the costumes are the worst


25 favourite movies (16/25) - The way we were, 1973

Your girl is lovely, Hubbell. Why don’t you bring her for a drink when you come?

do any of y'all feel like ok i understand english and i can speak it but sometimes you just
don’t understand what a person is saying?
like you know they’re speaking english but your brain can’t quite translate the words to your native language and all you can do is smile and nod and pretend like you get it when you don’t

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This crate is ridiculous. I don't have any galactic and beach costumes, so 17 prizes for me. Which means 3315 Shards, worst-case scenario. For that much money, I could feed my cat with premium catfood for six months. Sorry, TinyCo, I'm noping out.

I feel that feel, anon. Black Widow is my all time favorite Tol Bean™ and I can’t get the outfit either :( These crates are insane, though. Just give us a flat rate to buy costumes please :(((

@oqcelebration Day 7: A Work in Progress.

I’d planned to be working on something more OQ than Meant to Be Yours by today; but, alas, it’s been a busy week and I’ve been too tired to actually type. So, here is a snippet from the next chapter of Meant to Be Yours. It’s a Regal Believer scene with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it mentionings of Robin and Roland (I’m working on the OQ parts now).

Regina smiles in satisfaction and breathes out a sigh of relief as she laces red shoelaces into the red rain boots she and Henry picked up that morning at the local thrift store. Initially, when Henry told her that he wanted to go as Captain America for Halloween, she assumed the costume would be easy to find—a worst-case scenario was that they’d have to order it. But when he’d looked up at her with those sweet hazel eyes and sheepishly asked if they could make it, she just couldn’t say no—it didn’t matter that she’d only sewn buttons onto sweaters and replaced the occasional hem in a worn skirt—and she’d quickly decided that they’d just figure it out as they went. So, she and Henry spent the past couple of weeks scouring Storybrooke, collecting the items necessary for the costume. Slowly but surely, she had somehow managed to turn an old blue pair of sweats and some worn out football ball pads into something that looked surprisingly impressive—and not just by an eight-year old’s standards, but by her own.

The belt had been the easiest part—an old seat belt that needed little alteration—and Henry enjoyed playing with it as Regina worked on the cap—the piece of the costume that proved to be the hardest. He’d been a good sport about sitting beside her with a measuring tape wrapped around his head. Finally, she got it right and as she worked on it, Henry worked on transforming the lid to one of her stainless steel pots into a proper shield, smiling proudly as cut out a vinyl star and pressed it into the center.

“So, what do you think,” she asks, taking a step back and looking him up and down. “Do you think it’ll work?”

Henry grins and holds out his arms, looking at the red gloves. “I think it’s perfect,” he murmurs, as his grin widens. “I can’t wait to show Roland. He’s going to think this is so cool.” Regina laughs a little as Henry’s eyes meet hers. “It’s better than I even though it’d be.”

“Good. I’m glad,” she tells him, leaning in and pressing a kiss over his gloved hand. “Now, let’s get you changed and ready for bed.” He takes her hand as he hops off the counter. “Go wash up and I’ll be in to tuck you in.”

He nods and skips ahead, her arm out-stretching to hold onto his for just a moment later. She smiles and sighs as Henry’s fingers slide from hers and she follows as he runs toward the stairs—and then comes to a sudden stop. She tips her head curiously as he turns to her, “If we finish The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe tonight, can we start Prince Caspian right away?”  

“Uhhh…maaaaaybe,” she murmurs, scrunching her face as he looks at her expectantly. “I don’t think we’re going to have time. But tomorrow night, for sure.”

Henry sighs, “If you read fast?”

Regina narrows her eyes and suppresses the urge to smile, putting on her best ‘mom face.’ “I think someone is just avoiding trying to go to bed.”

“I’m not. I promise. I just…really want to start the new book.”

“Well, the longer you stand there, the less likely it is that that will happen.” She laughs as his eyes widen and she leans in and drops a kiss atop his head. “Make sure you’re careful taking off your costume. You have to wear it to school tomorrow and I know that I am not a good enough sewer to patch anything up before I have at least two cups of coffee.”

Henry giggles, then nods and runs up the stairs.

Regina watches him go, lingering at the bottom of the stairs long after she hears his bedroom door close. A smile pulls onto her lips—he seems so happy, and that warms her heart. It’s been just more than two and a half months since she found Henry on that fateful night, and it never ceases to amaze her how easily—and even naturally—he fit into her life and how much fuller her life now feels.

She smiles again as she hears the door open and then hears him pad into the bathroom, and a moment later, the shower turns on. Pushing herself away from the stairs, she yawns and slowly makes her way into the kitchen, cleaning up the scraps of fabric and vinyl. She smiles softly as she picks up the sheet of vinyl that Henry pain-stakingly traced the star onto. She runs her fingers over the cut outline, her smile deepening as she thinks of what the following day will bring—a Halloween festival at school and then the parade and trick-or-treating with Robin and Roland—all things she’d planned over and over again, tweaking and perfecting, year after year; but she’d never participated, she’d only ever watched from afar.

She tosses the scraps, but saves the star, then heads upstairs to change into out of her clothes. She brushes her hair and takes off her makeup, and by the time she’s through, she hears the shower turn off. She grins as she watches Henry pad down the hall with wet hair and the sweatpants and t-shirt she bought him at the hotel in New York. Pulling her robe on over her own pajamas, she follows him back to his room, watching from the doorway as he climbs into bed and nestles back against the pillows with a tired, but content smile.

His costume is hanging over the back of his desk chair, the gloves, mask and shield sit on the desk and the boots on the seat of the chair. She grins as she looks back to him and finds him looking at her with expectant, but hooded eyes. She pushes herself into the room as he tries to hide his yawn.

“Maybe tonight,” she begins as she sits down on the edge of his bed. “We should skip the story.”

“Please? We don’t have to start the new book, but I want to see how this one ends.”

“You’re not too tired?” Henry shakes his head, again hiding another yawn as Regina reaches for the book on his night stand, and begins reading through the last chapter. She doesn’t even reach the second page before Henry’s asleep and she’s return it to the nightstand. Carefully, she gets up and pulls the blanket up a little higher as she leans in, pressing a soft to his forehead. “I love you, Henry,” she whispers as she pulls back, stroking her thumb against his chin. “I’m so glad I found you.”

I just dealt with the biggest bullshit today.

I work at Walmart and we get some crazy costumers at times. Today though, was probably the worst. It was late and I leave everyday at 9:00 at night, sometimes early, and sometimes a little late. I got home at fucking 10. Reason being for this is because a lady came through my line with her husband and two kids. Of course the kids were screaming so I just wanted to get it over with. Then she said she had WIC. (Look it up if you don’t know.) I thought “No problem!” Well, it took about 30 minutes because for some reason she went over on her budget and didn’t want to pay fucking 70 cents!! I had to go through all of her stuff to figure out what was going over and finally, I found the problem. I wanted to just say “Fuck it! Just pay the damn 70 cents already and stop being such a cheap ass!” But I didn’t. I kept calm and was kind for her throughout the entire process. No matter how much I wanted to punch her. But yeah… “Save money, live better. Fucking WALMART.”