the conspiracy of torture

Collection of the Creepiest and the Weirdest Wikipedia Pages

I’ve seen quite a few similar posts floating around, so here’s one with some pages that weren’t included in the others. Just as all these posts go, do not read if you are easily disturbed or triggered. Some of these are extremely graphic.

Crimes & Killers:

Hinterkaifeck Murders
The Vampire Rapist 
The Hi-Fi Murders
Hello Kitty Murder
Sasebo Slashing
Keddie Murders
Murder of James Bulger
Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs (3 Guys 1 Hammer)
Sada Abe
The Vampire of Sacramento
The Little Girl Murderer
Tylenol Murders
Issei Sagawa
Luka Magnotta
Blood Countess
Murder of Tim McLean
The Boy in the Box
Murder of Shanda Sharer
Robert Pickton
Theresa Knorr
Strip Search Phone Call Scam
Unit 731
Rape of Nanking
Hoeryong Concentration Camp
Sawney Bean

The Unknown:

Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter
Belmez Faces
Jimmy Carter UFO Incident
Clinton Road
Cicada 3301
Rosalia LombardoWeeping Statue
Exorcism of Anneliese Michel
La Llorona
The Superman Curse
EctoplasmKuchisake-Onna (Slit Mouthed Woman)
Rat King
SS Baychimo
Salish Sea Human Foot Discoveries
Green Children of Woolpit
Skinwalker Ranch
Devil’s Tramping Ground
Pope Lick Monster
Devil’s Chair


Revival Experiments
Cotard Delusion
Elephant Man
Penis Panic
The Toxic Lady
Sensory Deprivation
Youngest MotherBrain Eating Amoeba
Locked In Syndrome
Stendhal Syndrome
Jerusalem Syndrome
Self Enucleation
Stanford Prison Experiment
Pit of Despair
Harlequin-Type Ichthyosis
Genie the Feral Child
Benjamin Kyle


Torture Methods and Devices
The Pear of Anguish
Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered
Rat Torture
Brazen Bull
Slow Slicing
Sleep Deprivation
Stress Positions

Conspiracies & Stories:

Black Helicopters
The Licked Hand
Chemtrail Conspiracy
New World Order Conspiracy
Killer in the Backseat
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
Boy Scout Lane
The Clinton Body Count
Denver International Airport Conspiracy
New City Village


Yosemite Sam
The Station Nightclub Fire
Rogue Waves
Vagina Dentata
Mongolian Death Worm
List of Unusual Deaths
Being Buried Alive
Daycare Sex Abuse Hysteria
Carl Tanzler
Bog Bodies
A Serbian Film
Cannibal Holocaust
Dead Hand
Action Park
120 Days of Sodom
Human Corpse Soap
Christine Chubbuck
Traumatic Insemination
John Fare

hey i felt it might be good to say, if youre looking into conspiracy theory stuff and see mentions of project monarch, PLEASE be careful reading about it. when it’s mentioned offhand it’s usually just described as a conspiracy theory about mind control, often relating to the illuminati, so you might go into it expecting another funny off-the-wall illuminati conspiracy. but this theory revolves around the use of childhood trauma to control the victims, and as such pretty much every bit of media about it has themes that are unexpected and extremely intense triggers for child abuse victims.

childhood sexual abuse, incest, physical/emotional abuse, torture, and pedophilia are central to the whole conspiracy theory, and the Holocaust and the human experimentation associated with it are frequently brought up as well. if you have any triggers related to any of these topics, it would be best to avoid this conspiracy altogether or at least be prepared.

obviously things like conspiracy theories are broad topics and bound to have so many potentially triggering elements that theres no way to warn for them alll, but the project monarch conspiracy brings up this Very nasty stuff Very unexpectedly to people that are unfamiliar with it. so i figured i would say something and hopefully spare some people the pain of reliving trauma

Okiku’s Well

In Japan there is a city called Himeji, and in Himeji there is a castle called Himeji Castle. It is a monumental structure whose keep towers over the surrounding landscape. Some people have said that its architectural wings resemble a bird’s wings spread in flight. It is a famous castle and has been featured in many films, including Akira Kurosawa’s Ran.

On a little lawn beneath the castle’s keep, there is a well. Nowadays it is disused and covered with a metal grate, whose bars you can look through to see down into the well, but you cannot see much. The opening is dark and choked with weeds.

Mounted nearby there is a plaque. It tells a story about a woman who drowned there.

Her name was Okiku and, many centuries ago, she lived as a maidservant in the castle. As maidservants will in old tales, one day she overheard some conspirators whispering about a plot to overthrow the resident lord. The chief conspirator was none other than the castle’s chief retainer. But the lord’s life was saved when Okiku exposed the conspiracy.

