the costumer is always right

the sun signs as i know them…

aries - new shoes, cheeky smiles, long walks with music in your ears, fresh haircuts, bright eyes, honesty in the face of adversity, stay-in dates watching movies in bed, buying snacks for your friends

taurus - golden roses, checkered shirts, calm auras with hidden depth, a softness tinged with the coarseness of experience, loud laughter, not meeting with friends for ages but slipping into things easily when you do, self love culture

gemini - mischievous eyes, blood-spattered guitars, strong wind blowing through your hair, losing yourself in music, peace near the crashing sea, radiating deep love and care, secondhand clothes, growling rabbits

cancer - fierce loyalty, protective walls, walks on the beach on a cloudy day, laughing in the face of danger, pillars of strength, toothy grins, shelves and shelves of books from childhood, kid’s toys gathering dust

leo - dancing on an empty stage, laughing ‘til you cry, the scent of home, shouting from rooftops, retail therapy, collections, drinking on weekdays with friends, big dreams, craving hugs

virgo - either looking intimidating or like you know something no one else does, homemade costumes, calculating, clinging to safety, muted expressions, close siblings, thinking you’re always right, secret sensitivity

libra - flirting, expensive clothes, out-dated memes and humour, caring about your appearance, comfortable hoodies, social chameleons, wavy hair, candid photos, dancing in the dark

scorpio - shadows in a nightclub, wild hair, sparkling eyes, reputations, an eclectic friend group, discounts on expensive things, seemingly meaningless tattoos, loving yourself

sagittarius - watching the thunder turn into sunrise, bright red shoes, staying up all night with friends, empty bottles of vodka, ice in winter, watching cartoons and anime at 3am, loud music

capricorn - quiet and serious auras, guilty pleasures, buzzcuts, escaping realities, supporting parties, having to be right, thinking you’re bigger than you are, kind eyes

aquarius - lonely souls, fiery relationships, disliking hugs, hidden popularity, huge rucksacks and flip-flops, outdated fandom merch, striking hair, caring too much about what people think, cleverness

pisces - slightly too-long hugs, tentatively liking the occult, ride or die, clingy drunks, doe eyes, conspiracy theories, soft quiet, bright smiles, dreamy expressions, childishness

My feelings on the shitstorm that was the Supergirl event at SDCC 2017

One thing that upsets me the most about this SDCC Supergirl shitstorm is the fact that Melissa, the lead of the show that so many people look up to, whether they are children or adults, boys or girls, heterosexual or other, hasn’t even spoke about it. Jeremy has at least had the decency to apologise, even if the first one used the victim card, but now he’s actually speaking to the fans and listening to the real reason we’re upset. But Melissa, who is the lead, not only didn’t speak about it or apologise about it, she snuck out of the airport.

She is willing to hide from everyone instead of face this problem. How must that make all her adoring fans feel, the ones who looked up to her, the ones that idolised her, the ones who felt betrayed by her, how must that make all her fans feel when she won’t even speak to them about it, she won’t apologise or try to comfort the, she’ll ignore it and try to sneak out of the cause it means she won’t have to deal with it.

Honestly that gif of the little girl throwing her costume away is how I feel right now cause Melissa had always been my favourite actress. Not just because of what she has been in but from watching behind the scenes, interviews with fans she always seemed like a genuinely nice person, but the moment her fans are hurt, betrayed and upset, she runs away from them instead of to them. And now I can’t even think about her without being upset and I honestly don’t know if I want to continue watching the show. Even more so cause of Chris’ ‘sarcastic’ comment, David saying it was because they were tired and blocking anyone who doesn’t agree and Mechad telling Katie to shut up when she was talking, even if it was in Italian.

That’s another thing that upsets me cause if the reports are true. Katie was so upset that she travelled on a ordinary plane so she wouldn’t have to travel with her cast. That’s how much they upset her.

