the contours do you love me

“Hey babe, I’m going out with some friends.”

ARIES: You didn’t know I was going with you??

TAURUS: Okay, love. I’m gonna stay home and lounge a bit. *Says while snacking on something*

GEMINI: Lol, so am I. See you later on.

CANCER: Without me…?

LEO: Bitch, I’m coming too. 

VIRGO: Okay, might wanna fix that contour and get that stain out your shirt. Love you, though.

LIBRA: Alright honey, have fun for me. *kisses*

SCORPIO: Where? Who? When? Why? Keep me updated please or I’ll lose my shit haha.

SAGITTARIUS: *is already out doing something*

CAPRICORN: Okay hun. I’ll have dinner done when you get home. *Curls up, reading a book or blogging*

AQUARIUS: Why not hang out here with my friends?

PISCES: Let me know if you need anything and keep me updated so I know you’re okay. 

{PART 17} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; As Taehyung finally reveals his creation to you - you find yourself sharing soft, tender and heartfelt moments with both him and Jimin; before being reunited with Jungkook - The Prince and Princess of the Ball.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} // {Part 16} {Part 17} {Part 18}

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Things said to a
  • Aries: "I heard you before I saw you"
  • Taurus: "You're contouring is so on point"
  • Gemini: "I didn't hear you sneak up on me"
  • Cancer: "Thanks for making me at home"
  • Leo: "Yes, I do love you too"
  • Virgo: "Can you sit down?"
  • Libra: "Do I know you from somewhere?"
  • Scorpio: "Are you angry at me?"
  • Sagittarius: "Are you going already?"
  • Capricorn: "Can you just relax"
  • Aquarius: "Woah"
  • Pisces: "Are you alright?"

Alright, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my luck on Tinder so here is what I do to attract wealthier men on Tinder.


have 5 photos on my profile, 2 being well lit face shots of me wearing natural or minimalistic amounts of makeup. the amount to wear is completely up to you but I prefer to keep it fresh faced. the other 3 of my photos are full body pictures of me wearing various outfits in different locations. The first is of me at a more formal event, wearing a little black dress and heels; you can clearly see the fancy venue behind me. Second picture is on the terrace of a hotel room, I’m in a bikini facing away from the camera and looking at the sunset in the back round. Last photo is me in Bora Bora, sitting under a fern tree in a bikini, looking at straight at the camera and smiling.

   I used these photos in particular because as a whole, they display the lifestyle I’m accustomed to living, and therefore attracts people who are capable and willing tp uphold and expand that lifestyle, but I know what you’re thinking


my answer is; fake that shit girl

get dressed up, find a plain wall or a wall with nice décor on it, and have someone take photos of you, if you’re ever anywhere with a nice view, have someone take a photo with the view in the back (try not to get any unwanted stragglers in the back)


I have been on so many POT dates where men have flat out told me that the reason they liked my profile so much is because of the complete lack of snapchat filter bullshit, newsflash sweetheart, they want to see your actual face. not you as a dog, not you with silver eyes and a flower crown, and not you in some weird greenish filter that contours your face and blurs your crowsfeet. That shit might be cute if you’re looking for an unemployed, basement dwelling 22 year old, but not when you’re trying to attract a successful business man.



you guys are about to be extremely disappointed……

I keep it minimal

first of all I NEVER EVER EVER put the phrase “sugar baby” or “sugar daddy” in my bio, I don’t know I personally find it tacky. I also don’t say anything about wanting something “mutually beneficial” because I let my photos do the talking. I stick to 4 simple little bullet points saying that I’m well traveled, a  fine wine and sushi enthusiast , and how many counties I visited in 2016 (this can easily be substituted by something else that’s more personally fitted) and then at the bottom a simple “Show me the rest of the world?” BOOM I immediately have an inbox weeded of salts (they’ll still appear though, but I’m positive that my profile does shoo some of them away) and instead I’m left with potential daddies and splendas.


I look for men, who have similar profiles as my own;

- well dressed

- exotic/expensive location

-well groomed

-well spoken


I know some men have their jobs in the description of their profiles, I sway towards CEO’s and entrepreneurs (they could be lying so don’t get your hopes too high)

as for my age range, mine goes from 36 to 55+, most POT are over the age of 40 but I shaved a few years off because I’ve seen that some men in their 40′s will lie and say they’re 37-39


I went on a date like 8pm est and of course I beat my face to hell and back, we just got back like an hour ago or so & we had sex. Right before my guy cums he gonna say “Imma nut on ya pretty lil face” *pause* who face?? Not mine. Not the face that I beat the shit out of for over an hour…… do you not see these brows, you didn’t notice this contour, is my highlight not blinding you… you want to nut on this masterpiece, so you just want to cum on all my hard work and dedication?? Like I hardly wear makeup and you pick the day I decided to go all out to wanna cum on my face?? I ain’t make one snap yet, ain’t take no pics. Like damn you never wanted to cum on my fucking face before🙄🙄🙄🙄

annoying ass……….

Bye Bye Rodeo Clown

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Female!Reader, Unnamed OC

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 1097 (I tried my best to keep it at drabble length, I guess I failed!)

Warnings: None, Jealous!Dean… 

A/N: This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing Hiatus Writing Challenge Week 8 

Prompt: ‘Where the fuck did that clown come from?’

Thanks to @getyourrocksalt and @nadiandreu7 for the read over!

Wanna be on my tag list? 

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Bye Bye Rodeo Clown

With attentive eyes Dean watches her every move, as Y/N pushes her way through the crowded saloon to get to the counter. He hates how every single man around her turns their head to see her as she walks by, wheels revolting in their minds imagining the things they could do to her. Dean sighs again in annoyance since there’s nothing else he can do. She offered herself to go get this next round and she’s perfectly capable of defend herself.

Next to him in the little booth Sam scoffs, causing Dean’s sentinel’s watch on Y/N to decay. “What is your problem?” His tone is somewhat blunt. Which only causes Sam grin to widen.

“You should go over there and get her before he does.” Sam’s eyebrows signal forwards, towards the counter and his mouth gets occupied by the lips of his bottle. His eyes close as he tips it up to finish the contents.  

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Scenario: You’re a rising fashion/beauty YouTuber and decides to let your boyfriend to your voice over.  

Yoon Jisung

  • Alright so hi my name is (Y/N) and  I love makeup–not as much as my boyfriend Jisung though
  • “I have a bunch of palettes and they’re all the same but I like buying the same thing over and over to waste money” 
  • “This looks expensive but you see all this?? I only buy it because it’s cute and I use it once before throwing it into the drawer and never see it ever again” 

Ha Sungwoon

  • “Hi, everybody! Welcome back to another tutorial —sips some water and twirls hair.”
  • “Okay so we have two eyeliners–oh you’re going to shake it and.. okay just kidding you’re going to put it on your hand.. wait what?.”
  • “Now you’re going to contour the foundation around your nose and… right under the hairline with a fat paint brush and then use the beauty blender and basically punch right under your eye..” 
  • “Now I’m going to put on pink lipstick and think of my boyfriend as I do this because he’s very handsome and I love him a lot and I love pink.”

