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To the Falling Kingdoms series, for the most amazing book covers…


14 West 10th Street Kansas City, MO 64105

I played tourist in my own city yesterday! Being born and raised in Kansas City, I canNOT believe I’ve never been to the Public Library downtown. They have 5 BEAUTIFUL floors. The top floor has a roof top terrace, and since it used to be a bank almost 100 years ago, they turned the vault in the basement into a movie theater. You actually walk through the vault!!!! How cool is that?.

I’m not even sure where I’d begin to list all of my favorite things about the library, but I’ll start off with the parking garage. It’s called “Community Bookshelf” - It has to be THE COOLEST garage ever!!! The wall is made up of classics 25 feet tall and 9 feet wide and the stairs are books as well with the pages shown.

Some of the classics included are: Romeo and Juliet, Lord of the Rings, A Tale of Two Cities, Charlotte’s Web, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Catch-22, Fahrenheit 451, and more.

Weiss : Okay! Here’s your books! *gives a stack of books* This is a military fortress, not a public library! You dunce…
Ruby : Waaah! Thank you, Ser Weiss! You’re the coolest!
Weiss : …Umm, okay, your’re welcome…

When people wants to read books, they go to library. But not Ruby. She goes to a freaking castle of knights just because she wants to read books about dragons…

Oh well, this is just a random doodle (and to test how to use images as custom pattern). But there’s more story behind this tho.


Jungkook in my dream last night

Idk what’s with jungkook and his suddenly urge to show up in my dream and leaving me dumbfounded , but he appeared again. We were college students this time and my university somehow changed. I was exploring the new buildings and jungkook was like a classmate /friend but not someone I’d hang out with often. There was a hidden floor high up in The building where ppl would study /hang out or have fun .Not to lie , this was the coolest place of all campus , it was like a “fake” library . There was tons of books, but no one really studied there haha. I met jungkook in the hallway next to that place and he was Talking to Jeon Somi in korean lol all I understood from jungkook was : “ all of this was in the past , come on! ” . Somi was my friend as well and it was such a natural scene lol But it was so weird to see jungkook talking informally to Somi, high key calling her “Somi-ah”. Seems like being the “oppa” makes him feel rather comfortable in some cases ;) 😂😂😂 I felt proud of my son 😭 Fast forward , I ended up dragging jungkook with me in the hidden library and he was speaking English so fluently like ???????!!!! I showed him a few cute books from childhood (because yes these kind of books were there haha ) and I casually asked him what’s the next song he’s planning to cover. He gave me some super long title song , I don’t even remember what it was , and apparently the artist who sings it is “Lindt” and Like??!! THAT’S A BRAND OF CHOCOLATE JUNGKOOK???! IT CAN’T BE THE ARTIST OF A SONG LOL. Even in the dream , I asked him to repeat it like 3 times 😂 and then he slowly walked away and the last thing he told me before leaving was : “ You should sing more often , it’s fun . See you next time👋” and then in my brain i was like ??? How tf does he know this shit ???? #kookilluminati And then HE JUST DISAPPEARED AND JDDJJXDKK

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103. A slytherin who can’t draw but can think up the most fantastic stories trying to make a spell that lets them basically print out whatever they picture in their mind. A hufflepuff finding out and thinking it is literally the coolest thing and deciding to make one that plays music/speach too. A group of ravenclaws stumbling across them huddled up in the library twenty books deep into spellcraft and deciding to help them. A gryfindoor looking into magical artifacts that can do similar things.

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Today I spent seven hours in this glorious building at my university, the Asian Library (yes it’s not a very creative name but that’s okay). The building is comprised of three floors and it’s amazing.

There are books in or about basically any Asian language you can imagine, from the more commonly-studied ones like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean to others like Tibetan, Mongolian, and Sanskrit. In total, there are eleven or so languages for which there’s a pretty large collection of books.