As someone who struggled with coming to terms with their sexuality, I am bisexual and for most of my childhood, I thought I was gay as I didn’t show a romantic interest in a girl until I was 14. I have always looks to Supercorp and Sanvers for comfort, but especially Supercorp, and what happened at SDCC made me feel silly, inferior and belittled just for shipping something that I knew 'was never gonna happen’ and made worse by Chris’ words, David’s tweets and Mechad telling Katie to shut up when she sided with the fans about how they should perceive it they want to.

Honestly I can’t think of the show, the cast (besides Katie, Odette, Chyler and Floriana) without getting upset, feeling sick now and I hate that cause I always enjoyed Supergirl more than any other DC CW show as I felt like I could relate to Kara as I have felt like an outsider all my childhood cause of my sexuality and personal history.

Disappointed is the word I can only use to describe my feelings right now cause I can’t think of any other word that could describe them accurately.

I drew Sal as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Get it? ;)

I’m thinking that I’m been posting too much fanart for this game on this blog. I think for the future I’ll only post art that I put a some time into (you know colored and stuff that I’m proud of) on this blog and posting more drawings on my main.

Edit: I realized too late that I made a mistake on his hand that was holding the roses.

There I fixed it.

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Imagine all of the Avengers take a "Which Avenger Are You?" quiz and none of them get themselves. They use this as an excuse to switch costumes. Your choice who Steve gets.

Steve wanted to wear comfortable pants and a button-down. Maybe some fake glasses or even a lab coat. 

Steve was instead standing in tight purple booty shorts and nothing else.

Bucky walked in, clad in purple and black with a Nerf crossbow strapped across his back.  “That’s a great color on you.”

“I hate you.”

“Not my fault.  You agreed that we’d go to the Halloween party as whatever result we got.  Not my fault you’re an angerball all of the time.”

Clint swaggered in, brandishing the plastic shield.  “The suit really does something for your posture.” He smiled at Steve.  “Nice shorts.” 

Steve didn’t have time to respond before he was busy wondering where Thor got a catsuit in his size.  

“Friends!  Is this not a most amusing costume?”

Steve was pretty sure the suit would rip if Thor took a deep breath.

“Its…it’s something, alright.”  Natasha’s voice was amused, though she was busy adjusting her wings. “Sam won’t give me his real kit.”

“We’d never get you to come down.” Clint smirked.  

“I want a do-over.”  Tony walked into the room in his Iron Man suit.  “How come Thor gets to be Natasha?  I can be mysterious.  I’m sultry. I look great in a onesie.”

“Thor has better hair.”  Clint didn’t look up from adjusting his utility belt, but still managed to block the pen Tony whipped at his head with his plastic shield.  

Tony’s sigh turned into a wide smile.  He’d finally caught sight of Steve.  “Ok, Daisy Dukes, let’s go get this over with.  The Charity Costume Gala was your idea.”

With a resigned sigh, Steve led the way to the elevators.  With any luck, the ballroom on the thirty-seventh floor would be warmer.  

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I imagine that due to the fact that Matt's almost ALWAYS wearing his shark costume, it's gotta be pretty dirty, right? Geez, that must be a real pain for Edd and Tom to get him to take it off. It must be like trying to catch fish in air, chasing after Matt and coaxing him to take off his shark costume.

catching him is only the beginning

Alright y'all! Sit down cause were about to talk about something! And that something is Belle, and her costume design. 

I’ve been seeing a ton of hate going around about the “accuracy” of Belle’s costumes in the recent live remake of Beauty and the Beast. So I’m gonna have a little tete a tete with you and try and work some things out. 

Firstly: I have heard a lot about how Emma Watson had a “huge” say in the creative decisions on her costumes and I want to address that. As well as address everyones incessant whining about how she doesn’t wear stays/corsets. 