Hwang Minhyun

  • “Hey everyone. Welcome to my tutorial and this how I do my makeup.. so I’m just putting on a lot of face foundation and what is this other tube.. eye foundation? Okay it looks the same.
  • “Now we’re taking this brown shade and we’re going to put it onto my eye ball socket… and then we’re going to be really dangerous and go underneath— basically under my eye bags” 
  • “Touches brush oh man I should listen to my amazing boyfriend and actually clean my brushes before I stab my eye and get infected.”
  • “Uh here we have more powdering and contouring and now we’re going to brush the neck area, ear and more on the neck..” 

Ong Seongwu

  • It’s ONG MUA in the HOUUUUSE! Here to do (Y/N)’s voice over because I know you love hearing my voice more than hers.”
  • “MY LIPSTICK SNAPPED OFF? JK it’s under control guys”
  • “And here’s the finished ‘I LOOK LIKE A BURNT ORANGE’ LOOK! Just kidding she’s looking super fine… Not as fine as me though—”

Kim Jaehwan

  • “Okay, so first you’re going to grab your concealer and make a triangle and blend it with this stress ball okay so DAB DAB DAAAAB” 
  • Time to fill in my non-existent brows with this brown color gel.”
  • “Then you take some of this shiny stuff IDK what this is but going for that super 3D look” 

Kang Daniel

  • “What’s up everyone! Going to do a glam tutorial look for you all today so let’s get started!”
  • “Wow, I look cute. Super cute and I know it. Hair flips and more hair flips. Anyways, we’re taking this white cream and putting it all over the face because my skin is thirsty for moisture..
  • “You see Rooney in the back everyone? Why don’t we just focus on her instead. Rooney is more important right now.” 
  • “She’s putting on a lot of lipstick.. how does it not get onto my lips when she kisses me…”

Park Jihoon

  • “Hi everyone! This is Jihoon speaking and today I’m here to do (Y/N)’s voice over so shall we get started?”
  • “Okay so take this neutral color from the first palette and then put on this eye primer protein—i mean potion”  
  • “Then you’re going to blend it together and then color your eyeshadow with Steela?? Stilla??”
  • “You’re going to pat pat pat the skin and you can use anything that’s soft like this square looking sponge. 
  • “Now we’re going to open this other tube and draw some small dots and triangles—this looks like clown makeup.. sorry baby..”

Park Woojin

  • “H-Hello this is Park Woojin..” (whispers babe.. do I look awkward on camera?) 
  • “Why do girls say they’re going to “beat” their face with makeup..”
  • “Next you have to keep on rubbing your face until your hand gets tired and now onto eyeshadow..”
  • “We’re going to take this purple color and put it on the eyes.. like an upside down Nike sign” 
  • What is that? Baby powder? Then you have to put it under your eyes and chin. What is this even for…” 

Bae Jinyoung

  • “So I’m Jinyoung.. (Y’N)’s boyfriend and yeah..we’re going to dive right into the look.”
  • “Taking a clean brush, we’re going to take this light brown color and swirl it all over the eyelid.. and then we’re going to take another brown color.. the colors look the same..” 
  • “Grabbing this black crayon.. pencil… I’m going to put it onto my eyelashes.. have to draw inside the lines like a coloring book” 
  • “The eyes look really pretty.. super”
  • “Powder the tip of your nose and the mustache area and then you’re done! Oh just kidding not yet—

Lee Daehwi

  • “Hey what’s up everyone! This is (Y/N)’s boyfriend Daehwi and we’re going to go straight into this pretty look she has going on!” 
  • “Gotta make sure your lips aren’t dry and chapped so hydrate your lips, everyone.”
  • “So first we’re going to conceal everywhere that’s problematic.. like this pimple under her chin.. what is this… Tarte Shape Tape! ”
  •  “Now gotta make sure those brows are filled in because you know.. NO BROWS NO LIFE” 
  • Oh my god she’s so fire.. even more, fire if she actually did her make up this fast though. YES, I’M CALLING YOU OUT.” 

Lai Guanlin

  • “What’s up everyone. I’m Lai Guanlin and I was forced to do this video for my girlfriend… I love you, (Y/N).” 
  • “Looks like she’s going to put on a bunch of colors now. This bottle looks like nail polish though..
  • “Put some liquid thing onto this red egg ball and punch the makeup into your pores.. wow that’s a lot..”
  • “Why is she so extra.. okay so next you’re going to overline your lips. Want to make your lips bigger than they are because big lips are in..”
  • “And this is the final look..  Wow, my girlfriend is really attractive.. and here she is being extra again.” 

In addition to state-of-the-art weapons, shielding, and navigation technology, Driver’s vehicle the McMANN also has a cassette tape player, which is very exciting because it means they get to make mixtapes they can make everyone else listen to while they head out on a mission.

So I made a couple of YouTube playlists.

These are all songs that came out in America between 1960 and spring of 1974, mostly a blend of rock, soul, power pop, and some proto-punk. The first one is faster songs, more rock ‘n’ roll. The second has more soul and love songs and stuff. Chill, but you can still sing along to ‘em.

Driver’s Mixtape Vol 1.

  1. “I Get Around” by The Beach Boys
  2. “Keep Yourself Alive” by Queen
  3. “Amateur Hour” by Sparks
  4. “Waterloo” by ABBA
  5. “20th Century Boy” by T. Rex
  6. “WAR” by Edwin Starre
  7. “Summer in the City” by The Lovin’ Spoonful
  8. “Somebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane
  9. “Piece of My Heart” by Janis Joplin
  10. “Revolution” by The Beatles
  11. “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks
  12. “I Can See for Miles” by The Who
  13. “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf
  14. “Dusty Old Fairgrounds” by Blue Ash
  15. “Radar Love” by Golden Earring
  16. “No Matter What” by Badfinger
  17. “Changes” by David Bowie
  18. “Wild Thing” by The Troggs
  19. “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” by The Rolling Stones
  20. “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” by Jim Croce
  21. “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Stealers Wheel
  22. “Kodachrome” by Paul Simon

Driver’s Mixtape Vol. 2

  1. “In the Street” by Big Star
  2. “Lake Shore Drive” by Aliotta Haynes & Jeremiah
  3. “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye & Tami Terrell
  4. “Dancing in the Street” by Martha & the Vandellas
  5. “Get Ready” by The Temptations
  6. “Do You Love Me” by The Contours
  7. “You Can’t Hurry Love” by The Supremes
  8. “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5
  9. “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone
  10. “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” by Jackie DeShannon
  11. “Chain Gang" by Sam Cooke
  12. “Chain of Fools” by Aretha Franklin
  13. “Everyday People” by Sly & the Family Stone
  14. “Build Me Up Buttercup” by The Foundations
  15. “Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)” by Edison Lighthouse
  16. “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash
  17. “A Little Less Conversation” by Elvis Presley
  18. “You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley Gore
  19. “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver
  20. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by Robert John
  21. “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder
  22. “Money (That’s What I Want)” by Barrett Strong

Please feel free to suggest more songs and artists to me, if you think they’d be good road trip listening and came out by spring 1974!

