the costumer is always right

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Hey. I just had a terrible day at work. I was threatened with termination over something I didn't do. I've been working there for awhile and have never done anything before and they decided to believe a customer over me. So I was wondering if I could get headcanons for how the gang would react if their s/o got in trouble/fired from work for something they didn't do. Thank you so much!

I’m sorry you had a bad day, so hopefully these headcannons will cheer you up! 

*You were officially having the worst day ever. You got yelled at by your boss for something that you didn’t even do. A costumer had come in, and ordered something, and when you told her that you were out of that item, she got extremely angry and demanded to see your manager. She told him that you were rude to her, and he believed her over you. Your boss then proceeded to give you a speech about how the costumer is always right, and it made you so angry.* Here’s a headcannon for what each boy would do! 

Ponyboy: You decided to go over to Ponyboy’s because you could use some comfort. You walked in and saw him sitting down on the couch. You sat down beside him in an angry manner, and he could obviously tell you were upset.
“Babe whats wrong?” He asked concerning.
“I got yelled at at work for something that I didn’t even do.” You said holding back tears. You explained the rest of the story and Pony hugged you tightly.
“I’m sorry, doll. It’s so unfair that people have to be so mean…” He paused. “What do you say we go see a movie at the drive in, that would probably make you feel better huh?”
“Aw Pony that would be great! You always know how to make me feel better.” You said kissing him quickly.
“Let’s get going then,” He said, taking you hand and walking out the door.

Johnny:  You finished your shift that day in misery, and then immediately went to the park because you knew you would find Johnny there. And you were right, he was sitting on a park bench, reading an old newspaper.
“Hey doll,” He said looking up suddenly, “What’s going on?”
“I just had the worst day at work ever,” You said, explaining what had happened.
“Jeez, I’m sorry y/n,” he said, taking your hand and stroking it with his thumb. “No one deserves to be blamed for something they didn’t do.”
Johnny was always so sweet and understanding about things. You hated to complain to him because of everything that he has to deal with at home, but somehow he always seemed to push his problems aside to help you feel better.
“Thanks, Johnny,” You said leaning your head on his shoulder.
“Lets just stay here for a while, talk about other things, to take your mind off of your bad day.”
“Okay, babe, thank you, you always know how to make my bad days better.” You said, kissing him softly on this lips.

You met Dally at Bucks place, and found him up in his room.
“I just had the worst day ever.” You said sitting down on his bed next to him.“
“That blows doll, what happened?” He asked, taking a slow drag from his cigarette.
You explained how the rude lady yelled at you, and then how you got in trouble by your boss.
“Screw them, you should just quit.” He said
“I can’t quit, I need money.” You said rolling your eyes.
“I guess that’s true..” he said. “Hey I know what would make you feel better,” He said, leaning over to you and kissing you.
“If you mean what I think you mean, then you’re right,” You said kissing him back.“
Needless to say, all of your problems were nonexistent after your night with Dally.

You went straight to the DX after work, because you knew Soda would be working. He was at the counter inside, and you told him the entire story, getting so frustrated, you were practically screaming by the end.
"I’m sorry, y/n, hey why don’t we go and get something to eat once I finish my shift, I’ll be done in ten minutes.”
“That would be great, Soda,” You said smiling. He always offered you comfort when you were mad or sad, and that’s what you loved most about Soda.

Steve was angry for you, and offered to give your boss a piece of his mind.
“No Steve, my boss is already angry enough at me, we don’t need you adding to the mix.”
“Alright babe, but if you ever need me to say something, you know I will,” He said.
“I know you will, babe, thank you.” you said kissing him. 

After you told Darry the whole story, he comforted you, telling you that you didn’t deserve any of this. He offered you all of the advice he could, telling you that you should talk to your boss and work things out. Darry was the most rational person you knew, and you knew you could trust his advice.
“Thank you Darry, you always know just the right things to say.” You said.
“Aw don’t mention it doll,” He said, hugging you tightly. 

Two Bit:
Two Bit was at the Curtis house, so you met him there, and angerly told him the story.
“Screw them babe, you don’t need to work there if they’re not going to appreciate and believe one of their best costumers. I say you should just quit. Or maybe you should go in and talk to your boss again one on one to get the whole thing straightened out.” He said thoughtfully.
“You’re right babe, I’m going to go in and talk to him.” You said standing up from the couch and grabbing your things.
“Yeah you go get ‘em babe.” Two Bit said, as you kissed him goodbye.

@caskettmyheart wrote a thing to go with it. Enjoy!

She groaned as she got pulled into Laura’s old bedroom at her childhood home. “Ugh Laura, is this really necessary?” she asked as Laura let go of her hand and sped to her closet, threw it open and started throwing shirts into the room. Pieces of clothing came flying around her and she was about to protest yet again when a sock landed on her head and silenced her.

“Yes, Carm! I absolutely can’t watch this movie without it! You have no idea how long I’ve been looking for an opportunity to wear this!” Laura sounded excited as ever as she lit up, thought she found a piece of the costume she was looking for, only to frown and throw it behind her, realizing it wasn’t the right one.

“There’s always Halloween or costume parties the Zeta’s throw.” She sighed but happily smiled a second later as she plopped down onto Laura’s bed and regarded her girlfriend. As much as she didn’t understand Laura’s obsession with this movie, she’d go along with it if it made her happy.

“No, no. This is special, you’ll see!” Laura exclaimed before continuing to look for the suit.

“I found it!” Laura exclaimed and rapidly started to pull it on.

From downstairs, the doorbell rang and a moment later, LaFontaine bounded up the stairs, yelling: “Laura, show me, show me, show me!” Referring to the costume Laura hadn’t allowed their friend to see until their movie night.

The second LaFontaine came through the door, Laura spun around, outfit all assembled and yelled, “Who you gonna call?!”