Here we go: So I’m a costume designer and deal with people requesting things all day long. The point of the costume designer is to make everyone happy with how the character looks. That’s the simple version, but it is. And a huge part of designing is listening to the actors and getting to know how they feel about the character. If the actor feels strongly about what shoes their character would wear, you listen. If the director has a strong opinion on the color of a shirt, you listen. A huge part of being a technical designer on something (specially costumes) is about creating a balance between multiple different visions, that come from multiple different people. Because clothing is the biggest indicator to anyone seeing you, what kind of person you are. So coming from my costume design background, it is not always right to just go fully period and make it happen. 

My most recent costume designs were supposed to be 1860-1890s Western American clothing. Now when you google the 1860s you find corsets and huge hoop skirts, but my characters where women of little money, no maids, and worked on farms. If I asked you to put on a corset, a hoop skirt, with no help from anyone else, and then go work in a field would that make sense? My point to all of this is, we know what the documented styles were for a time period, but usually finding information on the more common pedestrian styles is infinitely harder. One of the biggest things that helped me (but was something I never looked into) was using the Metropolitan Museum of Arts’ online archive to view clothing from that time period, and see what clothing people were wearing that weren’t middle or upper class. 

So all of this leads up to me saying this; and many people are going to get very angry at me for it.  In no way did not having stays/corsets, panniers, and hoops change the overall period and style of this film. Belle is a country girl with no maid, who works with her hands and has very little money. Having the constraints of stays (which are difficult to put on correctly even with help, let alone without) and hoops would not make any logistical sense for her character. Now for the Silly Girls, yes! They are obviously of more means then Belle and have the help of each other to get into full on garb everyday, and it almost seems (in the new film) like the silly girls are supposed to be the daughter of the town seamstress, which is a reason why they have such fine clothing in such a small town. And by evidence of the last scene where Belle’s dress has very obvious stays (even if they were just built into the bodice itself) she would have had stays in more of her outfits after she married the Prince because she would have had the means and a maid to help her, and no longer had to dress in a practical manner. 

Moral of this story is: Fashion over Function in the 18th century was a very big thing, and still is today. So sometimes being “fully true” to a time period, isn’t always what you want. Thank you and goodnight.

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Your smut gives me lyfeeeeee. Can you do one where Grayson sees you in a sexy Halloween costume?

Y'all give me lyfeeeeeee!

Halloween was by far your favorite holiday. The weather is always just right, and pulling together a costume is always half the fun. You’d spent weeks finding the perfect pieces, even making them yourself, to prefect that best representation of Ariel. You’d even gone as far as to purchase an authentic fire red wig to complete the look, along with the shimmery green scaled high slit skirt and homemade shell bra.

Grayson had offered to choose a matching costume, so long as he didn’t have to be a merman, but you knew his haunting childhood memory would follow him. You’d politely declined and told him to be whatever he wanted, and he wouldn’t be allowed to see yours until the very night.

It still felt like summer in LA and the streets were packed with people traveling to parties. An exclusive YouTube party was about to begin, and you’d finally topped off your makeup and felt well enough about the costume to step out from the bathroom. Grayson was waiting in the living room, the authentic cop costume giving you satisfying tingles. He looked good enough to eat. He wasn’t really paying much attention to you yet, patting the officer getup. “Do I look stupid?”

Your laugh tinkled out over the music blasting in the background, a usual thing with Grayson. “No, you actually look really hot. I have a feeling I’ll be jealous A LOT tonight.”

His smile wasn’t overshadowed by the fact he was still looking down, his eyes finally looking up to reply, but the words died on his lips. He couldn’t believe how fantastic your ass looked in that skirt. He loved your natural hair color, but the red was sure making his pants a little tighter. He’d never wanted to bang a mermaid so hard in his life. “I think I’m the one who’s going to be jealous tonight. I’m not even sure I want to share with the world how sexy you look right now.”

