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1. That chapter was too good! I can't wait for more Phichit! <3 2. All the prompts you answer with more backstory of the mafia au give me life 3. HECK YES GIVE ME ALL THE BACKSTORY AND THE EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF THESE TWO I DON'T EVEN MIND ABOUT THE CLIFFHANGER!!!

I’m honestly glad people thought it was okay cos I loathed every word, not fishing for comments or whatever you call it, it was just one of those ones where you gotta grind through it in order to get to the next plot point. It happens. Phichit, Yurio and fluff made up for it a bit though :D

Thank! I am having a lot of fun with them too, so it’s a win win! And yesssss, you’re gonna get some, not all of it just yet, but a good portion of it in the next update, I am so excited fbvbvodidnckjwndckjwbvh and p.s i love cliffhangers XD 

Top tip: story requests is not a review. (Just found two guest “reviews” on one of my Tarzan fics that were not reviews of the story at all, but a long list of story requests. Twice.)

And I think they mistook me for you too, @thegeekogecko because they had an extremely detailed WW2 AU in there too that made me immediately think, “I’m sure thegeekogecko could do this better than me!” Although it was with Tarzan and co plus Elsa and co. Good luck having paratrooper guerillas gorillas in there too. ;)

“dr. nikiforov are you even listening to me”

“did anybody ever tell you that you look really good in those scrubs?”

“yes. you did. like 25 times a day" 

(part of a yoi medical au that @chantedeer and i are working on in which yuuri is a pediatric nurse and victor is a pediatric surgeon!) (yes, yuuri is wearing poodle scrubs) (you’re welcome)

I don’t know if you guys are aware of what’s been happening on Book Twitter the last few hours or so but someone on LitReactor wrote an article about why “Posting About Politics Kills Your [Writing] Career.” To the best of my knowledge, the article has since been pulled, and I wouldn’t have linked to it anyway because I don’t want to give the article clicks or the author money, but I’m going to be really honest with you guys for a second, cos I feel like I don’t actually post that much about myself or my personal life/background here.

Being vocal about politics has actually killed my mother’s dream career. She works in technology now, but when she was only a little older than me and pursuing her MA, she attended Beijing Normal University, which is one of the best colleges for teachers in China. She was bright and she was idealistic, and she’s good at talking and she loves teaching. She wanted to be a teacher. But then she participated in the Tiananmen Square Protests in 1989, and she was banned from holding government office, which teaching counts as, and so she’s never formally been a teacher.

And I’ve grown up with her stories about it. I’ve grown up being terrified of the social and economic consequences of my opinions. I’m not very loud on platforms that are attached to my real name (which is part of why I use a pseudonym; the other half is habit, because I was one of those Good Kids who listened to our computer teachers when they told us not to reveal personal info online when I was like 12, so), and I’m terrified of public and political backlash. I’m not ashamed of my opinions, but I’m terrified that they might produce material consequences against me, because they have produced material consequences against my mother.

But here’s the thing: I’ve never heard my mom express regret about it. She’s been sad, she’s been disillusioned with the protestors of 1989 (I am too, but that’s a different post and a longer story), but she’s still very loud about what her opinions are and what she believes to be right. Of course there are consequences to your speech. There will always be. But articles like these try to intimidate people, to hold them in fear, to stop them from speaking their minds.

And there’s something so fucking privileged about being so sheltered from politics that it doesn’t matter to you one way or another whether or not you participate them. There are so many people who are held a prisoner to politics against their will because governments have politicised their bodies, their very right to live and their right to access, and to, in essence, tell writers––especially marginalised writers––to shut up about being treated like a human is some type of bullshit.

Publishing has always been politics. It’s been political since the moment it began. The reason America exports so many books and imports so little has to do with American imperialism and global geopolitics. The choices that editors make––I will acquire this author and not that one––are politics. The amount of publicity we give to certain authors but not others––those are all political. Franz Fanon is political. Jane Austen is political. YA is political, SFF is political, the devaluation of romance as a genre is political. The privileging of literary fiction is political. Gatekeeping is political.

