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What if Ruby ends up getting the Fall maiden's power after Cinder's death? We all know that Cinder had an unhealthy obsession with Ruby, so if her last thoughts before turning into ice end up being something like "I couldn't kill that brat", than the last person she thought would be Ruby. I know that she is most likely not dead, but it kinda sounds cool


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A Bosnian girl, holding an AK-47 rifle smokes a cigarette as she waits for a funeral service at Sarajevo’s Lion’s cemetery in 1992.

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*

I have no idea where this whole Heathers spike is coming from but it seems everywhere there’s a Hamilton obsession there’s a Heathers obsession holding its hand and I fucking love it.


female awesome meme; 5/10 ladies who deserve better: tris prior (the divergent series)
“sometimes it isn’t fighting that’s brave, it’s facing the death you know is coming”
TWD Actor Josh McDermitt Deactivates Social Media Accounts Due To Harassment
Sad news struck today for fans of The Walking Dead actor Josh McDermitt, thanks to some people who think that The Walking Dead is a documentary and not a fictional television show. The popular actor ...

And for every idiot out there: Josh is an actor and Eugene is a fictional character.