Dating Ethan Nestor Would Include (Part Two)

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- Late night Skype calls

- Kathryn and Ethan trying to teach you how to edit

- Sitting on his lap for the entire session

- Him wrapping his arms around you and guiding your hands with his

- Shoulder kisses when you get frustrated

- Stealing literally all of his hoodies

- Making flower crowns for each other

- Texting “Miss u” whenever you leave the room for even a second

- Having a really long streak on Snapchat


- Spontaneously and simultaneously bursting into song whenever someone unknowingly references song lyrics

- Doing each other’s make up for a video

- Ethan looking like a total beaut with winged eyeliner and perfect contour

- You ending up with a clown’s smile and panda eyes

- “You used way too much lipstick!”

- “Give me a kiss and share then.”

- Random acts of kindness. E.g Surprising him with lunch at work, him bringing you flowers

- Arguing over pineapple on pizza

- Laughing along with Mark and Tyler’s jokes about his channel/acne

- But reassuring him that you love him and every part of him afterwards

- Sending each other pictures of dogs you see whilst out

- Super deep conversations late at night

- Holding hands whilst he’s editing

- Before he realises he needs both hands to work

- So he gives your knuckles a little kiss before he lets go

- Him grabbing your hand again as soon as he can

- Mark acting like a total mama bear to the two of you

- “Frobo…”

- “Saaaam.”

- Reading to Ethan and pointing out your favourite quotes

- Him secretly writing them in a notebook and giving it to you for your birthday

- Ethan doing whatever it takes to make you laugh on a bad day

- Fluffy!!!!! Bedhead!!!!! Ethan!!!!!

- Poking him in the sides to make him jump

- When you watch a movie, you would act out the scene together

- Wearing hideous matching jumpers for a Christmas video and instantly regretting it when the fanart starts popping up

- Only conversing in memes for an entire day

- Ethan being the sweetest, most adorable boyfriend ever

Requests are open!

|A Theory part 5|


GENRE: Angst, Smut, Pure unadulterated nonsense


A/N: I am so so so sorry for how long this took for me to get out. I really hope you guys like it. Now, I since already gifted the Jackson stans, I believe the eldest hyung and the leader deserve some love too, yes?

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“Dress sexy” .

Jackson’s husky words echoed in my mind as I washed my body, making sure to shave, exfoliate and almost everything else in the book I could think of. I touched my skin making sure it was silky smooth to the touch before turning off the water and stepping out. The steam enveloped the room, making it a foggy maze to the door. I grabbed the dark colored towel off of the rack, wrapping the fluffy thick cotton around my body before I left the humid room, relishing in the cold air hitting my wet skin when I opened the door and stepped out into my room. In my immediate line of sight, I could see a broad back and shoulders going through my closet, carefully inspecting each article of clothing before pushing it aside and moving onto the next.

“I like the red” I heard his low, smooth voice speak as he inspected a dress I wore once to some high end fashion party Bambam dragged me to.

“It suits you” he mused.

That deep, melodic and smooth voice belonged to only one person. But how and when did he get in my room? How long was I in the shower for? It couldn’t have been that long, could it? My mind was swirling with the bombardment of questions assaulting my conscious, the most prominent one being what the hell was going on.

“Jaebum?” At the call of his name he took his attention away from the dress and turned to me.

I could fully see how he was dressed now, a simple white button up, buttoned up to his elbows with black slacks on. It was simple, but with his accessories of the silver earrings and simple chain, adorning his neck, he made it gorgeous. Giving me a once over, his lips spread into a gorgeous breathtaking smile. He kept his hand on the smooth, silky fabric of the dress as he addressed me.

“Evening baby girl” he said in a smooth, polite voice.

The initial shock of Im Jaebum in my room, while I was naked no less, was staggering and highly difficult to get over to say the absolute least. He raised an eyebrow at my silence and I could see the smug glint in his eye. He was breath taking, it was almost impossible for me to take my eyes off of him. His dark hair was styled back and away from his forehead, giving me a view of his gorgeous features. He watched me as I watched him, silently egging me on to do something as I continued my ogling unabashedly. That was before my mind took me back to the reality of the situation; Until I was reminded of the questions that needed to be answered.

“What did Jimin tell you?” Finding my voice was difficult but to produce it was even worse.

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Ardyn Izunia Make-up and wig progress

I bought the countouring palette from NYX and couldnt wait to give it a quick test. The quick test turned into the need to try on the wig too and BAM… this happened. 😂 I’m way more satisfied now. Will have to test it properly when i got my lenses and stubble tools.

Please bear with me some more. ❤

So far i can recomment this contouring palette. But i stil need an even darker shade.

What do you think? Slowly getting there?

AoEx Casts’ Top 5 Songs (in no particular order)!

(Requested by @thiscityneedsyounow ! I hope this is okay!!) 

Rin Okumura! 

  1. If You Only Knew - Shinedown
  2. Still Into You - Natewantstobattle feat. Amalee
  3. Monster Inside - Natewantstobattle
  4. Stronger than You - Steven Universe 
  5. Dawn of the Third Day - Natewantstobattle 

Yukio Okumura!

  1. Evermore - Josh Groban
  2. You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
  3. My Demons - Starset
  4. Hanging By A Moment - Lifehouse 
  5. Wonderwall - Ed Sheeran cover 

Ryuuji ‘Bon’ Suguro! 

  1. All I Ask of You - Jonathan Young & Malinda K. Reese
  2. We Don’t Have to Dance - Andy Black
  3. In Between - Beartooth
  4. All of The Lights - Kanye West feat. Rihanna
  5. The Night - Disturbed 

Shima Renzo!

  1. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time - Panic! At The Disco
  2. This is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco 
  3. Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! At The Disco 
  4. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5 
  5. Freak Like Me - The Darling Buds 

Konekomaru Miwa!

  1. Home - Phillip Phillips
  2. Ho Hey - The Lumineers
  3. Let It Go - James Bay
  4. Think of You - Chris Young feat. Cassadee Pope
  5. I Will Wait For You - Mumford and Sons

Shiemi Moriyama!

  1. Strong in the Real Way - Steven Universe
  2. Just a Thought - Steven Universe
  3. Give Your Heart a Break - Demi Lovato
  4. Lost Boy - Ruth B
  5. All I Need Is An Angel - Carly Rae Jepsen

Izumo Kamiki!

  1. Freak the Freak Out - Victoria Justice 
  2. Blood Sweat & Tears - BTS
  3. Bottom of the River - Delta Rae
  4. Closer - Halsey feat. The Chainsmokers 
  5. Cake - Melanie Martinez

Shura Kirigakure!