When everything in your life is impacted by politics, you will be political, and the books that you write, the posts that you share, will be political, and it takes some kind of nerve to be telling people to shut up because you aren’t impacted, you don’t care, and you’re holding people’s careers over their heads about it. It’s so fucking shitty, especially in times when we need to be political and push back against a state that seems now set on culling our rights.


Portraits of Halo

15 years ago today (Nov 15, 2001) Halo and the Xbox were released. At first, i didn’t pay the console, or the game, much mind. I had my doubts about Microsoft and this relatively unknown shooter brought over from the computer world, so i figured i’d give the system a pass for the time being. Over the next few months though, i kept hearing good things about Halo. It got rave reviews in the magazines and a few people i knew played it non stop. But still, i held off. Then one night, i stopped by my friends house to hang out for a bit. After a while, he asked if i wanted to play some games and suggested we dive into a few levels of Halo, Co-op.

We played the first 4-5 areas straight through and about 30 minutes in, i was completely hooked. I can’t overstate the amount of joy and fun i had. Headshotting grunts, driving the warthog off cliffs while blasting the horn, and watching groups of Covenant scatter and curse at me in their alien language as i chucked a grenade right in the middle of them, had me smiling from ear to ear. And playing it all with a friend, cooperatively (which was something i had never really done before), brought the experience to a completely new level. The controls were tight, the AI was fantastic and the levels were massive. I couldn’t ask for much more when it came to gameplay.  

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Hospital worker spends thousands of her own money on toys for ill kids
Jessie Tendayi, a food service aide with Trinity Hospital in Chicago, spent $5,000 on 1,000 toys for sick children at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

One hospital worker in Chicago has been using money from her paycheck to help sick children feel better during the holidays.

For the past eight years, Jessie Tendayi, a food service aide with Trinity Hospital, has worked additional shifts and saved money to fund her mission.

‘It brings joy to me, and also brings joy to the children, that I’m making a difference’, Tendayi told WGN.

She and her husband, Wendell, moved to Chicago 19 years ago from Zimbabwe. They have no children of their own.

'But I do now. I do have a lot’, Tendayi told the Chicago Tribune.
Scotland wants to introduce a law that will mean no one goes hungry again
The Scottish Government is considering enshrining a ‘right to food’ in Scots law. It is one of a number of recommendations being looked at following the publication of a report by the Independent Working Group on Food Poverty earlier this year. The group said that while enshrining the right would not in itself end food insecurity, it would mean the Government and other public bodies would have a duty to ensure everyone has secure access to adequate and affordable food.

This is my GF’s pair of cats, black and white one is Trixie and the black one is her brother Merlin. Trixie’s a attention seeking pat monster while it’s a good thing Merlin’s pretty cos he’s adorably stupid.

Brett Dalton and Elizabeth Henstridge, Phoenix ComicCon Fanfest 2016.

Meet Yoko! She’s a keyblade master and Good Doggo.
Her world of origin is Traverse Town, and her keyblade is called Graceful Fragility

Fun Facts:
She’s named after Yoko Shimomura, the music composer for Kingdom Hearts.
If she could talk she would be voiced by Mayumi Tanaka, the Japanese VA for Luffy from One Piece

And here is a good shiba for ur troubles:

Ok  since I see more of this shit happening right now it’s time for some good old Mercy Myth busting.

‚Mercy is 60 years old’


She is 37. She wasn’t one of the founding members of OW, we know she joined the organisation when she was around 17 and then served until she was around 32. She was even supposed to be 34 years old, but a typo was made in the Recall short and Blizzard didn’t bother to fix it, so they rolled with it. All myths that she has to be above 60 because she used tob e Anas Co-Workers are bullshit since Co-Workers are not the same as classmates and they can have different ages.

She also ages normally, this has been confirmed by the head writer Michael Chu a few times.

