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Jeff Sessions talked with the Russian ambassador twice — and then told Congress he didn’t

  • Senior Department of Justice officials allege Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in contact with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the 2016 presidential campaign. (Washington Post)
  • He then Sessions later told Congress no such contact occurred, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday.
  • 1 of the 2 discussions in question was a closed-door September meeting with Kislyak in the then-senator’s office. Read more (3/1/17 10:42 PM)
  • Sessions repeatedly said he was not aware of any discussions between him or other Trump campaign members at congressional hearings, which is on video.

Pelosi, Warren and more Democrats call for Sessions to resign

  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called on Sessions to resign.
  • “There must be an independent, bipartisan, outside commission to investigate the Trump political, personal and financial connections to the Russians,” she said. Read more (3/1/17 11:38 PM)
  • Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) said Sessions’ statements during his confirmation were “demonstrably false” and that he "should resign immediately,” (Washington Post)
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren pulled no punches calling for his resignation and an independent investigation.  Read more (3/2/17 5:43 AM)

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What do you think about a therapist texting their clients? My therapist will text me between sessions. It used to be to check in because I went through a fairly unstable time. Now it is normally once in between every session or every other session just to say she's thinking of me- normally an inside joke or something we share. For me it solidifies the relationship and I recognize there are still boundaries but I've talked with others who say this is totally inappropriate??

My therapist will text me about my appointment stuff or regarding stuff she’s asked for between sessions. My individual supervisor and I text. I work with teens so I use it. I’m super comfortable with it but you are going find therapists who aren’t comfortable with technology. I’ve noticed that it’s definitely a thing with a subset of therapists - technology is awful, you can’t do anything online, etc. Ethically, it was the wild west for a while but now more guidelines are in place (including around informed consent and being really explicit about how confidentiality may be impacted if you agree to text, etc).

Technology can be incredibly useful. Online session, texting and email all can be used to good effect. I’ve established clear boundaries around the use of these things and what my response time will be. But I found it to be extremely beneficial to the client’s progress and the therapeutic relationship as a whole when used appropriately. (It should go without saying that, yes there should be boundaries around these things - just like with phone calls and sessions.) I don’t do it with every client and what that looks like varies client to client. Some clients need a text over the weekend because they are struggling. Sometimes it’s a check in about major or stressful. Sometimes it’s around appointment setting or to ask about needing a phone check in. Before any of this happens, we talk about it in session and explore what, if anything, may come up for them. What you and your therapist do sounds very similar to way I am with clients. 


Breaking: Sessions has recused himself from investigations into the Trump campaign

  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Thursday he will recuse himself from any investigations relating to Trump and his campaign aides’ possible communication with Russia.
  • Sessions’ recusal comes one day after news broke that Sessions had met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the campaign, despite telling a Senate committee during his attorney general confirmation hearings that he never met with any Russian officials.
  • Sessions denied those meetings under oath, leading Democrats to accuse Sessions of perjury.
  • Despite recusing himself from DoJ-related investigations into the Trump campaign’s possible Russian contacts, Sessions denied he did anything wrong. Read more (3/2/17 4:14 PM)
What’s Going on with Jeff Sessions?
  • Jeff Sessions, U.S. Attorney General, was found to have met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak twice in 2016. During Session’s hearing with Congress in January he was asked  whether he had any contact with Russian officials, Sessions said he did not.
  • The big deal: Jeff Sessions is the head of the Department of Justice and is responsible for enforcing laws. It is against the law to lie under oath. If Jeff Sessions is found to have intentionally deceived the United States Congress, he will have committed perjury.
  • Senators from both parties have called for Sessions to recuse himself from an investigation revolving around Russian election interference. Major players in Congress from the Democratic party have called for Sessions to resign.
  • President Donald Trump commented that he has “total” confidence in Jeff Sessions and doesn’t think that Jeff Sessions should recuse himself from the Russian election interference investigation.
  • Previously, National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned due to confirmation that he had spoken with Russian officials.