  1. Banana Brain - Die Antwoord
  2. Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
  3. Talking Body - Tove Lo
  4. Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding
  5. Do You Love Me - The Contours 


  1. Hello Kitty - Avril Lavigne 
  2. Bad Girl - Avril Lavigne feat. Marilyn Manson
  3. Pillow Talkin’ - Lil Dicky feat. Brain
  4. Wreck Havoc - Skylar Grey 
  5. Immigrant Song - Led Zepplein 

Mephisto Pheles!

  1. Don’t Dream It - Rocky Horror Picture Show
  2. All That Jazz - Chicago
  3. Sweet Transvestite - Rocky Horror Picture Show
  4. Cell Block Tango - Chicago
  5. Planet Schmanet Janet - Rocky Horror Picture Show
T’challa x POC!Reader x Sam Wilson

so i saw somebody request something like this (it was a request for sam/reader/steve) on @lady-thor-foster and i got inspired so whoever requested this on @lady-thor-foster ‘s blog this is for you lol


-hot steamy cuddles

-disgustingly hot cuddles

-forehead kisses

-erik killmonger: jealous ex

-erik wanting t’challa back in black panther but little does he know he has two new main bitches

-sex is grrrreat (thats all imma say about that)

-obviously your family was weird about you being in a polyamorous relationship but who isnt

-youre on the cover of the essence magazine at least once a month

-”best black woman of the month”

-”why is she so great”

-”she has TWO strong black men”

-”AND she has NO heat damage”

-those were the little headline thingys if u didnt understand

-”what the hell is this white nonsense”

-seeking refuge in wakanda to get away from wakanda

- or alternately, watching from wakanda ,with your two chocolate husbands, while america sinks into chaos

-”babe why don’t you just buy their country and make the whites slaves”

-(lol i realize i shouldnt write that because of all the butthurt white people but idgaf this post is for POC)

-”they are not ready for our technology yet they still have iphones i dont think they will ever be ready” -t’challa

-”whys your phone ringing so much bby” -you

- “erik’s thristy ass wants me back” -t’challa

-”block his ass”

-”u right”

-(if u can cook) sam and t’challa love your cooking

-bitch (pretend) you can throw the fuck down

-(for my zoes) griot, plaintains, beans and rice, sos pwa, soup joumou (for new years) 

-(if u cant cook) u can microwave a mean beef patty bitch 

-sam can def cook (i headcanon him from being form new orleans)

-t’challa with his perfect ass cooks for you (ramonda raised him right) actually all men in wakanda can throw down 

-they respect your boundaries

-they listen to you

-you listen to them

-you all accomadate and help with each others mental illness

-when your anxiety gets bad sam and t’challa will help (by doing whatever you prefer being done for you when anxiety becomes a lot)

-when ur depressed sam and t’challa will either cheer you up or put you to sleep by giving you tea and cuddles (or vodka and cuddles your choice i like the former though)

-sams real goodat helping with the depression

-and t’challas good with sensory overloads (as he experiences them himself)

-they help when you get sensory overloads (if u have them im just trying to add in as many as possible god i would love to have sam wilson and t’challa there to help me when i ahve sensory overloads)

-your mom wants you to have a nigerian wedding (is it just my mom but like my mom watches so many nigerian movies on youtube and its so suspect like is anyone elses mom like this)

-you constantly have to reiterate that neither sam or t’challa are nigerian

-your mom loves sam but doenst like t’challa

-(if u have a grandma) and your grandmother loves t’challa but dislikes sam

-they both get so tight after family gatherigs with your family

-”why doesnt your grandma like me sweet cheeks”

-”she doenst like anyone…….except t’challa”

-”why doesnt your mom like me babe”

-”maybe its the fact that youre not nigerian”

-”should i pretend to be?”

-you end up having a ‘nigerian’ wedding just to get your mother off your back for the rest of your life

-walks around the palace with sam on your left and t’challa on your right (hands held of course)

-wakandan media loves you (they were a bit skeptical at first because you are american but quickly got over it after they got to know you)

-y’alls arguments are explosive

-but the makeup sex is nuclear (or makeup cuddles ur choice)

-lol i had to

-y’ll are very domestic 

-yall spend your days petting cats, eating good food, laughing at bucky in cryo, making fun of each other, teasing sam about birds, teasing t’challa about cats, having sex( unless u dont want to), coming up for names for the white messes (aka the avengers team) sleeping and watching world of dance (have yall seen that its so good who do you think is gonna win and also why is diana pombo still there and the jabbawockees really should of won the duel)

-like yalls life really is good

-when sam and t’challa have fights with each other Both of them are going on the couch

- y’all are like the best trio out there even better than kylie, kim and kendall and you didnt even need pepsi or eyeshadow and contour to do it (thats was a joke….laugh)

love yall so much check out the rest of my blog for different headcanons like these, follow me and comment on this! i really love seeing yalls comments theyre great

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My Makeup Routine

First thing is a really good shave. I go against the grain a little with the razor to get it really close to the skin, it makes stubble much easier to hide. After that I moisturise to keep the skin hydrated and soft - it really helps to have nice skin before applying makeup.

Next is a primer to help the foundation sit- I currently use a Sephora photo ready primer as it’s cheap. I’ve got a mac one for special uses. On top of this I apply an orange colour corrector to hide the blue of the stubble, then use a sponge to even it out. I then powder this with a setting powder to seal it.

The foundation I use here is Mac Pro full coverage foundation which is a creme foundation, very opaque. I use a sponge to apply this, trying to get a good coverage and even out the skin tone, to create a blank canvas. Once this is on, I use a buffing brush to smooth it all out (this step is important).

Usually I go for the brows next - that could be a whole other post. Powder first to remove moisture, then I use Anastacia Beverly Hills dip brow and a small angled brush to draw them in, and elongate the tail.

I do contour in two stages -wet using a stick, and dry with a powder. The stick I have has light on one side for highlight, and shadow on the other, this one was from Etude House which is Korean. I draw where I want to shade/highlight then carefully blend with a sponge.

2nd part of contour I usually do later.

For eyes I first prime with urban decay primer, to help the shadow stay. For this one I used the urban decay Naked 2 palette, I’d recommend that. Use a round brush to apply gold on the lid, then a darker colour into the crease, then blend with a Mac 217. A lighter colour on the browbone and inner corner of the eyes too. Used a bit of gold under the eye too.

I use Maybelline gel liner, I find this is a really good drugstore level product. It takes practice but is worth do the wings. Kohl pencil on the lashlines, smudge the lower one slightly.

Now I go for the second lot of contour - starting with shadow and building that up where I want to minimise areas - in my case the jawline. Big tip for blending - my MUA friend told me to blend like into like, so powder into powders, creme into creme. For this I use a light powder to act as a lighter tone to blend into. I apply highlight on top of this, mostly on cheekbone. After this blending where needed with a soft brush. (notice how much I mention blending? This shit’s important).

I put blush on next, this one is a mac one, using a blusher brush. I avoid too much, it’s just to add a bit of colour.

When I’m happy with my face shape, I apply a layer of powder. This sets it, and helps get that airbrushed type look.

Lips are the last thing, this is a Mac retro matte lipstick, I didn’t use lip liner here but I should have really to help get a better line. I seal this by pressing a piece of kitchen towel on them to get rid of any excess.

