the copper isles

I made a Tortall map combining elements from Lioness Rampant, Emperor Mage, Lady Knight, and Mastiff

this is a super inaccurate map for a few reasons. some of these places don’t exist anymore/came in existence between books (ie Blue Harbor, and p much all of the Grimhold Mountains were Scanra in Lioness Rampant, and became Tortall between then and Lady Knight [probably around the time that Kel’s parents were given a barony]). Also, some of the shapes change from map to map. I did my best.

Also, we don’t know a ton about environments, besides the southern desert, so I guessed and forests and grassland

This was super fun, finding all the cities and fiefs and putting them all on one map. I would have put more in the neighboring nations, but decided to focus just on Tortall.

And I didn’t put the Copper Isles cause I wasn’t up to the task

know what i really want

a tortall video game

it could have classes like knight (specializations: hero or commander), mage (healer or combat), soldier (regular or rider), and rogue (thief or spy). and you could travel through tortall completing quests, with expansions into the copper isles, carthak, scanra, the eastern countries, and instances in border skirmeshes and the divine realms. and the characters as quest granting npcs!!! and romancible characters with non-hetero options!!!

i need this. if we can’t get movies or a tv show, i demand a video game

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But The Trickster series is a close second favorite.

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Daine was probably my formative character out of the Tamora Pierce girls. I dunno, the whole chapter called “Daine Loses Her Temper” just really does it for me. And she has to unlearn her own internalized misogyny a little, which I can relate to. Plus, turning into/speaking to animals always sounded like THE BEST superpower.

i kind of go between protector of the small & trickster! because i really really admired kel but also the worldbuilding in the trickster duo was fun for me bc i’m half filipina & so was into the copper isles for obvs reasons :)

but i looooved daine’s powers definitely wanted them when i first read them and….still today lol