the cookie tasted really good though


Yup. I’m a dad now. Not so sure i can do this werewolfbeastdad thing, but you know what, i’m doing it anyway cause i found it fun ♥ ! 

so yeah, Mathias is a cryptid baby scared of bees. His wife really had weird tastes…his transfo’ has nothing to do with moonlight, thanx god. 

sweet butter cookies in orange are also his favorite.

Amanda can’t really transform, but you know what, she has great strengh and senses, just like her daddy ♪ He is doing his best to be a good dad you know, even though he often found himself in suspecious situations, such as pet missing stories, or barfights.

His job is being a Guard in the local supermarket. He loves to tell stories about his long runnin’ to catch bad guys stealing stuff. A real sprinter i’m tellin’ ya and a great story teller.

Bonus useless infos : Since his name is Mathias, some friends of his and of course his wife nicknamed him Mighty Ass. He founds it really funny.

Robert already suspect him being one of those werewolves… he is fucking scared. Those knifes are scary ok ! send help, he is so bad at lying. His wife used to cover him, now it’s Amanda job. She is doing pretty good so far. You go girl, protect your daddy !

block b baking
  • Jiho: Doubles the ovens temperature to "minimize baking time", because that seems way more efficient. Everything is burned yet raw and he doesn't understand.
  • Kyung: says he "doesn't need measurements", just eyeballs everything. turns out he really, really, really needs measurements
  • Taeil: experimental baker. Would chili paste taste good in lemon cake? Taeil gotta find out. Makes the rest eat his creations later and smiles a little too much while they gag.
  • Jihoon: licks the bowl clean and wants to put sprinkles on the cake. Writes "I love Taeil" in pink icing. he's so cute.
  • Jaehyo: Was ridiculously exact with measurements, temperature and time, yet somehow manages to burn all his cookies. He tried though, he really did.
  • Yukwon: Calls Sunhye every 5 minutes for advice, because "she makes the best cakes like, ever", ends up having a 2 hour phone call with her next door.
  • Minhyuk: takes pictures, makes comments from the side, doesn't actually join the baking. He can't get flour on his YSL Blazer, duh.
Roommate Agreement (Final)

Summary: Based off of this: a superhero story where the villain and the superhero are roommates and they keep making excuses to each other about why they are out all the time and they stitch each other up after battles but neither has any idea that the other is their nemesis and they keep on having to lie to each other why they are covered in scratches and bruises. (Modern-Day Alternate Universe Drabble Series)

Author’s Note: And I’m done. Kinda half-assed it, so sorry if it sucks. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 453

Previous Part: Part Fifteen

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eb-n-flo  asked:

Every time I see you post the flower asks I'm on it. Sweet pea + Jack (nonsexual delicate pleasures pls?)

Sweet Pea - Delicate Pleasures

The first time Jack had chocolate, she was pretty sure she’d just bitten into heaven itself. She’d never had anything like it, never felt anything quite like it, and it was really no wonder that she’d stuffed her face full with those chocolate chip cookies. They were delicious, and she couldn’t remember the last time–if ever–she’d eaten anything that tasted so good.

That wasn’t the only thing that she found tasted good, after her escape from Cerberus, but she did keep coming back to it. Not as often, because she saw having a sweet tooth as a weakness to be exploited, but…there was no harm in picking up a box of cookies every now and then and pigging out. 

Until someone else figured out her secret.

She’s not sure how Shepard managed to figure it out, nor does she really want to know (though, in all honesty, it was probably Kasumi or the freaky AI that ran the ship). She’s just curious as to why Shepard brought her a chocolate cake with candles on it.

“I don’t have a birthday,” she says after a minute of silence, crossing her arms and eyeing the cake warily.

“Not officially, no,” Shepard agrees, moving to set the cake down on the table nearby, “but it’s been a month since we blew up that facility on Pragia.”


Shepard laughs. “So, I figured that you could use that to celebrate your birthday. I don’t know if we’ll have time to wait for the 1 year anniversary to roll around, so–I thought we’d celebrate now.”

Jack blinks a few times. “Really?”

“That,” Shepard says, licking some chocolate frosting off her finger delicately, “and I was in the mood for cake. You like chocolate, right?”

There’s something in the way she asks that that makes Jack narrow her eyes, suspicious and looking for an ulterior motive, but the cake does smell really good and, well

“Heh. Who doesn’t?”

Shepard smiles, and Jack finds herself smiling back.

“That’s the spirit. Happy Birthday, Jack.”


Shepard’s laughter echoes around the room as Jack shoves a rather large bite of cake into her mouth. Maybe Shepard isn’t so bad after all.

I’m ace af so it’s always gonna be ‘nonsexual’ for the most part around here my friend.


sweeter than sugar

summary: Allura bakes some cookies for Shay.

a/n: day six for @vld-wlw-month!

super short drabble-y thingy, but i have so much to do and so little time to do it all ;_; anyways, enjoy!

ao3 & ffn

If there was one thing that Shay had learned in the past couple of hours, it was that Allura certainly didn’t need to learn anything about baking. At least from her.

“I don’t get it.” says Shay, lifting up a macaroon from Allura’s fresh batch. “You’ve been taking secret lessons from Hunk, right? There’s no way that these came out so good on your first try at baking.”

Currently, they’re in the castle kitchen, with Shay sitting at the table, Allura standing behind her, plate full of macaroons in front of them. She had been trying to give Allura baking lessons after she had heard that Allura had never baked, but clearly she didn’t need them, given as to how good these macaroons were.

Allura’s eyes twinkle with a hidden mischief as she shrugs her shoulders in a play at innocence. “I guess you’re a pretty good teacher, Shay.”

Shay bites into one of the cookies and marvels at the taste. “Unbelievable.” She shakes the macaroon at Allura. “You make really good cookies, Lu.”

Allura laughs and leans against the chair. “I’m glad you’re enjoying them. I put a lot of sugar in them to make them sweet.” She pauses, a grin sliding across her face. “Though, none of them are as sweet as you.”

Shay blushes and looks up at Allura, who’s winking at her. What a charmer.

She smothers a smile and goes back to eating her macaroons.

Today will be a good day.

Yoongi Scenario: Say It Out Loud.

Request:I wanted to request something, where you are eating ice cream (or something like that) and there is some of it left on your cheek without you noticing it and Yoongi clean it, and you get all blushy and the maknae line start to tease you both (Noona likes Suga-Hyung or something like that) and Yoongi ends up saying: “I like her, so, what is the problem?”

Genre: Fluff / Comedy

-You don’t have to come with me Y/N- Yoongi said as soon as you got inside the car and buckled up your seatbelt.

-What are you talking about? Of course I do-

Yoongi drove off your neighborhood to go to Big Hit where he had to pick up Taehyung, Jungkook and Jimin to make them some favors. It wasn’t like Yoongi was their personal driver, but taking into consideration that Jin had his personal schedule packed and him being the second oldest, it was his responsibility to take care of the maknaes and drive them to do their stuff, besides none of them had a driver license yet so they had to depend on Yoongi or Jin for these things.

Yoongi and you were friends since a long time now, and as time went by you noticed how the chemistry and attraction between the two of you grew bigger, but for now you were just friends, being that both of you were a bit too shy to finally say out loud that you liked each other.

Now in the car you could take notice of it as always, how Yoongi’s eyes would drift away from the road every few seconds to stare at you because he thought you were focused on the window, or how he would try to keep that small talk that you initiated even though you knew he wasn’t a talkative person.

For today you had actually other plans, you were going to get together and discuss some of his latest photographs but a last minute call made you change your plans, the manager had instructed Yoongi to take the maknaes to some mall to buy some necessities and you had offered to tag along since you weren’t doing anything interesting that afternoon.

Of course Yoongi opposed at first, telling you that it would be boring and that surely the maknaes would be playing around and making a mess out of everything but you smiled and shrugged it off, telling him to pick you up so you could keep him company while they did their shopping, at the end he agreed and now you were outside of Big Hit’s building waiting for the three maknaes.

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Day #5 Making food/candy (31 days of Diabolik Halloween)


“Why are we making candy apple?” Shu asked while staring at all the apples

“Halloween coming up so I though we have some candy apple” Shu stare at you before he suddenly kiss you

“But you’re my candy apple.”


“Don’t add too much sugar to it! Make sure you cut the apples nice and even”

“Reiji kun why are we making apple crisp?”

“I though it be nice to improve your cooking skill with a fall themed food” You smile as he try not to blush before actually put too much sugar

“Now we have to start over again.”


“Um Ayato I don’t think takoyaki is a fall themed food”

“Sure it is”

“Don’t you think adding pumpkin spice is too much” Ayato smile wide before handing you a plate full of takoyaki as he took his first bite



“This is yummy” Kanato take a bite of black forest cake

“I’m glad you like it Kanato kun” Kanato suddenly stood up from his seat and walk over to you before licking your cheek

“You’re sweeter than this cake”


“Bitch chan those small orange macaroon look so good” Laito was about to grab one before you slap his hand

“Laito kun you need to wait until the Halloween party”

“But bitch-chan I want one now” You sigh before putting one in Laito mouth


“Not quite” Laito lean forward and kiss you with the small orange macaroon still in his mouth

“Now I am.”


“Subaru what do you think of homemade pumpkin pie?”

“It all right” Subaru said while he still eat it

“Did I add too much cinnamon again?” you frown remembering how you make Subaru a pie and he almost choke on it. Subaru notice your expression and he stood up and hugs you

“No matter what you make, it will always taste good.”


