the cool niko

“You only have one shot.”

*screaming cat noises*

I cannot believe we made this poster-like scrap! Hhhhh- Like… Oh my God. I didn’t expect it to be this good. Anyway, howdy, everyone! This is another collaborative work, this time with @spaceristov​. He did the sketches and lineart while I did the rest. i'mverygoodatcoloringthobutkillmepls So yeah. This took us a long time of procrastination. This might be his first collaborative work tho. And OML the file size is so big for a PNG TT___TT

Oneshot by @nightmargin and @elizavq

Art by me and space​

My RWBY Fanfic Masterpost

Ongoing Works:
Fade: Legacy Set in the same universe as ‘The Downward Spiral’ and ‘Our Happy Ever After’. Following Team FADE, a new generation of Hunters as they attend the Halo Academy of New Vale

Completed Works:
The Downward SpiralThe single largest contribution I’ve made to any fandom I’ve been part of. (100+ Chapters)

P-Money: Utter crack-fic, the FNDM seem to agree that Yang calls Pyrrha ‘P-Money’ here’s where the name originates from. 

Repurposed: A conversation between Adam and Penny, because every villain needs to have a “We’re not so different you and I” speech. 

Get FNKI: A Team FNKI origin story, written for the @montyoumproject.

Our Happy Ever After: Follows Ruby and Penny ten years after Beacon, following the events of ‘The Downward Spiral’ written for the @rwby-bigbang.

She’s So Cool: Thoughts on Pyrrha Nikos from thos who attended Signal alongside her before she left for Vale and those who met her in the arena.

Upcoming Works (That I may or may not get round to):
Heritage: Set in the same universe as ‘The Downward Spiral’ and ‘Our Happy Ever After’. New Vale sends an expedition to see if any part of Menagerie can be reclaimed and salvaged after the war, Velvet Coco and a few others are among the Hunters providing security.

Like No One Ever Was: A Pokemon AU, Weiss runs away from her family and Blake escapes Team Fang, they meet with sister Ruby and Yang who are travelling the Remnant region together after Ruby received her trainer card, Pokedex and starter tw years early.

Tan Xiao Long: A ‘what if’/crackfic based on this post

Lost Boyz: After the Battle of Beacon not everyone abandoned Vale and not everyone who stayed to defend their home was a Hunter. This it the story of the Lost Boyz, one of the street gangs of inner city Vale because Auras Semblances, and transforming weapons are cool; but sometimes all you need is a few mates and a baseball bat.

Dystopia: Penny was only a prototype, the Vytal Tournament was intended to be a field test in a controlled environment. The real reason Atlas built a sentient android with an Aura is much more sinister. Based on this post.

All That’s left: Jaune discovered his Semblance after he was killed in battle; then got back up and carried on fighting. Fifteen years after Salem won the war, her Grimm unstoppable since the death of Ruby Rose being practically immortal is a curse and he’s given up the fight. Until an escapee from one of Salem’s camps brings him into contact with possibly the only other Hunters left alive.
(I’m thinking: Hazel, Weiss, Raven, Arslan, Oscar, Neo, Dr. Merlot and Neptune)

Power RWBY: (Working title): Power Rangers AU Based on this post

Boredom Breeds Stupid Ideas.

Perci: Hey. Niko.

Niko: What?

Perci: Say something in Italian.

Niko: ….Why?

Perci: I’m bored, I have no asks to answer, we’re just sitting here watching Talking Kitty videos and Italian is cool.

Niko: Talking Kitty was your idea. And how is me saying something in Italian going to cure your boredom?

Perci: It’s not really, but we haven’t updated the blog in forever and I got nothing else.

Niko: You are a well of brilliant ideas.

Perci: Come on. Seduce the followers with your romance language.

Niko: ….Okay, you just made it weird. 

Perci: Just one sentence.

Niko: ……..Il mio cuore è nelle tue mani.

Perci: Awesome. ……….That wasn’t an insult, was it?

Niko: Oh my gods. Why would you ask me to do this if you thought I was going to insult you?

Perci: Because I am a well of brilliant ideas.