the content of the song suits them

On Eros and Agape

I know Yuri!!! on Ice is quickly becoming the most overanalysed anime this season, but I still want to add my two cents.

About Eros versus Agape.

Agape is, as Victor puts it, ‘unconditional love’. In the original Greek, it is the highest form of love. It is selfless, the love for God and family. The bible tends to use it for 'charity’ as well.
Eros is a much more sexual in nature. 'Passionate love’ in Greek. It is also 'love at first sight’, that little explosion in your gut that happens when you see someone flawless (like, say, Victor).

My main contention here is that, while Victor says he wants both of them to surprise the audience, what he’s doing is putting them in the song that best reflects them. Or at the very least, the part of them they need to connect with.

He even says it himself.


Yuri wears all the acoutrements of the sexy rebel: leather, studs, cat stuff and attitude. That and the fact that he’s heartbreakingly beautiful means that he projects a certain sexiness. He’s aware of this.
He chooses the Eros piece because superficially, it suits him: it’s fast, it’s feisty and Yuri, as an entertainer, probably realizes that this sort of stuff sells.

But Yuri is basically sexless. He is very much a 15 year old in the throws of puberty and the show makes it clear he hasn’t come out the other side yet.

This image pretty much sums up the difference between Yuri and Yuuri.

He doesn’t want to share baths with people and he either doesn’t understand what sex *does* or doesn’t care. He seems mightily confused by Yako’s bleeding nose syndrome, which could be a cultural thing. But then we see him admonishing Mila for her relationships.
He doesn’t date and he doesn’t feel the need for a lover.
What he wants, is to win. His Agape is for his grandfather and I have a feeling he’s so set on winning to make his family proud. But most of all, this love fits him because of the absence of sex. In a way, Victor is putting him closer to this core aspect of himself, which he actually does turn into his new weapon.

We see in ep 4 that he is very aware of his body, and he realizes that right now he’s still bendy and androgynous. That makes sense, since the rigorous training involved in acrobatics and ballet, especially when done from a young age, delays growth. And Yuri wants to use that to win. His absence of Eros is what makes him strong.
As an aside, the agape piece has an extra effect on Yuri, in that it gives him back his love of skating. Yuri skates primarily to win and in his age group, he had no contenders. In a way, the face-off makes him regain his love for the sport (this is incidentally about the same character arc as, say, an Aomine Daiki in KnB). It grounds him and gives him the motivation to push through.
Agape, folks. All this with a single short choreography.


And then we have Yuuri, who thinks with his groin a lot.
Especially when Victor’s around.
This is a guy who seems very blushy and shy and innocent, but who did have a crush on an older woman at a young age. Who never had a lover but feels particularly self-consious about that. Who keeps having to deal with a naked Russian in his onsen, and is extremely conflicted about that.
You don’t see Yuri getting red in the face at the sight of a skating Victor, because to Yuri, Victor is just a skater. A really good one, and one he wants as a coach.

To Yuuri, he is so much more.
Yuuri’s main wish for Victor isn’t to coach him, but to hang out with him.
Yuri does not look at Victor the same way Yuuri does.
And it’s absolutely a sexual thing.
We keep making jokes about pork cutlet bowls, but there’s a reason Victor was all ‘ok we’ll go with that’. The link between food and sex has been studied for decades. It’s a thing.

But for Yuuri, it’s the only thing he can think of to link him to Eros.
Yuuri is a 23 year old who cannot think of sex in other terms. He’s not in touch with his sexuality at all. Even putting aside the *nature* of his sexuality for a second, he’s not comfortable within his own skin. He’s way less aware of his own body than a kid 8 years his junior who is planning to weaponize puberty.
Yuuri’s body is fully developed, but his mind is still stuck in the murky waters of a middle-schooler. As an adult male he needs to get in touch with his own sexuality, through the power of ice skating. And Victor seems awfully willing to help him do that.
Through choreography.


Victor is a god among men and is basically pushing character development on both Yuri’s by giving them pieces that put them in touch with their inner strengths. The reason he’s still in Japan, is because Yuri only needed a little nudge while Yuuri is so deep in the closet he could be ruling Narnia.