“Are you done yet with making the fudge?” Kino asked while he play Final Fantasy

“I’m done!” You came out holding the plate full of fudge. Kino pause the game(for once) and walk over to you taking a fudge in his hand and putting it in his mouth. Kino stare at you before shaking his head

“Remake this again, I want this to be best fudge then what that guy made.”


“Here” Ruki put a bowl of orange soup in front of you

“What kind of soup is that Ruki kun?”

“It pumpkin soup” You taste Ruki soup and smile

“It taste really good and have a warm feeling!” Ruki just smile before sitting down with his soup and you both ate the soup together.


“M neko-chan I made the biggest s'mores ever!” Kou show you his giant stack of s'mores

“How are you going to eat that Kou kun?”

“Eat? But this is too beautiful to eat!!!!”


You and Yuma was munching on roasted pumpkin seeds and enjoying sitting in front of fire place

“Heh look like my pumpkin have the best seed ever!!”

“It really yummy” Yuma smirk before pushing you down on ground

“You’re looking yummy.”


“Eve… Those cookies look cute”

“Thanks you Azusa” You put a cookie Azusa lip and he begin to eat it before smiling

“It really yummy!”


“This is wonderful ham you made” Carla said while he eat his ham

“Carla kun are you sure you don’t want me to make a side dish?”

“No need I rather enjoy my ham without eating other food with it.”


“I don’t understand why human enjoy pecan pie, This doesn’t taste like nothing but too much sugar” Shin slam his fork on table

“Shin it really is good though”

“Well not for me it is! Come over to me I’m thirsty!”

of-coffee-and-sunshine  asked:

top 5 ice cream flavors?


Its just kind of nostalgic for me since its basically the only kind of ice cream I got as a kid that wasn’t choc-ice. I think thats… like an ice cream sandwich for Americans? I dunno how things work over there.


I am *super* boring but a good vanilla ice cream is just something I like. Its very easy to mess it up though. If its not up to scratch, it’ll end up tasting like a box of ice shavings held together with milk. If its good, its *good*. I think its kinda weird how vanilla is associated with being ‘plain’ because vanilla itself has a pretty noticeable flavour and its usually lacking from a lot of the vanilla ice cream makes.


It was a long dang time before I actually tried any kind of remotely interesting ice cream, but Cookie Dough was one of the first and I still really like it.


Mostly for Ben & Jerry’s Caramel Chew Chew; it just tastes really nice to me, haha. The mix of vanilla, caramel and chocolate is real good.


Its like oreo ice cream. Somehow its thicker and there’s an element of chocolate without it being overpowering like a lot of chocolate flavoured stuff. It sorta tastes like Vanilla + and since I really like Vanilla,

Honorable Mention: Anything with Raspberry flavour I guess? I used to love Strawberry flavour stuff but when I found out Raspberry Jam was way sweeter without any of the undertaste you sometimes get from Strawberry, I kinda made a general switch.

anonymous asked:

Top five ice cream flavors?

can I just list variations on mint chocolate chip for all of them though, because that’s probably the most accurate answer. nine out of ten times you take me to an ice cream place and that’s what I’ll get. but I guess if pressed…

1. Better Than Therapy from Portland’s Cloud City Ice Cream: Lemon curd ice cream with gingersnap cookies. It’s so fucking good.

2. Cinnamon from Bainbridge Island’s Mora. 

3. Woodblock Chocolate from Portland’s Salt and Straw. It’s sort of malted-chocolate tasting? I don’t know how they do it but it tastes really good and I’ve never had anything quite like it. 

4. Speculoos Ice Cream. I don’t remember where I had it, but it was really good. I know you can get it at Amorino in New York, but I can’t remember if that was the original.

5. Nonna D’s Oatmeal Lace from Ample Hills Creamery in New York. Brown sugar and cinnamon ice cream with bits of oatmeal cookies in. Fuckin amazing. (Also their Peppermint Patty, but I was abstaining from mint flavors in this, as you can generally assume that in any situation the answer is “the mint flavor”. 


For @bookwriterandantidepressents since you asked via comment…part 2 to this imagine. [it’s like the end of Winter Soldier at this point] Enjoy!

Y/N pulled her black hoodie further to cover her face. She was currently walking through a sketchy area at night. The area was deserted, but she didn’t want a chance to be found by anyone. She only had one thought on her mind at the moment.

She had found him. The man who saved her from the ambush was somewhere around these parts. She also knew that he had just recently…escaped his former living quarters. She wasn’t sure why he hadn’t left the country yet, given the fact that his former ‘land lord’ would probably want a bit of revenge.

Regardless, she was happy that she had found him first. The least she could do was thank him. She wasn’t sure how exactly. Out of unsureness, she ended up baking a batch of cookies.

“How…stupid,” she thought to herself, “A million things I could’ve done and I go with cookies.”

Y/N shook herself from her thoughts as she reached the run down motel. It was mostly hidden. Even in the dark light, one could see its dilapidated state. She glanced through the window to see that the motel manager was not at the front desk. She sucked in a breath.

Focusing, she managed to absorb the power around her. This effectively shut off the cameras and most lights. She ducked into the motel and hurried toward the desk. She grabbed the guest log. Luckily, only one name was on the list.

“Extremely lucky,” she muttered.

She replaced the log and headed down toward the indicated room. Letting out a slow exhale, she released some of the power. This allowed some of the lights to flicker back on, but kept the cameras off. She raised her hand to knock on the door.

Before her fist could hit the wood, the door flung open as a hand grabbed her wrist. She was pulled into the room before the door was forced closed. Y/N stumbled slightly before catching her balance. She spun to face the person. She held in a breath as she stared into stunning blue eyes. Her face broke into a grin.

“It’s you,” she whispered.
He knit his brows. “What?”
“You’re the guy that kept me from getting ambushed,” you explained hastily and rushed.
He pursed his lips. “And I thought I told you to go. You shouldn’t have looked for me.”

The strong man walked past her and toward the bed. Y/N clenched her jaw. After a moment, she chucked the box of cookies onto his bed. It landed right where he was about to sit. He deadpanned at her.

“What is this?”
“A measly thank you gift. They’re chocolate chip cookies,” she paused, “I couldn’t think of how else to thank you. I mean, no one’s ever saved my life before.”

His gaze softened at that statement. Gently, he reached down and smoothed a hand over the box. A smile twitched at his lips.

“Thanks,” he murmured.
“My name’s Y/N, by the way,” she replied shyly.
He nodded before biting into a cookie. “Nice name.”

Y/N moved to sit down on the extra bed. Though she was facing him, she couldn’t really look him in the eye. She had suddenly become increasingly shy.

“This…This taste good.”
“Thank you…for everything.”

The soldier slowed his chewing before raising his gaze. He noticed her nervous nature. However, it seemed to be a different type of nervousness than the ones his captor’s had experienced. That much he could tell.

“Bucky,” he offered.
Her eyes shot up. “Hmm?”
“That’s my name…or at least I think it is.”
She softly smiled at him. “It suits you.”

Bucky smirked. He enjoyed her genuine smile. Y/N scratched the back of her neck.

“So, why’d you do it?” she queried, “Why’d you help me? It seemed you were on their side.”
Bucky lowered his head. “I knew what they wanted from you and what they wanted to do to you. Those people…they aren’t good. They messed with me some and I couldn’t let that happen to you.”
“But why? I was just some girl literally running.”

Bucky stayed quiet. Part of him knew that it was more than just a good deed. Stopping traffic in order to protect her wasn’t the first time he had seen her. As the Winter Soldier, he had been sent to monitor her several times. In a strange sense, he felt a connection of sorts.

“I guess I hoped someone would do that for me,” he whispered.

Without another thought, Y/N lunged from her bed and into his arms. Shocked, Bucky had no idea what to do. After a moment, he let his flesh hand curl around her, still being timid with his other one. Her hold was strong on him.

“I’d be dead if it weren’t for you,” she paused to sniffle, “Thank you for protecting me.”

Bucky’s eyes teared up slightly at this. This woman had no idea who or what her was. She had no idea how many people he killed or what he had actually done for HYDRA. But she was here, in his arms, thanking him for saving her. The man with a metal arm bit his lip slightly while tightening his hold on her waist.

“Anytime, Y/N,” he muttered, “I promise.”

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i want to apologize in advance for this headcanon

so i was making cookies when all of a sudden i thought

gee you know, anakin probably was never able to make cookies with his mom. i don’t think his mom could just be like “hey ani let’s take a break and bake some cookies together” nevermind the fact that they probably had no access to the proper ingredients

imagine ahsoka finding out about this one day and being downright appalled. “what do you mean you’ve NEVER baked cookies before???!” “exactly what it sounds like, snips”

so she resolves to remedy that situation

the following ensues

🔹anakin trying to mix the flour with the egg/butter/sugar mixture, subsequently getting ahsoka COVERED in flour

🔹ahsoka eating tons of chocolate chips, anakin getting adorably frustrated because he really wants the recipe to turn out perfect and he NEEDS THE EXACT MEASUREMENTS OF EVERYTHING

🔹ahsoka also eating the cookie dough as they go along, which both annoys and kind of worries anakin because it’s technically got raw eggs in it and he doesn’t want his snips getting salmonella

🔹ahsoka convincing anakin to try the cookie dough. he is begrudgingly amazed by how good it tastes, but is typical anakin and goes “it’s alright i guess.” ahsoka knows him though and can tell he really loves it, but she doesn’t say anything, just kinda smiles

🔹anakin being super impatient and worried while they wait for the cookies to bake. “i hate burned food, ahsoka. it’s coarse, rough, and irritating in my stomach”

🔹finally getting the cookies out and ahsoka has to slap his hand away because anakin is about to burn himself by reaching immediately for a fresh cookie

🔹cuddling up in blankets, watching holoTV, eating cookies (which anakin gets all over himself), and drinking blue milk

🔹next day, anakin and ahsoka are sent off to cato neimoidia (season 5 episode 17)

archer-and-lionprince  asked:

Hi :) can you do a mckirk au with a jealous Jim but he's awkwardly cute about it cause he doesn't know how to behave? Like he sees how Bones gives this new person a lot of attention and to draw the attention back to himself he goes to sickbay/ER everyday to bring Bones Jim's home-made cookies cause he knows that he loves them?