Read up on the situation (WP)(NYT)(CNN)(BBC)(TIME)

  • what he says: im fine
  • what he means: At first, Dave has an extreme unfondness of Karkat, thinking of him as the shouty troll who enjoys his romance films and everything he does that Dave doesn't like is a way for Karkat trying to bother him. Their dislike for each other only increased when Karkat tried to split Terezi's time between them both with a grid, which dissolved into penis ouija and Karkat getting tangled in Dave's god tier cape.
  • During the meteors' final approach towards the B2 session, Karkat contacts Dave because Skaia is visible and Dave is beginning to be treated like how Karkat used to treat Sollux. Later in their conversation, they are revealed to consider each other 'bros' or 'best friends'.
  • As shown in the Vriskagram flash, Dave and Karkat have developed a much closer relationship on the post-retcon meteor journey. Here Rose mentions what sounds like penis Ouija having turned from a violent tussle in pre-retcon to a giggly dick-drawing session post-retcon. It is also shown that they enter a romantic relationship, as signified by Hussie on his Twitter, Vriska, and Jasprosesprite^2. Vriska suggests that they had some sort of complicated romantic situation that vacillated between multiple quadrants, and Jasprose says to Nepetasprite that Karkat is involved with someone else now in that [the flushed] quadrant. The Davesprite part of them also admits that "It still feels right" to have a crush on Karkat. Davepetasprite^2 states that, to the surprise of the Dave part of them, the concept of having a crush on Karkat is not something they are internally conflicted about. It was further implied by ipgd's vine, in which Hussie himself confirms it directly, and earlier by ipgd herself that Dave and Karkat are involved with each other romantically. Around the ending of Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 5, Karkat expresses concern, hoping that Dave is okay. This is also Karkat's last line in the comic.
Ending an email to my therapist

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Monday
Is our next session on Monday?
I guess I’ll see you on Monday
I’ll see you on Monday
Love from
I miss you
Please reply
I miss talking to you
I’m thinking about you
I’m having a lovely holiday
I hope you’ve had a good Easter
I hope you get this in time to reply today

It’s All Fun & Games (pt. 4)

( ‘till somebody loses their mind )

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Drabbles

Summary: In which you and Jungkook attempt to fake a relationship for revenge and end up with a lot more than either of you expected.
Genre: Angst/Fluff, Fake Dating!AU
Word Count: 4,186
Author’s Note: Ha, ha…… I’m just going to go ahead and apologize now. 


December bleeds into January, and on one particular Thursday evening, Jungkook is thoroughly drunk as fuck, his mind much more hazy and uncontrolled than he is use to, the adrenaline rush of his latest win of the basketball game turning into something else. Something much more controlled and determined, something strong enough to force him out the door of Jimin’s house party. No one inside is sober enough to make him stay.

He staggers down the stairs and makes his way across the pavement of sidewalks, ignoring the way he shoulders people, giggles profusely to himself, overcome with a stupid kind of confidence that can only be ignited with way too much alcohol in his system.

Not thinking too deeply about the consequences of any of his actions, he approaches a familiar apartment complex, scales the stairs in such a dizzying way he almost throws up into one of the nearby trash bins. He doesn’t, but he does manage to fling himself rather unceremoniously against the apartment number he knows so well that even his drunk self can recognize its significance.

“(Y/N)! Oh (Y/N)!” He yells in a sing-song voice, banging on the door so hard it echoes through the entire complex.

You swing the door open after his second swing, eyes wide and face flushed with vague irritation. “Jungkook, what the hell?” You snap, grabbing him by the wrist and hauling him inside the room. You slam the door shut after poking your head out to ensure none of your neighbors would report you for noise control. “I thought you were Jimin’s party, celebrating your big win, I may add.”

“Mmmm,” Jungkook whines in the back of his throat, launching himself at you to wrap his arms around your shoulder. “I wanted to see you—why couldn’t you go? It would have been so much fun with you!”  

You gingerly rest your own hands upon his shoulders. “Jungkook, I told you. I’m trying to finish up my essay. It’s due tomorrow. And why does it matter to you if I went or not? It’s not like we have to put up so much of a front now that everyone thinks that we’re dating.” The last statement slips past your lips without too much thought, and you hate how dry the words sound leaving your lips.

