the cooper kripke inversion

Shamy Drama Prediction for S9

Many Shamy Shippers feel the writer’s will/should draw out the angst between Sheldon and Amy. I have no problem with that. In my own fic, the angst is high. But…There is one tidbit floating around my mind, though, which I’d like to voice. As I’ve seen the possibility raised on tumblr and twitter, this particular thought makes me cringe. It seems to me, a very real threat is having Barry Kripke try to put the moves on Amy. There are two reasons in my mind why this is VERY plausible.

1)This season showed the partnership of Kripke and Amy with her assisting him on a paper about String Theory. Not only was it Sheldon’s former field, but she assisted his ‘mortal’ enemy. He wasn’t too pleased about that, if you recall. Nor the part where Kripke gave her a bottle of wine. Random? Possibly. But in TBBT universe, one can never be too sure. The introduction of bringing Kripke and Amy into a bonding moment means that although she knows Sheldon detests him, she herself doesn’t. She did it for the sake of Science, but she obviously must have admired him to assist his work. She didn’t have to help him. Truthfully, I woudn’t help the man my own husband detests. Sake of Science or not. Amy’s a good soul, plain and simple.

2) The Cooper/Kripke Inversion aftermath was never dealt with. We are still under the impression Amy knows nothing about Sheldon’s rumors to Kripke AND the University about, and I quote, “Giving her sex organs a proper jostling.” Kripke might very well believe that Amy is 'experienced’, after being a freak with Sheldon. And if not…imagine the possibilities of him dropping the bombshell on Amy about Sheldon’s bragging to save face about his mediocre work. THIS could be the time when all of that comes home to roost for Sheldon. I don’t know about you all, but I’ve kept this fear under my bed for years now. It would be the perfect opportunity to further the fragile rift between Shamy now and amp up the angst factor. Could you imagine the pain and devestation for Amy, after years of waiting for something so personal and longing for that intimacy, to hear Sheldon used her name in such a way, to KRIPKE of all people, not to look bad. Sheesh…That drama could go on for the entire season. That kind of secret is right up there with Leonard kissing another woman and telling Penny on the eve of their wedding. Bad, bad, bad…

These are totally my own assumptions. I think they are endgame and belong together. But I will admit, the idea of using Kripke scares me a bit. All I can say is, prepare yourself Sheldon, for what lies ahead.