  • Jim doesn’t do jealousy, okay. He’s not jealous. Leonard can do what he wants. Except give so much attention to M’Benga. And it’s stupid because Leonard and M’Benga have been friends since like forever. Besides Jim (and Spock, on a weird and unexplainable level), M’Benga is the only one who Bones is genuinely close to. Bones even declines a night out with Jim because he’s “hanging out with M’Benga and Chapel”. “Since when?” Jim asks, and Leonard raises an eyebrow. “Every Wednesday night,” Leonard says. “For like, two years now. Do you ever listen to anything I say?” “Not if you start a sentence with ‘you should check in to med’, I don’t.” Jim says, and Leonard rolls his eyes.
  • Jim watches Bones sit in the rec room next to M’Benga. They’re laughing at something, and M’Benga is swatting Bones’ side. It’s innocent. But Jim doesn’t like it, and the fact that he doesn’t like it is what bothers him most. "Hey, what are you talking about?“ Jim asks casually, sliding down in a chair next to Bones. “Trash talking you, mostly,” Bones says, lips tugging in a small smirk, and Jim raises his eyebrows. “Excuse me?” “I’m joking. Partially,” Bones points out with a grin. “We gotta go back to work, I’ll see you tonight.” Bones says, gently patting Jim’s shoulder as they both get up. “I would kill for those homemade cookies of yours.” Jim hears Bones say as him and M'Benga leave the rec room together.
  • If M'Benga can make homemade cookies, so can Jim. It’s tough on a spaceship, but Jim’s creative. And they’re messy looking, but they’re cookies, and they’re homemade. Jim walks into Bones’ quarters, sitting himself down next to Bones. He wraps both his arms around his shoulders, and when Bones gives all his attention to him, his earlier feelings long forgotten. Bones kisses him softly, hands sliding around his waist and Jim smirks as Bones presses him back against the couch. "What did you bring?“ Leonard asks, and Jim lazily reaches out for the small paper bag on the table. “I baked cookies.” Leonard sits up straight, and Jim instantly misses that warmth. “What?” “I baked cookies.” “You. Baked cookies.” “Yes! Why is that so hard to believe. I can bake.” Jim says, sliding an arm around Bones’ shoulder to pull him in closer for another kiss. Bones is more interested in those cookies now, though. He grabs the bag and takes one out, frowning a little at its odd shape, but he tastes it anyway. “Good?” Jim asks, and Bones tries really hard to look like he’s enjoying it. “Yeah-yes…” Bones says slowly, and Jim grins. “It’s okay to say it’s bad. It was just a first batch.” “Thank God, they’re the grossest thing I’ve had in a while.” “Hey! It’s one thing not to be blown away, but that’s just rude.” Bones reaches out after he’s swallowed the cookie down, pressing his lips against Jim’s. “I’ll make it up to you,” he breathes softly against Jim’s mouth. Jim’s more than happy to let him do just that. 
  • Jim’s never been a quitter. Initially he sees no reason to continue trying to bake because it’s unlike him, Jim has honestly never baked a thing in his life. But then he catches M'Benga closely next to Bones on the couch in Bones’ quarter. Bones’ hand is on M'Benga’s leg and they’re talking softly, intently, so deep in conversation it takes Bones longer than usual to notice Jim’s even there. Jim slides himself between the two of them, one hand on Bones’ thigh, meddling in their conversation.
  • Next time he brings over those cookies, Bones looks hesitant. “Your last batch was shit,” Bones admits and Jim kicks his leg. “My last batch was okay.” Jim says. “Here, try these.” Bones says instead, giving him some other cookies. Jim tastes them. “Oh, these are good.” “M’Benga made them.” “Oh.” And they taste less good because of that, even though it shouldn’t be, because it’s fucked up. M’Benga is the nicest person, such a patient doctor and so skilled in what he does. Bones is giving Jim attention now, with his hand sliding over Jim’s leg and his lips are on his neck, and all those thoughts just sort of fade away for a while.
  • “I feel weird,” Jim finally admits, post sex. They’re in bed together, and Jim’s got his face in Bones’ neck, fingers drawing lazy circles over his skin. His words instantly wake up Bones from his pleasant slumber. “What do you mean?” Bones asks. Jim simply shrugs. “I don’t know,” he admits. “Physically, I’m fine. I just feel weird sometimes, when I think about you.” “About me? What does that mean?” “I don’t know.” “Think about what you mean then, Jim, Christ.” "I like spending time with you, you know that,“ Jim says. “But?” Bones asks. “No buts, that’s it.” “That’s it?” Bones raises an eyebrow. Jim sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Yes, that’s it.” Honestly, they don’t have serious talks, at least not about their relationship. Jim never had been as close to someone as he is with Bones. And so he expects this conversation might have somehow fucked that up, but Bones starts laughing instead. Gently turning them over, and he’s hovering over Jim a little, pressing kisses on his lips. “I make you feel weird. Jim, you are terrible,” Bones says, and he’s looking almost smug about it. Jim rolls his eyes, hands in Bones’ messy hair and he pulls him in for another kiss. 
  • Jim’s baking skills never do increase. He’s still terrible at it. Bones still tries them every time, but it looks like his soul dies a little with it every bite he takes. “Why don’t you just accept that this is one thing you’re terrible at?” Bones suggests, “M’Benga has some really good batches.” Ugh. Jim rolls his eyes. “You and M’Benga are really close.” “Yeah, I guess.” Bones says, shrugging casually. "We work together all the time, and he’s my doctor.” Bones adds. “He’s your doctor? But you’re a doctor.” “I can’t be my own doctor, you idiot,” Bones laughs, and Jim shoots him a small smirk. “So you never thought of M'Benga that way?” “What way?” “You know. Sexually.” Jim says, and he tries to say it casually, but he fails horribly judging by the look on Bones’ face. “What? No. Have you?” “No! But I’m not that close to him.” Jim says. “So what?” Bones starts, but then he’s silent. “Oh my God, are you jealous?” “What?” Jim looks genuinely confused. “No.” “I think you are,” Bones says, sliding an arm around Jim’s waist to pull him in close. “You’re baking me cookies because M'Benga is making them.” “No, I make them because-” “Do you even like baking?” Bones interrupts, and Jim wants to say yes. He tries to, but he can’t, and Bones looks at him with these knowing eyes. Smile too smug to be fair because it’s usually Jim who’s smug about things. “So jealous,” Bones says, voice teasing as he kisses Jim’s cheek and his neck softly. “I make you feel weird and you’re jealous because of the time I spend with M’Benga.” Jim slides his arms around Bones’ shoulder, the realization of that situation dawning on him just when Bones says it. “Oh my God,” Jim breathes, “I’m so fucked.” “Not yet,” Bones says, pulling him towards Jim’s bedroom, “but you will be.”

smallcatalysts  asked:

Mango, strawberry, pomegranate

mango: what is your trademark?

Fish. Like cartoon type fish or like aquascaping. They make me happy and I doodle them everywhere.

strawberry: favorite desserts?

I’m currently on a lavender kick and love anything lavender (I’ve made double chocolate lavender brownies and lavender white chocolate cookies recently!). But I’m always down for chocolate, especially chocolate and sea salt. My like, allllll time favorite desert though are rice crispie treats (the home made kind, not the store bought kind although I will still be very happy with the store bought kind they just don’t taste as good).

pomegranate: when do you feel the most confident?

Usually when I’m dressed in a way that feels very expressive of who I am (anytime I’m wearing “Gay” clothes really), when I’m playing music for people (oddly enough I’m super nervous but super confident), and when I’m talking about what I’m passionate about!!!

Thank you ♥️♥️♥️

This is a short ficlet for @mangosandstuff I realized too late that you had asked for Bluepulse valentines fic when they’re older. Whoops ;o; I hope you still enjoy this, im sorry!!

It’s not valentines here yet but it is in other parts of the world sooo


As far as Valentines day celebrations go, this…isn’t a total disaster.

Jaime thinks with a wince, grateful for the icepack he’s pressing to the side of his face. If Bart notices, he could just blame it on the combination of ice, swelling and stitches. He needn’t worry though because at the moment, all of Bart’s attentions are being pooled into the task of designing sugar cookies, a task that he seems to take very, very seriously judging by the look of concentration on his face.

He’s sitting cross-legged on the watch tower rec room floor, half out of costume and surrounded by about 90% of the Valentine’s day related product in the food aisle from a Walmart in Connecticut. There had been a minor disaster, related to a bigger, more violent disaster that Jaime helped out with and in response to the common question he’d always assumed was rhetorical (or at least somewhat impolite to actually respond to),  Jaime had asked the manager of the local Walmart if he could have a few Valentine’s day gifts in return for saving most of the city from destruction.