To be honest, I have never really been fond of artist doing ads and music videos unless it is something entirely out of the box. Somehow I always feel that it does not do complete justice to their craft. It does not provide them with the full opportunity to show the multidimensional facets of their ability as artists.
But with Adda I related to the content and loved the music video. Not only because of the composition and lyrics, but also because of the overall atmosphere/mood created in it.
Then Kunal Karan Kapoor being part of it, how can I not love it….and yes I am bias :D
The song had an old-school happy tune and voice suited it very well. It is catchy and even my daughter was singing it hours later. Her Hindi is not that good, so Adda Adda Mill Gaya quickly became Anda Anda Mill Gaya.

I love the scenery, colors, and directing a lot, and how the way the camera would have a worm’s-eye view at times.

Kunal Karan Kapoor and Ritabhari Chakraborty’s chemistry was amazing. Even my sister said: “You do not want this video to end. I wish that it could be made into a drama.”

I also totally loved the little humor/knok-jhoks there was. I would have loved to have seen more of that too. 

The last moment was so cute and the icing on the cake. Watching Kunal Karan Kapoor smile and laugh was just awesome.

The first thing that caught my attention was Kunal Karan Kapoor’s eyes. They express so much in the first minute of the video. It touched my heart. It was like looking into Kunal and not the character of Subhash.

Seema Sawhney Sharma said: “You come alive on camera Kunal … I can see your soul !”

For me it was Kunal Karan Kapoor’s eyes that did it…

The first scene in the car and Subhash’s clothes in the beginning reminded me of Mohan for a second. After that you saw only Subhash and not Mohan anymore. I think…reason may be…that Mohan is still very fresh in our minds. Even after so many years.

One of the things I love about Kunal Karan Kapoor is how all his characters are portrayed differently even if they share  similarities. Very few actors can do that and that is something I truly admire about him. It is incredible how he can portray them so differently… Especially during emotional scenes. It is art.

Back to Adda… It gives you a happy feeling and makes you “feel good”. It took me back to my childhood. When as a child I would visit my family after many years, there was this overwhelming feeling of all that love. The whole family gathering to welcome you and the togetherness you’d feel.
Then comes the few moments when you observed how things had or hadn’t changed, and then came the restlessness in which you tried to feel at home. All these moments were depicted so well that you felt it.

I also love the scene in which Subhash was watching the “mom” sewing. The way Kunal as Subhash was looking at her… I loved it. Also, the hug in the beginning. There was great chemistry between Kunal and this actress.

There were a few moments here and there where you could have wished for more, but still you connected with the moments you got…it was the right balance.

The ice cream thing? I always think it is weird with advertising like this. Because many time it seem like forced in…like in tv shows. But in Adda I liked the little boy liking the lid. It was a real moment. It was only at the end, that the ice cream became a little to much ad like.
Beside that who would not love to watch Kunal eating ice cream. I think that many will agree that in NBT whenever there was a scene with Mohan/Vasu eating… muh mein paani aajata tha.

Missing….How many would have liked to see Subhash lick his fingers.

I am sure that many were drooling when Kunal was showing off his tattoo…wish there had been a close up scene? 

Ritabhari Chakraborty is very beautiful and talented. I loved the instant connection there was between her and Kunal Karan Kapoor. You could already see that in the pictures. I always wanted to watch Kunal with an actress that had a sensual vibe. Kunal is a very intense and passionate artist, so the chemistry would automatically be sizzling. 

I remember the hungama on FB after the DAK scene to the song Lal Ishq.

After watching Adda. I would not mind a “feel good” TV show on childhood love and sizzling chemistry. The channels would make sure that twist and turns would come anyway. Hopefully, this song and Kunal’s easy-going character portrayal along with his soul-piercing dashing stare, will draw the attention and open up for more new interesting doors for him. In Sha Allah. 

I so much would love to see him in a very challenging character…but at the same time I would love to watch him portraying a young…beginning of mid 20s and in the lead as a childhood, romantic interest with a little bit of an edge.

peace and love [indeed]

notes | So you should just expect lots of holiday themed snowbarry because I’m a sucker for Christmas and if ever I were to get married, I feel it would be a christmas themed wedding :)

titlepeace and love [indeed]

Caitlin’s wearing a thinning smile when he catches sight of her across the room, her gaze pinched and one finger tapping against a nearly empty glass of wine and it’s enough to prompt Barry to excuse himself from his conversation and make his way across the crowd. She’s standing with Cisco and Iris, who are chatting animatedly about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (when they discovered their shared interest in the zombie-fied versions of classic literature, he’s choosing not to learn more about) looking ready to walk right out the door when slots himself into the peripheral of her personal space, wearing his warmest smile. “Refill?” he asks, light and almost laughing at the way she doesn’t even startle at his sudden appearance. 