However, although his murder plot might have been thwarted, the chief retainer would not permit a maidservant to outwit him. He would have his revenge.

In the castle there were ten treasure plates belonging to the royal family. The chief retainer stole one, smashed it into pieces, and then blamed the theft on Okiku. When she would not confess to what she had not done, he tortured her, and when she would still not confess, he threw her into the well outside the keep. She did not reemerge alive.

After that, her ghost haunted the well, and at night people could hear her voice echoing from deep inside. She was always counting. She would begin with the number one, progress to two and three, and continue until she reached ten. But she would never say the number ten. Instead she would scream as she remembered the tenth treasure plate that she had been blamed for breaking.

This continued until many, many years had passed, and she was enshrined as a local god by a more sympathetic generation. Then her spirit found peace.

At least, that is the account given by the plaque outside the well. But the story has certain illogical elements and raises a few questions.

Why was the chief retainer not executed, imprisoned, or exiled when his conspiracy was exposed? Why was he given the authority to torture Okiku for a confession when he had already proven his disloyalty to the castle’s lord? We might assume that he tortured her in private without permission, but in that case why did he bother to frame her for theft? He might have abducted and murdered her without stealing a treasure plate.

After I had visited the castle and seen the well, I decided to research Okiku’s story. What I found were numerous variations in the legend. Sometimes she was not a maidservant at all, but a courtly lady and the chief retainer’s lover. Sometimes she was the resident lord’s lover. Sometimes there was never any conspiracy to overthrow the castle’s lord, and the chief retainer’s motivation was lust: when Okiku would not submit to his blackmail involving the treasure plates, he murdered her instead. Sometimes Okiku even broke the tenth plate herself to test her lover’s devotion. The only similarity amongst these versions was the splash that her body finally made falling into the well. Even the well’s location changed from legend to legend.

A few nights later, in Osaka, I was talking with a local artist when I decided to ask him what he thought about the legend. He had been born and raised in Himeji and knew all about the castle and its ghosts.

Okiku was a maid, he told me. She was drowned in the well, and her spirit haunted it.

I told him that I knew that much, but what about the murder plot, the treasure plates?

Someone said she stole a treasure plate and broke it, he answered. That’s why she was drowned.

But did the castle’s lord know that she had been accused? Had she really exposed the conspiracy or had the chief retainer killed her first?

There are many theories, he explained. They’re almost like conspiracy theories. But the main thing is that somebody was jealous, and Okiku drowned because of it.

We talked about other subjects after that, and I never did learn the answers to my questions. But what I did learn is that they didn’t need answers. Jealousy and death: these were what mattered the most in Okiku’s legend. Any specifics could pass in and out like phantoms.

anonymous asked:

You talk a lot about "Red vs Blue" and idk what it is but i'm interested. What exactly is it and how do i watch it?

okay wow i’ve actually done a lot of posts like this but i care so much about this show so i’ll do it forever and ever if that means that i get to show more people this show

so it’s a machinima (movies created with video game engines) made with the Halo games and the series started in 2003 by Rooster Teeth productions, the production company behind Achievement Hunter and [gavin screaming] (fun fact: that same gavin directed season 7 of red vs blue and got hired because he was a huge fan of the show).

the show got so big that the company that created Halo adopted a gametype created in the show (Grifball), released episodes on halo waypoint, and even got the voice actors from RvB to make cameo appearances in their games. halo loves rooster teeth. oh, and they also got Ed Robertson, lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies and Elijah Wood, Frodo Fucking Baggins, to voice characters in the show. legendary.

External image

“This parody of first-person shooter games, military life and science-fiction films centers on a civil war fought in the middle of a desolate canyon.”

it’s about a red team and a blue team fighting a war in the middle of a canyon. (see above Netflix description) but they’re all pretty lousy soldiers and hilarity ensues. now mix that up with government conspiracy, war criminals, psychological torture, and a shit load of other crazy shit and there’s red vs blue for you. 

it starts off slower and more light hearted but it gets more intense with every season. it’s currenty halfway through its 12th season. spoiler alert: season 10 is fucking crazy and beautiful and heartbreaking. yes, this is the same show.

“How do I watch it?”

The entirety of the show is uploaded for free on the Rooster Teeth site and seasons 1-11 are on youtube. However, i would recommend watching it all as one season movies instead of episode by episode. it’s easier and you get less distracted. but that’s just me.

The easier ways to watch this are as follows.

Netflix has seasons 1-5 available for streaming.

Amazon Prime Instant Video has seasons 1-10 available for streaming. (Free with Prime)

Hulu also has seasons 1-5 in 3-part sections for each season.

these options feature the one big movie format, where each episode is compiled into a 2-hour long movie, since each episode is about 5-10 minutes usually.

