the cool niko

Boredom Breeds Stupid Ideas.

Perci: Hey. Niko.

Niko: What?

Perci: Say something in Italian.

Niko: ….Why?

Perci: I’m bored, I have no asks to answer, we’re just sitting here watching Talking Kitty videos and Italian is cool.

Niko: Talking Kitty was your idea. And how is me saying something in Italian going to cure your boredom?

Perci: It’s not really, but we haven’t updated the blog in forever and I got nothing else.

Niko: You are a well of brilliant ideas.

Perci: Come on. Seduce the followers with your romance language.

Niko: ….Okay, you just made it weird. 

Perci: Just one sentence.

Niko: ……..Il mio cuore è nelle tue mani.

Perci: Awesome. ……….That wasn’t an insult, was it?

Niko: Oh my gods. Why would you ask me to do this if you thought I was going to insult you?

Perci: Because I am a well of brilliant ideas.

things that might happen if/when the Pyrrha v. Penny fight ever goes down

  • The fight never happens/is glossed over because of what happened to Yang and Merc
  • Penny is puppeteered  by Cinder and either-
    • A: Goes on a rampage destroying everything
    • B: Disregards that it’s a friendly match and is basically set to kill Pyrrha at all costs
      • Pyrrha realizes this and either
        • does the same only to defend herself, in turn severely harming/destroying Penny.
        • does the same only to defend herself, in turn immobilizing/subduing Penny
          • either it ends then and there with Pyrrha as the victor, OR Penny is still on kill mode and tries to kill Pyrrha even after the match is over
            • Pyrrha subdues/destroys Penny
            • Penny kills/hurts Pyrrha
      • Pyrrha doesn’t realize this at all and is either
        • severely hurt/killed
    • C: Cinder doesn’t interfere with Penny at all during the fight, meaning she only looked at Penny’s schematics to set up the fight.
  • The fight goes without interference from Cinder
    • A: Penny tosses everything at Pyrrha, but Pyrrha’s magnetic semblance/skill wins it for her in the end
    • B: Pyrrha loses because she’s severely distracted/burdened with news of her being the the next guardian and having to take up the fall maiden’s powers.

More things that might happen if this fight were to ever go down

  • Pyrrha using her semblance during the fight
    • A: Pyrrha has total control over the fight and wins easily without a hitch
    • B: Pyrrha goes overboard with her semblance and drastic things happen.
      • Pyrrha’s semblance is outed and everyone knows that she’s been using it to her advantage this whole time
        • A: No one cares, it’s fine. It’s her semblance yo~
        • B: People see her as a cheat/fake. They rally and call her out.
          • People get angrier and therefore more Grimm begin to appear around Vale, Cinder’s closer to her goal.
    • C: … that’s it for now I think