Also lighting is really important, there was lovely soft morning light here which is great for photos. It’s much harder to get a good look using artificial light.

Hope this helps any of you who are wondering what to do with makeup. The above takes me about 45 minutes, would take longer but certain things such as contour are pretty much in memory.

anonymous asked:

Can I request a scenario where Iggy's s/o feels insecure because of a rude comment she overheard (i.e. "She's lucky he's blind, otherwise he'd never go for someone that looks like her") and he reassures her that even though he's never seen her, he finds her hot as hell? (sad fact: this situation is based on a thing I actually saw happen at Disneyland, where some rude teens started making loud comments like this when a blind man and his girlfriend walked by)

I almost didn’t take this request because it made me so damn sad. ;3; What a bunch of assholes, man!! Have a little blind Iggy fluff, anon. What a bummer, hope that blind man and his girlfriend are somewhere having amazing sex and those teens have grown out of their cruelty.


You nestle your head onto Ignis’s shoulder, reveling in his embarrassment. He’s never been one for PDA, but he quietly tolerates your affections. “Darling, please…” he mutters, raising a half-hearted protest. The two of you have somehow managed to get a coveted bench in one of Insomnia’s most crowded parks, and you intend to enjoy every spare moment you have with your boyfriend. You raise your head to plant a kiss on his cheek, and he flushes, sighing. You’re about to tease him further when the bright colors of an ice cream cart catch your eye.

“Ooh, Ignis!! Ice cream!! Do you want some?”

“Thank you, but no. You’re all the sweetness I need right now.”

“Haha awww, you cornball. I’m just gonna get a rocket pop then. Save my spot, okay?”

“I will do my best, but I make no guarantees… you know how intense these parkgoers are about benches.”

You purchase your popsicle and make your way back to Ignis, pleased with how your date is going thus far, when you hear two women laughing. They’re standing some distance away, but they’re talking so loudly snatches of their conversation make it to you between bouts of their hyena-like cackling. What you hear makes your heart stop.

“…seriously though, that body… and that hair.”

“Right? You just wanna run your hands through it. Ughhh, how does a guy like that end up with a schlubby gross thing like her when we’re standing right here?”

“Gods!! Tell me about it. She’s lucky he’s blind, otherwise you’d never catch a guy that hot with someone who looks like that.”

“Poor guy, he’s probably picturing some beauty queen… it’s kinda cruel, honestly.”

The women eventually cease their taunting and move onto gossiping about a friend of theirs, but their cruel words echo in your head. When you take your place next to Ignis again a tear rolls down your cheek. Sensing your discomfort, Ignis takes your hand in his immediately.

“…what’s wrong, darling? Did something happen?”

Your voice cracks as you speak.

“…t-those women over there… they were saying… it’s a good thing you’re blind, otherwise you’d never go for someone who looks like me…”

Ignis’s grip on your hand tightens, half-anger, half-reassurance.

“Don’t tell me you let their words get to you.”

You bite your lip, trying desperately to fight back a sob. You will NOT ugly cry in public.

“…it’s not the first time I’ve thought about it… sometimes I do think if you’d met me… before… you wouldn’t want to be with m-”

Ignis’s hand snakes out to grab the back of your neck and pull you in close, crushing his lips to yours. You’re so stunned you drop your popsicle in the dirt, but the last thing you see before you close your eyes are the two gossiping women, looking scandalized. You’re still upset, but the heat of Ignis’s kiss has you melting into his embrace. When he finally breaks the kiss, he removes his gloves and cups your face with both hands, tracing the contours of your cheeks and lips with his thumbs.

“I don’t even know where to begin. Do you think me so shallow that I would deprive myself of your incredible love over something like appearances? Do you think your beauty is somehow rendered moot because I cannot see it with my eyes? Every gesture, every sound, every breath you take… every single part of you is beautiful. Do you know that I sometimes think if I could look upon your face I might well be entirely overwhelmed by what I would see?”

The tears filling your eyes overflow, running down your cheeks. Ignis wipes them away with his thumbs and plants a tender kiss on your forehead.

“I have seen many beautiful women in my lifetime, and I would trade them and my sight all over again for you.”

“Ignis… don’t say that.”

“It’s the truth. You are the most beautiful creature I have ever known, and that is simply a fact. So please… don’t let them upset you.”

You lean forward, burying your face in Ignis’s shoulder. He wraps his arms around you, and you lose yourself in him for a few moments, taking in his scent and relishing in the feel of his strong arms around you. After a few moments you tip your head up to whisper in his ear.

“…you made me drop my popsicle, you know.”

“Why don’t I take you home… I’m certain I can find something else to keep your mouth just as full there.”

“Is it your dick?”


“Aww Ignis. You always know just what to say to cheer me up.”

“I’m afraid it’s not solely for your benefit… the mental image of you and that popsicle is a bit too powerful to resist.”

Labor Day, Pirate Style - a CS AU Week fic

Here is my contribution for CS AU Week, Day 1. Just a mini fic about Killian’s plans to celebrate Labor day with his family. Unbeta’d, written within the last hour, 1k, Rated T (barely). Hope you enjoy!

Labor Day, Pirate Style

“Rise and shine,” Killian chanted much too gleefully for half past five in the morning.

“What the hell, Killian,” Emma grouched, “I told you, I’m off today, and Henry has no school because it’s a holiday.”

“I know it’s a holiday, love. Why not get it started early, you know, really get into it,” he prodded, quirking his eyebrow. He practically skipped to their bedroom door in his boxer briefs, “Henry, lad, wake up, we’ve a holiday to celebrate!”

Emma sat up in bed, “At least get me my robe if you’re gonna wake, Henry! You should probably get dressed too.”

Killian grabbed her robe from the floor where it’d been strewn last night. “He will be a few minutes getting ready, don’t worry Swan. Henry definitely takes after you with the way he drags his feet in the morning.”

Rolling her eyes Emma flipped on her robe, but didn’t budge from her spot on the bed, propped against the headboard.  “So, Labor Day isn’t really a party throwing type of holiday, just what do you have in mind?”

Killian sat next to her, leaned his brace free arm on the other side of her thighs and grinned at her like a loon. “That, my love, is wholly apparent from the name.” He swept her hair behind her ear, and caressed her cheek. “I mean, what’s a bloke supposed to do with names like Valentine, Christmas, and Halloween? But labor? I know labor like I know the contour of your-”

“Ugghhh, what the hell, Killian?” Henry complained from the doorway. “Why would you wake me up to see this?”

“Language,” Emma chided, though she was totally feeling Henry’s sentiment.

“Morning, lad!” Killian greeted cheerfully. “Sorry for the state of…” he drifted off, motioning to his state of undress. “I thought you’d be a little longer getting ready, especially given your penchant for lagging in the a.m. like your mum,” he smirked.

Henry rolled his eyes. “That’s gonna go double for today. This is an extra day to sleep in, making it even more important than just a weekend morning. How are we celebrating anyway? Labor day isn’t exactly a party hard kind of holiday.”