Some of the coolest materials I found (a very very short list): 

  • Japanese-Sinhala dictionary 
  • Mongolian-English-Japanese dictionary
  • Mongolian-German-Russian dictionary
  • a Beijing slang dictionary
  • a grammar of Hindi
  • a Chinese film with German subtitles

Basically I’ve decided where I’m gonna live from now on. 

A Better Idea

Title: A Better Idea

Prompt: “How long have you been standing there?” (From @daydreamingintheimpala - hope you like it, dear!)

Word Count: 1657

Warnings: A little fluffy, a little cliche.

Summary: You visit the bunker for the first time and Dean finds you dancing in the library – in boy shorts and one of his flannel shirts.

To you, there was nothing better than hunting in the Fall. The leaves turning, the smell of pumpkin and apples and burning fires in the air.

Particularly when that fire was burning the remains of some terrible witch who had been preying on the hearts of young children for the last month.

Okay, so that sounded more than a little psychotic, but the witch-bitch got what she deserved.

Once the hunt was done, you put in a phone call to your good friends, Sam and Dean Winchester. You were due for a break, and ever since they had told you about their new abode, you had been dying to see the Men of Letters’ bunker. Just thinking about all the juicy lore that had to be stored there … It was better than a witch on fire.

It took almost a full day to get to Lebanon, Kansas. By the time you arrived, it was into the wee hours of the morning. Dean met you outside, the need for sleep dulling the usual shine in his green eyes that had so often greeted you. He pulled you quickly into the bunker.

“My stuff …” you muttered quietly.

“Get a shirt out of my closet,” he instructed, his voice hoarse with that same need for sleep that dulled his eyes. “Sammy and I are deep in research.”

“I could help …” Another feeble statement; Dean’s smirk told you that he knew how tired you were.

He put an arm around your shoulders and guided you gently to his room. “Y/N, you’ll pass out before you even make it to the library. I promise, Sam and I are just gonna get to a stopping point, then we’re going to bed. I’ll sleep on the couch tonight, you take my bed. Pancakes in the morning?”

You nodded eagerly. If you weren’t so tired, you would have asked for those pancakes now. Dan kissed your forehead – not an action you took lightly, but not one you read too much into, either – and you smiled a ‘good night’ as he disappeared down the hall. You retreated into his room, closing the door behind you.

After selecting one of Dean’s flannel button-ups that you had been secretly harboring the desire to sleep in at some point in your life, you shed everything but your black boy shorts, donned the flannel, and buried your tired body under the covers. The blankets and the pillow smelled like Dean; his shaving cream and after-shave, his soap, his shampoo. The telltale leather and whiskey was there, too. Thinking back to the night you realized you had a wicked crush on the man, when the two of you stayed up late, sharing secrets and baring your souls to each other over a bottle of Jameson, you realized how much you really wanted to be in Dean’s bed. And not just in the naughty schoolgirl way, either. You let your crush have full reign tonight, and it conjured up images of falling asleep next to Dean, his arms wrapped tight around your body, keeping you warm and safe.

Morning came quickly, but life on the road had you used to getting little sleep. You had planned to take a few days in the bunker, so sleep could wait. You wanted to see that library.

And your stomach was growling for pancakes.

Not thinking much of it, you made a direct beeline out into the open area of the bunker. Everything seemed still and quiet, so you took the opportunity to explore. After only a few minutes, you found the bunker’s library and, like Belle in Beast’s castle, quickly became enchanted by the shelves and shelves of books.

“This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” you squealed out to yourself as you went for your phone and headphones. You started your favorite playlist – the perfect background noise to all the lore you were about to binge on.

All the new knowledge had you amped up, for lack of better words. You had always been a good student, anxious to learn and absorb as much knowledge and possible. That was one reason why you and Sam got along. It was the fact that you most loved learning about old American muscle cars and fighting the evils of the world that aided in your friendship with Dean.

One of your favorite songs came on, and you started to dance as you read a thick volume on demon possession. Somehow your excitement over being here in the bunker made you forget that you weren’t there alone; you closed the book and hugged it to your chest as you belted out the words to the song and grooved your way over the library floor.

Almost all of the way through the song, you twirled, catching the view of someone standing in the doorway.

