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Name: Rey Torres
Ethnicity: Filipino
Gender: Cis Male
Birthday: December 1st
Sexuality: Bi
Significant Other: Scarlet Nakamura
Likes: Cooking, winter, being the center of attention
Dislikes: Burdening others, his lack of sleep, and being proved wrong.

Rey, being very outgoing, has made many friends throughout his life. He’s the one person which practically everyone knows. Luckily for him, he loves being in the center of attention. However, despite his many friends, not many of them were close to him. In fact, only a few are. It has to do with his dislike of burdening people, as he doesn’t like showing friends his problems.
As he reunites with an old friend that he’s cut off with, he finds himself meeting a variety of new people. They aren’t the type he’s ever expected himself to hang out with; but he’s happy none the less.


  • Rey is 5′9 and weighs 140 pounds!
  • Rey’s natural hair color is black. He had it bleached and dyed in early high school.
  • Rey wears a lot of pastel/light colored clothing. He loves pinks and purples! He rarely wears any dark colors; aside from jeans.
  • Rey loves caffeine drinks! He enjoys coffee and soda quite a bit. It’s one of the reasons he stays up too late.
  • Rey never gets a solid amount of sleep. His average amount of sleep ranges from 4-5 hours. He always stays up way too late.
  • He has way too many unanswered texts. He often complains about having no one to talk to, despite this.
  • Rey’s hair is rather messy, so he usually wears a hat.

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I’m excited to show you a preview of a piece I made for the Hannibal fanbook Raw, which is launching today on Kickstarter. Mine is the little cooking lesson in the center! I was very glad for the opportunity because I’ve always wanted to do a nice Hannigram illustration and I spent weeks on this making sure I put my best piece forward. If you are a fan of Hannibal and are interested in seeing this art and other art and fic contributions made by some lovely content creators, consider heading on over to the Kickstarter and purchasing a copy of Raw! You can also see a bigger preview of my piece by watching the video at the kickstarter!

From left to right, art in this banner is by @sakarisketches, @feredir, me, @shotsdearte, and @dontopenthat


And some pics of the excellent edition Image Comics’ made!

New design logo, same book format as the latest “I Kill Giants” edition with flipped speech balloons (not the art though).

And also- how does it compare to it’s cousins, the japanese original edition (far left) and the spanish (center)?
Cooked with lots of love!


“Henshin” is a short story collection by Ken Niimura, artist on the acclaimed and award-winning graphic novel I Kill Giants (written by Joe Kelly).

It will be in comic book stores on January 14 and in bookstores on January 27. It is available for pre-order now.

i’m thinking about starting a youtube cooking channel centered around making vegan variations of traditional moroccan dishes. like, proper moroccan food, none of that white bs.

i was talking to an iranian vegan person about how meat has always been the center of a lot of our cultural cuisine, and how cutting animal products out of our diets shouldn’t mean that we have to miss out on partaking in such a special part of our cultures.