She’s so used to him just being there, always almost a little too close, appearing at her side that it doesn’t even phase her. It’s a warm feeling, knowing you fit into someone’s life so effortlessly that they just come to expect it, as steady a constant as breathing. “Anything to get away from this conversation,” she breathes, grateful and suddenly smiling again, her dark eyes far more merry than they’d appeared a few minutes ago. 

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Carried Away

SO YES, I’m not that good at these but I decided to give it a shot.

*WARNING: The content maybe cheesy AF, so I suggest you leave now if it doesn’t really suit your taste buds, lol.

Also the Tagalog version of their convos sound kinda sweeter if they weren’t translated in English. Just sayin’

Midnight had passed and everything else had found its peace, lights were off, people were snoring, crickets were singing their song in a soft harmony; all are ready for an entirely new day ahead except for Althea.

She’s had demanding clients before but all of them together aren’t even a match for the current one she had.

More than a thousand guests are expected, exotic food that are extremely rare in the country are a must and a fantasy wedding that’ll blow his guests out the water.              

Of course, big wedding plans equal big payment. Sadly it also equals big stress. Althea’s been working day and night to make sure things will go perfectly on her client’s wedding day.

On her desk, various bridal magazines are scattered, snippets of the best ideas are separated on a huge sheet of paper and in front of her unblinking eyes, and multiple tabs are open on her browser about everything wedding related.

The door to the bedroom creaks open, breaking the silence of the place. Althea doesn’t hear and continues her work. Soft and delicate footsteps follow, approaching the busy wedding coordinator.

Jade placed a hand on Althea’s shoulder and her girlfriend flinched to the touch.

“Hey,” she greeted, partly hiding her face of embarrassment.

“You should continue that tomorrow, you need to rest,” Jade said.

They smiled sweetly at each other, Jade convincing Althea to stop working and Althea flattered by her girlfriend’s concern.

“You know this client’s very important, right? Just go back to bed and you’ll find me beside you in the morning”

 Jade Tanchinco is not a girl who’ll easily give up if she doesn’t get what she wants. As a sign of protest, she decided to sit on Althea’s lap, causing her to momentarily discontinue her work.

“Jade, what are you doing?” Althea sheepishly smiled.

“Well if you’re not going in with me, I’ll stay out here with you,” was the answer she got.

“And there’s nothing you can do about it,” Jade playfully crossed her arms and raised her brow at Althea.

The other girl, in response, shrugged her shoulders and continued her business. Or at least tried to.

Jade adjusted herself to a more comfortable position by kicking her legs up and resting them on one arm rest of Althea’s chair and her lower back resting on the other.

Althea gave her a look that says “seriously?” And Jade responded with a clueless ‘what?’. She shook her head at that and tried to concentrate on her work again.

It was hard to type something since one of Althea’s arms had to go around Jade’s waist, the other resting on her knees.

Just when things couldn’t get any harder, Althea completely lost her focus when Jade starts kissing her cheek. Those small popping sounds her lips made accompanied the broken typing sounds Althea’s keyboard made.

She positioned her hands, trying to type ‘Exotic wedding food menu’ on Google. Jade’s tiny pecks turned to prolonged kisses and Althea found it impossible to focus.

A small break wouldn’t hurt,
she thought.

She sat back and started to relax. She caressed Jade’s back gently with one hand and the other massaged Jade’s thigh. She smiled into the kisses when they suddenly stopped.

“Hey, go on! I don’t mean to be distraction, babe. I mean, he is an important client. I’ll stop so you can work better,” Jade teased.

“Oh my God, you’re seriously doing this?” Althea smirked, looking up at her ‘lesbian sitter’.

She made a mocking face and nodded.

Althea sighed and grabbed Jade’s hands that were wrapped around her neck. She kissed them both and held them tight.

“My girlfriend gets what she wants,” Althea smiles.

She quickly saved her progress and shut her computer down. She then glanced at Jade who wore a smug look on her face, mouthing ‘I’m the boss’ prolonging the ‘ss’ in her mouth.