You smiled brightly at his reaction, closing the space between the both of you to kiss his lips gently with appreciation. He wasn’t having just the small and teasing gesture, lifting you up and sitting you on the back of the couch. His hands roamed up your smooth and shapely thighs as his mouth placed open kisses on the swell of your breasts. At this rate, you were sure to be late to the party, so why not be fashionably late? You pushed him back and jumped down from the couch, turning around to spread your legs apart with your hands behind your back. “Cuff me officer, I’ve been a bad girl. I think I need to be punished.”

You heard the groan leave his swollen and pink lips, the jingle of the cuffs coming to claim your wrists. “Let me show you what bad girls get when they break the law.”

You were definitely fashionably late.

Become your costume (halloween)


they say a suit or a dress makes the person.

the feeling of wealth or what you look like is how you should behave or feel.

a tight suit means you are a clean person ready to get back at work.

a nice dress means you should reflect how feminine you are.

how a person should ask and feel.

that feeling of your suit making who you are.

the things you wear is how you feel right?

how people should see and know you is how you precent yourself to them.

how your behavior is.

how you should act against the person who sees you.

the feeling of the costume or suit that makes you feel a little bit different.

relaxed maybe.

more open for what the costume makes you think.

maybe you are wearing a different costume right now.

can you feel the difference now?

do you feel your behavior or minset change now to that of your suit?

do you feel the costume around you changing your mind or how you should think?

do you feel a new way of thinking or acting that suits your costume best happen on its own or is it that you want to act different with the costume you wear?

would you act only the way of your costume to other people or whenever you wear it?

do you feel the need of the costume telling you to act like the costume or do you want to act like the costume tells you to act?

do you feel yourself becomming the costume or the costume becomming you?

do you feel your voice and action change to that of your costume more and more while you wear it.

do you feel this feeling with your costume as you are becomming the costume more and more when you wear it now.

you might notice some small changes that are getting stronger while you wear it becouse you are the costume.

you are what you wear right?

so you are your custume.

you are the creature you wear as.

you can feel it the whole time you wear it.

the change of costume and behavior feels so good.

feeling its right.

making you free.

happy like you are now.

its right to act and think like your costume right like you always have been.

i want you to tell or show me who you are right now.

what you act like.

how this feeling of your costume feels right who you are right now.

and as long as its needed to be.

(read this a few time and tell me how you feel and what you are)

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Where are the slutty male costumes and rock lee ;)

Just to mention, I’ve never written for Rock Lee before and I feel super nervous doing it, so I’m sorry.

Warnings: OOC? 

“It’s so typical, every Halloween there are always so many slutty female costumes. This isn’t right, where are the slutty male costumes?”

You flicked through the various costumes on the rack at the Costume shop you’d come to with your friends Sakura and Ino. Kiba’s Halloween party was in two days and you were certain it wasn’t supposed to be this difficult to find one.

“Imagine Sasuke coming in dressed as a Firefighter-” Ino swooned.

“Or a Spartan warrior” Sakura cut her off, clutching the petite nurses costume she was holding to her chest.

“Sakura, is there any point in buying that costume when you already wear a medic outfit for work?” You asked in confusion, fingering the price tag.

“Y/N-” Sakura began before Ino cut her off snappily.

“She just wants to wear the hat so it doesn’t show off her big forehead” Ino grinned, pulling a tiny pair of hot pants off the rack, “As long as you don’t steal my costume idea, forehead.”

You rolled your eyes as your friends bickered together, picking up two different costumes and heaving a sigh as you tried to pick the least revealing costume in the store. Shrugging your shoulders, you took your choice to the till to pay.

“Y/N, are you sure you want to pick that?” Ino emphasised the last word as she raised an eyebrow at your choice.

“Why not?” You looked down at your choice in confusion.

“Cause it’s… Scary?”

“Ino, it’s Halloween?”

“I think Lee would much prefer you in that sexy bunny outfit,” Ino smirked coyly as she paid for her choice.

“If Lee liked me, I’d like to think he wouldn’t mind what I turned up in.” Or at least, you hoped so. The doubt now flooding your mind.