The free ways to watch this show, if you are subscription less:

Season 1 (Rooster Teeth site / Youtube)
Season 2 (Rooster Teeth site / Youtube)
Season 3 (Rooster Teeth site / Youtube)
Season 4 (Rooster Teeth site / Youtube)
Out of Mind (Mini series MUST WATCH) (RT p1/p2/p3/p4/p5 / Youtube)

Season 5 (Rooster Teeth site / Youtube)

Recovery One (Mini series MUST WATCH) (RT p1/p2/p3/p4 / Youtube parts 1&2 / parts 3&4)

Season 6: Reconstruction [aka the season when shIT GOES DOWN] (Rooster Teeth site / Youtube

Relocated (Mini series) (RT p1/p2/p3/p4 / Youtube)

Season 7: Recreation (Rooster Teeth site / Youtube)

Season 8: Revelation (Rooster Teeth site / Youtube)

Season 9 (Rooster Teeth site / Youtube) [starting with the trailer because the trailer completes the experience]

Season 10 (Rooster Teeth site / Youtube)

Season 11 (Rooster Teeth site / Youtube [still uploading on YouTube)

Season 12 (Rooster Teeth site )

if you’re still not convinced, watch this video. perfect mixture of humor and Monty Oum’s full CGI fight sequences. a little spoilery but not really. it won’t give away any hUGE plot points.

seriously you all need to watch it. it’s hella rad vs blue. that was a shit pun but yeah you get the idea.

to anyone who doesn’t watch this show: y’all mothafuckas need Church.


If you believe Jews are to blame for their own suffering and oppression, then explain to me why children so young they couldn’t dress themselves, much less be responsible for or complicit in some kind of Jewish conspiracy, had to die and be tortured and experimented along with their parents and grandparents.

Infants, toddlers, school-aged children. Why did they have to die? What harm did they cause gentiles by playing in the streets and suckling their mothers’ breasts?

They didn’t have to die. It’s just one part of the horror of every action of any Jew, regardless of age or ability, being demonized. Even if Jews were responsible for the horrors inflicted upon them, there would be no reason to inflict these horrors upon a child.

When I was in elementary and middle school, a situation came up kind of a lot where someone would ask, “who do you like?”

Of course, most of the time, the answer was “no one.” I was frankly more concerned with yu-gi-oh cards and trying to not be bullied so much than I was about romance. 

However, “I don’t have a crush on anyone” was not an acceptable answer in this situation, even if it was true. No matter how many times I insisted that I didn’t have a crush on anyone, the people I was talking to would think I was lying. If this went on too long, they’d start speculating on who it might really be, and sometimes they would actually threaten to tell everyone I liked someone I didn’t like if I didn’t tell them “who it really was.” So I’d have to come up with a lie that would take the heat off me. 

I couldn’t pick just some rando, though, because then I’d be unable to answer any follow-up questions. It couldn’t be a friend I was too close with, or else pretending to have a crush on them would make things too weird. It couldn’t be someone that any of my other friends had a crush on, because then I would be in a conflict with my friend over a crush I didn’t even have. A lot of the time, it’d have to be someone who had some obvious reason about them why we couldn’t be together, so the people I’m talking to would file that information away but take no further action.

It would have to be someone I was friendly with, but not so close with that I would actually care that much if they found out, and not so far removed from that they would just tell them because why the hell not (I learned this one the hard way). Essentially, someone I could possibly have a crush on, but could not possibly take any action towards.

In a nutshell, I ended up confessing to a bunch of crushes I didn’t have, and then having to walk the walk whenever those friends brought it up later. I didn’t really put this much thought into it in the moment, but in that situation, I’d very quickly figure out what the right buttons were to press to get my friends off my back. Sometimes, it’d get to a point where I even believed I had a crush on them, but would later realize that I only thought I had those feelings when those friends were around. 

And that’s how I know “enhanced interrogation techniques,” AKA “torture,” don’t produce reliable intel.

Because in a no-stakes scenario, under the literal smallest amount of pressure that can be placed on a person, without putting any thought into it whatsoever, I worked out what my friends wanted to hear and concocted a lie so airtight and convincing that I even fooled myself

So when someone is saying “give us the details of your conspiracy or we keep torturing you,” you’re going to come up with a pretty convincing, airtight conspiracy pretty fast, complete with little verifiable details to back up your story just so they’ll leave you alone

Like, I know that those two situations don’t even begin to approach being on the same scale, but if an ounce of pressure can make my brain, without me realizing it, automatically generate an intricate story of star-crossed love that can never be mentioned just so my asshole friends in elementary school wouldn’t make one up for me, I can’t imagine what my brain would come up with to not be waterboarded