the coolest member

  • Jin: Yoongi
  • Yoongi: um?
  • Jin: Do you always acknowledge yourself the coolest members?
  • Yoongi: *smirk*
  • Yoongi: ofcourse
  • Jin: So if you were the coolest than me,the VisuAL's oNE.Guessed that officialy make me hotter than you then.
  • Yoongi: *slightly offended*well tha-
  • Jin: *windshield wiper noises*why did I even take such a long to realize bout that.Thanks Yoongichi

Q: who is the coolest member in BTS?

JK: I think it’s SUGA hyung. Because SUGA hyung doesn’t show interest in things around him.

SUGA: “It’s not that I don’t have interest, if I care about something I’ll keep worrying about it, and it becomes pressuring, so I tell myself, “Just don’t care about it.” Before, I read an article titled “If you don’t care about what others think of you, you’ll be happy,” from then on, not caring about what other people around me thought, I decided to follow my own beliefs. Especially for people with jobs like us, we’ll receive a lot of criticism good or bad, judging us like this and that, which can’t be avoided. If you care about one of them, you will slowly slowly go off track, to avoid these kinds of situations from happening I decided not to care about the things around me.” (x)

Imagine being tricked by The8 into thinking he’s teaching you some common Chinese phrases but in reality, he’s actually teaching you how to praise him in his mother tongue.

We broke the record for most raised by an online sweepstakes ever. Not just by Prizeo. Everrrrrr.

So you’ve made my mom the coolest board member on the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. To that I am always grateful. And you’ve done an amazing thing and supported an incredible organization in its time of need.

Thank you video from Lin-Manuel Miranda for contributors to the December 2016 Hamilton Across America Prizeo benefiting Planned Parenthood

[ENG] 170530 Joshua’s Twitter Interactions With Fans

Opening Tweet: [17’S Joshua] Hello!!!!

Fan: Shua-ya, I love you❣️ All the best for The Show~~~~~>< I will also work hard at work❣️
JS: Thank you :)

Fan: Yo burger king, I’m the rap king, you mAKE ME WANNA SING
JS: Yo yo I like your flow, it’s smooth like a sailing boat, cool and refreshing like a root beer float, it’s so cool I need to wear coat.
JS: Wear a.^

Fan: Shua, did you agonise over what to eat today last night as well….? Noona agonised over it but ate something different…. *laughs*
JS: I have determination in eating meat.

Fan: Hello Shua-sshi (attached image)
JS: Hello Jane*-sshi.
(T/N: Fan’s name)

Fan: Wah, it’s hot *cries*
JS: When it’s hot, Americano :)

(T/N: ^ denotes tweets that are tweeted and replied in English)

cr: jiakass @ what17says
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I just really hope Papyrus doesn't get hurt in all this. Still, I wonder if part of the reason he's so intent on helping this human fix their sibling relationship is because perhaps he is subconsciously feeling guilty about his own bro troubles?

I’m not so sure, if Papyrus realizes there’s something wrong. With constant praises from Sans I bet he thinks he’s truly the greatest brother and they have the perfect family, of puns, japes and puzzles. Sans drops hints here and there, but Papyrus thinks all is fine and dandy, and his attention snaps to focus on the troubled humans.

And I do hope he won’t fly too close to the sun :C I don’t want him to doubt himself, ever.


So imagine that all the heroes in NY hear (from a very unreliable source) that Spidey and DP are getting married! Hawkeye and Falcon plan this sick and wild bachelor party for Spidey, who everyone thinks is an adult! Meanwhile Peter’s actually this 17 year old teen that gets an offer to hang out with the coolest members of the Avengers for a night of crazy fun! He finds out it’s his bachelor party and decides to just go with it since he’s always wanted to hang with the guys! Crazy shenanigans!