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Couples Counseling- Part 2

Summary: What better way to investigate a marriage counselor (who may or may not be responsible for the death of six of her clients) than to go to marriage counseling? It’s just pretend right? No different than putting on the FBI suits. Of course, nothing ever goes according to plan, and Sam and Dean quickly get more than they bargained for.


Warnings: Wincest, eventual smut (all the smut), slow burn, canon-typical violence

Word Count: 9,200

A/N: This is the second half! Hope you enjoy it, and I appreciate all the love you showed the first part! Feedback MUCH appreciated on this one! XOXO


“I got nothing.” Sam mutters to himself as he stares at the EMF meter, doing absolutely nothing in his hand. He looks up and shakes his head at Dean, who is currently flirting with Leah in the doorway of Dr. Sodhi’s office. He’s been there since he convinced her to let them into the office early, on the premise that Sam lost a glove, and they wondered if it might be in there.

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My sister pointed me in your direction & I was hoping you could help me out a little by sharing this with your followers - I need people for some interviews about fan-consumption of band merchandise ^_^ Only requirement is that you own band-merch, specifically a piece of clothing. The interview has around 30-40 questions & can be done through Facebook chat or email. If desired, the interview can be split up into multiple sessions. Please contact me here on tumblr for more information. Thanks!

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Can I ask why you want to, or feel the need to be, anon? I want to be a mental health professional too, but I'm worried that my love for blog/vlogging and being an active "personality" online will be an issue somehow. Any thoughts on that kinda stuff? Love your blog. 😊

Thank you! I’m glad you like this. You may find a way to make it work for you! There are speaking gigs - if you go into private practice only, every professional will tell you “start a blog” or some way to interact with potential clients.

When you become a professional, things change. My facebook/snapchat/instagram/twitter are and have been locked since the beginning. I know I askedjeeves (proto-googling) about my therapist in high school and have no doubt that my clients do the same. Lucky for me, there is a soccer player who when to state university in my state and has done a whole bunch of public shit with my name as well as a reviewer in the pacific northwest and a decently followed blogger. I just googled myself and I have one entry on the first page for me that leads nowhere and the next mention is 7 pages deep. Lemme just say I posted some dumb stuff on the internet when I was high school and there is no way a client needs to read the depressive rambling of 18 year old me. 

I have found in doing the trauma work that I do, disclosures need to be done with intention and care if at all possible. It’s long term, deeply connected work. My clients don’t necessarily see me as a human with a life outside work. I have been working with a client for years now and due to some crisis situations, this client knows more about my family life than most others do and we have had to talk about it. It’s brought up stuff. I’d still do it again in a heartbeat but it can complicate things for clients to know too much. A lot of share here is what I wish I could tell my clients but it’s not clinically appropriate. So for them to find it would be a whole deal. I’m very careful to remove or obscure any identifying information when I do my answers or gifs and will sometimes queue it for weeks out from the event that triggered the entry. 

I also had a stalker when I was 19 who disappeared when I was 21 and popped up again this summer and just like no thank you.

So it’s both for the client’s protection and mine.

contacting spirits 101

ok so I see this Charlie Charlie challenge has become a “thing” and seems similar enough to ouija board which I do frequently enough so here’s a masterpost on how to stay safe while contacting spirits without being all lecture-y as these posts usually are


1) if you light candles, make sure they are light colored. don’t contact spirits with dark colored candles (especially black) as it could summon a malevolent spirit

2) before starting the session, you should pray (if you are religious) or, if you are not religious, imagine yourself being covered by a white, protecting, light, bubble or blanket.

3) keep silver on the board/paper. it is said to ward off evil spirits. Old quarters with the eagles on the back can be used.

4) If you have crystals, keep them nearby. They channel energy and will make it easier for the spirits to communicate.

5) a glass of water can be placed around the board/paper as it attracts spirits and makes them easier to contact.


1) be polite and courteous. Spirits can be easily angered so being rude or asking personal questions could lead to some unwanted situations

2) if you would like to ask a personal question, make sure to ask permission from the spirit first. only then should you proceed to ask the question. Topics you should NEVER ask about without being granted permission is about their death, afterlife and religion in general. Do not ask about God or the devil as this could cause unrest with the spirit.