Music blared from the speakers as you stood in the corner of the dimly lit room. It felt like a lot of the women were using this night to show of their costumes and it made you feel even more embarrassed as you tugged at the baggy material of the witches costume you had chosen. 

“Whoa, Ino. You look hot.” Naruto’s eyes widened at the sight of Ino in her barely-there rendition of a bunny rabbit. 

“Thanks,” Ino muttered, obviously more focused on finding the real object of her affections. 

“Y/N? I almost didn’t recognise you. You look creepy.” Naruto took a step back and you almost shrank under his gaze.

“Thanks,” You muttered, not sure how to reply to his comment. It must have been a compliment, right? Halloween costumes are supposed to be scary..

Suddenly there was a cry from behind you as a scantily dressed man came into the room, banging his fists on his chest elaborately.

“Lee?! What have you come as?” Naruto, dressed as a Skeleton, looked at him up and down. 

“TARZAN! He is a warrior of the jungle.“ 

"Well, Y/N. You did say you wanted slutty male costumes.” Ino whispered in your ear as you tried to take in Lee in the small loincloth he was currently wearing.

The only part of his appearance that kept him looking like Rock Lee was his bushy eyebrows and signature grin. A huge blush took over your face as Lee bound towards you, the brown wig he was wearing flowing behind him.

“Y/N! I must say your outfit is quite terrifying.” Lee grinned as he took in your appearance.

“Oh, Thanks Lee.” You knew you were wearing a scary outfit, but his words knocked your confidence as you began to regret your choice.

“I think you look wonderful. You have definitely chosen one of the greatest outfits here.”


“The outfit is put together perfectly, you look great.”

“T-thanks Lee.” You smiled innocently as his eyes took in your attire.

“Y/N was saying she wished there were more slutty guy-” You slapped your hand across Ino’s mouth to stop her saying anymore as you felt the heat rise within your body. Her words subconsciously made you stare at Lee’s bare skin again.

“Well, Y/N. Would you like to accompany me to get a drink?” Lee grinned at you. Before you could reply Ino’s hand came down to your lower back and shoved you towards the male, making you fall into his half naked body. You were silently grateful that the ‘witch-like’ make up that Ino had helped you apply would hide some of your embarrassment as you felt Lee’s skin against your own. Lee caught you so you didn’t collapse to the ground as he kept his arm securely around your waist as he guided you towards the kitchen. You turned back to see Ino smirking back at you, waving her hand teasingly.

Films with AWESOME costumes

Yesterday I was asked which films I think have amazing costume design, and came to me a long LONG list of films that I believe have costumes so beautiful and perfect that you could mute the film and still watch it just for those clothes. This list is not made of ONLY period films, but guys, these are beautiful clothes (in no particular order):

“Kingsman, The Secret Service”, 2014, Matthew Vaughn, costume design by Arianne Phillips

Originally posted by murrddocks

Double breasted suits, perfect fitting blazers, glasses to die for… This film is like an ode to menswear with the levels of perfection that you can see in it. I love the way the characters change and so their clothes do to fit them, and the way each character has a characteristic look and proper clothing (yeah, even Samuel L. Jackson’s caps).

“Dangerous Liaisons”, 1988, Stephen Frears, costume design by James Acheson

Originally posted by kissofthespiderwoman

Where would we all be without this film and its perfect opening scene? It’s very likely that our 18th century obsession would not have happened. Acheson’s costumes are historically accurate in a degree that it’s crazy but still perfect for the big screen.

“Jane Eyre”, 2011, Cary Joji Fukunaga, costumes design by Michael O'Connor

Originally posted by witch-anthy

Fukunaga tells Jane Eyre’s story with the mysterious and dark look that later we all would love in “True Detective”: perfect dresses taken straight from the 1840s. And Michael Fassbender and Jamie Bell in period clothing. We are thankful Mr Fukunaga.