If or when he recalls this story to his mom later on, he’s going to insist that he was planning on only taking a little and it’s the relieved, somewhat pushy manager that insisted he take practically everything they have.

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Oh, oh I need some headcanons please! What do you think a drunk Kurt would be like? Blue fluffball accidently got a big gulp from Warren's secret stash or something - I imagine that could be funny to really stressful XD

Originally posted by leftarmbucky

  • “Warren, what are you drinking?”
  • “Uhm, tea?”
  • Warren would leave the room to get something and Kurt being a curious lil fluffball drinks from the tea.
  • Plus he loves tea so he couldn’t resist it.
  • “This tea tastes different.”
  • “It’s good, though. Maybe another sip.”
  • He would start teleporting anywhere around the mansion, scaring unsuspected students.
  • “I am a furry menace!”
  • Imagine him teleporting in a corner and seeing a student taking cookies from someone else’s stash.
  • “I see you, Kate!”
  • “Who is this?”
  • “Your consciousness.”
  • He would soon grow tired and bored and settle somewhere rather uncomfortable like he would hang with his tail from the beams in the ceiling.
  • He would switch to German.
  • And sing nursery rhymes in German.
  • You would attempt to persuade him to follow you in order to help him sober up.
  • You would end up on the roof because he is a smol sneaky schnitzel .
  • You almost fell down, but he managed to teleport you back inside.
  • He teleported away and you had to search him around the mansion again.
  • He almost dropped some vases that were Charles’ family heirloom.
  • Also, he almost broke a chair and three plates, because he teleported clumsily in the kitchen.
  • You finally managed to catch him.
  • The alcohol’s influence is starting to rub off, finally!
  • He starts being dizzy and he feels lightheaded.
  • You help him out along with warren, who laughed with Kurt’s shenanigans.
  • You tuck him in his bed and kiss him ‘goodnight’.
  • “Stay, meine Bonbon.”

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Can I ask for 20 sorey x mikleo?

Sormik with Cookies 


The ingredients were set on the counter with the appropriate utensils. Mikleo grabbed a handful of his long hair, a hairband in between his lips. He tied his hair in a messy high bun because it always got in the way when he was cooking. 

Mikleo smiled when he remembered the amount of days Lailah spent teaching him how to bake. There was flour everywhere and at least ten batches of burnt cookies. Even Rose and Alisha were there to witness that disaster. 

But they were long gone. Time had passed. And people had changed. Sorey and Mikleo’s vision of humans and seraphims living in harmony finally came true after half a century of vanquishing malevolence. Seraphims and humans built a community together, slowly but surely towards unity.

Mikleo stood over the counter and started adding butter and sugar into a mixing bowl. He whisked it expertly to a decent consistency.

The sound of footsteps began, followed by a loud yawn, “Haaah… ‘Mmorning…” Sorey giggled as he entered the kitchen, “What you doing up so early, Mikleo?”


“Wow! Didn’t know you could make them! Wouldn’t you just burn everything though? Hahaha!”

Mikleo pouted, “I can make cookies okay? Lailah taught me.”

“Oh really?” Sorey leaned on Mikleo, back to back, “Your cookies must taste pretty good then.”

“You bet.” Mikleo continued adding the ingredients to the bowl, “Do you want to taste the batter?”

Sorey’s hair tickled Mikleo’s exposed nape as he leaned his head back. His voice lowered to a gentle tone, “Next time, okay? Will you wait for me?”

Mikleo folded flour into the batter, his hands visibly shaking. He was alone in the kitchen. He always was for the past few centuries.

A tear rolled down the seraph’s cheek, “What else have I been doing, you idiot?”

You stood off to the side, a smug smile on your face as you watched your friends dig into the food you had made. You had checked with all of them to make sure none of them had certain food allergies, and then made breakfast around that. Needless to say, you had definitely outdone yourself.

“Oh god,” Laf practically moaned, closing his eyes to really savor the taste of the food.

“It’s good right?” you grinned.

“That’s it. I’m marrying you, I don’t care what anyone says,” John decided.

“I second that motion,” Hercules piped in. You laughed, though you were definitely pleased that everyone was enjoying the food. You looked at Alexander, the only one that hadn’t spoken yet.

“Alexander?” you called. He looked up at you, and you could have sworn he was about to cry.

“This is amazing.”

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Bts reaction to their gf pulling a april fools prank on them (doesn't really matter what kind)

Okay, like, I don’t know how these turned out so long?? Because I didn’t really plan on doing them at all??? But they turned out to be some of the longest I’ve done, and I hope you like them~ Happy April Fools Day, you guys~

Gifs aren’t mine

You and Seokjin would probably be playing small pranks on each other all day; he’d bake you cookies, but he’d use salt instead of sugar, though he’d have a good batch close by for you to wash the taste out with. You’d tell him you liked the ones made with salt better, and that you really didn’t like his cooking much anyways, and he’d pout until you said April Fools. Then you’d call him cute, say April Fools, watch him pout, then tell him he looked cute every day, and he’d do the same to you later. He would look at his phone, start rushing to get ready as he told you he had to rush to practice, tell you he had no time to give you a kiss goodbye, then stop once he got to the door, say he forgot something, and move to kiss you, saying April Fools just before his lips pressed against yours. Just as you were settling back down into your seats, the alarm you’d set on your phone after putting food in the oven went off, and when Seokjin asked what it was, you told him it was time for your other boyfriend to come over, so he could either join in get out, and yet he only laughed; there was no way you were going to find a boy prettier than him, so there was no way you were cheating. The day would be full of pranks like that, making both of you smile all day long.

Yoongi didn’t like being pranked, and he’d told you that. But your prank wasn’t what the boys would consider a prank; it was much tamer and sweeter than the ones they pulled, and you’d thought that Yoongi wouldn’t mind it. And, in all honesty, he liked the prank, but he wasn’t going to let you know that. He’d told you that he would be angry if you pranked him, and you’d done it anyways, so he had to be angry; it was the principle of the thing. Despite his best efforts, though, you could tell he wasn’t all that mad; Yoongi wasn’t the greatest actor. He tried to look angry, but anyone could tell that he was faking, and he didn’t want to actually make you upset, so he didn’t ignore you like he normally would if he was angry. That night, however, you were wishing you’d listened to him and refrained from pulling even the sweetest prank. Yoongi stayed over, which you were sure meant that he hadn’t minded the prank at all, and you’d thought that the fact that the two of you weren’t just sleeping meant that he’d enjoyed the prank. And then, just as you felt yourself getting close, seconds away from moaning his name, he pulled away, forced a yawn, and rolled over to go to sleep. Of course, once you’d whined enough, he’d finish what he’d started, muttering a small, “April Fools,” as he did so.

Hoseok was pulling pranks left and right, though they were more funny than anything. And most of the time, he was pranking the other members, though an occasional prank was directed towards you. No one had managed to prank him back, not even when you’d teamed up with the other members to try to create the ultimate prank; he’d found out about it and concocted an even bigger one by himself. And then, miraculously, you pranked him. It wasn’t anything extravagant like the ones he was pulling, which was what made it work; he hadn’t been expecting anything that tame. And, despite the pout on his face, followed by the promise or threat that he’d get you back, he was proud of you; he really hadn’t expected anyone to be able to prank him, and he knew the two of you would be the greatest pranking duo Bangtan had ever had the misfortune of knowing. But he was flying solo this year, and you were a target, so he had to prank you back, no matter how proud he was. But, by that night, he hadn’t pranked you; he’d actually gotten sweeter, kissing your neck whenever he got the chance and smiling brightly whenever he saw you. It wasn’t until you glanced in the mirror that night that you realized why his smile had been as bright as it was; there was an incredibly obvious, impressively incredibly large hickey on your neck, and you knew you’d have to wear a scarf the next day if you had any hope of covering it.

Namjoon was pretty much just along for the ride; he mainly just teased the other members lightly to make everyone laugh. It wasn’t as if he were going to pull some elaborate prank on the boys he led, though he did kind of want to; they were all pranking one another, the pranks getting more wild and unruly as time went on, and Namjoon did want to join in. However, the boys joked that he would ruin the prank, and the moment he tried to prove them wrong, he dropped the bucket of honey onto himself as he tried to put it up on top of the door. He thought it was just as funny as everyone else did, but then you decided to take it one step further; you and Jungkook locked eyes, and when the maknae nodded towards you, you knew what he was planning. You moved to grab one of the towels on the opposite side of the room, then called Namjoon over. Namjoon, not realizing what you were doing, approached you, and Jungkook flipped a fan on so the feathers on the table in front of him blew onto Namjoon, and the room erupted into laughter once more. Namjoon wasn’t laughing though; you didn’t know whether to be turned on or terrified by his smirk, but you managed to be a mixture of both as he chased you from the room. Eventually, you ended up back at your apartment, and Namjoon told you that a “nap” would make up for your prank. You didn’t realize he was going to “prank” you back; he would make sure you didn’t orgasm, denying you until you couldn’t take it before finally giving you the relief you needed, smirking all the while.

