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The new hardcover collection of over the garden wall comics drawn by me and Cara McGee are out now! You can pick up a copy now at the Emerald City Comic Con (last time they sold out in the first couple days so hurry!!). Cara and I will be signing all 4 days at the Boom comics booth.. 5pm today, 1pm Friday, 5pm Saturday and 2 pm Sunday!

This hardcover book is a limited run of 500 copies and will only be sold at conventions!!

Gwenn Craig, Lesbian & Gay Caucus member, holds a “Black Lesbian Feminist” sign at the 1980 Democratic National Convention, Madison Square Garden, New York City, August 14, 1980. The 1980 DNC marked the first time one of the two main American political parties endorsed a platform calling for protection from discrimination based on, among other things, “sexual orientation”; in 2008, the DNC added “gender identity” to the list of protected classes.

A Wondrous Adventure (4/4)

The wedding I wanted for them. Thanks @ripplestitchskein for beta reading!

For a moment Emma couldn’t speak. The teasing look had gone from Killian’s expression, leaving only the open question, the shining adoration in his eyes.  

“I know the future can hold many dangers,” he said. “But I promise you, no matter what it brings, I will be at your side for as long as you wish.”

Emma breathed out. “I…. wow.” She looked down for a moment, trying to gather her thoughts, to put together a coherent sentence, and had to settle for, “Yes. Yes, I will.” She couldn’t stop smiling. Snowflakes were melting in her hair and his as she held out her hand. She hadn’t even looked at the ring, having eyes only for him at first, but she glanced down as he slipped it on. Its simple, graceful shape reminded her of her mother’s. Two small diamonds flanked a single ruby, and the band had been carved with fantastic delicacy to resemble a flowering vine.

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studying-duh  asked:

Aah omg I'm going to England too! Can you please share your restaurant recommendations? 🙃 also do you know some stuff you can do in London without spending too much money? Thank you 🙂 and a lot of fun to the other person!!

just a heads up they’re not all proper restaurants!! ✨

  • koya udon (soho) // best udon i’ve ever had in england?? my personal fave is the sweet pork and miso
  • tsujuri (soho) / milktrain (convent garden) // they both serve matcha soft serve ice cream(!!!!) which is mY FAVE EVER and it tastes incredible. tsujuri is a little more traditional in terms of the add ons/menu options - u can get it with mochi, red bean or just order mochi, whereas milktrain ‘s menu is a more westernised. both are equally good, but tsujuri is a little more expensive
  • meatliquor // incredible burgers!! also their chilli cheese fries are daMN GOOD. they have several different locations - i went to their “meatmarket” branch in convent garden and it was v v good. i believe they also have one near oxford street, but that one’s kinda intimidating bc it looks like a club inside lmao. u’ll see what i mean if u go
  • patty and bun // also have v good burgers!!!
  • breadahead bakery // i go to the one in borough market but they also have a proper bakery in seven dials!! all of their baked goods are amazing, but my all time fave is their honeycomb salted caramel doughnut. u have to try it
  • kanada ya (tottenham court road) // (fyi they have lots of different locations so u can go to any, but this is the one i’ve been to!) they have amazing tonkotsu ramen. u gotta try it!!!! it’s also super filling so uHH BEWARE
  • taro (soho) // i’ve been going here since i was 7 lmao. my fave is the unaju rice!! their bento boxes are also pretty good

i dont rly have any recommendations for things to do without spending too much money bc i don’t rly do touristy things in london!! i do recommend visiting tate modern tho if ur into art galleries. it’s super pretty and i think it’s rather fun

me: when you go to convent garden can you please get me some stationary from muji

my mother: *thinks I said ‘moomin’* 😂

but she got me this pretty planner from cath kidston for next year

also my grandma wrote me a letter on really nice paper but on the first sheet she wrote on the wrong side 😂