3) Always say goodbye to end a session, and NEVER end a session without saying goodbye as this will leave the portal to the spirit world open and the contacted spirit may linger and cause problems after the session.

4) do not forget to thank the spirit after the session. this goes hand in hand with being polite. if you are polite, most likely they will be as well.


1) Make sure all participants have said goodbye. I cannot stress this enough.

2) if possible, burn sage to cleanse your house. Though do not burn sage tied with a red string as it may have been cursed.

3) proclaim OUT LOUD “ The session is over. Any spirits lingering here are not welcome. Thank you for communicating with me, but it is time to leave”


1) do not contact spirits in any way if you are sick, drunk, high, or your mental state is impaired in some way. this makes it easier for malevolent spirits to manipulate you.

2) if at any point before or during the session you have a feeling that doesn’t feel right, do not continue the session. trust your gut instinct and don’t do anything that seems dangerous.

3) do not contact spirits where people have died or in cemeteries.

4) typically spirits that go by the name of ZOZO or any variation of that are malevolent. I have also found that spirits that are young girls sometimes are tricksters that could cause problems as well.

That’s all! happy contacting, feel free to send me your stories and/or corrections. Also if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message :-)

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SFW and NSFW headcanons for Kakuzu or Deidara? :)

Yes! I hope you enjoy reading them ^^



  • Kakuzu is pretty picky when it comes to spending money . Whether it is for his own being or for his lover. Usually when you ask him about going on a date he will take you somewhere for a walk, or to a place where the entry is free. Yet, the place has to be quiet because he hates noisy places and a lot of people. He wants to be able to talk to his lover in a quiet tone and not scream at them.
  • Kakuzu might not seem like it but he’s a romantic person. Sometimes he surprises his lover with a candle light dinner or perhaps a bath in the hot springs. A place where he can be alone with you.
  • If Kakuzu’s your boyfriend you don’t have to worry about someone disliking you. Whenever someone insults you or harasses you, you can be sure that it is a one time thing. You know that Kakuzu has something to do with it, even though he won’t admit it.
  • You also don’t have to worry about your finances because he’ll gladly help you with them. He might make some mean comments about the things you’re spending your money on, saying that it’s „unnecessary“ or „stupid“.
  • The moment you’re allowed to touch his bare skin, you know that he trusts you. Especially when it comes to the hearts on his back. Only if he trusts you enough, he’ll ask you to help him stitch his back up.


  • Kakuzu enjoys making love to his lover rather than fucking them into oblivion. He enjoys seeing their expression when he thrusts into them. But not as much as he enjoys the sounds of his lover when he pulls himself slowly out of you before burying himself deep inside again.
  • He really loves it when his lover rides him. Like this, he can keep the eye contact and caress your body, making sure that he touches every single part of your skin.
  • Even though he loves slow and intense sex, his preferences will change with his mood. If he’s angry, the sex with him can turn out to be pretty rough. Though he would never do anything that could possibly hurt you but pinning you down is the least he’ll do.
  • Kakuzu prefers it to give oral more than to receive it. You can expect him to lift you up on the kitchen counter in the morning so he can bury his face between your thighs, not wanting to waive his breakfast.



  • Deidara loves cuddling a lot. He will use every chance he can get to be close to you. Even when the others are around, he’ll randomly sneak his arms around your waist to backhug you and place his chin on your shoulder so he can lead his head against yours. He enjoys inhaling your scent and placing small kisses on your cheeks and shoulders, his hands usually resting on your sides.
  • Dates with Deidara can be really special and if you’re afraid of heights then Deidara is definitely not the perfect match for you. There are days when he simply wants to fly on one of his clay birds with you, so you two can admire everything from above. Most of the time he will ask you to point at a location you want to go to and he’ll take you there.
  • Even though Deidara does not seem like it, he loves cooking. Sometimes when you return home, you will find him in the kitchen already preparing dinner for you two. Of course, he knows every single one of your favorite dishes and he secretly learned to perfect them to impress you.
  • There can be days when Deidara is insecure about the mouths on his hands. Before he met you, he never wasted a second thought on it but whenever you’re around he’s a bit afraid that you find it weird. You can tell him a thousand time that it does not bother you but inwardly he’ll always ask himself if that’s really true.
  • Deidara often sings to himself in the shower, even louder when he’s home alone.
  • Deidara is really good at keeping secrets to himself so whenever you have any sorrows or problems you can vent to him.