Jimin wasn’t the best at pranks; if he did try to prank, it normally failed unless he’d partnered up with someone else - normally another member of the maknae line - to pull it off. His favorite thing about April Fools Day was actually watching other people pull pranks, especially if it resulted in a big mess that left Jin hating the prank even more. And he was normally a good sport about being pranked. In fact, whenever any of the boys pranked him, he ended up laughing just as much as they did, faking a bit of anger and threatening to get them back. So, with the way he was reacting to everyone else’s pranks, you figured he wouldn’t mind you pranking him. And yet, you found that the opposite appeared to be true. You pranked him in front of the other boys, and they all groaned and told you what you’d done wasn’t a prank - it wasn’t messy or embarrassing enough - and you just rolled your eyes at them and told them to keep their opinions to themselves. Then you turned to Jimin, expecting to find him grinning or laughing, and instead you found him staring off at the wall, eyes narrowed in irritation and mouth pressed into a thin line. You asked him what was wrong, but he ignored you. You asked again, moving closer, and he turned to one of his band mates and spoke to them instead. You were starting to get worried, so you placed a hand on his shoulder to draw his attention and tried to apologize, only for him to cut you off by yelling, “April Fools!” before pulling you into a hug and laughing at his own prank.

Taehyung loved April Fools Day. Everyone was just as goofy as he normally was, so he got to be even goofier. He was all over the place, bouncing from prank to prank, not really caring that people were pranking him back. He found all of it funny, and he liked making other people laugh, so there really wasn’t anything that could bring down his mood. Of course, he made sure all of his pranks weren’t things that would actually hurt people’s feelings, and he scolded those that pulled mean pranks on the people he cared about. He was determined to make everyone he came across that day smile, and yet you weren’t let him going to get away with pranking you, even if his prank had left you grinning from ear to ear. So you pranked him back. It was a prank that you’d thought was as harmless as his, and yet his reaction was the opposite of what you were expecting; he looked at you, shocked, and his eyes started to gloss over with tears. But, despite the fact that he was a phenomenal actor, you knew he was faking; he cocked his head to the side and stuck his bottom lip out in a pout, and he never did that if he was actually upset. Still, his pouting was something you wanted to avoid, so you rolled your eyes and apologized as sarcastically as you could, unable to hold back a laugh when he excitedly yelled, “April Fools!” as if you didn’t already know it was a “prank.”

Pranking Jungkook wouldn’t really work out in your favor. Or, if it did, you wouldn’t be standing proud for very long; if you pranked him, he wouldn’t hesitate to prank you back. It would start of simple, with just a good morning text in which he told you he had practice and couldn’t see you, which you followed up with, “Then I guess it’s a good thing I woke up with a random guy beside me,” and it quickly progressed from there. The pranks would continue over texts until the two of you finally met up, and then you were pranking each other back and forth, with each prank being more extravagant than the last. And then the two of you went to hang out with his hyungs, and for a while the two of you pranked them together. Until Jungkook teamed up with Jimin to prank you. Each member ended up taking sides, three of them with you and three with Jungkook, and a war was started in the dorms. Nowhere was safe, and no one could be trusted. The boy that delivered the food Namjoon had ordered ended up getting pulled into the battle for a bit before managing to escape with his clothes now slightly askew. That continued until the dorm looked like a war zone, and Jin and Yoongi teamed up to scold everyone for the mess they’d made - even though they’d been a part of it - and forced you all to clean up. You realized after a while that they were “pranking” you, and new teams were formed as the prank war started back up, and this continued until midnight, when it was no longer April Fools Day and pranks weren’t allowed.

Skater Boy (Young Remus)

Can you do something with young Remus? Over Christmas break and the reader’s staying with him cuz she didn’t want to go home (bad life, but guys don’t know) and he takes her skating, but he has to teach her. And they end up kissing or something?

* * *

‘Are you ready?’ You heard Remus say through the door. You were stood in front of the mirror, biting your lip. ‘Just a second.’ You called back. You adjusted the large coat you were wearing and sighed, ‘That’s the best it’s gonna get.’ You said to yourself before opening the door to reveal a very cuddly looking Remus in his beanie and large sweater. ‘I like your coat.’ Remus smiled, which made you smile. ‘Thanks.’ You whispered. You followed Remus downstairs to the living room where is parents sat by the fire, reading.
‘We’re going ice skating.’ Remus said to them. Lyall and Hope looked up. 
‘You two have fun.’ Hope beamed. Lyall smiled at you, 
‘Watch out for this one,’ He said, nodding at Remus, ‘He gets carried away on the ice.’ He said, making Remus groan. 
‘Daaad.’ He whined, shaking his head, ‘We’ll be back whenever.’ He called, walking out the front door. ‘Bye.’ You waved to his parents before following Remus. ‘So,’ Remus said, as you began your walk to the lake, ‘You must be wishing you were home, right?’ He asked. 
‘What? Why?’ 
‘I dunno,’ He shrugged, ‘It’s not like it’s hugely fun staying at my house.’ He said. You looked at him, ‘Are you kidding me? It’s the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.’ You said, kicking the snow. 
‘Really? It’s a bit quite for me.’ Remus admitted, ‘I like a bit of chaos - that’s why I’m friends with James and Sirius…and you of course.’ He winked. 
‘I like the quiet.’ You said, almost in a whisper. ‘Well while I’m not in school that is.’ 
‘Why?’ Remus asked lightly. 
‘It’s not so nice to have to listen to yelling and screaming over Christmas dinner.’ You said, looking at the ground. 
‘Noisy neighbors?’ Remus laughed. 
‘No.’ You whispered. Out of the corner of your eyes you saw the smile drop off his face. 
‘Is everything o-’ 
‘You’ll have to teach me how to skate.’ You said, cutting Remus off and changing the subject. 
‘Right.’ He said, still looking at you funny. 
‘Is it hard?’ 
‘Oh.’ Remus said, finally understanding that you wanted to move on, ‘Uh yeah I suppose. But I’m a pro so you’ll have no problems.’ He said, jokingly. 
‘Really?’ You laughed, ‘You some kind of skater boy?’ You winked. 
‘Oh totally.’ He replied. 

Finally you made it to the lake and it was picture perfect. The snow was beautifully even across the paddock and it hung in the trees like something from a film. And the lake itself had a gorgeous thick layer or ice over it. ‘Wow.’ You said, ‘You got to grow up here?’ You said, impressed. 
‘Yeah.’ He smiled, ‘It was a good childhood. Well until I…you know…’ He trailed off. You took his hand and squeezed it reassuringly. He smiled.
‘You ready skater boy?’ You asked. 
‘You betcha.’ 

You pulled on your skates and in no time you were clinging desperately to Remus who seemed to glide along the ice with no difficulties at all. ‘Remus slow down - oh jesus.’ You said, almost falling flat on your face. Remus just grinned and kept going, pulling you along as he did. ‘You’re getting it!’ he said. 
‘Shut up, you’re just saying that so I’ll let go of you and then fall through the ice.’ You said laughing. 
‘Damn, you figured out my plan.’ Remus grinned. ‘Okay look.’ He said, ‘You stay here-’ He said, letting go of your arm and skating backwards a little bit. 
‘Remus don’t you dare-’ You said as he let go. 
‘It’s okay.’ He laughed. He was now about 4 meters away from you. ‘Just skate to me.’ He said, ‘I know you can do it.’ You took a deep breath. 
‘Alright.’ You said, making him beam. You composed yourself and then slowly began to make your way to him, moving your legs in rhythm. 
‘You’re doing it!’ Remus shouted, excitedly. Just as you got to Remus you grinned before slipping. As you were about to collide with the ice Remus caught you and pulled you up - your faces very close together. 
‘I got cocky.’ You breathed out, laughing. Remus Smiled, shaking his head. He leaned in and kissed you. You were taken by surprise but at the same time had absolutely no problems with kissing Remus. 
After the kiss broke Remus blushed, ‘What now?’ He asked. 
‘Now,’ You started, ‘you have to finish what you started.’ You said, winking. 
‘S-started?’ Remus stuttered, looking a little bit mortified. 
‘Yes, lover-boy,’ You said seductively. 
‘And-uh-what would that be?’ He asked, going redder and redder. 
‘Well,’ You licked your lips, ‘We’re stuck in the middle of the frozen pond and although your intention was to teach me to skate you actually ended up kissing me which was brilliant, don’t get me wrong, but without you I am very much stranded here.’ You said as dryly as you could. Remus broke out in a smile of relief. ‘Right, yes.’ He said. 
‘Why? What did you think I meant?’ You asked, pretending to be totally oblivious. Remus rolled his eyes, 
‘You’re a jerk.’ He laughed. He took your hands and helped you back onto the snowy bank. ‘That was fun.’ You said sincerely as you took your skates off. 
‘Still better than home?’ He asked. 
‘A lot better than home.’ You said truthfully. Remus put his arm around you and brought you into him. ‘Seriously though is everything okay at home?’ He asked. You looked up at him. ‘Not really, Remus. But hey, everyone has to go through crap, right? I mean if it weren’t for the bad times we couldn’t appreciate the good times.’ You said - kind of sarcastically but also not. Remus nodded, 
‘Yeah.’ He said. 
‘Come on,’ You said standing up, ‘Let’s go back home. I don’t know if you know this but your mother’s cookies are the best cookies I have ever tasted.’ You said. 
‘Well in that case we better get you home before you die from withdraws.’ Remus said laughing. He followed you up the bank and as he caught up to you, slipped his hand into yours. You looked up and Remus and smiled. 
‘What?’ He asked, smiling back.
‘Thanks.’  You whispered. Remus squeezed your hand and nodded - knowing that there was nothing else to be said. 

(Author’s prelude: Well, here it is. This is the first piece of fan-fiction I’ve written in well over a decade, so I hope it turned out okay. Plus, I do hope I got the squid-kids involved at least mostly right. And I wish I could have actually thought of a title. But anyhow, please enjoy!)


