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From Westeros to Hollywood, Ms Dormer is playing a blinder.

“Six months ago, I was adorned in silk, sitting on the Croatian coast, playing a queen, and two months later, I’m in combat gear with half a shaved head, in the middle of some incredible shooting lot in Atlanta, running around carrying a semi-automatic rifle. My job rocks.”

Life is truly sweet for Brit actress Natalie Dormer, a familiar face the world over thanks to starring roles in The Tudors and Game of Thrones. This month, however, she makes the leap to bona fide blockbuster movie star as she joins the franchise behemoth that is The Hunger Games. In Mockingjay, Part 1 she portrays gutsy film director Cressida, who documents Katniss’s rebellion, and far from being fazed by what is essentially a game-changing role for her, career-wise, the 32-year-old Londoner couldn’t be more excited.

“I went to the world premiere of Catching Fire last year, and it was amazing. To be joining The Hunger Games family is such a thrill. It deserves the hype because it’s well written, handles really big subject matter, but doesn’t talk down to its audience. And then there’s the romance element. The Hunger Games has something for everyone.”

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Hello lovey! LOVE YOU TOO! 

I would follow my wife Robyn, because she is sweeter than apple pie and will make you all sorts of happy.

My daughter Maddy, are you in the mood for Louis and Harry’s legs? No? Then join a meltdown. <3

My mistress El, who has recently become my daughter. I don’t know anon. Welcome to the Game of Thrones. 

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For someone who understands Niall is our God, Diana

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Want some media info and just an all around badass? Hannah.

I just love her blog so much. She makes it so easy, because she just blogs pictures and fanart and it’s all neat and organized and sometimes that is all I want. JACKIE

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