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Been a rough few days for me but I really wanted to do something special for these 2 wonderful people. I made a light dinner and dessert was magnolia cupcakes(pics later)  Liyah and Skye thanks for just being there. 

On the menu:

Risotto Stuffed Chicken

Smoked Salmon Crostini 

Edamame-Avocado Dip

Spinach and Goat cheese salad

Deviled Eggs

Bacon wrapped asparagus

Citrus Berry Lemonade

Magnolia Cupcakes
the Broom's Rest
Welcome to the Broom's Rest, a non-corporeal pub open to witches, pagans, and anyone else who could...

A couple of weeks ago @lemonbalmgirl was on tumblr asking about witch holiday specific recipe blogs. Then she was texting me after I’d had few beers and asking me about good names for a witch pub. Ian B and I had a bunch but I think we all like The Boom’s Rest best.  I didn’t know this was what she was up to. So, for your perusal, a whole blog of recipes that might work for your seasonal feasts.

trick shot (m.)

;pairing — jimin/reader

;warnings — heavy drinking | cursing | oral sex | jimin being sleazy | hoseok being an asshole | lots of pool references | just adult things

;summary — jimin’s the bartender, you’re the billiard hotshot who frequents his bar and challenges him to a clean game of 9-ball after hours. “see if you can make this shot with my hand down your pants” au

;word count — 8k

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Forgive or Forget III

Forgive or Forget III
[Mutually putting forth and effort. Simon D & Christian]

◇ Forgive or Forget I  ◇ Forgive or Forget II

You shuffled around with your paperwork on your desk, trying to gather the new contract for your last client of the day. On one end you liked being able to leave work early for a meeting, on the other end sometimes these new client meetings could last longer than your actual shift. But anything to solidify a new partnership.

Looking at your watch you groaned. If you could wrap up this meeting in about an hour then you’d have plenty of time to stop at the grocery store and pick up Kiseok’s favorites for dinner.

But something told you that this client was going to be a pain in the ass. He already had so many demands, one of which being that you had to meet him at his restaurant of choice.

Walking out of your building, you hailed a taxi and gave Kiseok another call just to check in, to your surprise he actually answered.

“Kiseok!” you grinned brightly. “I missed you”

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norm4aday  asked:

Any little fun facts you would like to tell us on Fio?

I got this question ages ago, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the time to do proper answers.  So here are a couple little fun facts about Fio!

As a child, Fio did house-work around his uncle’s mansion in exchange for room and board.  Almost all of his clothes are hand-me-downs and things he picked up from trash bins in the mansion and kept.  He never really grew into most of them and so his casual wardrobe is pretty big on him.  He doesn’t wear his over-sized clothes anywhere that anyone would possibly see him though.

Working around the mansion also meant Fio learned to cook from the ladies staffing the kitchen there.  The head chef liked to have an extra pair of hands, and Fio was a quick learner, so if he was ever spotted around the kitchen, he was put to work.  Even now that he doesn’t work for room and board around the mansion, he still helps in the kitchen occasionally.  He likes to have something to do and to be near the hustle and bustle of people without being expected to be social.  He cooks most of his meals for himself and Este usually joins him to eat since the extent of Este’s cooking knowledge is opening a can of beans.

Fio enjoys swimming and likes to relax in the water.  He doesn’t get the chance to go and swim very often, but when he gets the opportunity, he stays in the water as long as possible.

And Fio likes to tear things apart and see how they work.  He’s not nearly so good at putting them back together though.  Este lost many a radio to Fio’s curiosity, and finally insisted on Fio organizing the pieces and putting them back together when he was done.  It was either that or pay for the next radio.

swashbucklery  asked:

Honestly the parts of Legends where they are disasters who never pick up their socks and leave the dishes in the sink just charms me to no end. Like of course Ray made a chore wheel; the entire kitchen was just Sara's infinite collection of discarded sweaters and Mick's empties. They were all raised by wolves & I love them.

okay so if stein is anything like my dad, he’s constantly the one doing the dishes and the laundry because he literally cannot live like this. it’s driving him out of his mind. and like oh boy is he fucking pissy about it too but everyone is fairly content to ignore him until ray is like GUYS THIS ISNT FAIR IM MAKING A CHORE WHEEL. 

First of all- everyone but stein and amaya (who is also Very Tidy, thank you) are like WHAT THIS IS SO UNFAIR YOU CANT MAKE US RAY WHAT THE HELL and ray is like we are going to be a family and family means CHORE WHEEL. 

now i want us all to discuss that nick nicky pasta fasul zano has, in his real life, never done a dish. not once. not a single dish. you hand him a dish and a bottle of dawn and he’s gonna just hand it off to his mom, and then, because she is an italian mother, she will praise him for even remembering to hand her the dish and not just fucking leave it wherever god this is a broken system. it’s broken

anyway, i imagine nate is the same. like cooking he’s fine with, but dishes? he’s like UGH CANT I TAKE OUT THE TRASH?!?!? I HATE DISHES. UUUUUUHHHHHGGGHHGUUGHH and sara is like listen fuckmeat i did the dishes last night if you dont do the dishes tonight you’re gonna wake up without a face and nate is like UGH FINE and does them, begrudgingly, but also ALWAYS does them wrong not even on purpose he’s not that clever he’s just bad at doing dishes and so stein always has to redo them. 

eventually certain names are removed from certain parts of the chore chart- nate doesnt have to do dishes or laundry but then has to cook and deal with garbage more. mick isn’t allowed to cook because all he makes are sloppy joes. sara is banned from laundry because she put too much starch in ONE TIME, ONE TIME OKAY, and she’s also not allowed to cook because all she makes are dinosaur nuggets and captain crunch. which was FINE for the kids i BABYSAT, so maybe you should all be a LITTLE MORE GRATEFUL. 

amaya cooks like an old lady grandma and makes mostly veggie loaf. sweet vegan baby. 

everyone laments that they miss kendra’s cooking bc kendra actually decided to learn how to cook in the 50s and it was SO GOOD. they kidnap her and are like please make dinner. we’ve had nothing but dinosaur nuggets for 3 weeks. and kendra is like well uh- you want to maybe call next time??? 

ray is also mostly vegan by choice in terms of eating so amaya’s always happy when he cooks and everyone else is like UGH TOFU SCRAMBLE I HATE YOU RAY

jax, ray, stein, and amaya are the only 4 that can do any of the chores without somehow ruining it for everyone, jax yelling I HAD A SINGLE MOTHER SO UNLIKE SOME OF YOU I HAD TO LEARN HOW TO BE A HUMAN BEING and sara like WELL LA DI DA LOOK AT THIS FANCY BITCH

force ghost len shows up for hanukkah dinner, critiques the latkes, and then leaves

edit: I FORGOT RIP BECAUSE HE WASNT THERE FOR THE CHORE WHEEL BUT HE WOULDVE BEEN SO DAMN PROUD. he may have even given a fond grin for a fraction of a second, which is high praise from an english person