Whinter and Logan slowly trudged back to their team’s Spawn Point at the end of the still under-construction Hammerhead Bridge, using the grated walkway that ran above the main deck.

The Turf War battle against their rivals, Team Vitamin INK, had not gone their way. Judd, the ever-present and all-seeing cat, had ruled in Vitamin INK’s favour by 51.4% of total turf inked, compared to Team Splat Jam’s measly 36.9%. There had been two major contributing factors to Splat Jam’s loss, and their names were Whinter and Logan.

Whinter’s main weakness in their battles against Team Vitamin INK was his girlfriend - the Splat Charger-wielding captain of the squad, Clementine. Neither of them had been in a particularly battling mood that match, unless your definition of ‘battling’ was the same as Marie’s during one of the Squid Sisters’ introductions for Walleye Warehouse.

Logan’s problem, however, was different. He had been as sick as a dogfish all morning, and his sniping game was way off. His usual, chocolate-brown skin was a shade paler, and his matching brown eyes were dulled. 

He tried to suck in deep breaths of the salty sea air that blew through the bridge, occasionally pausing to swallow hard, both actions a valiant attempt to stop himself from throwing up. Unfortunately, the sea air really wasn’t helping his cause.

As the boys stepped around the last box on the ramp up to their Spawn Point, they saw the Inkling girl who was about to make their lives miserable for the next few minutes: Marian.

She stood with her Slosher on the bridge’s deck next to her feet, her arms crossed and her bright yellow eyes narrowed in a furious glare that, were it weaponised, would have sent the boys hurtling into oblivion. 

Behind and to the left of her, Vadelma stood with her Luna Blaster in her hands, her eyes closed and smiling as serenely as she always did. If she were mad at Whinter and Logan, she certainly wasn’t showing it, and that was probably because Marian had more than enough rage to dish out without her piling on.

“Well, nice knowing you, man,” Whinter whispered to Logan, rubbing his neck to try and get rid of - or at the very least, hide - the orange-tinted hickey his girlfriend’s tentacle had marked him with.

They came to a halt a few feet away from their captain, who unfolded her arms and began rubbing her hands together. She licked her lips, and looked down at the deck, as if she were contemplating where to begin.

She cleared her throat. “Okay,” she began in a disturbingly cheerful manner, “I’d just like to say by way of… ah, introductory remarks, that I’m extremely put out by the performances from the pair of you in this match.”  She started pacing back and forth slightly as she continued, “And in my… er, quest to make you both try to realise the level of my, uh, unhappiness, I’m likely to use an awful lot of what, er…" 

She stopped pacing and looked to the sky, milking her theatrical consideration for all it was worth. ”…What the media outlets of our society would describe as ‘imagery of a violent and graphic nature’.“ She turned back to face the boys and clapped her hands together with a painfully forced smile. “So I just wanted to check that neither of you would have a problem with that?”

Whinter opened his mouth to try and speak, but Marian cut him off by pointing at him and growling, “Do. Not. EVEN.” Her beak twisted into a snarl that made it look like she was about to open wide and bite his head off. The Krak-On Splat Roller boy quickly shut his mouth and shrank back from his captain’s outburst.

“Now,” Marian said after a brief, deathly silence, “Explain yourself. Would you care to tell me exactly why you and Clementine were at the same point of the map for the majority of the match? And don’t say you weren’t, because remember, I can pick you up on my map. But do, please, choose your words carefully.”

Whinter held his free hand up, whilst still rubbing the hickey on his neck with the other, and tried to give his captain a goofy smile. “Look, she’s pretty good, y'know? She had me pinned down the whole time.”

Marian kept her glare fixed on Whinter, even though she heard Vadelma snort with amusement at his phrasing.

Whinter shrugged. “I mean, I did try to get one over her-” Vadelma snorted again, “-But, y'know, with her it’s hard to take charge and be on top of the situation…”

Vadelma spluttered and covered her mouth with a hand. Marian turned her head to look back at her and simply said, “Vadelma. No.” in the same way one would speak to a misbehaving child.

Knowing she was getting nowhere with Whinter - and trying to keep her ink from boiling - Marian closed her eyes, took a deep breath, held it, and then exhaled. “Logan,” she said, addressing her E-Litre 3K-using team-mate calmly with her eyes still closed. “You’re normally a lot better than that. What was the problem today?”

When she opened her eyes, however, she got a very good idea as to what was wrong very quickly. The colour from Logan’s face had drained even more, giving him an almost deathly pallor, and his cheeks bugled. The Charger weapon he carried clattered to the deck as his hands flew to his mouth.

He dashed to the open area to the Spawn Point’s right, and gripped onto the handrail for dear life as he bowed his head over the side. Even as the wind picked up and howled through the girders of the bridge, his violent and disturbing vomiting was all too plain to hear.

The three members of Team Splat Jam who weren’t currently throwing their guts up into the ocean below looked at each other uncomfortably. “I think maybe we should be going,” Vadelma finally offered.


After some hasty apologies to the jellyfish foreman had been made, the team retreated to Café Caldamari, the coffee shop just outside of Inkopolis Plaza that was owned by Vadelma’s family. Whinter had picked up an orange juice, Vadelma a frappe latte, and Marian a coffee so black she may as well just have gotten a cup full of raw beans.

Logan, however, was taking small sips of a large glass of Inkling-friendly water with added ice cubes. The colour had returned to his face and, though still a little wobbly, it was almost as if he hadn’t been sick at all. The glass of water was merely a courtesy - though he didn’t want to risk consuming anything stronger just yet.

“Dude,” Whinter grinned. “You so nearly hit one of those workers.”

Logan groaned and blushed in embarrassment at the spectacle he had caused. “I so did not! Shut up.”

“What was that all about?” Marian asked, after a sip of coffee.

Logan shifted uncomfortably and glanced at Vadelma as he answered. “Well, uh, Tanrine caught me before we went into the Lobby and handed me a box of cookies…”

The serene smile on Vadelma’s face wavered ever so slightly. “Ah,” was all she said, quietly.

Tanrine, the energetic Inkbrush-using member of Team Vitamin INK, had been swinging by Vadelma’s place frequently and been getting tutelage in baking. To call her ‘a work in progress’ would have been really very generous indeed.

“…Aaaand I had kinda skipped breakfast, so I figured having a few wouldn’t… well, hurt,” Logan continued, shrinking in his seat in fear of repercussion from either Marian or Vadelma.

There was a long, awkward silence.

“…She is actually getting better,” Vadelma finally said, scratching her cheek. “She only burned about… er, four batches before those ones.”

“That girl’s a menace,” Marian said abruptly. “I should contact the league and have her barred for attempting to poison fellow competitors.”

Whinter and Logan stared at their captain in horror, whilst Vadelma frowned. “That’s really not very nice of you to say that, Marian,” she said firmly. Though she respected Marian’s position as team captain and quietly harboured an affection for her, neither of those facts would ever stop her from showing her displeasure when she felt it was needed.

Marian rolled her eyes. “I was joking. I wouldn’t do such a thing,” she said flatly, though her statement was only half-true. She looked at her watch, downed the rest of her coffee and stood up. “Okay, next practice is the day after tomorrow, 10:30 sharp. See you all then.”

As she walked out, Vadelma finished her drink and also stood up. “I’d ought to go, too. I need to get freshened up for the afternoon shift. Are you okay now, Logan?”

Logan smiled a little. Vadelma always acted like a big sister to the boys and, after a day he’d had so far, he appreciated it greatly. “Yeah, thanks. Catch you later!”

Whinter nodded and smiled too. “Yeah, see ya!”

As Vadelma left them to their drinks, Logan fished his iSquid from his pocket. “Oh hey, I forgot to yell ya. I got those tickets to the Rainmaker quarter-finals on Wednesday night. You still down?”

“Oh, heck yeah!” Whinter grinned. The grin melted into a frown, however, when Logan cleared his throat loudly. “Oh, dude, you’re not gonna spew again, are ya?”

Logan shook his head and took a long sip of water. “Nah, I’m good. Just… that really rotten taste in your mouth afterwards. Y'know?”

He sighed and rotated the glass on the tabletop with his fingertips. The whole thing with the cookies had left him feeling rotten emotionally as well as physically. Though the results of her baking could legally be defined as chemical weaponry, deep down he genuinely appreciated Tanrine making the effort and thinking of him as she learned the craft.

The incident earlier, however, had spooked him. Most of the time, the cookies were just plain awful, but he always forced a smile and pretended to enjoy them. Until today, however, they had never made him violently ill. 

A small part of him felt like he should say something to her about it. But that small part was drowned by the overwhelming worry of upsetting her, and of possibly even ruining their friendship. 

The massive crush he had on her didn’t help matters at all.

Tanrine was the kind of squid-kid who always wore her heart on her sleeve. He remembered the time when she had broken her Inkbrush and he happened to be passing by. She was crying as if a close relative had passed away, she watched in awe as he diligently tinkered away in repairing it, and she celebrated like it was her birthday when he presented it, as good as new, back to her.

Then she had kissed him on the cheek and ran off in delight, not realising in the process that she had marked his heart as a target for Cupid’s arrow.

The long, strained groaning sound he made clued his team-mate into his dilemma. “Couldn’t you think of something to say to her to, I dunno, just get her to ease off giving you cookies for a little while?” Whinter asked.

Logan pulled the Camo Mesh Cap off in frustration, and scratched his head with the peak. Whinter’s suggestion seemed like one of the least-worst options, but he still didn’t like it. “I… maybe? I-I dunno. What could I say?”

