the converse

Messages I (an INTP) have sent to people
  • “This is a weird request but can I borrow your kitchen tap? There’s nothing wrong with mine but it’s quite urgent I’m dying.”

  • “I need you to do me a favour. In my room on the side of my desk behind the wooden writing thingy there is a shiny white purse with butterflies on it. I need you to snapchat me the coins that are in there.”

  • “Can we open a cat sanctuary but like not let anyone else in”

  • “I’ve decided I’m going to marry the CEO of Pandora please help me plan his murder”

  • “In my defence I did not foresee having this much of a social life”

  • “I have a very serious task for you involving fire”

No one and nothing was harmed as a result of these messages

America: So.. I was reading about how alcoholics can be found in like, everyone’s lives. It’s a common issue, ya know

Canada: Oh yeah, I bet we can even name some people in this room.


England: Why are all of you looking at me?! 

Prussia: And me! What are you trying to say?

England: What the hell?

Prussia: Hey, do you want to go to the pub after this? Talk about this bullshit?

England: Yes. Actually. I do. 

thelightofthingshopedfor  asked:

Tell us your emotions about the scene of Loki freezing Heimdall! 😁

you know, the thing about me rambling in tags is that someone eventually asks me to talk about them. and this is great! but means I have to try to be, you know, more coherent.

there are a couple things about that scene that strike me. 

1. it’s the first time Loki uses his Jotun powers. that has to be weird, and potentially downright uncomfortable, and I wonder if there’s a sense of irony for Loki in the fact that he’s using the Casket of Ancient Winters and a Jotun ability to clear the way for his plan to murder Jotunheim’s ruler and destroy their realm. 

2. there’s a very interesting transition on Loki’s face - see between this gif and this one. in the first, he’s not quite smiling, but there’s an expression that reads to me like…a little bit of surprise, and pleasure, and exhilaration. it’s sort of a “it worked!” face, and also, this being Loki, probably enjoying the sense of power that using the Casket - and using it on Heimdall - gave him. 

3. sidenote: I wonder what Loki was planning on doing about the problem of Heimdall. did he know freezing him wouldn’t kill him? if he didn’t, arguably he could defend killing Heimdall as a response to treason (trying to kill Loki and/or sending the Warriors Three and Sif away against his/Odin’s command) but that strips Asgard of a major defense. on the other hand, keeping Heimdall around when he’s shown that he’s very definitely not loyal to Loki would be a bad idea. this is another example of the way in which Loki in this movie is not thinking things through nearly as well as he thinks he is: his focus is very, very narrow and very fixed on one particular thing, which is the elimination of Laufey and of Jotunheim.

4. to get back to that second gif, though - the look on Loki’s face there is much more interesting to me. even the faint trace of pleasure or exhilaration is gone, and he glances down at the sword and then looks back at Heimdall. and this is the thing: Loki’s never used the Casket before. did he know it would work? he had to have known there was a chance Heimdall suspected him, and might well try to stop him freezing the Bifrost open anyway. that he’d never allow Jotnar into Asgard. 

5. but Loki waltzes up to Heimdall with a magical artifact he’s never used, and rather than surprising Heimdall, or freezing him before he can object, he talks to him first. maybe feeling him out to see if Heimdall will attack, though that’s interesting in and of itself. or maybe not. he cuts it really, really fine - look how close the tip of Heimdall’s sword is to Loki’s neck. it’s a really, really reckless move, and from Loki - who at the beginning of the movie is the one to advocate caution and getting out of Jotunheim without a fight - that’s not normal. 

I’ve written before about how Loki at the end of Thor reads to me like someone who is flirting with death. the way he goads Thor into a fight, the risk he takes confronting Laufey on his own (even if Laufey thinks Loki’s on his side, that’s still a risk), and this bit here. I don’t think Loki necessarily even realizes what he’s doing. but I think it’s still there, a little bit of the sense that Loki is (as I put it in the RTC fic where I wrote about Loki’s suicide attempt) “[dancing] in front of Death like a lure, to see if she would bite, and knowing I would not be disappointed if she called my bluff.”