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does this make sense? | 10 (m)

• pairing: min yoongi x reader, college! yoongi
genre/warnings:  romance, fluff, slight angst, mainly because yoongi is an over dramatic bitch lmao, heavy petting, slightly mature content??? i mean there’s mentions of dicks, so… 
• words: 10,394 
→ summary: You meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt?

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anonymous asked:

hi! so i noticed in ep 1 (i'm desperate for new content lol can u tell) in the bathroom and bench scenes even has a joint tucked behind his ear as we all know and sunglasses hooked on his shirt?? (it was 7 pm??? why is he so extra) but not when he first met the girls in the beginning of the kosegruppa meeting,, so (after a major freak out) did he just pull them outta his ass before he followed isak to the bathroom to look Suave and Mysterious and get isak's attention?? like, what's on his head??

he took desperate to a whole new level it’s fascinating

misshoneywheeler  asked:

I love that no matter how naked or salacious the content of something you reblog may be (see your recent half-nude Kit reblog for reference), your tags are sedate and strictly factual lol.

Just picture me screaming internally. Because that’s pretty much what’s going on. 😆

hey, i’m alphonse. i’m a 23 year old trans guy in michigan, usa. a bit about myself: i write (working on my second novel), paint, and run a relatively popular furby blog (i know, i know, practically a celebrity here). collecting furbies and making content for that blog is pretty much my biggest hobby. i’m cheerful, easily excitable, and love to talk with people, so if you get to know me and i like you, i’ll chat your head off, lol

i’m 99% gay but sometimes like women and nb people, so feel free to contact me no matter what gender you are :) no one under 20 please though; i would feel really scummy dating a teenager.

snapchat: aesthetigoat

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spencersmithisabottom  asked:

I really gotta thing for joshden whoops lmao,, true otp will always be joncer though

Okay this one fanfic made me ship Josh/Ryan and I haven’t been able to go back since? It’s a nonexistent pairing otherwise though and it makes me sad.
Dallon/Josh/Tyler (Doshler) is my otp forever. I don’t think anyone else in the world ships it but they’re all so cute? Current ship content: A single photo of them all together and a few exchanged tweets.
Joncer is one of those otps you always ship no matter what? Even if/when I get out of these bands someday, I’ll probably still look at pictures of them occasionally and say to myself “they were the cutest.”

r a n t i n g sorry I’m passionate about this stuff lol

sxltycookies  asked:

You probably won't like my blog (or maybe you will) because I only post ts4 stuff but if you can please rage it! I put a lot of time and effort into my theme! Thanks:)

I don’t know what that is lol but regardless, it is only my opinion, and if you like it thats all that matters!

url- i dont get it | okay | good | great | amazing | how could you have possibly got this

icon- selfie | okay | good | great | i love it with my entire heart | brb proposing to it

desktop theme- okay | good | great/ its so simple I like it! | this is some good shit  | gimme the code rn

content- not my thing, sorry !| okay | good | great | amazing | i love your blog

following- no, im sorry !! | just did | yes, of course | you cant get rid of me

comment- ts4 the sims 4??? I play way too much sims in any spare time i get tbh..


TBH, I don’t really pay attention to my defectors. I google myself a lot because I’m full of myself and I always see that people post things about me on reddit- specifically tumblr in action. lol. I don’t actually click on it to read what’s being said because tbh, it really doesn’t matter. They’re sharing my content and that’s pretty sweet. 

Something about seeing an actual post of someone who wants me to “leave” the internet, made me smile a lot tho. I don’t do what I do to be obnoxious but knowing that there are a ton of people (read: white people and bitter trans people) who are so overwhelmed by the amount of times they’ve seen my content just… i dunno. It tickles my tittes. I work really hard and don’t really look up and see how much my stuff reaches people but I love that it reaches people, i really do. I love that I’m changing enough and becoming prominent enough for losers to get all upset about it. 

And TO BE HONEST, I’m only growing as a presence and you’re about to see like… way more of me. More than you want tbh.