Whinter spotted a flash of olive green outside the café’s window. As the bell above the door jingled, he leaned towards Logan with a gritted beak. “Dunno, but you might wanna think of something quick,” he whispered. “We got incoming.”

Logan’s brow furrowed as he put his cap back into place. “What do you mean, inco-”

“HEEEEEEEEEEY, LOGAN!” Tanrine’s voice called out over the general bustle of the coffee shop, as she skipped towards them with a big smile on her face. “Oh, hiya Whinter! What’s up?”

“Nothin’ much, Tanrine!” Whinter grinned. “You?”

“Nah, just havin’ a wander around,” she replied, and then added with complete innocence in her voice, “The cap'n told me she’s expectin’ a rematch with you tonight.”

Whinter laughed nervously and scratched his cheek. When it came to shipping and relationships, Tanrine was the yang to her cousin Daisy's yin. Luckily, she then decided to spare him any further embarrassment and turned to Logan.

“So, how were the cookies? Did you eat them all?” she asked, expectantly.

“Uh, y-yeah, thanks for those!” Logan smiled, trying to keep the panic out his voice as it cracked like it always did in her presence. “I-I, uh, uh, didn’t eat them all, though. Um…”

Tanrine’s smile disappeared and she tilted her head quizzically. “Oh… did… did you not like them? W-were they… not…”

Logan’s brain screamed with panic as his worst fears seemed to become reality. His friendship, his crush on her were about to be ruined for the rest of time, and he wished that someone or something would reach down and pull him out of the proverbial hole he was in. “Oh! Oh, n-no, they, they, they were great! I-It’s just… I, uh… I, uh…”

“He’s on a diet,” Whinter said casually, and the proverbial hole dropped another six feet.

Tanrine blinked in surprise. “Oh! Really?”

Seeing no way out other than to just roll with it, Logan nodded nervously. “Uh, y-yeah. I-I didn’t want t-to say, y'know, since you’d, y'know, gone to all that trouble to, y'know, make them and stuff…”

The big smile reappeared on Tanrine’s face. “Aw, that’s okay!” she giggled. “Thanks for letting me know! And I guess it makes sense, you sniper guys are always hanging around places instead of running around the battlefields and stuff. You mustn’t get a lot of exercise, huh?”

“…Um, y-yeah, something like that,” Logan replied. He knew he was a bit of a lazy squid-kid by nature, but to have it pointed out so casually by another person made him uncomfortable - almost to the point of beginning to wonder whether or not he really should go on a diet.


“Though, I dunno,” Tanrine thought to herself. “I kinda like how cuddly you look right now.”

It was only when she saw Whinter’s exaggerated blink, and Logan pulling his cap down over his eyes while his cheeks flushed cobalt blue, did she realise that she hadn’t so much thought that as said it out loud for all to hear.

Her eyes widened in shock, whilst her jaw dropped and her cheeks flushed with heat and embarrassment. “Uhhhhhhh…” she croaked. “Anyway! Gotta go! I need to, uh… I need to… iron… my… my… uhhhh… grandmother… and things!”

With that, she took off out of the shop like she had been launched from an Inkzooka. Once she was most definitely out of sight, Logan punched his team-mate in the arm. “Jerk,” he grumbled.

“Ow!” Whinter protested. “What was that for?!”

“Dude!” Logan retorted. “Why the heck did you blurt out that I was on a diet?!”

“Oh! Oh, yeah, right! You seriously telling me you had something better in mind?”

“No, but that’s not the point! What if she sees me one day when I’m, like, cramming a burger in my face?!”

Whinter looked up to the ceiling, his eyes slowly narrowing as he thought. As he did so, Logan could almost hear horrible grinding noises as his brain ticked over. After a few moments he said, “Protein.”

Incredulity and confusion met in a head-on collision on Logan’s face. “'Protein’? W-Wha…?”

“Yeah, protein!” Whinter grinned winningly. “You could tell her you’re gaining weight so you can bulk up! Chicks dig swole guys, don'tcha know!”

The only response Logan felt he could make to that was to take off his cap again and head-butt the table in exasperation.


Daisy read back over the last few sentences she had typed and wondered if she had over-exaggerated the length and girth of Taloupe’s eleventh tentacle. She was forced to go off of guesswork since her unhelpful gamer nerd of a team-mate, Cosmo, had dodged her questions about his boyfriend’s endowment by using a cunning tactic of completely ignoring them.

After a few minutes of re-reading, Daisy decided to leave that segment in. Given the Taloupe of her current story was an über-muscled barbarian with a penchant for loincloths that were skimpy even by loincloth standards, dangerously rushing at Charger users head-on and tossing Cosmo around like a rag-doll when they were in the sack, she figured that her little touch of artistic licence wouldn’t take her legion of faithful readers out of the story too much.

She was sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar in Vadelma’s kitchen, swinging her legs as she tapped away at the keyboard on her phone’s touchscreen. Since she had finally remembered to get the new software update, she was now able to store her fan-fiction works in progress in The Reef, allowing her to work on them either at home or on the go.

She found it made her creative juices flow freer than ever, a sentence she was trying (and mostly failing) not to snicker at as it ran through her head.

Her cousin Tanrine, meanwhile, sighed and scooted herself back on the marble worktop next to the oven again, since both it and her shorts didn’t provide much grip against one another.

“So, Logan’s on a diet, huh?” Vadelma asked as she squatted in front of the glass window of the oven, checking on the strawberry cake that baked inside. Her usual smile was pulling double duty as a poker face, as she made a mental note to give Whinter and Logan a piece of her mind tomorrow for misleading the poor girl.

“Yeah,” Tanrine sighed again. “I guess that’s a good thing, though. I suck at baking, anyway.”

“Oh, now that’s not true,” Vadelma replied as she stood up.

Tanrine looked at her with a frown. “No, I do suck! I mean, I’ve nearly set fire to your kitchen, like, sixteen times!”

The number was more like twenty-three, but Vadelma didn’t want to correct her. “Oh… well, surely there must be something else you could turn your hand to?”

Tanrine mumbled something noncommittal and unzipped the breast pocket of her Olive Ski Jacket. She rummaged around inside the pocket, and then pulled out a square-stitched keychain of two different colours.

“What’s that?” Vadelma asked.

Tanrine looked up at her. “Huh? This?” She looked back down at the keychain with a fond smile. “Oh, it’s a boondoggle I made when I was a counsellor at Camp Triggerfish that one summer. I found it in the bottom of my wardrobe when I was having a clear-out.”

She offered it to Vadelma, who took it and turned it over in her hands. “Wow, Tanrine, this is lovely! The colours are really fetching!”

“You think so?” Tanrine replied, perking up. “Gosh, thanks!”

“Y'know,” Daisy said absently whilst still pecking away at her phone’s screen, “If you wanna give Logan stuff, maybe you should try making something like that for him instead of baking cookies. It’d last longer.”

Her cousin’s eyes lit up as an idea popped into her head. She hopped down from the kitchen counter and headed for the door. “Thanks, Daisy!” she called over her shoulder.

Daisy looked up from her phone and grinned. “Go get him, Tannie!”

As she heard the door shut, Vadelma looked at Daisy. “Wow, that was a very good idea, Daisy! I never imagined you could be so…”

“So what? Sentimental?” Daisy replied, and then dramatically raised her arm to press the back of her hand against her forehead. “Oh Vadelma, you wound me! Just 'cos I’m all about the booty, that doesn’t mean I can’t be romantic?”

Vadelma laughed. “I stand corrected. How’s the story coming along?”

Daisy leaned over the table to hand Vadelma her phone. “Just finished the best part!”

Vadelma read the paragraph on the screen, frowned, and read it again. After a few moments, she tilted her head. “Ah, I can’t claim to be an expert on boys, but… are they able to do that?”

Daisy’s grin doubled in width and quadrupled in perversion. “Does it matter?”


It was the day after tomorrow, and outside of Inkopolis Tower, the two large speakers either side of the ramp leading up to the Lobby pumped out their usual music loop. Leaning against the mailbox on the opposite side of the concrete wall, Logan could feel the vibrations in the metal from the loud bass behind him. At the opposite side of the wall’s opening, Judd snored away atop his velvet cushion.

Logan shook his head. He could never wrap his head around how that critter could just sleep through the music that filled the plaza. Then again, he’d read about these strange 'cats’ and their reputation of laziness. You could probably either drop an Inkstrike next to Judd, or even fire off a Killer Wail point-blank at him, and he still wouldn’t stir. (Splatfests, however, were another matter.)

He felt a smaller vibration against his body. He had received a message on his iSquid, but the speakers had drowned out the chime. Picking up his E-Litre, he moved away from the wall to the space between the entrances of Cooler Heads and Ammo Knights, and with his other hand pulled out his smartphone.

The lock screen showed that the message had come from Marian. He swiped on the screen to jump straight into the app, and he sighed at what he had been sent. Man, he thought, and I actually got here on time for once…


Switching apps from Messages to Phone, Logan wished Marian would learn that the caps lock on the keyboard could be toggled on and off. But then again, he figured, it was Marian - she had to make her point somehow.

As he started walking towards the other end of the plaza so he could hear the call better, he brought up Whinter’s home number from his contacts and dialled him.

After a few rings, the receiver on the other end picked up. For a short while, there was the sound of fumbling and the muffled voice of a young girl muttering as she struggled with the device.

Logan chuckled quietly to himself. It was Whinter’s little sister, Cloud, who was trying to answer the phone. She was in that age in an Inkling’s life where her body hovered awkwardly between 'kid’ and 'squid’, but not with enough 'kid’ attributes - like fingers and thumbs - to be able to hold onto things with any sort of ease.

