than them) like when Kami got onstage for her solo performance she was like “I own this bitch and I know it”
And I’m just really proud and impressed because those nugs work so hard and their parents obviously provide them great opportunities?
All in all go couches, don’t sleep on them at TDA because I think they’ve all 3 got a shot at top 10 at the least.

dating bucky barnes would include...
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dating bucky barnes would include;

- lazy good morning kisses

- being called his “doll”, and an assortment of other dorky nicknames and pet-names

- visiting vintage cafés and restaurants together

- semi-possessive hugs

- movie nights and netflix binges when he has nightmares

- picking out the worst romcom you can, cuddling on the couch together under a fleece blanket

- laughing so hard you tire yourself out, falling asleep wrapped in one another’s arms on the couch

- cute diy projects and ikea frustration

- learning russian so you can make fun of tony, in front of said genius billionaire playboy philanthropist

- nat being the only one who can understand you two, and joining in sometimes

-  at first, when he’s trying to teach you russian, he can’t stop laughing because you sound so cute trying to pronounce the words

- when you inevitably tell him off for it, he just laughs a bit more and pulls you into a big hug, murmuring into your hair that he’s sorry but he can’t hold back the giggles because you sound so darn cute

- calling him “sergeant”

- being the only one allowed to call him “james”

- helping him pull pranks on sam

- being steve’s bffffffffl

- lots of tiny, cute, and random gifts

- not training together because he gets kinda hot and bothered

- never going on missions unless you’re together, because you need to make sure you’re both safe

- drinking coffee together, and having one another’s orders perfectly memorized

- surprising each other with dates

- constant hugging

- scary movies

- lots of cuddling

- sharing your deepest secrets

- sometimes, in the middle of the night, you’re both lying awake in bed because of the nightmares

- you’re always the first to move; you lay your head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat

- he hugs you after a bit and you both drift off; it’s pure bliss

- staying in bed for hours after you wake up

- sneaking pictures of him when he’s not paying attention

- putting his hair in a man bun

- some days, he lets you braid it

- being the center of his attention

- being bucky’s absolute best friend, no matter what

I’m like…notorious for not accepting affection in my family, so ppl always sneak attack me w/ hugs and kisses when im in a good mood and i can’t help but headcanon that friends and family have to do that for Bakugou too.  like, kirishima, his parents, and all might especially do it. if bakugou is in a good mood, he WILL be hugged from behind by at least one person. he always yells of course but he does nothing to stop them and he absolutely leans into the hug when he isn’t focused on being an angry turd nugget. 

briefpaperexpert  asked:

Love your head canons and writing in general, just wanted to pass on the ❤️

Honestly I could cry, months ago I turned on the notifications for your blog and I’ve been in love and so to hear you say this. Happiness, pure uncontrollable smiles and warm feels. So to honor you great one I give another headcanon…

I’m going de-aged Tony because I will NEVER get enough. But something that I don’t see a lot of is Present Tony interacting with his past self. I vaguely remember one fic where they are actually present at the same time but don’t really interact with one another.

But damn I can’t stop seeing it. Tony Stark of today, the man that’s been through it all and still fights. Someone brings him his greatest fear. His past, in the form of himself. Age can vary from 5-9 depending on how I’m feeling.

But can’t you see it.

The Avengers are gathered around, it’s a non battle scene so everyone is relaxed enjoying a lazy afternoon when a bright light starts glowing from the corner of the room. They all jumped up alarmed and the light grows until it blinds everyone in the room.

Finally when everyone blinks the spots from their vision there is a little boy standing in the corner. Looking frightened but trying his hardest to stay calm.

Tony steps closer, steps faltering a little, “Oh my god…..”

“Who are you! Where am I?”

All the Avengers are confused, a few make movements to get involved causing the child to flinch. Tony’s hand shoots out, signaling everyone to stop. Stepping closer and keeping his hands visible he asks. “Anthony?”

“Yeah, who are you?”

The avengers watched on, confused until Stark spoke up. “I’m you … and you’re me.” Young eyes that were starting to look really familiar widen, “This is the future.”

It took so convincing and some evidence but soon the two Tony’s were sitting on the couch together. A tablet projecting articles between them. When Tony finally talked his younger self out of the corner (and a panic attack) he asked the team to give them some time. At first Steve and Bruce protested but Tony left them no room for argument.

“So, if this is the future does that mean…”

“Yeah bud, it happened a while ago.”

Young Anthony was quiet but didn’t cry. Was just still for a little bit before leaning into his older self, “I’m sorry.”

Tony huffed, of course his younger self was better at this than him, “Yeah, me too.”

So now Little Anthony is a thing in the Avengers Tower. He sticks to his older self like glue and Adult Tony doesn’t mind. He remembers what life was like at that age. Adults filtering in and out of his life while never really paying attention to him. He always had himself, it had to feel nice to finally have it in physical form and not just mentally.

The only downside was that the team was putting together some clues. The way his younger self flinched from loud noises, or would turn down company from the team cause he didn’t want to be a burden. It was out of his control and the team couldn’t hide their responses.

Late at night we waved away their concern.


“Stop okay, you forget this is all in the past okay? Drop it.”

But it’s hard, he literally has his crappy childhood following him around like a lost duckling. But the hardest time’s are Anthony’s questions…

“It get’s better right?”

Tony kneels down in front of his younger self, hands clasped on his shoulders, “You’re a tough kid. Don’t worry okay you’re going to meet some amazing people.”

Almost as if being summoned, Rhodey arrives for a visit.

“Anthony, I want you to meet someone very important, he’s going to be your best friend forever.”

“Best friend?”

Rhodey sits down on the ground, “Of course Tones, you’re my little brother.”

“Even me?”

“You are Tony Stark right?”


“Well Tony Stark, young, old, super hero or super genius you are my best friend. Come ‘re kid.” Little Tony falls into Rhodey’s arms for a big hug. Rhodey stands, still holding his mini best friend close to his chest. “You too Big Guy.” And reaches out, tugging adult Tony into their hug.

So yeah I think this needs to be a thing and I needed to get that off my chest, thanks for giving me an opportunity to share.


Kami Couch - Sanctuary 

solo for mini best dancer


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