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I didnt know who else to tell about this and you also get excited about academia so Yes. I went to a lecture today on some very specific roman coinage which is not anywhere near my field of study but i love history to death, and the speaker was so excited and everyone there was also very excited and we were all just so happy to be talking about why and when was this coin made and how can we use other coins to date them and it was just so good i love people and learning it was Pure

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s so great oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!! that is so cool!!! listening to people talk about their Extremely Specific Passions is my FAVOURITE THING!! I love lectures given by people who are v excited abt the subject matter to people who are v excited to learn…it’s just….so so good on both sides….that is so excellent and this brought me so much joy I’m so happy you got to experience this pure pure time oh my gosh

Key animation from Yuri Plisetsky GPF in Barcelona EX “Welcome to The Madness” by Tatenaka Junpei

punk Luna to be paired with the punk Celestia picture! Ugh so much black. We get it, you’re sad.

Might make the other princesses too, lemme know if you guys would like that

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Gasp epic goth? Is that a thing?

not really but now you gave me ideas—

So we all know that Epictale bassically based on anIMUS.. x’D so I kinda take inspiration from Child Emperor from OPM- because Goth would totally be those animu overpowered children that act all mighty in epictale lmao >w> BUT NAAH HE’S NO MATCH TO THE REAL HEROOOO ^^^ <3

#tips on how to make things epic-er: make everything super big on your char #SHOT

also this whole epictale based on anime things give me another ideas…