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ok so this kind of embarrassing but my gf and i go to dunkin donuts so often that all the employees at this one location have memorized our orders, right? they also know that those seasonal pumpkin donuts are our favorite so today when we pulled up to the window, one of the coolest members of our dunkin fam handed us this bag and we were like “oh we just ordered drinks” but she just?? gave us?? like 20 pumpkin munchkins??? free. out of the goodness of her heart, the kindness of her spirit – the absolute purity of her soul. like??

y’all, i have seen the face of an angel! & may she be forever blessed 😭😭


Who: Keith Powers
Role: Ronnie DeVoe
Ask About Me: Powers is best known as “Theo” in the MTV comedy series Faking It. But true film heads will no doubt recognize the 24-year-old Sacramento native as Dr. Dre’s younger brother in the 2015 NWA blockbuster biopic Straight Outta Compton.

VIBE: So let’s get into Ronnie DeVoe because he’s one of the more interesting characters in that his reputation as a dancer is so profound within the group. Was there any apprehension of coming into this project knowing that I am going to have to dance my ass off?
Keith Powers: Yeah, when doing my research—just finding out that Ronnie was the best dancer—I was kind of in the awe, man. Because I’m not a natural dancer, so I [had] to train and go there ‘cause I never did choreography. So it was a type of thing where this is going to be the first time, as an actor, where I am going to have to become a researcher; where I am going to have to become a true storyteller. Because now I have to get outside of my box in order to become someone else.

Everybody talks about how the casting call for the movie went down. How there were a million actors coming in to compete for the roles of New Edition. Just how competitive did it get?
Yeah, it’s funny cause I tested with Algee and Woody [McClain]. I went against Algee [Smith], who plays Ralph. I didn’t get [the role], which I knew I wouldn’t ‘cause I wasn’t right for Ralph. They let me go and I came back for Ronnie. I remember going up against a lot of guys. Chris [Robinson] and Jesse [Collins] will put you in a scene with the people you are going against and like switch everybody in and out. But even though we were all competing, it was dope to see young black men all cheering each other on still. Like no matter how much we were competing, it was a type of thing that at the same time we all got to work together. It made you feel more solidified because you were going through the trenches for this. It was a scary process, but it made you feel even more solidified once you got in. And that was before boot camp. So that was only 10 to 5 percent of the whole job because we still had to learn our [Boston] accents and we still had to get to the dancing and we still had to start researching.

The dancing…everybody has talked about Brooke Payne and what he put you guys through, the good and the bad. Can you describe having that man in front of you telling you to do that step over again a million times?
The thing about Brooke is he is a very calm man. He is the type of guy that he doesn’t have to watch the rehearsal to see that you messed up. I think that those type of guys scare me the most…or I respect the most. I respect him the most mainly because he doesn’t have to do too much. He is more laid back, more mafia godfather type…”Do it again.” [Laughs.]

It’s funny because [Brooke] might be on the phone looking away doing business and he will say, “Keith, do that again.” He will keep doing it until we get on point. He will be like run it back, run it back. Brooke is like an uncle. He is really somebody to mirror as far as being a leader and you are going to see it in this film played by Wood Harris. Wood just gives this demeanor that is just so cool, calm and collected. That’s Brooke Payne.

I like the fact you guys got the chance to hang out with your doppelgängers in New Edition. What was the experience like being around Ronnie, who has been called the coolest member of the group?
Man, when you hang out with Ronnie, he’s the type of guy where it’s like you instantly feel at home with his spirit. He’s such a relaxed, smooth guy, just like his uncle Brooke Payne. He is so much like him that it makes you happy that he’s helping you. When I was doing the moves, Brooke and Leon would teach me and they were amazing. But sometimes they wouldn’t get to me like Ronnie would teach me. Ronnie would give you these tricks. It would just be little tricks that he would do and I’m like, “Oh, snap…that made it easier for me!”

[Ronnie] is so cool that you can already relate to the moves without even knowing it because he’s telling you in a way that he can level it down for you. And I love that about Ronnie. He’s always smiling. He’s always cheering us on. They say Ronnie was always the core of the group. He is the mediator, and you feel it when he walks into the room.