“Io sono l'amore”, 2009, Luca Guadagnino, costume design by Antonella Cannarozzi

Originally posted by ungrandmoment

The elegance is taken to another level with Italian style and minimalism that takes this story out of time: the pieces from Raf Simons, Fendi and Daminani are timeless in a way that makes you feel that this film was made in 2009 or 2020 or 1960.

“Bram Stocker’s Dracula”, 1992, Francis Ford Coppola, costume design by Eiko Ishioka

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Historical accuracy is not always that important. With the right silhouettes for the right dresses and the right characters, a great costume designer can create an atmosphere within a time period bending the aesthetic historically accurate to match with the original idea of the director. That’s what the legendary Eiko Ishioka used to do in each of the films she worked.

“The Great Gatsby”, 2013, Baz Luhrmann, costume design by Catherine Martin

Originally posted by otfilms

This is probably the worst adaptation of the iconic novel by Fitzgerald, turning a perfect work of narrative into an absolutely boring sequence of frowns and ridiculous voices. BUT, what a view. What costumes. What a soundtrack. And of course, what parties. This is definitely a film to see and enjoy, even with no audio, just the sight of it is gorgeous; with womenswear by Miuccia Prada and menswear by Brooks Brothers. Gorgeous, I tell you.

“2046″, 2004, Wong Kar Wai, costume design by William Chang

Originally posted by frarkylicious

Chang and Wong are a wonderful team that bring us beautiful films with beautiful clothes: from urban love stories to kung fu fights. Perhaps 2046 is Chang’s finest work (even though The Grandmaster’s costumes are awesome too), since the many timelines of this movie have a perfect balance between futuristic and vintage, between dark and neon light. And those qipao, suits and wild wigs are pure perfection.

“A Single Man”, 2009, Tom Ford, costume design by Arianne Phillips

Originally posted by zoriaworld

The Colin Firth+Arianne Phillips combo appears twice in this list, sorry not sorry! A Single Man is the way a film is seen through a fashion designer’s eyes: beautiful people with beautiful clothes in beautiful places. Every frame is a fashion editorial photo. Every detail is carefully taken care of. And (if all this was not enough) the story is a beautiful sad and heartbreaking glimpse to a lover’s loss.

“A Series of Unfortunate Events”, 2004, Brad Silberling, costume design by Colleen Atwood

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Colleen Atwood’s goth/dark/steampunk design vision is always handy for Tim Burton, but in this film is beyond gorgeous: kids clothes, victorian dresses, crazy suits… Everything goes perfect with the dark-humour-for-kids of Lemony Snicket’s books.

“Marie Antoinette”, .2006, Sofia Coppola, costume design by Milena Canonero

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Of course Marie Antoinette had to be in this list. We all can watch it in an infinite loop of pastel colours, historically accurate silhouettes and one of the most carefully designed aesthetics of cinema ever.

“Coco et Igor”, 2009, Jan Kounen, costume design by Chattoune and Fab

Originally posted by salviadivine

This film didn’t have the budget of “Coco Avec Chanel”, but the overall film looks beautiful and (fuck yeah) is an historically accurate representation of the 1920s through the fashion of legendary stylish Gabrielle Chanel and the more discreet and classic Igor Stravinsky. Also the opening scene is almost a reenactment of the infamous debut of “The Rite of the Spring” by Stravinsky, danced by Les Ballets Russes with choreography by Nijisnky. And it looks PERFECT. (Also includes Mads Mikkelsen before being Hannibal famous).

“The Grand Budapest Hotel”, 2014, Wes Anderson, costume design by Milena Canonero

Originally posted by thebeasthowls

Second appearance of Milena Canonero in this list! And she totally deserves it. All Wes Anderson films have a very particular visual style and all the characters as well have a particular fashion sense that remain in our minds long time after we see the films (hello red beret, fur coat, tennis headband, boy scout uniform, corduroy suit and a LONG etcetera). And this film is just the peak point: with three storylines in three different times, each have their own aesthetic and colour scheme as well as historically accurate garments that are transformed through colour and details into the clothes worn in this perfect fantastic and pink world.