There was Dean, still in sweats and a t-shirt, sock feet, and bedhead. He looked slightly shocked, seeing you in your morning state, not yet dressed. You dropped the book to the floor with a resounding thud, and tossed your phone and headphones to the nearby table.

“How long have you been standing there?” You gulped hard.

“Long enough to see your little performance.” An adorable pink tinged his cheeks. Maybe he was a little embarrassed, too.

“I’m sorry,” you apologized quickly. “You and Sam were still asleep, and I really wanted to check this place out.”

Seemingly recovered, Dean waved off your apology. “I’m glad you found something to entertain yourself. I’m going to start on breakfast – you wanna help?”

You nodded eagerly. “I’ll go throw on some clothes and meet you in the kitchen.”

“Your bag is still in your car, your pants from last night had witch bits on them, and I’m not letting you outside dressed like that.” He motioned with his hand from your shoulders to your knees. “I’ll get your bag for you after breakfast. Don’t worry, Y/N; you ain’t got nothin’ Dean Winchester hasn’t seen before.”

You rolled your eyes at his use of the third person and general cockiness, but followed him to the kitchen just the same. Hoisting yourself up on the counter next to the electric griddle, you dipped a finger into the pancake batter already mixed and ready to cook.

“I came in here to start cooking and thought I heard something in the library,” Dean explained. “I didn’t expect to see you practicing your audition for the Rockettes in there.”

Another eye roll. “Very funny. I was just excited about being here. This place is really amazing, Dean.”

“It is,” he agreed; the smile he flashed you seemed to be a little much for that agreeance, but you shrugged it off. “I’m glad you’re liking it. Maybe you’ll stick around for a while.”

You tilted your head. “Well, yeah, I was planning on being here for a few days.”

“Plan on wearing my shirts to bed the whole time you’re here?” Dean asked, dropped the first spoonful of batter on the griddle.

You bit your bottom lip out of nervousness. “No. I have pajamas. You told me last night …”

“Relax,” Dean told you with a wink. “I like seeing you in my shirt. And those little shorts – damn, Y/N. You have to warn a guy if you’re going to work him up like that, first thing in the morning.”

You shook your head; were you really hearing this? It made you feel a little cocky, to be honest. You watched him flip the pancake and add another spoonful not too close to the first on the griddle.

“Am I hearing you correctly? Dean Winchester – who just five minutes ago told me I haven’t got anything he hasn’t seen – is a little worked up seeing little ole me in his shirt and some tight little shorts?”

Dean cleared his throat as he slid the first pancake onto a plate, and checked the readiness of the other. Two more pancakes went onto the griddle.

“I’m just saying, it isn’t like I get a lot of action. You’re a pretty girl. Seeing you like that, you know, it gets a guy going. I’m sure it’ll do the same for Sam.”

“Except for the fact that you’ve been attracted to her for like a year now,” Sam piped up, coming into the kitchen and going straight to the fridge. He drank the milk right out of the carton. “Morning, Y/N.”

“Morning, Sam,” you returned, smirking a thanks at him for this newest information.

He winked back at you. “Wouldn’t have mentioned it if I hadn’t recently noticed that the attraction was mutual. Going for a run. See you guys in a bit.”

Now it was your turn for pink cheeks as Sam left the room, and you and Dean were left to face each other. He avoided your eyes and you looked anywhere but at him. While you should have both been happy to know the feeling was mutual, it was somehow awkward. Finally, Dean broke the silence.

“So … that night in Tempe? The deep talk?” he asked.

You nodded. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what did it for me.”

“Me too,” he shrugged, flipping the last of the pancakes from the griddle to the plate. There was still more batter, but his attention was currently diverted from breakfast. “You know, doesn’t mean we have to do anything about it. Could be just a thing. Not like a fling thing, but just a fact. We dig each other, that’s it.”
“Yeah, I mean, that makes the most sense, really.”