  • Deidara loves receiving oral as much as he likes giving it. He might be a little rough sometimes when he tangles his fingers in your hair to guide your mouth down on his cock but his expression is definitely worth it. You also can’t expect him to be quiet, not even when the two of you aren’t home alone. When you pleasure him he loves it to be loud and to tell you how good you are.
  • Deidara prefers to top his lover, enjoying the intense eye contact during your sessions. Preferably he has a partner who is as loud as him, so he knows that everything he does is pleasurable for his lover. Hearing your moans will drive him crazy and he will grow more confident with every single sound that escapes your mouth.
  • The blond loves it when his partner is a bit flexible. The feeling of his cock being completely buried inside his lover, almost sending him over the peak every time. Even if it’s already the third round, the moment he pushes your legs over his shoulders to get deeper access to you he can’t hold himself back. He will increase the speed and force of his thrusts, even though he knows that he won’t last long like that.
  • After sex he loves holding you in his arms, preferably spooning you from behind. Usually he is the one to fall asleep quicker than you but you can keep him awake by grinding your ass against his crotch.  
  • Geez, this guy loves butts. Sometimes he’ll let you walk in front of him just so he can look at your rear or grab it. Since he loves to cherish his lover, the idea of massaging them might come up to his mind. Whenever that happens he makes sure that you’re all naked on your stomach in front of him, his hands first sliding down your back before spanking you. Just a light spank before his lips meet the skin of your butt, his hands massaging it while he trailed kisses down the back of your thighs.

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Hello. Do you happen to know how getting a photo works when you're volunteering at a con? I'm interested, but don't think I could be at a con without getting a Misha hug! Thanks for any ideas!

Hi there

Here is the policy regarding photo op for volunteers:

For each event, there is an approved photo op list – from which, each volunteer may choose one photo op for each day worked. You may not share or give away your photo tickets with/to attendees or other volunteers. This is a perk for you only. Please make sure you send in your photo op requests as soon as you receive the email with approved photo ops! If you want a specific item signed or a photo op that is not on the approved items list, you must purchase a separate ticket. If you are assigned to a post during the autograph or photo op session, please contact your Supervisor for assistance. 

Download the full details of volunteering here


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Hi Mint, I was hoping you’d help me out, by sharing this with your followers - I need people for some interviews about fan-consumption of band merchandise ^_^ Only requirement is that you own band-merchandise, specifically a piece of clothing. The interview has around 30-40 questions and can be done through Facebook chat or on email. If desired, the interview can be split up into multiple sessions. Please contact me here on tumblr for more information/if you wish to participate. Thank you! n_n

^^ ayyoo peeps

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Ever thought it wise to make a post about boundaries in therapy? As sweet and endearing as some of these posts are they seriously border on being appropriate for a therapeutic relationship. Just a thought. I really enjoy this blog but have been harmed by a therapist who crossed those boundaries and let me be like her own child.

Yeahhh. I’d like to believe that some of these submissions are slightly embellished, or at least not meant to be taken in the most literal sense. This blog operates on individual experiences in therapy, so usually submissions include very little context.

Thank you for pointing out the important of boundaries, though. For as much as I wish T could be my best friend or parent, it’s simply not healthy. If you ever feel like you’re receiving ‘special’ treatment from your therapist - as this anon mentioned - it’s actually doing more harm than good. Therapy’s effectiveness hinges largely on the uniqueness of the therapist-client relationship. It’s extremely important that both sides are aware of appropriate boundaries (this includes T’s level of self-disclosure, physical touch, contact outside of sessions, gift giving, etc.). If you’re not sure what your therapist’s boundaries are, ask them!