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“Old Town”? More like “Toon Town”! After seeing this, I immediately took a picture of it and wanted to show it as soon as possible! If anyone wants to use this as reference as a welcome sign in Toon Town, which is in the Mob Boss AU, feel free to do so!
P.S. I went to Universal Orlando Resort and that’s where I took the picture! It’s in Old Town and it’s a theme park attraction.

Oh coolio! That clock is damn pretty. Thanks for sharing!


One year ago: Dan and Phil began their two-month journey of TATINOF USA!

old bops

1. ride wit me - nelly
2. yeah! - usher
3. in da club - 50 cent
4. buy u a drank - t-pain
5. i wanna love you - akon
6. let me love you - mario
7. my boo - usher
8. temperature - sean paul
9. i’m n luv wit a stripper - t-pain
10. suga suga - baby bash
11. ms. jackson -outkast
12. what’s luv? - fat joe and ashanti
13. one, two step - ciara and missy elliot
14. goodies - ciara
15. miss. independent - ne-yo
16. get ur freak on - missy elliott
17. work it - missy elliot
18. gossip folks - missy elliot
19. love don’t cost a thing - jennifer lopez
20. this is how we do it - montell jordan
21. promiscuous - nelly furtado
22. say my name - destiny’s child
23. survivor - destiny’s child
24. sk8er boi - avril lavigne
25. tie me down - new boyz
26. lonely - akon
27. changes - 2pac
28. i’ll be missing you - diddy and faith evans
29. i miss you - blink 182
30. me & u - cassie
31. butterfly - crazy town
32. it wasn’t me - shaggy
33. leavin - jesse mccartney
34. shake it - metro station
35. fall for you - secondhand serenade
36. mr. brightside - the killers
37. thnks fr th mmrs - fall out boy
38. shut up and drive - rihanna
39. halo - beyoncé
40. i write sins, not tragedies - panic! at the disco
41. you da one - rihanna
42. countdown - beyoncé
43. beautiful soul - jesse mccartney
44. no air - jordin sparks
45. i want it that way - backstreet boys
46. snow (hey oh) - red hot chili peppers
47. it was a good day - ice cube
48. killing me softly with his song - fugees
49. miami - will smith
50. complicated - avril lavigne
51. juicy - biggie
52. whenever, wherever - shakira
53. rich girl - gwen stefani
54. as long as you love me - backstreet boys
55. stacy’s mom - fountains of wayne
56. ghetto gospel - 2pac
57. so yesterday - hillary duff
58. somebody told me - the killers
59. when you were young - the killers
60. getting jiggy wit it - will smith
61. gangsta’s paradise - coolio
62. wonderwall - oasis
63. i get around - 2pac
64. p.y.t - michael jackson
65. too little too late - jojo
66. come clean - hillary duff

jmook423  asked:

OMFG please tell me you're considering drawing our angsty boi max from camp camp I would love hominy your style (if not its totally coolio I mean it is your life)

The amount of people in my inbox asking for Max is higher than the population of Greenland so here goes haha

I know… I did this before….

but fuckin @lum1natrix​‘s was funnier (even though i changed a few things whoops)


What I think Back To You is about

I think back to you is a personification of the media, fame, management, and everyone else that has ever fucked over Louis all rolled into one toxic person. This is why the song deals with calling out the bullshit on being wicked and full of drama, but he can’t leave because he’s in too deep and it’s hard to leave fame behind.

He says they say they know him well when he doesn’t even know himself. This could be a tie in for all of the media that write articles about him that are untrue. He then adds that he thought he would “own the way” he felt, recognizing that they don’t portray him correctly in the public eye so he can’t even be himself. 

He’s stressed, it kills him, he’s screaming, he’s on the ground but he just keeps coming back. A need for redemption? Contractual agreements keeping him from leaving? Wanting to prove everyone wrong? Wanting to make the fans happy? Whatever it is that makes him keep coming back, he doesn’t feel he can truly leave what’s holding onto him because he’s tried it all before. “You got me cornered and my hands are tied.” He is stuck with this bullshit. 

There’s a mention of being addicted to drama and wicked games but “then I get so numb with all the the laughter.” Louis has always been known as the funny one and the one to tell jokes and the leader of the pack. His use of laughing in response to all the bullshit can be seen as a defense mechanism to handle it all. 

“And I guess you’ll never know all the bullshit that you put me through” No one that hurts Louis acknowledges what they’ve done and probably never will. He recognizes that they’ve put him through bullshit but they either don’t know, or pretend not to know. 

“You can cut me up and kiss me harder.” I see this as a sarcastic acknowledgement of the people that use him by kissing his ass but hurting him at the same time. Cutting him up could also be a reference to people that have used Louis, but later on bad mouthed him privately or to the public. Kissing him harder could be a reference to pr relationships he literally had to kiss in public. 

The ending line of “baby here we go again” is Louis acknowledging that it’s not over and he still has a fight ahead of him to proper freedom, but now he has support with him. The chorus then starts again, symbolizing the repetition of a cycle he’s stuck in. Bebe’s inclusion in this song, who is known for having a bad past team, is not a coincidence in my mind. They both want us to see the toxicity of the media, management, fame, and all the bullshit.