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Simon Snow’s shampoo smells like apples and he blushes when people pay attention to him and he’s loyal and dedicated and he stammers when he speaks and Simon fucking Snow is such an angel why do make him suffer

Lines that I need to get a return in Season 7b for Carol and Daryl

“Careful, I got stitches!”….when dey snuggle snuggle snuggle and both have their injuries so it’s completely awkward and a lil’ painful but neither of them even give a shit anymore as long as they get to wrap their arms around each other and fall asleep in warm, cosy Caryl bliss <3

“You’re gonna have to live with the love”…..when Daryl tells Carol she’s not a bad person and her family love her very very very much and she belongs with them, and he’s holding her face as she cries into his neck and he’s whispering soft, gentle words into her hair as he plays with the lil curls on the back of her neck until her breathing slows down and they just cuddle 5EVA <3 

“We Ain’t Ashes”………cos Carol and Daryl ain’t half been through some mega traumatic shit lately ALWAYS (like wtf twd, you sadists!) and they are gonna neeed each other to get through this. Bonus points to Gimple if he can adapt the “We Don’t Die” scene which Comic Andrea/Rick have.

“You know I love you, right?”……… may be thinking, wait, we haven’t heard this?!

WRONG. They said it every single time they looked into each others eyes. This is the unspoken line that has always been floating around in the air between them. I’m sure they both know it….but now they need to SAY IT! Bonus Points if Daryl says it first :) 

On the lighter side…………………………………..Alaska was amazing and i knew the song from the drag queens of comedy thingy and i can’t wait to see more of her and see her snatch the crown i love her so much and also her read for roxxxy made me scream out loud bcos i live for alaska and jinkx’s friendship and i love how she is not even considering going back to rolaskatox even if the producers set them up for it bc alaska is super talented on her own okay that is all i have to say on the matter.

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Well, all of those a little, but I admit, mostly the last. Maedhros being extremely salty at his brothers gives me life, frankly. The world needs more Finwean family shenanigans that treat them as a _family_. Will all the epic casting of shade implied therein.

Have some more!

“-courted her fairly, at which point she spurned my hospitality and stole my dog!”

“That’s rough, brother.”

“I haven’t even told you the worst part yet.”

“It gets worse? Surely not.” Maedhros refilled his brother’s goblet. Curufin glared at him but did not interrupt - could not interrupt if the bruises circling his throat were any indication. “Tell on,” Maedhros said and Celegorm did.

“We need to sack Doriath,” he finished. “And Nargothrond.”

“Both of them? I’m a little short handed right now.” Maedhros gestured expressively.

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While Lance Bass from N’Sync was being closeted by the band’s management, he was literally being taught how to “walk straight” and “talk straight” in order to keep up with the heterosexual player-image he was given. He publically “dated” several girls while he was in the band. When he came out, he released an autobiography talking about the years he spent in the closet and how he was treated by his management.

Things haven’t changed. 1D’s images are similar to the members of N’Sync. I wouldn’t be surprised if Louis and Harry have both been “taught” the same things Lance was.

My point is; if you think the idea that a boybander is being closeted against his will and participates in fake relationships for PR is unrealistic and non-existing, you are very much wrong. Not only are you wrong, but you are also naïve and very uneducated on celebrity culture and PR.