“Hel-” the girl started, and then came more sounds of the phone being fumbled. The little voice came back on the line after a few seconds, sounding even more frustrated. “Hello?”

“Hey, Cloud! It’s Logan! Is your brother there?”

“Oh! Hiya, Logan! Yeah, he’s here. Let me get him for ya.”

He heard her take a deep breath before she hollered at the top of her voice, “BIG BROTHEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!” He flinched and pulled the phone away from his ear - Cloud had yelled down the receiver just as much as she had for her sibling.

“Dang,” Logan muttered to himself. When he put the phone back to his ear, he could hear Whinter approaching.

“Cloud!” Whinter said. "Don’t shout, Mom’s sleeping!“

“Oops! Sorry!” Cloud replied, lowering her voice to a whisper. “Logan wants to talk to you.”

“…Why are you whispering?”

“Because Momma’s sleeping! You said so yourself!”

“Yeah, but you don’t have to whisp- aw, forget it. Thanks, sis.” There was a rattle as he took the receiver from Cloud. “Hey, man.”

“Hey there,” Logan said. “Sorry to hear about your mom, she all right?”

“Yeah, nothing too serious. She’s just having one of her off days, y'know?” He then sighed. “Sorry, I gotta bail on you tonight. Mom said she’d be fine enough to look after Cloud later, but with my brothers out of town and all that junk… I dunno, just don’t wanna risk it, y'know?”

Logan nodded. “Dude, it’s cool. I can cancel the tickets easy enough.”

“What? No! Why the heck shouldn’t you go just 'cos I can’t? Couldn’t you get someone to go with you in my place?”

Logan took off his cap and scratched his head. “Yeah, I guess, but who am I gonna ask?”

Whinter snickered. “You could always ask Tanrine, see if she’s game…”

Logan blushed. “Wha-? Dude!”

Whinter’s snickering turned into a full-blown giggle. “Yo, you could totally make a date of it and take her out to dinner, too!”

“Aw, come on, man!” Logan protested. “I can’t ask Tanrine! I don’t think she’d-”

“Can’t ask me what?” Tanrine asked from behind him.

“GAAAH!” Logan shrieked, practically Super Jumping from fright. For someone as energetic and boisterous as she was, she was disturbingly capable of sneaking up on people sometimes.

Trying to compose himself, Logan turned his attention back to his team-mate. “Uh, gotta go! Tell your mom I hope she’s better soon!”

Whinter was now cackling like a madman on the other end of the line. “Yeah, will do! Catch ya later!” He then whispered, “Good luck to ya, buddy,” and hung up.

“Hey, I made you something!” Tanrine smiled, her braces shining brightly on her broad beak, as she dug her hand into the pocket of her ski jacket. Putting his phone away, Logan began to get even more nervous until Tanrine produced her gift for him.

It was a keychain, but instead of the boondoggles she had made at Camp Triggerfish, it was a small Inkling plushie made from felt. Looking closer at its dark colouring, Logan quickly made out that the plushie was of himself.

“I think I made him a little too small to get all the camouflage on,” she explained, starting to blush slightly. “But I thought he’d be handy for your Charger, so everyone would know it was yours.”

She reached forward and clipped the plushie Logan keychain onto the hook underneath the E-Litre’s trigger guard. Her smile became a little more shy as she continued, “I… I was kinda hoping that… y'know, he might be a good luck charm for you…”

Logan looked down at his tiny, arts-and-crafts avatar and then up at Tanrine, who was looking away from him and blushing a little more. After she had done that for him, the best he could do was to swallow his pride, take a deep breath, cross all of his free fingers and ask her a question.

“Um… hey, T-Tanrine, I was wondering… do… do you have any plans for tonight?”

The orange Inkling girl’s eyes slowly rolled to look back at him. “…Uh, no…?”

“Oh, i-it’s just I have some tickets… uh, me and Whinter were going to go to the Major League Inking’s Rainmaker quarter-finals at Nautilus Stadium, b-but he had to drop out 'cos his mom’s ill…”

“Oh my gosh!” Tanrine interrupted, her hands flying to her mouth. “I should call him, I hope she’s okay…”

“…So I, uh, was wondering if… if y-you’d like to come with me?”

In the studio overlooking the plaza, Callie and Marie were sitting at their table away from the cameras, like they always did between Inkopolis News broadcasts. Marie was leaning back in her chair, her hand cupped around her chin and cheek as she tried her best to look interested in the story her cousin was telling her.

“So… so I told Moe,” Callie giggled, tapping her index finger on the table to punctuate her words, “I told him, 'Yo, ya little shrimp, you can’t go mouthing off when you’re small enough to fit between two slices of bread’!” She paused as she snorted in amusement. “And then, and then, you know what that small fry said? He said -”

“HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHH?!” Tanrine’s cry roared throughout Inkopolis Plaza, its volume almost rattling the large pane of glass that ran the length of the studio.

The Squid Sisters looked at each other in confusion, and then shifted in their chairs to look out of the window, hoping to see who had decided to show off their imitation of Godzilla. After a few moments, Marie sat back in her chair and asked Callie in a flat tone of voice, “I’m guessing that’s not what he said?”

With his eyes shut tight - a reflex action to Tanrine’s outburst - Logan stuck his finger in his ear and waggled it around briefly, trying to restore his hearing. 

“…I-if you weren’t busy, that’s all,” he smiled awkwardly. He opened his eyes to see her wide-eyed and even wider-mouthed in shock at the question he had put to her.

She wasn’t moving, and didn’t even blink. “…Um. Tanrine?” he asked, waving his hand in front of her eyes, with no response. Oh, Great Zapfish, he thought to himself, I think I’ve broken her.

Her cheeks were now almost burning orange, and he was a little scared that she was about to explode into ink at any second. Finally, her jaw retracted back into place and slowly she tried to form words. ”…Y-you… you want…“

Her brain then took a moment to reboot properly, and she blinked a few times. “I-I’d love to!” she said, with a massive smile on her face. “That sounds great, Logan!”

Logan’s smile widened too, although it wouldn’t be until much later when he would realise that the nervous stammer that usually came with talking to her had all but disappeared with what he said next.

"Great! The event doesn’t start 'til about 7:30, but I thought… if we met at the station at around about five… it doesn’t take all that long to get to the stadium by train, so I thought maybe we could… we could grab a bite to eat beforehand? I know of a burger place nearby that’s really legit.”

“Okay, yeah! That sounds great!” she beamed, before something clicked in her brain. “Wait a sec. I thought you were on a diet?”

Logan fought hard not to cringe at his little screw-up, but luckily his newfound (yet still unnoticed) confidence helped him cover his mistake. “Oh, well, kinda. I’m doing a bit of protein intake,” he said, flexing his arms a little. “Thought I might try building my body up a touch, y'know?”

Tanrine’s eyes glazed over again as her imagination offered up a little mental picture. Had Daisy been there (and had the power to read minds), she would have been proud of her cousin for being so quick on the draw.

Realising she was spacing out, Tanrine’s brain quickly filed the image away for a closer and more detailed study later. “Oh!” she said, her voice squeaking. She cleared her throat quickly and added, “Okay, then! Um, well, see you at five, then!”

With that, she started to skip off towards home. As he watched her go, reality began to sink in for Logan, and his head spun with realisation. That just happened. He’d done it. He’d asked the girl he had such a crush on out for the evening.

He had asked. Tanrine. Out. His mind began to race with possibility.

Within moments, he was imagining himself working alongside Sheldon in Ammo Knights. But just as his wife and three children were entering the store, reality decided to rudely butt in - and it used the very girl he was fantasising about to do so.

“Just a moment there, mister!” Tanrine said, snapping him out of his reverie. He hadn’t even noticed her standing right in front of him again until she had spoken. “Is… is what we’re doing tonight… a-are we going out on a date?!”

It was now the turn of Logan’s brain to crash and reboot itself. After a few moments of stammering incoherently, he finally said, “Uh… I… I guess we are…?” He then nodded as he got to grasps with the concept. “Y-yeah! I guess we are! I-if, y'know, that’s okay with you…”

“Oh, HECK YEAH!” Tanrine whooped, leaping into Logan’s arms. Her arms flew around his head so quick as to knock his hat clean off, and her legs wrapped around his waist. He reflexively caught her, his left hand pressing gently into the small of her back, whilst his right arm scooped up under her thighs.

He panicked for a second, thinking his right hand had brushed against her rear as his arm moved to support her - but if it did, she hadn’t noticed. Time seemed to slow to a crawl for him. He wanted to stay in this moment with Tanrine forever.

Just as soon as she had leapt into his arms, though, she jumped back down. “Snap!” she cried. “I’d better get going!” She took off at speed, waving furiously and shouting back to him, “I’ll see you later! Station o'clock at the train five!”

After a few seconds, she was nowhere to be seen in the plaza, but her giggling still carried in the air. It made Logan feel all warm inside hearing it. After bending down to pick up his cap, he slung the E-Litre over his shoulder, its new plushie keychain swinging, and made his way out of the plaza.

As he walked home, his imagination continued showing him his beautiful wife Tanrine kissing him in Ammo Knights, whilst the children played at their feet.



Written and submitted by @killer-pail

Original art and characters created by @tamarinfrog

Tammy’s comments: Oh my GOSH this was so adorable. And you wrote the characters so nicely! Perfect for Valentine! Thank you! <3