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Kami Couch - Sanctuary 


mini contemporary solo

24/7 la


Mini Contemporary Solo
Project 21


Katie Couch - In The Mountains 

mini contemporary solo

project 21

24/7 la


Mini Contemporary Solo
Project 21

dating bucky barnes would include...
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dating bucky barnes would include;

- lazy good morning kisses

- being called his “doll”, and an assortment of other dorky nicknames and pet-names

- visiting vintage cafés and restaurants together

- semi-possessive hugs

- movie nights and netflix binges when he has nightmares

- picking out the worst romcom you can, cuddling on the couch together under a fleece blanket

- laughing so hard you tire yourself out, falling asleep wrapped in one another’s arms on the couch

- cute diy projects and ikea frustration

- learning russian so you can make fun of tony, in front of said genius billionaire playboy philanthropist

- nat being the only one who can understand you two, and joining in sometimes

-  at first, when he’s trying to teach you russian, he can’t stop laughing because you sound so cute trying to pronounce the words

- when you inevitably tell him off for it, he just laughs a bit more and pulls you into a big hug, murmuring into your hair that he’s sorry but he can’t hold back the giggles because you sound so darn cute

- calling him “sergeant”

- being the only one allowed to call him “james”

- helping him pull pranks on sam

- being steve’s bffffffffl

- lots of tiny, cute, and random gifts

- not training together because he gets kinda hot and bothered

- never going on missions unless you’re together, because you need to make sure you’re both safe

- drinking coffee together, and having one another’s orders perfectly memorized

- surprising each other with dates

- constant hugging

- scary movies

- lots of cuddling

- sharing your deepest secrets

- sometimes, in the middle of the night, you’re both lying awake in bed because of the nightmares

- you’re always the first to move; you lay your head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat

- he hugs you after a bit and you both drift off; it’s pure bliss

- staying in bed for hours after you wake up

- sneaking pictures of him when he’s not paying attention

- putting his hair in a man bun

- some days, he lets you braid it

- being the center of his attention

- being bucky’s absolute best friend, no matter what


Bones and the Beast

whelp I saw this in my old file I never finished it and decided not to color it because I got so much shit to do (couch comic pages and a new project couch) but I wanted to atleast finish the sketches and maybe finish some of the scraped ones as wel l later, anyway

I really loved @enne01 disney princessandthefrog au with the Skeleton characters it inspired me  and some time ago I went to Beauty and the Beast Musical with @kamenmango anddd…the rest is history : D 

Basically in this parody Sans is Belle, Underfell Papyrus is Gaston, ( i mean come on this is perfect) Underfell Sans is LeFou because only he can enjoy the beatings of GastonPapyus, I first wanted Gaster as Maurice, but I thought it be more cute if UndertalePapyrus was just Sans’s brother who wanted to enter a cooking contest, and then there is Undeswap Sans and Papyrus as  Cogsworth and  Lumière desinged by @maple-and-pie who also helped me with the parody when we watched the Disney animated version  ; D 

and I couldn’t decide who the beast would be and thanks to @sweetsinnerchild who made the suggestion it should be Underswapfelll Papyrus, (btw guys check out her page she has many many good froncest fanfics!) (I need to design that beast form one day and finish the other desings of Toriel and Frisk as  Mrs. Potts and Chip

and Flowey is Rose cause Maple said so lol


Mackenzie Couch - RIver

thank you @ xoxoproject21 on insta for sending this to me!

project 21

24/7 LA

No one really knows how the game is played

Hey remember this post about this other amazing post?

Well now we have the modern Hamilton dork squad playing mario kart in color! Enjoy :)


Last night, I slept on this couch. It was small, exposed and the light and sounds around me made it hard to fall asleep. When I awoke the feeling of restfulness was fleeting as I began to realise that I wasn’t in my comfy bed but instead I was tucked up on a couch and suddenly I didn’t feel rested at all.

My one night out the couch to raise awareness is the reality for many, night after night. Couch surfing can often be the first step towards sleeping on the streets, yet what some don’t realise is that couch surfing and calling mates living room home is a form of homelessness as well.

To be honest, I didn’t think this would be as hard as it was. I’ve slept on many couches before, in fact even my living room couch is more comfortable than the fold out bed next to it but last night was a struggle to relax enough to fall asleep. I said goodnight at 11:30 but before I knew it, 1 am came and I was still wide awake. Yet I would do it all again.

This is the couch project. One night on the couch to raise money for youth homelessness and The Oasis Youth Support Network in Surry Hills, Sydney. There are over 44,000 homeless young people in Australia and behind that statistic there are names, and faces, and stories. Through Oasis, hope and opportunity is given for young people to re-shape and re-invision their futures.

And it’s happening all again next weekend for sleep out 2.0, so if you want to get on board there is still time. Head on over to the and sign up. Every little bit makes the world of difference to those who need it most.

Remember, it’s not a sleepover if you can’t go home.


We’ve been so quiet! Why? Because we’re updating our living space to have more storage and be more attractive while still being sewing friendly! :) 

Our “entertainment unit” is actually a huge collection of sewing stuff while also going to house our TV (important for binge watching while working) and video game shit.

The shelving unit behind the couch is now our “project” shelf, so we can store ongoing projects in each basket.

More to come as we clean up this hellhole.

- Jenn