The bunker was silent for a few moments, except for Sam bounding up the stairs and out the door for his run. The second the door closed, however, Dean had you off the counter and swung you into his arms, settling you on the nearby table for better leverage as his lips pressed into yours.

“Or,” he grinned against your mouth, “we could do something about it.”

When Dean’s lips again contacted yours, you decided that was definitely a better idea.

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What are some domestic home life headcanons about the Paladins?? Like who likes to cook dinner together with their s/o, and who likes to garden etc?? Thanks, I love your blog !

Thank you!!! These are super cute! These were so easy for Lance and Shiro but I stared at Keith’s name forever just trying to think of something.


  • He likes to bake things. His house will always smell like cookies. He’ll make those little heart shaped cookies for you for absolutely no reason besides the fact that he finds them cute.
  • He’s the guy that’s going to be dancing with the broom instead of actually cleaning. He will get the cleaning done, it just takes a lot longer than you’d hope.
  • It doesn’t matter how old you two are, you’re going to be making pillow forts and having pillow fights all the time. No one’s fort will ever compare to yours. “PILLOW FIGHT!” “LANCE WAIT I’M HOLDING COFFEE!”


  • He goes on a daily run every morning, and he enjoys it a lot more if you go with him. If you can’t move around easily for whatever reason then he doesn’t mind pushing you around in a wheelchair, he just wants you out there with him.
  • He will push you around in a shopping cart at the store and act as if nothing’s wrong, even if management tries to kick the two of you out. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, they’re definitely a child so they can sit in the cart.”
  • He will ask for a trampoline and say it's for training reasons, but don’t be surprised if you look outside and he’s just jumping around. 


  • He loooooves to cook with his s/o! He’s going to start a flour fight though, so be prepared! You two will always have the best dinner parties because you always have the best food.
  • He loves messing with all of the interior design, everything matches perfectly, even the freaking shoe rack. He likes to go shopping for these things too and will take you with him wherever he goes.
  • Two words: Book club. He’s going to have a library and you two are going to have your own little get together about everything you read.


  • Her curiosity is going to get the best of her and you’re going to find her doing the weirdest things. “Why do you have 10 toy dump trucks, 5 bubble wands, and a dinosaur hat?” “Science.”
  • Please buy her a bunch of that fake sand that sticks to itself, she will make the coolest sand structures ever. It will be even better if it’s colored because she’ll want to make an entire village of sand people.
  • Never puts her crap away. Those toy dump trucks from two bullet points up, yeah those things are going to be littered around your floor.


  • You know those adorable bonsai trees? He’s going to want 50. They’re going to be everywhere. “Did you really just buy another one?” “The one on my desk looked lonely, I couldn’t help it!”
  • He will want to go on walks all the time, even if you have no where to be, he’s just going to want to walk down the street with you.
  • You two will have the best garden the world has ever seen. He’ll plant so many flowers for you so you might want to watch what he buys so your yard isn’t covered in flowers.
New Kid in School || Beth+Oliver

Two giggling girls approached the counter to check out their books, whispering to themselves.
Elizabeth and Maddie we’re the coolest girls in this high school by any means. They usually stuck to themselves, giggling and discussing new fandom news. They were in the library each and every day and, in doing so, had gotten to be friends with the librarian. They brought her baked goods when they had extra and always made it a point to stop and talk to the woman who always seemed to make time for them.
“Hi, Ms. Beth.” One of the girls chirped. They were still giddy, giggling and rosy cheeked, gossiping about their last class. “How are you today?”



Watch NYC Librarians shelve 52,000 books in two minutes - probably the coolest video out there for book lovers!

Seventeen as Students

S.Coups: Probably team captain of the soccer team and one of the most popular in school. Also talks to any and everybody. He helps everyone around school when they need it and is in drama.

Jeonghan: Eats and sleeps during class. He is the model idgaf student. I mean he cares but you’ll never see him show it. He’s in choir, after being convinced by Joshua, and also drama.

Joshua: He’s in the school choir and lets it known he loves music. Has won all talent shows in middle school as well. Really nice and kinda nerdy. Is in a comic book club.

