the conspiracy of torture

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OC profile for Raya

okie dokie :)

Full Name: Nuruodo’raya’sforia

Gender and Sexuality: Female, pansexual

Pronouns: She/Her (royal highness) XD 

Ethnicity/Species: Chiss, Csillan/Naporari

Birthplace and Birthdate: Csaplar, Csilla. 3624 BBY or 9BTC

Guilty Pleasures: all of them. lol jks. she really likes carbs and fatty food but she resists to keep her figure in shape but sometimes…

Phobias: being bored to death, other shadow operatives coming to kill her

What They Would Be Famous For: probably a really good sex tape or just being a hot celebrity that kinda exists and people give her money. if she applied herself, maybe as an athlete.

What They Would Get Arrested For: everything. arson, fraud, larceny, tax evasion, murder, second degree murder, third degree murder, conspiracy, battery, blackmail, bomb threats, extortion, espionage, hacking, harassment, hostage taking, embezzlement, torture, theft, vandalism, war crimes, stalking, illegal immigration, assault, bribery… I can’t think of any more right now.

OC You Ship Them With: Soren, and everyone else in the galaxy

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Kreis, her old ex

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Horror, she thinks it’s funny and points out all the gross medical errors

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Romance, she gets really angry at people who have really loving, well-thought out relationships cos she can’t have one herself but she still reads them religiously

Talents and/or Powers: Super strong as a result of Chiss super stims and genetic modification. Minor precognition and enhanced reflexes thanks to limited Force sensitivity.

Why Someone Might Love Them: She’s fun and loves to have fun and will drag you in and force you to enjoy yourself even if you think you’re too depressed to do so. She knows exactly what someone needs to cheer them up and if she’s in the mood, then she’ll happily oblige.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: She’s awful. Has no sense of loyalty or morality when it comes to making big decisions. She’s entirely selfish and will only act if it’s in her best interest.

How They Change: Raya continually forces Soren to be with her when his duty tears him away. She loves him but in time she learns that even though they love each other, it may not be in the cards. He’s his own person and its one of the things she loves about him. He technically doesn’t need her and she realizes that her selfishness is just hurting both of them.

Why You Love Them: Raya can do anything she wants which opens up a lot of avenues creatively speaking. There’s no thinking about who she answers to or what people would think, just what would Raya do and the answer is usually - something fucking awesome.
Look to the Sky - RamblingMegome - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
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The war wears on, a seemingly endless cycle of hopeless repetition. Armin has begun to despair of ever seeing the ocean, but the chance discovery of an old invention could be the breakthrough humanity needs. As Armin struggles with his outlook and his feelings for his best friend, the past comes back in more ways than one, and the gears of something bigger begin to turn…

Chapter 14 Summary:
The Survey Corps base is a rush of activity as they hurry to prepare the balloon and scour the woods for any sign of a threat. Eren and Armin try to find a moment to talk amidst the bustle.

hey i felt it might be good to say, if youre looking into conspiracy theory stuff and see mentions of project monarch, PLEASE be careful reading about it. when it’s mentioned offhand it’s usually just described as a conspiracy theory about mind control, often relating to the illuminati, so you might go into it expecting another funny off-the-wall illuminati conspiracy. but this theory revolves around the use of childhood trauma to control the victims, and as such pretty much every bit of media about it has themes that are unexpected and extremely intense triggers for child abuse victims.

childhood sexual abuse, incest, physical/emotional abuse, torture, and pedophilia are central to the whole conspiracy theory, and the Holocaust and the human experimentation associated with it are frequently brought up as well. if you have any triggers related to any of these topics, it would be best to avoid this conspiracy altogether or at least be prepared.

obviously things like conspiracy theories are broad topics and bound to have so many potentially triggering elements that theres no way to warn for them alll, but the project monarch conspiracy brings up this Very nasty stuff Very unexpectedly to people that are unfamiliar with it. so i figured i would say something and hopefully spare some people the pain of reliving trauma

kablob17 and I have been torturing each other by theorizing what’s going on in the fem!Inquisitor and Ezra concept art scene (I am 99% Ezra’s hands are cuffed even if the cuffs aren’t portrayed, because that is classic handcuffed position) and apparently I need to torture the rest of y’all too.  This is off the presumption that lady!Inquisitor is in fact Barriss Offee, because UNENDING AGONY is the watchword in Star Wars.

She’s probably sitting there telling him about everything the Jedi Order did wrong. “Let me tell you about the real Jedi.”

“You ought to know that your master has been lying to you. Oh, I’m sure that he’s not doing all of it deliberately. He must have been very young when the Republic fell. When I was the age he was then, I thought that the Jedi were always right too. But he never saw the truth.”

Could you imagine if Barriss is the one who tells Ezra that Kanan used to be Caleb, though? And is just like, “Look, if he’d lie to you about that, he’d lie to you about anything?” And then after Ezra has been rescued and Kanan has turned away to do something, or talk to Ahsoka or something, Ezra goes, “Caleb?” experimentally, and Kanan just freezes.  And Ezra’s just like, “…oh shit, she was right. She was right about that." 

What if she tells him about Depa’s death, and how Caleb ran? About how he’s a coward, and how can Ezra really expect to learn anything from him? "I’m sure that he must have seemed very impressive to you when you met him, but I’m afraid that’s nothing but lies. You had nothing to compare him to, to know how false he is.”

ETA: To clarify, these are all from me.

If you believe Jews are to blame for their own suffering and oppression, then explain to me why children so young they couldn’t dress themselves, much less be responsible for or complicit in some kind of Jewish conspiracy, had to die and be tortured and experimented along with their parents and grandparents.

Infants, toddlers, school-aged children. Why did they have to die? What harm did they cause gentiles by playing in the streets and suckling their mothers’ breasts?

They didn’t have to die. It’s just one part of the horror of every action of any Jew, regardless of age or ability, being demonized. Even if Jews were responsible for the horrors inflicted upon them, there would be no reason to inflict these horrors upon a child.