the cosplay hijinks of wes

2014 Cosplay Summary

Well, in comparison to last year, I did fuck all cosplay wise. Couldn’t do much cosplay wise due to a serious breakdown in my mental health that not only made me too scared to wear what I made but also finish making the costumes and, in turn, made me only attend a handful of cons this year and not for all the days. I feel the fact I was peniless for 7 months also affected this due to the government cutting my benefits. 

That being said, however, I feel the quality of these cosplays are much better than the year before and that i might be able to get things done quicker now that i have access to both comestic and industrial machines.

Here are my plans for next year, hoping I can keep myself mentally and phsyically healthy enough to be able to make them a reality

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Not starting on Wy Photos yet, still on the Stiles shoot with Kat @LFCC, but here is just a wee little photo from the Wy shoot of me being a nerd tbh.

I spent half an hour in sainsburys trying to find bottles with the other names I use for Oceanics on the bottles without going as low as to use a Bro/Dad bottle. Only found James tho :c 

Photo by Trichro


You’ve all seen my improvement from old Nz to new Nz stuff but I reccently refound thi picture of my Chesire (Pandora hearts) cosplay, which was the first cosplay i actually made myself. I was so proud of that cosplay omg. 

And then we have on of my most recent, the one i’m most proud of. (We’re all getting tired of that photo now, lbr). The amount i’ve improved over 3 years is, well, astounding to me. More so when I look at my old work and everything ahhh.

First Image: October 2010
Second Image: April 2014