Jun: The prince of the school. Everyone thinks he’s the most coolest and mysterious boy but really he’s probably thinking about what he is eating for dinner. He also does a lot of community service. On dance team.

Hoshi: Made the all girls dance team into a co-ed team since the school wouldn’t make one. He became captain and convinced Jun, Dino, and The8 to join. He’s also a class clown but the sweetest marshmallow in school.

Wonwoo: Other than being in the library before school, he takes care of the school’s garden. Often times he’ll be found in the greenhouse with Mingyu and Jun. He also tutors.

Woozi: The model student. He’s a teacher’s pet as well. However, he also can be a bit mischievous when the teacher isn’t in class. He is in choir and band.

DK: He gets all solos in choir next to Seungkwan. Everyone knows he can sing. Other than singing, he can be found on the male volleyball team. (idk I can see it)

Mingyu: He is in a cooking class and helps Wonwoo with the school’s greenhouse. Mingyu is the student that has everyone falling for him, including kids from other schools. He is in drama as well.

The8: A member of the dance team. He is quiet but everyone likes him at school. He has won the talent show along with Hoshi, Dino, and Jun for two years in a row. He is a really smart student that all the teachers adore.

Seungkwan: Everyone loves this boy at school. No joke. He’s so popular with all groups because of his bright personality. Even people’s parents love him. He is in choir and drama. Also the male volleyball team.

Vernon: Also really popular. He is a really good student. He is in art and on the soccer team (after being convinced by S.Coups). 

Dino: Dino is on the dance team and is co-captain. He has helped Hoshi in making the team win many trophies. Probably one of only kids who know what he’s doing after high school.

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Victors the type of guy u see with the Cool Kids™ and ur like dang I be he's so awesome but then u actually talk to him for 5 minutes and u realize that's the most u can tolerate him for but you'll still tell ur friends u talked to him bc popularity is a big deal lmao

fdsghsgah this just gave me a hilarious idea, imagine the following: (under a cut cause this got super long lmfao)

VICTOR, the coolest foreign college student this side of Hasetsu. he’s got a ton of fucking friends and just as many admirers, but he only has eyes for one little katsudon who, for some reason, ignores the shit out of him. (it’s because he’s shy). one day he sees Yuuri in the library and he’s like, NOW’S MY CHANCE, so he goes up to Yuuri (who has a big fat crush on him) and he’s like “hello” and, first of all, Yuuri jumps because Victor came up really close behind him and scared him, and secondly, he drops the book he was holding.

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I've been considering buying one or two of your books in order to donate them to a library. Would that be okay?

that would be the super coolest libraries are the best and you’re a great person for thinking of doing that man wow go you

Japan Trip - February 2015

Where to start!? - This post will be crazy long sooo


  • It snowed!!
  • Food is sooooo good 
  • The shopping is crazy good - We realised the value of certain stores/brands (Visvim, First Arrow, Pure Blue Japan) and the brands that are very overpriced and not worth our money!
  • The people are super nice (So much nicer than Australia)
  • The culture is beautiful


We ate LOTS of ramen. Ichiran (Pork based) is in Shibuya and Harajuku and is about $8 for a bowl. Ippudo in Shibuya is also amazing! There are lot of wesatern restaurants in Tokyo so it was sometimes hard to find Japanese places to eat. A very popular and cheap Gyoza restaurant in Harajuku - Harajuku Gyoza Lou, soon good!!!. It is very popular, always has a line and is definitely worth going to. We ate at a lot of random BBQ places that were very cheap. So we suggest you to walk around quite a bit to see what is around. The best places are always away from the crowded streets/shopping centres.


We spent most of our time shopping around Shibuya and Harajuku - almost every store you will want to go to will be around here.

Visvim - We almost literally spent all our money at the 3 Visvim stores at Harajuku/Omotesandō (Visvim, F.I.L, Indigo Camping Trailer) and Visvim at Dover Street Market Ginza). The day of the S/S 15 release we were lucky enough to meet Hiroki Nakamura and his wife Kelsi, who were both so nice and down to earth.  All products here are made entirely from scratch by Visvim. Right from making & natural dyeing the fabrics. Once you go into the store you will see how good the quality of the products are. If you are into this type of style, we definitely recommend you go to all of these stores. Only Visvims flagship & Dover Street market has the women’s range WMV.