 ‚Mercy experimented on Reaper/Genji!‘

Let’s take a look at this, shall we?

Genji was left for dead by Hanzo, and got the offer from  Overwatch’s leadership (aka Jack, Gabriel, and Ana)  that they were going to save his life if he’s going to join their ranks. He accepted and Mercy, who was the head-doctor that time, built the body and treated him. The decision to pressure him into anything was, as far as we know, not done by Mercy in any way. She simply followed orders and from her lore personality and the fact that she spent the time after OW was shut down in crisis regions aiding civilians we can say that she would’ve saved his life without offering anything in return. Genji also recognizes that what happend to him wasn’t her doing but Overwatch’s.


Everything that is about ‚Mercy turned Gabriel into Reaper!!!‘ is based on one exchange – and that is her asking ‚What happend to you?‘ and him answering ‚You tell me, Doc‘. People say this is proof that she turned him into this…but…it says the opposite tbh. If she knew what happend to him why would she ask? Besides, Reaper sounds more like he wanted an answer as well, and he knows that Mercy is the most capable doctor in the world, meaning that if someone could answer this question, it’s her. It could also be that during the explosion at the old HQ, some of Mercys experimental tech got caught in the blast and spilled over Gabriel and caused a mutation, but that doesn’t really make her guilty since it was an accident. Then there is also the chance that Talon stole her tech and created Reaper with ist help. As long as we don’t know what exactly happened during the incident there is no canon ground to blame her for anything here.

There were also rumors of another exchange,but the head writer said the lines never existed and were never in the game at all (the comment that the OP claimed Mercy was making was ‘This is not what I intended for you’ when a Reaper is on her team)

‚Mercy is evil‘

There is nothing indicating that she is. Her entire lore-character has never done anything to cause that suspicion at all, and people jump on this theory becase ‚no one can be that good‘ but lmao what if she just is??? The trope that the most compassionate one turns out to be the big bad all along is so overdone and I think the OW writers are more capable than this cheap theory. If you want to headcanon her as such then sure, go ahead, but don’T run around with SHE IS ACTUALLY EVIL OMG SHE IS THE DEVIL! When there is no base so far and everything is held together by your headcanons.

tl, dr: check your lore and don’t run around screaming SHE IS AN EVIL AGELESS IMMORTAL VAMPIRE when there is nothing in canon to support it and everything is based on people’s desire to see her as the big bad

Stephanie Brown: *exists*

Steph’s Father: *is a criminal and an asshole*

Steph: *with no imput from Batman & co* …I’m gonna fight crime.

Robin: *tells her to stop fighting crime*

Steph: *keeps fighting crime*

Steph: *gets pregnant, has a baby*

Steph: *does what she thinks is best for the baby, then goes back to fighting crime*

Batman: *promotes her, then tells her she’s not good enough to fight crime and is going to stop*

Steph: *is sad, keeps fighting crime*

Steph: *starts a gang war by accident, dies*

Steph: *comes back to life, keeps fighting crime*

Robin: *tells her to stop fighting crime again, this time very strongly and in no uncertain terms*

Steph: *promotes herself to Batgirl, keeps fighting crime*

Entire Batfamily: *strongly disproves of and complains about Steph fighting crime*

Steph: *wins them over, keeps fighting crime*

DC: *erases Steph and her past from the universe*

Steph: *……..comes back, keeps fighting crime*

  • Sanji: okay guys, I'm leaving temporarily to save you. Don't follow me.
  • Luffy and co. : *Follow him*
  • Sanji: I hope they're okay
  • Luffy and co.: *Infiltrate* *eat buildings* *infiltrate some more* *get captured* *defeat people* *get captured some more* *get beaten up* *are about to be eaten*
  • Sanji: okay guys, I'm cutting myself off to save you. Just go back.
  • Luffy and co.: *Stay in the exact same spot*
  • Sanji: okay guys, I've made a good deal. Big Mom will let you leave, just don't make her angrier.
  • Luffy and co.: *Prepare to steal her stuff* *prepare to defeat some more people* *even just verbally make her angrier*

i think it’s time for me to talk about the revival, yeah? cause like it has been a few hours, the hype of seeing everyone again is over and my brain can finally focus on what actually happened rather than just seeing them on my screen.

