the coolest story ever told

The signs as grandparents

Aries: the grandpa who says he’ll fight anyone but totally couldn’t

Taurus: the grandma who has all the best recipes and smells like cookies 

Gemini: the grandpa who has the coolest stories ever but he’s told them too many times

Cancer: the grandma that always forgets your birthday so she sends you money four times a year with sweet letters

Leo: the grandma who will travel across the world to make sure you’ve eaten something today

Virgo: the grandpa who complains about everything so you don’t have to

Libra: the grandma who can make anything with a needle and thread

Scorpio: the grandma who was a total badass when she was younger

Sagittarius: the grandpa who has practically been everywhere and has tons of trinkets from the places

Capricorn: the grandpa who offers to do anything with you and takes you to fun places

Aquarius: the grandpa who looks stern but is the kindest guy on the planet

Pisces: the grandma who always gives the best hugs and is so sweet