Killian was beginning to feel a bit downtrodden as his family trounced on his spirit for this holiday. One whose meaning finally did not evade him. “Well, as I was explaining to your mum, labor is something I am extremely familiar with, and I thought we,” he gestured between the three of them, “could go to the Jolly, take her out for a sail, and field day the old lass.” He looked to Henry to see how his plan was received.

Emma’s eyebrows were raised so high she could feel the strain on her eyes as they bugged out of her head. She was not spending her day laboring on a ship, that was father son sort of stuff. Now, how to break this to her pirate gently, that was the question.

“I’m going back to bed,” Henry said.

“Wait now, Henry, Killian put some thought into how to celebrate this holiday,” Emma started. She tried to stifle her giggle as her son’s face took on what must be a mirror of her own.  She failed miserably though, and Killian whipped his head back around to Emma. “I’m sorry, Killian. I don’t mean to laugh, and I think it was so sweet of you to plan a family holiday,” she told him soothingly. She placed a hand on his chest, and kissed his lips chastely.

“Still here,” Henry boomed, clearly annoyed at the whole situation.  

“Well go get ready, then you won’t have to see your mum paw all over me,” Killian teased.

“Killian, do I have to?”

Killian folded his arms across his chest, taking a defensive posture. He was clearly outnumbered here, and was feeling a little put out. Emma noticed and ran her hand up and down his back.

“Labor day isn’t even about what you think,” Henry continued, “it’s actually a celebration of the American labor movement, and all the contributions that workers make to help strengthen our country.”

“Okay, okay, you,” she said, looking at Henry, “go back to bed and we will celebrate in a few hours.”

“But-” Killian started until she put a finger over his lips to silence him.

“Thanks, mom!” Henry called as he slammed the door and made a beeline to his room before minds were changed.

“But, Swan, I had a whole plan, and I wanted to get out with the morning breeze,” he argued.

“Henry’s actually right you know, Labor day is a day off from work to celebrate all the hard work we do.”

Killian was stewing as he got up and rounded the bed. “Fine, I am clearly outnumbered, let’s just slumber the day away.” He flopped down into bed dejectedly, not holding back his usual dramatics.

“Hey, don’t get all salty, babe,” she teased.

“I’m a pirate, I’m always salty, it’s in my veins and on my skin.”

Emma turned toward him and coursed her fingers through his chest hair. “How about we celebrate the labor of love?” she asked.

A beaming smile took over Killian’s lips, he wrapped his arm around her waist, and tackled her to the bed. “I suppose we could pleasurably labor away the morning,” he growled before swooping in to kiss her.

“Mmmm, this is a much better plan,” Emma whispered into his mouth.


“All right, I feel guilty now, and I can’t sleep. Let’s go do some physical labor on the- noooooo!” Henry yelled.

“Shit,” Emma and Killian cursed in unison, scrambling apart.

After a few slammed doors, lectures of knocking on said doors, claims of being traumatized - from both Henry and Killian, and a breakfast to fortify them for the day, the three made their way to the Jolly, and Killian got his Labor day celebration.

Catfish || Conor Maynard

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summary: where y/n is convinced the guy she loves is a catfish

word count: 1.4k

request: Hi! I love your writing! Can you please do an imagine where Conor meets the reader on a chat room and they fall in love even when there’s distance between them and Conor is afraid to tell her who he is and when he does she doesn’t know who Conor Maynard is and it’s all funny and fluffy (idk if it made any sense lol)


She knew from the start that it wasn’t practical, but her head and her heart never typically agreed on important matters.

For months, Y/N found herself becoming completely infatuated with him.  He was the person she needed him to be, to be the comfort and escape from reality she so desperately wanted.  She found herself thinking of him all hours of the day, even making excuses with her friends to sneak in short a phone call, just to hear his voice.  However, there was one small problem: the pair had never met in person.  Actually— neither had a clue what the other looked like.

Late night boredom, which arose from avoiding a massive amount of uni assignments, somehow led Y/N to an online chatroom, something she hadn’t done since she was in her early teens.

It was all for fun, she didn’t expect anything to come out of it.

She spent over an hour chatting away with strangers, discussing shows and movies, and other aimless topics the others brought up.  It wasn’t until she mentioned her music taste that the two struck up a real conversation.   They bonded over old school artists, and it seemed that all of their most loved songs of all time were identical.

Y/N wasn’t sure why she had asked for his number rather than any form of social media.  Maybe she liked the anonymity of it all. There were no limitations when she couldn’t put a face to the person on the other end of the phone.  He felt the same. They had never talked to someone quite like each other. No judgements, no expectations, just a connection that was indefinable.  

Their conversations lasted all day.  From the moment they woke up to seconds before they went to sleep, they were talking to each other. She told him secrets she hadn’t ever explained to anyone else.  He told her she was the only person he felt like just wanted to talk to him for who he was, without any personal gain.  She never quite understood what he meant, but accepted it nonetheless.

It’s not to say that they weren’t curious.  Despite living a few hours away, they had made plans to hang out a handful of times. But every time they were set to meet, Conor suddenly had an emergency pop up hours before.  

Time after time, she had forgiven him, because she could feel that she was in love with him.  He reassured her that he felt the same, and that he wanted to meet her more than anything, but there were some things he couldn’t say no to.  It was always the same sort of excuse.

“Y/N, I really am sorry, something just came up with work.”

“At the job you never want to go tell me about,” she snapped.  They had been talking for almost a year, but he still avoided the topic, only giving minutiae details.  He said he worked for a music label in London, but couldn’t tell her everything in case he accidentally spilled something important.  “You know, I’ve always been honest with you, it’s not fair that you can’t be like that with me,” she added.

“It’s just more complicated than I can explain, I have to go. I’ll call you later okay?”

“I guess so,” she sighed before ending the call.

After he bailed for the fourth time, she was starting to think her friends were right.

She had waited five months before she ever mentioned Conor’s name to her friends.  She was apprehensive to what they might say.  And she was right.

“Y/N, how can you say you’re in love with someone and not have any clue who they really are? You don’t even know his last name. For all you know if could be a forty year old man and that’s why he won’t meet you, he’s probably a catfish.  This isn’t a real relationship.”

It didn’t make sense to the outside world. But it made sense to Conor and Y/N.  It was theirs, not anybody else’s.  They decided it wasn’t the right timing to make it official, since they weren’t just a short drive away.  But they talked about how maybe one day they could be.  She only had a few more classes until she finished her degree, then they could be together. But with the way Conor continuously backed out, Y/N didn’t think that dream was ever going to become a reality.

Every time her mind drifted to those thoughts, she was reminded of all the conversations they had, and what they meant to the both of them. All the times he told her that it had been years since he felt this way about someone.  He was telling her everything she wanted to hear, and maybe that was her problem.  Maybe it was too good to be true.

When he called her later that night, she was determined to get real answers from him.  No more fabricated truth, no more little white lies, he was going to own up to his dishonesty.  Either that, or she would have to try and move on.