Now, what are YOUR favourite costume designs in film?

My brain won’t stop throwing DMMD au’s at me, so here’s a figure skating AU:

  • Koujaku, Aoba, and Mizuki were rinkmates when they were little
  • Koujaku was always a really graceful and powerful skater, and Aoba admired and looked up to him like really a lot
  • Aoba kept getting picked on for his long hair, which he’d started growing out to be like Koujaku except where Koujaku still managed to keep a masculine kind of edge to his appearance, Aoba just looked downright girly
  • Koujaku encouraged him to keep growing it and own his appearance, because if he finds strength and power in it, then nobody can use it against him
  • As a junior, Aoba was actually kind of reckless on the ice, juxtaposing his delicate features (played to the hilt) with rough and violent routines
  • he nearly got into what could’ve been a pretty bad accident because of it, though, so he altered his image by the time he moved into the senior division
  • Aoba still plays up his delicate features, but he uses really bright and flashy costumes against elegant and flowy routines
  • but he really surprises people off the ice for how rough he is in reality (“it’s a stage, a show - what’s hard to understand?”)
  • Koujaku sets up the hairstyle for Aoba’s costumes and teaches Sei how to do it, so Sei’s always in charge of Aoba’s hair and makeup
  • Tae-san and Haga-san both coach Aoba (Tae’s a lot harsher on Aoba, so Haga’s p much there to be the balancing factor)
  • Mizuki is the Phichit - he takes a ton of selfies and pictures of everyone
  • Noiz is a German skater mostly known for his ridiculous speed on the ice
  • like, his routines are okay on a base level, but the entire draw is just how fast he is on the ice, making him fascinating to watch
  • he also absolutely never fails to recover almost immediately from any fall, no matter how bad it is
  • part of it’s due to his high pain tolerance, which is to the point where one fall actually left a hairline fracture in his ankle and he still finished his program with no problem - nobody even realized he was hurt until he limped off the ice and deadpan told his coach “I think I twisted it”
  • Theo is Noiz’s manager and basically his PR department bc Noiz really hates talking to most people
  • (He goes by “Noiz” as what amounts to a stage name bc seriously “Wilhelm” is just not his image)
  • all of Noiz’s fans wear bunny ears and toss him rabbit-themed goodies
  • this confused him for a while until Aoba pointed out “don’t you have rabbits?” “oh. Is that why?” “plus it’s like…you’re quick like a bunny, y’know?” > Noiz just smirks > it takes Aoba a second before he flips “NOT LIKE THAT” “well it’s not wrong…” “OH MY GOD”
  • Clear is Finnish. Mink is his coach. Nobody really understands how they work so well because Clear is this sweet, bubbly thing, and Mink is just Grumpy (but Clear insists that Mink is super nice and helpful and Clear is really grateful to have him as a coach)
  • Clear was in an accident as a child, leaving him blind in his right eye, his hearing impaired in his right ear, and the right side of his face discolored
  • objectively it’s not terribly noticeable, but Clear is still super insecure about it, so his costumes always involve covering up the right side of his face

ugh I can’t stop thinking about this AU. I might just use it as a basis for drawing/designing costumes for them (I mean seriously, Aoba would look foine in a leotard, don’t even deny it)