well, first: the revival was really good for emily, luke and lorelai. they were like my favorite part of the whole thing. their storylines shone and it was just what i wanted for them. they made the whole thing good for me. i’m not happy, but i’m content and that’s thanks to them.

second: i knew amy&co would screw up with rory and logan because i just knew it, okay? it was very different of how i thought things would go (aka rory ~realizing jess was the ~one all along as if logan never existed in the first place because that’s the kind of thing i expected from amy), but it doesn’t make it better. it’s just a bit less painful. 

lbh, amy ripped apart all the character growth logan went through, especially in s07. like, we are talking about the guy who walked away from family business and tried to build his own thing?? and like @hotarurea said, the only “plausible” explanation for all that regression was that rory’s no just broke him in a way that he just gave up on all his progress - which is really depressing to think about. and tbh? i like to think logan is stronger than that. i know (matt’s know, every breathing being knows) that rory is the love of logan’s life, but he shouldn’t depend on her to function as a decent human being.

and seriously? totally unbelievable that logan would cross the ocean to cheer up rory and still marry the heiress. like, does that sound like logan at all? seriously, the difference between logan and the other rory had in her life was that he stayed. he always stayed and having him letting her go when he could do something to be with her? even just try? yeah, that’s not logan huntzberger. dude, if s7!logan ever met revival!logan, he’d beat the crap out of him. and then he’d shake revival!logan and say “what the fuck are you doing? what’s wrong with you?”. so that makes me feel a bit better.

and rory was ripped apart too. like the whole paul thing? while i found hilarious for two seconds, it really got discussing and old real fast. look, if it was logan doing that (aka forgetting that he was even dating and he had to break up with the woman), people would want to set the world on fire because women shouldn’t be treated like that. and you know what? men shouldn’t too. nobody should. nobody deserves what rory did to paul. what happened to sympathetic rory? jfc that was horrible. 

in the end, i think amy treated rory worse than did logan and that’s saying something.

i mean, what kind of end was that?  

i mean her dream career that she busted her ass off for? didn’t work at all and now she writes books.

the only man she ever truly loved? staying with a fiance he doesn’t love for no good reason at all aside family - which in previous season he had told them to fuck off and made no sense he wouldn’t do it again, especially for rory (the woman he actually loved)

giving her a baby when she felt the most vulnerable because life has come to full circle??? that’s the final message of gilmore girls??? doesn’t matter how much you grow in life, you’ll replicate your parents mistakes??? 

that life coming in full circle is rory unhappy, unemployed, pregnant and still loving a man who is miserably engaged in name of his family???

honestly, why amy&co hated rory gilmore so much that they had to give her that kind of ending? 

everyone’s hoping for the scenario where nami would rescue sanji from his wedding as a parallel to thriller bark but here i am hoping that zeff crashes the wedding and shoves his peg leg so far down each of the sinful vinsmoke’s throats until they choke on every hurtful word they have ever said to the pure eggplant son

tbh lucy and lockwood’s new years kiss would be nowhere near passionate and 110% awkward. they would probably be chilling and joking about, then everyone begins shouting as they count down to the new year and lockwood turns to luce and says something really lame like “fancy being my new years kiss?” with a real lopsided grin. and naturally, he is so fucking close bc u can’t hear each other over the voices and music, that luce spins round half-yelling “pardon?!-” BAM she smashes her face into lockwoods, and voila: their super awkward new years kiss. cue lucy’s wide eyes and lockwoods massive af blush (that can’t be seen thanks to the dim lighting which he thanks god for) and them kinda awkwardly stuttering for the next like five mins