We found that a lot of limited collabs and specialised stores are in Tokyo. Dover Street Market Ginza has a Nike Lab, Louis Vuitton, Cèline, Supreme, Junya Watanabe, Bape etc. Its cool because all these are in the one place, while in Harajuku you have to go searching for Bape/Supreme etc.

As for sneakers - these sell out fast in Tokyo. Atmos is the most popular sneaker store and there are many throughout Harajuku, Shibuya and Tokyo. We found that most sneaker stores we went into had very similar stock and colour ways. And new releases of popular shoes sell out almost on the day.

There are a lot of 2nd hand stores around Harajuku. Ragtag sells 2nd hand or even brand new designer clothes, the price isn’t cheap, but you might find a gem there. Jumble Store has 2nd hand clothes as well, not so many designer clothes so cheaper prices. If you walk around Harajuku you will come across so many resell/2nd hand/vintage/sneaker stores where you might be able to find some cool stuff there.

Shopping Centre/Department stores worth visiting

  • Shibuya Hikarie (Stussy womens)
  • Matsuya Ginza (Céline + every other high end designer brand)
  • Ceibu Shibuya (Raf simons etc)
  • Dover Street Market Ginza

Other stores worth visiting (Harajuku)

  • North Face Standard
  • Ragtag, jumble store
  • United Arrow Sons & Womens 
  • Bape & Bape Womens

If you are into Japanese denim & Jewellery (Goros etc)

  • Stoplight - Ebisu 
  • Kapital - Ebisu
  • Pure Blue Japan - Harajuku
  • Fools Judge - Harajuku
  • First Arrow - Harajuku (We both have Turqouise necklaces from here)

Stop Light Co

  • If you are looking for handcrafted, Japanese made leather goods, we recommend you definitely visit here!! 
  • Craftsmen’s name is Takashi Takayama - Friend of Goros - and is a very down to earth/friendly person, the shop is a site in itself
  • Address is: 1-32-12-2F Ebisunishi Shibuya-Ku Tokyo 150-0021

Places worth visiting

  • Sky tree - $15 to the 1st observation deck (350m), avoid going on Weekends you will have to wait 2 or 3 hours.
  • Shibuya Crossing
  • Meiji shrine/Yoyogi Park in Harajuku 
  • Disney Resort - again avoid going on weekends, definitely go on the “Its a small world” attraction - so cute!!!
  • Studio Ghibli Museum - very cute and the gift shop and cafe is amazing! 

T site - One of the coolest places we went

If you stay near Shibuya definitely go here!! This library is full of very good books, every new edition of fashion, lifestyle magazines from Vogue to Hypebeast. There is a Starbucks inbuilt in the library so you can read books while you have coffee. Or upstairs from the library there is a bar/restaurant called Anjin which is super nice, where you can have a drink/coffee/meal while you read all the books. Anjin has an archive of decades of old magazines and books you can read too.


  • Airbnb is cheap - we got a nice compact & small apartment 10 minutes walk from Shibuya Station for $85 AUD a night. Airbnb ranges from this price to about $140 for the bigger sized apartments.
  • and convenient (we recommend to stay in Shibuya if you want to do a lot of Shopping - central to most shops, its walking distance to Harajuku, Narita Express from the airport stops at Shibuya, Many train & subway lines are at Shibuya)
  • Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) is very cheap if you are planning to do day/overnight trips on the Shinkansen (To Kyoto, Mt Fuji, Osaka) - $300 AUD for 7 days unlimited - while 1 return trip to Kyoto is $300
  • Definitely get a Suica/Pasmo card to use for trains and Subways

We wish we could have stayed longer to see more, but we will be back!

We know the post is long, If you read this all, we love you 

Jackie & Tanawat