This is what my best friend’s boss said to her! She tore her down, she belittled her! She downright demeaned her!!! My friend is the most kind, sweet, generous, and gorgeous human being I know! She does not deserve to be treated like this from her boss, a person of power! She shouldn’t have to take this! No woman should have to take this! Are men pulled aside and asked to make their hair look nicer or to put more makeup on!? NO!!! HECK NO!!! So why should women!?!? Who cares where she works! Doesn’t matter! She should be free to be herself!! You’d think that a salon would be happy to have a willing employee with a unique style great people at the front door! This is exactly why we should get rid of “the costumer is always right” mentality!! It doesn’t help ANYONE!! She, and all women, should NOT have to deal with this ridicule! We should be able to be free to express ourselves how we want! Please help me spread the word! Not just for my best friend, but for all women!!! YOU SHOULD ONLY HAVE TO LOOK NICE FOR YOU!!!!! YOU ARE WHAT MATTERS!!! Don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise!!! JUSTICE FOR ALL WOMEN!!!!! JUSTICE FOR MY FRIEND!!!

anonymous asked:

How the Allies, Canada, Taiwan, Romano and Denmark react to their s/o being severely verbally abused by a costumer at work and their boss sides with customer with 'customer is always right' policy?

One time a customer was screaming at me for a price not being right, so my boss (who is my uncle) banned him from coming into the store again. Perks of being related to your boss, I guess-

Alfred | America: He would call bullshit right then and there in front of everyone in the store, standing up for his S/O as if his life depended on it- he won’t tolerate this kind of treatment. He doesn’t want to see them so upset, so he’ll take them out for ice cream later. 

Arthur | England: He would interfere with the abuse, but he would do it in a way that’s polite. He’d pull his S/O out of work and would comfort them, making sure that they’re okay before going inside and screaming at their boss and the customer in private.

Francis | France: He’d step in, cool and collected about the situation. He’d tell his partner’s boss that they really need to cut the crap with the whole ‘Customer Is Always Right’ rule before lecturing the customer for being so incredibly rude.

Ivan | Russia: Immediately upon seeing the abuse, he would intervene. He’d gently push his partner behind him, get real close to both the customer and the boss, and would threaten to put their heads on a pike if they didn’t stop their violence at once.

Yao | China: He’d be pissed to see that his lover’s boss is siding with such an ignorant twat of a customer, and tell both of them off, stepping in front of his S/O as if he were a shield. He’d share the poor treatment on social media to ruin their boss’ company.

Matthew | Canada
: He would try to stop the abuse to the best of his ability, though he wouldn’t succeed. He would, however, let his partner vent and lean on him afterwards, followed by heaps of cuddles, comfort food, and lots affectionate kisses.

Xiao | Taiwan: She’d stand up for her partner, exclaiming that this whole situation was unfair and that her partner was only doing their job. She wouldn’t leave until she was positive that her S/O was okay and that the customer left the store.

Lovino | Romano:
He’d be enveloped in fury and would pull his S/O to his side, giving their boss and the upset customer a harsh shove. He’d be shouting at both of them for at least ten minutes, shaking his fist at them before ushering his S/O out of the store to comfort them.

Mathias | Denmark: He would be quiet at first, watching the whole thing go down. Then, he’d step up to the customer, and sock them right in the face- enough to knock them unconscious. He’d then, through clenched teeth, slowly ask the boss to rethink their policies.

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Estonia, what are you going as for Halloween?

I may have forgotten but to be fair we don’t really celebrate Halloween in Estonia. We celebrate Mardipäev (on November 10th) and it’s like our version of Halloween! Kids will dress up in costumes and go and perform (sing, do riddles, jokes etc) at different houses to get candy! 

But- maybe I’ll participate this year! All I need is a costume, right?

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TommyDavid, 18 (Musicians/band/something of this nature AU)!

Do It With A Rockstar

David’s phone rings in a swell of operatic wailing, and he picks it up without even taking his eyes off his computer screen. “David Alleyne speaking. Hello, Mr. Summers.”

Because it’s not like the fucking head of the company calls him every day, noooooo. Gotta play it cool.

And Scott Summers, the head of X Records, says, “David, I have a problem, and I think you can solve it for me.”

David nods slowly. “What problem is that, Mr. Summers?”

He hears…a heavy sigh. “I need you to pick Tom Shepherd up from a party.”

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