the coronation scene is so gorgeous

chloenightswantsflight  asked:

meme fic question: #15

If you could choose one of your fics to be filmed, which would you choose?

Huh! What a great question. I think I’d go for Dear Diary; it’s set at the Palace so we’re talking great scenery. Lots of gorgeous costumes, what with the coronation and all. It’s got strong beginning, middle and end. The ending would have to be changed, though; I could see some sort of scene where we hear Mako’s voice reading his letter and get shown both Wu and Mako, lonely and pining away for each other doing various different things. Wu sitting in a conference room, dreaming of Mako…Mako sitting at his desk at the police station, gazing soulfully at a snapshot of Wu. If it were an American film the last shot we’d get would be of Wu getting off the train in Republic City or something, gotta have that happy, romantic ending!

But yeah. Either that or A Fervent Conflagration, if only to see Naoki’s Demi Kai!

The ornate gown worn by Kane called for equally extravagant jewelry, and these oxidized, gold-plated Swarovski crystal chandelier earrings from designer Vicki Sarge were ideal. “I actually bought them from the [online retailer] The Outnet previously and they were so gorgeous I was holding off for a special moment to use them,” says Markworth-Pollack of the $214.00 earrings. And no coronation scene would be complete with the all-important crown, which she purchased from vendor Courtly Charm on e-commerce website Etsy.