“What would it mean to you if one day we just stopped talking?” Y/N said into the phone, walking around her apartment before settling onto the couch.

“What do you mean?”

“Like if one day I just stopped answering your calls or texts, if I completely cut you off.”

“I’d be absolutely devastated, probably cry a little,” he joked, unpacking a bag from his latest excursion.

“Well, I’ve been debating if that’s what I should do.”

He paused at the foot of his bed, taken back by what Y/N had just told him.

“And why would you do that? You know how much I love you, I thought you felt the same.”

“Well I know I love you.  But I don’t think you’re telling the truth when you say it to me.”

“What do you mean? I wouldn’t just say it if I didn’t mean it.  You know how hard it is for me to open up to someone, Y/N.”

“Because when you love someone you don’t keep things from them.  And make up excuses when you had plans with them.  Four times.”

Conor realized he was going to have to come clean about everything, unless he wanted to risk losing the only person who kept him sane in the past year.  “If I tell you everything, will you promise not to think of me any differently?” He pleaded.

“I don’t know why I would treat you differently, unless you’re a fugitive on the run from the government or something,” she responded.  

He smiled to himself before readjusting the phone to his ear. “First thing’s first, I don’t work for the label.”  

She waited patiently for him to continue, hoping everything would make sense in the coming minutes.

“I don’t work for them, but I’m signed to the label.”

“So you sing?”


“You never told me that,” she said.

“I didn’t want it to be a giveaway.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” She asked, confused.

“Because I’m Conor…you know, Maynard,” he replied, sighing.  “If you heard me sing, you’d probably recognize my voice.”

There was a brief silence before she responded. He was terrified that he was about to lose the girl who made him believe in love again, all because he couldn’t be truthful from the start.



“Not to be dramatic or anything, but I really have no clue who Conor Maynard even is,” she laughed.

“Seriously? You really don’t know?”  He replied, half-offended, half-relieved. “You’ve never heard of the album Contrast? Really big like five years ago? It even went number one,” he joked.

“I’ve told you, I’ve never really listened to the radio, I only like old stuff,” she confessed, giggling to herself.  “I’ll google you, give me a minute.”

“Oh god..”

Scrolling on her laptop, she searched through dozens of articles and images.  “Apparently you’re famous.”

“I mean, I guess, yeah.  That’s why I didn’t want to tell you, everyone just wants something from me.  I can’t believe you don’t know who I am, I’m kind of hurt actually,” he said sarcastically.

“None of that matters to me, I love you for you.  Not because of an album call Contour.”

“I think you mean Contrast,” he chuckled.  It was like a weight was lifted off of his shoulder, he could finally be his full self.

“Isn’t that what I said?” She smirked to herself, still amused at the whole thing. “Now that the secret’s out, I expect a proper date.  And no more excuses, Mr. Maynard.”

“I promise, love.  At least you’ll know who to look for.  Do I get to see what you look like now?”

“Nope, I guess you’ll just have to actually show up this time,” she smiled.

  • Word Count: 1,344
  • Characters: America x Chubby? Reader
  • Theme: Omorashi

Omorashi: A sexual fetish that involves holding urine of which results in “wetting” themself 

You and Alfred sat together on the couch while watching a film on the TV. This was nothing new, since every Friday was dubbed date night and you both would get together and share snacks while marathoning your favorite movies together.

It started out like every other date night, Alfred brought various snacks while you picked out the movie for you both to watch, spending the rest of the night in each others arms.

However, this date night seemed a bit off to you. Alfred brought more snacks than usual tonight, along with an large amount of drinks. Usually he would only bring a two-liter or a couple of bottles but this time he brought many gallons of your favorite drink.

However, you brushed this off and assumed maybe he wanted to keep some for the next week. But unknown to you, Alfred has a plan already in mind for you. He was planning on making you drink a whole gallon yourself.

Playing it off smoothly, you both began the film and snacked while your attention was to the screen as usual. Every one in awhile you would bring your lips to the straw and gulp down a couple mouth fulls of your beverage and continue.

What you didn’t know was you have already made your first mistakes. One, you forgot to use the restroom before Alfred showed up at your apartment. and the Second, Alfred would continuously refill your drink without you even knowing.

As the marathon continued, you still munched down on the snacks and gulped the large drink without much thought. Hours passed and you began to feel that uncomfortable feeling of your bladder becoming full.

You didn’t want to pause the movie since it would be rude while Alfred was there, since he was so invested into the movie, or so you thought.

It was decided in your mind you would wait it out until the movie was over until you would relieve yourself, the movie was halfway over and you could last, right?

To take your mind off your heavy bladder you continued to sip on your still full beverage, adding to the overly filled bladder. As you squirmed and began to hold your thick thighs together tightly, Alfred watched you at the corner of his eyes, smirking to himself at how cute you looked.

Finally, the movie was over and you quickly excused yourself to make way to your bathroom to finally release all the liquid built inside. Once you turned the door nob, it wouldn’t budge.

Panic began to quickly fill you as you tried to open the door, only to find a lock on it. You groaned to yourself as your hand held tightly to your private to hold yourself from peeing yourself.

“A-Alfred!” you whined out, practically squirming from the feeling about to burst.

Alfred grinned while walking to you, knowing exactly what you wanted. Of course, he was the one to place the lock on the bathroom while you prepared the snacks in the kitchen before the movie marathon. This was all part of his plan, and it was working perfectly.

“Yeah, babe?” he asked innocently, sounding completely ignorant to the scene before him. Although, he knew exactly what was happening. He had you right where he wanted you, a whiny mess with tears prickling the corners of your eyes.

“T-there’s a lock on the door! D-did you do this?” you cried out, voice shaky and uneven from desperation. You felt like you were about to burst, right in front of your boyfriend!

You clenched your thick thighs tighter with your hands grabbing tightly on crotch to hold in all the urine, desperately whining as you pulled all your strength into not wetting yourself in front of your long term boyfriend.

“Yeah! I thought you would like it, ya know?” he replied, a devious smirk evident on his face while he strutted closer to your squirming form. His large hands grabbing you, squeezing and pinching all your extra flesh.

Suddenly he pushed you against the wall, surprising you while earning a small yelp from the movements. Bringing one hand to stroke the contours of your face while he nipped the soft skin on your neck.

You squirmed under his touch, mewling and crying out from the sensations you were receiving and the feeling of about to burst at any moment.

“What do you want, baby?” he asked slyly, drawing out the last word innocently. You whined while clenching your thighs together with all your strength, that familiar feeling of urine rushing down for relief.

“Please let me use the bathroom, Alfie!” You cried out, hot tears rolling down your chubby cheeks. Alfred loved this look on you, the look of total desperation and need to relieve yourself from your bursting full bladder.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you, babe!” he said teasingly, nipping harder at your soft neck harder along with the other love marks he left without your knowing.

“I-I said…” but before you could finish your sentence you let out a loud gasp, your senses freezing. Alfred had taken his hand and groped your crotch tightly, making you squirm and whine under his rough touch while small droplets of urine leaked out.