Her snake tongue was cut short when she felt her body being lifted up just as Althea got off her chair. Jade clung for dear life on Althea’s neck, surprised that she’s being carried.

“Not much of a boss now, are you?” Althea joked.

“Althea! PUT ME DOWN!” Jade screamed while partially laughing.

“Nuh-uh, you said we go to bed together and you meant TOGETHER,

“I hate you …” Jade mumbled.

Althea carried her all the way to their bedroom, Jade softly kicking the partially open door wider.

“Really?” Althea asked her, raising her brow.

Jade grinned and shook her head, then they rested their foreheads on each other.

“I heart you,” she whispered before planting on Althea’s lips in a soft and loving kiss. The heat and warmth flutters the wedding coordinator’s heart and she smiles wider as she deepens the kiss.

“I heart you, too,” Althea replied when they pulled apart.

Still feeling the heat of the moment, Jade giggled as she turned off the switch. The moonlight shining from the window made sure that they wouldn’t stumble into bed.

Althea softly put Jade into bed and she climbed in after. She spoons her from behind and Jade pulls herself closer. Such bliss made Althea forget everything she has to do and dozes off wearing a content smile on her face.



What is magic but the art of making something from nothing? The Magician card reminds you that the power to get what you want is always within you, but you have to take action. You have the potential and the creativity inside you already, but you have to make something of it. Reversed, the magician can represent a failure to recognize your own strengths, or it can represent being deceived- as if by a street-performing “magician” who’s really just keeping the cards up his sleeve.

The choice to use Jimi Hendrix for the Magician card was an easy one, inspired by both the lyrical content of his songs (“Spanish Castle Magic”, “Purple Haze”, etc.) and the fact that he created an incredible, psychedelic blues guitar sound like nothing that had ever existed before. A visionary and a perfectionist, Jimi’s magic was to take the sounds and colors of his mind and bring them to life.

Voodoo Chile 

Are You Experienced?

Bold as Love

The traditional Rider-Waite Magician stands behind a table that holds the symbols of the four tarot suits, which are representative of the four classical elements- Earth (Coins/Pentacles), Air (Swords), Fire (Wands), and Water (Cups). Here I decided to skip the symbols and have Jimi literally summon the four elements with the power of his guitar- it was pure coincidence that the “Fire” and the “Purple Haze” ended up next to each other, but I’m glad it happened that way. :D The Rider-Waite card also depicts the Magician with a halo in the shape of an infinity sign and an Ouroboros on his cloak- here I combined the two symbols of eternity and infinite potential.

Buddy System

It wasn’t often that the team got to go to town.  Usually supplies were sent to them, giving them no reason to take the long drive to civilization.

Today, though, Engineer had needed to run to get some supplies for his newest project, and had offered to give a lift yo anyone that wanted to go with him.  That was why Pyro and Scout were riding in the cab with him now.

Scout had been the first one who wanted to go.  But after seeing the Bostonian eagerly raise his hand to go with Engie, Pyro had mimicked the action, wildly waving their hand about to make sure they were noticed by making themselves impossible to miss.

The Texan had been talking to the two of them, mostly Scout, giving them the protocol they were expected to follow while gallivanting around the town.  From what Engineer could tell, though, neither of the youngin’s were actually listening to him.

“-And I need you to ta’ behave out there, alright?  Keep each other in check and make sure you don’t get on any worse side of the townsfolk-” Pausing, Engineer looked over at Scout, who had a spacey, bored look on his face, and then to Pyro, who he had no chance of reading, “Because they already don’t like any of us, and you don’t want them ta’ treat either of ya’ horribly.  Any more horribly then they have to.”

Scout’s expression stayed the same.

“Wouldn’t be surprised if an aggressive go-getter decided to take the initiative and try to attack one of you.  Pyro doesn’t exactly blend in,” Engineer decided to test the kids listening skills, “…Wouldn’t be surprised if they unleashed the laser piranhas’ on ya’-”

Still no response.

Engineer sighed.

“…The Red Sox lost 12 to 2 to them Yanks.”

That got the boy’s attention.  Scout’s head jerked up and he looked over at the Engineer before glancing at the radio, wondering how the Texan got the score if the game wasn’t playing.  Surely he hadn’t figured it out by listening to The Doobie Brothers.

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