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I know I'm late but can you do 16 for Marvin/Whizzer


16. brand new neighbors au

Whizzer Brown doesn’t do house warming anything. He doesn’t do home. He has a place of his own, he sleeps theres sometimes, spends the rest of his time either in the studio or in other people’s apartments, that’s all. His interior design is consistently minimalistic; undeniably stylish, but easy to pack up should he desire to move again. Because if there’s one thing he does ridiculously well it’s disappearing. 

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A Night at the Fair! Part 1

i’m really sorry about it being so long, i have no idea how to do a ‘read more’ thingy so ill just apologise greatly now about it clogging up your dashboards! Sorry!

Rae wasn’t looking forward to the fair at all, a night spent watching Finn and Olivia together sounded more like hell than the fun she had been promised by Chloe. Even Izzys infectious giggling when she saw all the bright lights at the entrance couldn’t cheer her up. She’d promised though so here she was. She took a deep breath to calm herself.

Why the fuck did i agreed to this!

She reluctantly followed Chop, Izzy and Archie through the crowd towards the burger van. However she’d been feeling before was nothing compared to feeling she got deep in her stomach when she saw Finn and Olivia stood waiting for them, they were facing each other with sickening smiles plastered across their faces.

you can do this!

Rae slowed down dragging her feet, watching as Izzy went and hugged Olivia. While Archie ran straight at Finn jumping up and down, the couple of cans he’d had on the way definatley having an effect on him. The closer the gap between her and Finn got, the worse she felt. Pretty soon she’d have to say hi, make conversation and act like everything was great.

I can’t do this!

I can’t do this!

“Rae” she turned towards he name, breathing a sigh of relief as she spotted Chloe rushing towards her a huge grin on her face. Pulling her into a hug she thankfully led her away from the gang, away from Finn and Olivia and over to a small group of men.

“Right this is Ian” Chloe pointed “That’s Ben, that’s Joe”

“An this…” Chloe released her grip from around Raes neck and went and stood behind the last of the men “Is Saul” She wiggling her eyebrows suggestively then she walked off to where Ian and the other guys were stood in a group laughing.

Saul gave her a huge smile, she looked over at Chloe confused then back to Saul. What was Chloe playing at.

Fucking Chloe!

She smiled back feeling uncomfortable. She wasn’t good in these kind of situations and Chloe knew that, but she’d still fucked off and left her……. typical Chloe.

“You look nice”

Is he talking to me?

“What?"  Rae wondered if she’d heard right.

"You look nice” He repeated with a laugh.

“Thanks” Rae laughed relaxing slightly.

“Chloe’s told me alot about you”

Rae’s face dropped.

“Don’t worry, its all good” Saul laughed.

“Oh thats good then, i dont need to kill her” Rae faked a laugh, she glanced over to Chloe again to see her looking back with a huge grin on her face. Rae couldn’t be angry with her, afterall Chloe thought she was doing something good. She gave her a small smile then looked  back at Saul who was still staring at her.

The conversation with Saul seemed to just flow, she wasn’t used to guys openly flirting with her. So when Saul offered for her to hang out with him and the rest of them she agreed. Happy that she had something to distract her from the awful night she thought she was gonna have.

“Come on” Saul said, he grabbed her hand and started to lead her away.

Rae looked back at the gang messing around, part of her wished she was staying with them, but the other part was so glad to be getting away from Finn and Olivia. Knowing she wouldn’t have to watch them be all loved up together made her smile genuinely for the first time since entering the fair.


Finn looked up to see Rae walking away into the crowd hand in hand with that Saul bloke.

I can’t believe she’s fucked off with him, she doesn’t even know HIM!

Finn kicked the ground looking down at his feet. He turned back to the gang adament that he was going to enjoy himself too.

no more moping about, Rae’s clearly not!


Hanging with Saul was proving to be a good idea, they seemed to get on really well. Chloe, Ian and the rest of the guys had wandered off somewhere leaving them to just walk around talking. Even though she didn’t find him that attractive it was nice to talk to someone who listened and cared what she thought. But after a few hours conversation started to sag, so Saul had suggested they play some games.

“Here do you want a go?” Saul asked holding out the last ball.

Rae shook her head, she threw like a girl ironically and she didn’t want to look stupid. He gave a small shrug then threw the ball, knocking the remaining metal bottles down.  Saul pumped his fist agressively and laughed in the stall holders face as he passed him the stuffed animal he’d won.

Rae wasnt paying attention, she was too busy searching the crowd for a glimpse of Finn. She knew she shouldn’t watch them together. She knew the pain that would linger deep down after seeing them, but she couldn’t help it. It was her fault she wasn’t with Finn anymore so it was like her way of punishing herself for being weak. She was pulled from her thoughts by Saul’s hand squeesing her arse.

What the fucks he playing at?

“Wheres Chloe?” She asked using it as an excuse to move away from him and scan a different part of the crowd.

“Dunno” He mumbled turning to look too.

Rae knew full well she was only two stalls down pretending to struggle to hook a duck, she’d spotted her before on her search for Finn, but she carried on pretending to scan the crowd til Saul nudged her on the arm.

“Shes there” He pointed

Rae looked over to see that Chloe had got what she was wanting, Ian was now pressed up behind her, his arms reaching forward holding onto the rod with her. They hooked one straight away and Chloe was rewarded with a stuffed frog teddy.


Finn felt his stomach drop as he watched HIM slide his hand down Raes back and gave her arse a quick squeese. He couldn’t see Rae’s face, so he had no idea if she liked it or not.