Suddenly, you cried out in embarrassment and relief as you felt warmth take over your whole body. The contents of your bladder gushing out. Steady streams of piss flowing down your thick thighs onto the hardwood floor beneath you into a large puddle.

Alfred watched in amazement as you wet yourself, soaking his entire hand that was tightly grabbing your privates. Your face burned in embarrassment and relief as you continued to empty your bladder on the floor, the warmth of the piss feeling satisfying as it flowed down your legs in rivets.

“N-no! Don’t look at me!” you cried out as you continued to piss yourself. Completely soaking your panties, the strong stench of urine filling your nostrils.

However, Alfred paid no attention to your desperate cries. He bit his lip as he watched his girlfriend pee herself, a blushing and squirming mess while yellow streams flowed down her thighs. He could smell the strong stench of her urine.

There was nothing but silence, and of course the sound of liquid dripping and running onto the floor. You sighed out in relief at the feeling of your bladder now empty, until you felt a panic rise. You have just pissed yourself! Not only that, you pissed in front of your boyfriend and on his hand!

You stayed silent as you looked down on the mess you made on the floor, not wanting to look Alfred in the eyes due to complete embarrassment. However, you were shocked to feel Alfred press his body against your soft one, pinning you against the wall harder.

“Seeing you like this..” he began, kissing away the hot tears on your burning cheeks.

“Looking so vulnerable and innocent while pissing yourself,” he paused before claiming your lips in a heated and passionate kiss. At first it shocked you, did he plan this? Did he actually enjoy you pissing yourself? So many questions flowed through your mind, but it soon washed away as you melted into the kiss.

“Makes me want you even more, babe” he said huskily into your ear. You whined and moaned from his touches and the words he was whispering into your ear.

The piss on your legs that was once warm but now becoming cold against your skin while you stood there in your own piss and musk, in complete embarrassment.

“It makes me realize how much more I love you” he finally said before unlocking the bathroom door where he lead you inside to undress you from your piss soaked clothes to get you into the bath to wash away the strong stench.

You never knew Alfred was into this kind of thing, but it surprised you even more that you would it oddly exciting and enjoying the feeling of having a full bladder of pee then wetting yourself.

Not shy | Taeyong

Originally posted by nakasyuta

“Come on just give me the remote Tae!” You shouted attempting to reach over and grab it to no avail.

Taeyong chuckled at your attempt to grab the remote and instead held it further away from you. You huffed in annoyance and decided to take a different route…aegyo.

You jutted your lip out, eyes wide, eyebrows slightly furrowed, hands into cute fists from your sweater (sweater paws!), and puppy dog eyes at the ready.

“Taeyong oppa!” You whined cutely vice raising a few pitches. You put your sweater covered fists on your cheeks and poured dramatically.

“Please can I have the remote?” You even titled your head to the side to kick it up a notch.

Taeyong gulped at how cute you looked and tried to not give in. That’s when you took it one step further. You crawled into his lap and got really close to his face, puppy eyes in full view, level 10. He tried to look elsewhere, but with you that close where was he to look?

While he was contemplating his life choices, you reached over and snatched the remote right from his hand and scrambled to the other side of the sofa cheering.

“Haha sucker! I got it!” You cheered doing a little victory dance before flipping the channel to what you wanted to watch.

Taeyong sat defeated on the other end of the sofa, thing to figure out when the hell you snatched the remote from him. Thats when it clicked, he got an idea.

As you were engrossed in our show you felt the sofa groan in protest from the weight being moved, but you thought Nothing of it.

Taeyong slowly got his knees underneath him and hands in front holding his weight all the while he watched your face. Eyes were on the tv. ‘Good.’ Tae thought smirking slightly. Slowly he crawled forward, like a predator stalking its prey, until he was in arms distance of you.

Slowly his hands reached out and grasped your ankle and tugged. A squeal erupted the silence and next thing you know you were on your back staring up at Taeyong. He placed his knees on either side of you, hands trapping you right where he wanted you.

“You know jagi, that wasn’t very nice.” He whispered ticking a hair behind your ear.

You gulped at the close proximity, his body heat next to yours. You gazed into his mischief held eyes and yours automatically widened. You knew that look.

“Taeyong, baby, let’s not get ahead of ourselves hear okay? Let’s not do anything rash.” You nervously sputtered red flickering from his now curled hands to his eyes.

Taeyong clicked his tongue disapprovingly. “Tsk tsk. Maybe you’ll learn not to trick me next time.” He smirked before his hands were flying at your sides showing absolutely no mercy.

You squealed and twisted trying to escape but he had you locked down. You begged and pleaded for him to stop to no avail. After three torturous minutes his hands stopped allowing you to breathe and calm your erratic heartbeat. You gripped his hands just for good measure so he couldn’t do it again as you calmed yourself down.

Taeyong grinned at your out of breath state and leaned down to nuzzle his nose with yours making a grin appear on your lips. However once he pulled back a darker look appeared in his eyes.

Within seconds he had maneuvered his hands to your wrists pushing them above your head and holding them down. He enclosed both hands into his left hand and his right tracked down to tuck a stray hair from the tickle torture behind your ear. Ever so slowly he leaned down placing a kiss on your forehead, down to your cheeks, your nose, the corner of your mouth. He smirked as your heartbeat picked up and he finally connected your lips. One second, two before pulling away.

His nose contoured your skin making it’s way down from your cheek to your neck. He nuzzled the skin where the neck and shoulder meet before planting a feather like kiss there. Ever so slowly he placed open mouthed kisses in the surrounding area before nipping at the skin. You gasped at the sensation and he smirked against the skin doing it again. His teeth dragged over the now red and slightly purple skin, kissing his way back up your neck.

“Y/n.” He whispered against your ear. You responded eyes opening to look into his deep brown ones. “Stay with me love.” He whispered. It was acute pet name really, but the seductive tone and his voice dropping an octave suggested otherwise.

His teeth dragged down the shell of your ear making you shiver slightly. His lips went back to your neck kissing up it before he pulled back so your noses were touching. He grinned kissing your nose before he smashed your lips together. His right hand snaked around your waist pulling you closer. He hummed against your lips before he broke away to let your breathe. His lips traveled back to your neck where he kissed the red skin and his hands slid up yours intertwining your fingers lovingly. He kissed your lips once, twice, before pulling you up into his lap, arm circling your waist. He kissed your forehead making your eyes flutter shut.

“Mine.” He whispered tugging you into a hug and kissing the crown of your head while your face burned scarlet.


I couldn’t create this kind of monstrosity and keep it all to myself, so here it is: my ultimate Supernatural playlist, Greatest Hits of the Mullet Rock!

On this playlist you will find almost every single song ever played on Supernatural, as well as tracks that had episodes named after them, songs that were referenced on the show, and pieces from the score. There is also a “lite version” for those of you who don’t want the instrumentals, anemic pop music, or “Carry On Wayward Son” repeated more than ten times.

I hope you enjoy rocking out to this playlist as much as I enjoyed putting it together. The entire very long track listing is below!

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