We have to talk about the BBD era. Here we have the three members of New Edition that people thought would never find that kind of massive success away from the group. Can you talk about how it felt to put that goody-goody New Edition thing to the side and just go full on crazy and wild with Bell Biv DeVoe?
The BBD side was a whole other beast. After you learn all the New Edition moves it’s like, “Now we are going to get into BBD!” And I was like, “Ahhh, this is the hip-hop dancing part.” I was just doing the soul and the steps and “Mr. Telephone Man” and now I got to really sweat. I just remember being scared to get to “Poison.” If you mess up “Poison” you might not be able to work again in this town [laughs].

Ronnie always tells me that when he was young [and in New Edition] that was “shy Ronnie.” He stayed out the way, he was trying to find his way in the group because he was coming from a different [housing] project, which was Cathedral. He said when N.E. Heartbreak came, that’s when his stock rose. I was trying to show that [while playing] this character. I tried to show that in my demeanor. So when it got to BBD it was like, “We are one of the hardest things to branch off from New Edition!” Who would have thought that?

That’s the brilliance of Bell Biv DeVoe. No one saw that coming, right?
I mean, If you look at BBD, a lot of artists today are 100% influenced by [them]. Almost 90 percent of rap, nowadays rappers can’t even get on the radio without a singer on the hook. That’s a branch from BBD.

The legacy of New Edition…what do you hope for the impact of this movie?
One, I need the newer generation to respect the legacy. Especially if you want to learn music, you have to know who New Edition was to a certain extent. I want them to see how professional New Edition was. I want them to see where they messed up business wise so that they can learn from it. So we can have our young African-American artists knowing how to manage their money and to have the right team. And I want them to take away brotherhood from it. I want them to realize it wasn’t New Edition against each other…it was New Edition vs. the corporations.

I always say that we are introducing New Edition to the younger generation so we have a responsibility. ‘Cause if they don’t like it, they won’t go back and look at the real New Edition. I had one comment on Instagram after I posted a clip of New Edition’s “If It Isn’t Love.” And a girl was like, “This reminds me of [Beyonce’s] ‘Love On Top.’” And I said, “Yeah, it was inspired by ‘If It Isn’t Love.’” And she said, “Oh, I didn’t know that, thank you!” I want this to be a history lesson.

opposite! Dino
  • oldest member of svt
  • also pretty tall, taller than most of the members
  • he has the best sleeping patterns, he sleeps at a normal time, and wakes up early
  • not the best dancer, but he tries
  • he’s always the one to take care of the dongsaengs
  • always asking the maknaes
  • “nugu aegi?”
  • kind of childish for the oldest but still mature
  • looks cool but tries to act cute
  • he’s very outwardly modest and insecure when on broadcasts
  • “in visuals? I rank myself as 13th in seventeen.”
  • “nicest member? coolest member? no not me at all”
  • but since he’s the oldest, he’s very stubborn and confident towards the members
  • he doesn’t let any mean comments ever affect him
  • he knows svt is his family and supports and loves him and he does his best to show everyone they’re amazing
  • constantly showering the others with compliments
  • Chan never teases the other members
  • always pointing out what people did well
  • can’t/doesn’t know how to dance to any girl group songs
  • also who’s Michael Jackson?
  • only knows ballad singers
  • in fact likes them a lot
  • goes to a music store at 1 am, which is his freetime
  • already put all the kids to sleep so only said he’ll be out for a bit
  • texted the group chat because he knows none of them heard
  • walks into the store and goes straight to the ballad vinyls
  • oh yeah, he’s into vinyls
  • he’s tired so he’s not really aware of his surroundings 
  • bumps straight into you 
  • the cds you were holding drop to the floor
  • his apologizes hurriedly not wanting you to recognize him
  • helps you pick up your cds though
  • “Mic…heal.. Jack..son?”
  • your eyes light up brightly
  • “yes! do you know him? he’s a really good dancer!”
  • ruffles his hair sheepishly
  • “ah well i’m not that great so..”
  • your honestly ready to turn this guy you met at 1 am into a micheal jackson fan
  • “you dont have to be! i think his, music is really great!” 
  • chan is intrigued 
  • “what kind of music is it?” 
  • “he does a lot! pop, r&b, soul, rock?”
  • chan’s kind of disappointed, lowkey hoping he had the same music taste as this really cute girl
  • “i’m more of a ballad person myself”
  • your kind of surprised at the genre, most guys around that age like hiphop
  • “well if you like ballads, he does have this slower song called ‘man in the mirror’ it’s commonly rearranged into more of a ballad”
  • chan grins,
  • “maybe you can show me? 1 am here tomorrow night?”
  • your kind of shocked but smile
  • “sure thing, be ready to become a fan”

