the conversation totally went a little something like this

anonymous asked:

i have a huge crush on a guy from my church and he isn't going to notice me. i really like him. he is super hot. he is tall with gorgeous blue eyes and blonde hair. he's kinda a fuck boy, but he's also super sweet and totally outgoing. it's kinda ruining my life because I am too scared to talk to him at all. he jokingly flirted with me a couple of times, but we haven't talked besides that. and he won't add me back on snapchat. what should i do?

Do you guys talk at all? Try bringing up small little conversations with him at your church like comment on the ceremony and how you think it went. Compliment him on something. Like does he participate in the sermons? (I don’t know your church and I don’t know if the youth participates as much as my church does). Are you friends with any of his friends? Then you could casually slip into their circle during a conversation and talk among them as well.

Also don’t go up to him and be like “why haven’t you added me back on snapchat?” Just ask if he got the notification or if he’s checked his snapchat lately because you sent in a request.

Just breathe! Everything will go well! I promise! ❤💜 I hope this helped a little.