What does it matter Finn? She’s not your girlfriend anymore!

He kept telling himself the reason he cared so much was because he didn’t trust this Saul guy, but it wasn’t just that. The thought of her being close with any guy made him feel like he’d swallowed a lead weight.

He hated the way they were now, they weren’t close anymore. He missed just hanging out listening to shit reggae, he missed her going on about anything and nothing. He missed her!

You need to fix this Finn!

“Should we go on the big wheel?” Finn was pulled from his thoughts by Olivia nudging him on the arm.


don’t do it to yourself!

She spotted them all back at the burger van.

Probably Chop’s idea!

Finn looked so happy as Olivia fed him a chip.

She turned back to Saul with a sigh, why was she being this way. Saul was being lovely with her. He was making it pretty clear that he liked her so Why did she keep wishing she was here with Finn instead, when she could see he’d clearly moved on.

She had to stop this, she needed to focus on Saul. On the guy that she hadn’t pushed away……..yet!

“So, what would you like to do now?” She asked giving him the best smile she could muster.

“You want some food?” He shrugged pointing over to the burger van. Rae felt herself tense, she found it hard watching Finn with Olivia from across the field, she couldn’t handle standing next to them, they’d try and talk to her and then she might just punch Miss Bailys and ice square in the face.

“Na i’m good” She tried to act cool but inside she was secretly pleading for him to suggest something else, anything else.

Please! Please! Please!

“I’m gonna get a hotdog, you sure you don’t want anything?” He asked placing his hand on the small of her back and leading her to the van and towards guarnteed pain.

“Rae!” Archie shouted as he spotted them.  Bouncing over to her with a huge grin. “Wheve’ve you been hiding?” He slurred slightly giving her a hug.

“Just hanging with Saul” He released her and dragged her over to the gang only letting go when she was stood firmly between him and Chop.

“You sure you don’t want anything babe” Finns head shot up at the word 'babe’ to see Saul stood behind Rae with his head rested on her shoulder. She gently nodded and smiled, watching him as he went to line up before turning back to the group.

“So hows it going Raemundo?” Chop asked with a suggestive smile.

“Alright” She shrugged.

“Who’s he Rae?” Izzy said looking over at Saul who was now being served.

“One of Chloe’s mates” Rae said turning to her with a smile “He’s in his twenties”

If Finn could rub Olivia in her face then she was gonna do the same with Saul.

“He seems abit weird” Finn said much to Olivias annoyance.

“Na, hes really cool” She replied with a little smirk.

Ha is Finn bloody Nelson alittle jealous!

Rae looked down at her watch to see it was only eleven. Time seemed to have gone so slowly, she realised how much she wished she had stayed with the gang when Saul appeared at the side of her and signalled for them to go.

She gave them a quick wave and followed Saul over to a nearby bench. Sitting down next to him she allowed him to put his arm around her. Uneasiness washed over her. She didn’t like how his hands were always somewhere on her, either around her shoulders, holdings her hand or squeesing her arse. She was pretty sure that he’d tried to grope her tits as well earlier but she’d brushed it off as accidental. 

This is getting to be beyond a joke!

“You don’t look like your enjoying yourself?” Saul asked glumly before taking a huge bite out of his hotdog.

Was it that obvious?

“I am” Rae plastered on a fake smile. Although she wasn’t she didn’t want him to know that. He looked genuinely down that she wasn’t enjoying herself. Although his touchy feeliness was part of the problem it wasn’t why she was feeling so down.

Saul didn’t seem convinced “You wanna get outta here?”

Rae looked over at the gang wistfully wishing Olivia would just bugger off.

She watched as Olivia wrapped her arms around Finn’s neck and move in for a kiss. Rae looked away quickly before she saw anything else, just the thought of them kissing made her go cold. The overwhelming need to be as far away from them as possible now outweighed the uneasyness she felt about Saul.

“Yes please” She smiled

Rae ignored the suggestive smile that spread across his face. Hoping it was just her mind playing tricks on her.

“There’s just something i want to do first” He said stuffing the last of his hotdog into his mouth messily.


Finn pushed Olivia back lightly before the kiss went any deeper. He wasn’t in the mood for her constant affection tonight. He ignored her groan and looked around spotting Rae in the distance being led towards one of the stalls. They stopped and Saul picked up a big wooden gun on a chain, he was clearly trying to impress her.

Clearly he doesn’t know Rae!

“Finn, whats up with you tonight?”

Finn reluctently turned to Olivia who clearly wasnt happy.

“Nowts wrong” He shrugged, this wasn’t the time and place to be having this conversation. He just wanted to have fun, which was proving to be very difficult.

“Really?? Thats all your gonna say?"   He watched as she turned and huffed off over to Izzy and Chop.

He knew he should follow her and appoligise, but he didn’t. His head was all over the place and he wouldn’t of known what to say so  Instead he looked back over to find Rae staring back at him, her back to Saul while he played with the gun. He watched as she turned her head slightly and said something. he must of replied because she began to turn back around.

No Rae, look at me! Please!

It happened before Finn could do anything, Rae turned to look at Saul just as he was turning to her, resulting in the gun colliding with Rae’s nose. She hunched over, her hand up to her face in obvious pain.


"Oh shit, sorry Rae” Saul said flinging the gun back onto the stall ledge. He placed his hand on the small of her back.

holy shit this hurts!


Rae looked up to see Finn jogging over, the rest of the gang close behind.