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You wanna know what I like about JB?

That you can ship him with any member (esp Jinyoung and Youngjae and Jackson and Mark and Yugyeom and BamBam)

That’s he’s changed. He used to have anger problems and he’s so much more controlled now. Like a leader.

He doesn’t complain. He leads with confidence and authority and the other members listen to him. When something happens, watch the members. They look to him, wait for some sort of signal, some sort of gesture from him.

He’s masculine but has cute charms. Not all masculine men can handle the amount of physical affection that the GOT7 members give him.

The other members find him charming (you know this is true, don’t even lie. Mark things his back is the prettiest from behind because of his shoulders, Mark and Jinyoung think he’s the visual of the team, Mark, Youngjae and Jinyoung have stated that they would date JB if they were a girl. All the members say that he is surprisingly cute. Jinyoung and Jackson and Youngjae think he has the prettiest smile and that he looks cute when he smiles. Jackson refers to him as the coolest member, often saying he is chic (like every other member, tbh) and sexy. During their fanmeet in Bangkok, all members pointed to JB when asked who the sexiest member was….I can go on but I think you get it).

He’s strict and confident but playful and warm. That allows him to do two things at once; lead with almost no conflicts but be open to members who need to talk to him about any personal concerns.

He’s a fantastic leader with charisma and I just needed to stan him, okay?

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Do(n’t) Change (Dick Grayson x Reader x Jaime Reyes)


PROMPT?: You left the team a long time ago. Longer than you realized, but at the time you thought it was for the best. Now you’ve come back, but things have changed. Robin… *Nightwing* among them. And who is this Blue Beetle kid? Your heart is torn between the past and the present. (Reader x Nightwing/Blue Beetle.)

A/N: alternate ending and lots of sexual tension and i loVE THIS SO MUCH

WARNINGS: ALTERNATE ENDINGS, jealousy, cursing, small implied smut, bold = scarab

“So, when are the new kids getting back?” you grinned, looking between Dick and Wally, who were overly excited to have you back. “Sometime tonight, wouldn’t worry too much. Kaldur is on the mission with them, he can handle it. Plus the (y/n) is back, we wouldn’t leave this couch without for the world.” Wally grinned widely, stopping when a look from across the couch shut him down. “Okay seriously though, you seriously went against the Joker by yourself?” “You climbed the Himalayas?” “There is no way you, the tiniest member on the team, busted a drug ring that big.” “You were only gone for six years!” “Things change, Robin.” “Hey, it’s Nightwing now.” he elbowed you and you giggled, earning smiles from the team all around. “Hmm, its good be back.” you couldn’t help but smile, leaning your head on the shoulder of your old flaming crush. “Well yeah, you gone for six god-damned years.” Dick grinned, laying his head on top of yours. “Alright, I’m going home. Artemis wants me bright and early tomorrow to meet her parents.” Wally winked, kissing your temple and waving a goodbye. “Same here. I have something else to do tomorrow too.” Conner shaking his head and walking off, the rest of the team dispersing. You and Dick remained, laughing about old memories and thinking about old times (mainly the ones about pranking Jason when he was sleeping.) “Hey,” you nudged him, catching his attention from the TV. “Yeah?” “Remember the last night I was here?” you grinned, feeling Dick heat up. “What? When Bruce almost caught us doing it-” “Bruce caught you and this random stranger doing what-” a boy’s voice came through the air and was cut off when your foot connected with his jaw.

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