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Your average person:

‘Let’s cure cancer! We should strive to be better as a species! End world hunger! 😊👍’

Your average person after being shown that eating animals causes cancer, starves millions and will eventually cause the exponential escalation of climate change:

‘Humans are a blip on this planet, nature will wipe us out and it won’t matter so ethical matters actually mean nothing to me up until the moment you stop talking about meat and then I’m a #conscious #woke consumer again 👈👈😎’

People are living on top of each other yet 45% of the earth’s total land mass is dedicated to animal agriculture.

We currently have enough food to feed 10 billion people, but we live in a world where 82% of starving children live in countries where food is fed to animals, and then the meat is consumed by wealthier countries.

we are struggling to feed a population yet 1.5 acres of land can provide 37,000 pounds of plant based food.
1.5 acres of land can produce 375 pounds of meat.

¾ of the world’s fisheries are depleted. Scientists estimate we may have a fishless ocean by 2048

Does anybody else see a problem with this?
Be a conscious consumer.

Sleepless Nights - Ten (M)

Ft. Hansol

A/N: Okay, good-bye
[This was a Jimin smut of mine via the side blog, butttt…]
- Admin Finn

**WARNING: smut ahead! Also, themes of gore and rough sex, including extremely sadistic Ten**

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Word Count: 1,048

He had dreamt of it, the gleaming blade caressing your warm skin, the dark blood trickling along the soft ridges of your figure staining the pale satin sheets endlessly.
Your vulnerable figure lay beside him, your soft skin illuminated by the dim lights filtering through the billowing curtains. Ten listened intently to the sounds of the city below, picturing the damp allies with neon signs hanging themselves above the lonesome souls wandering through the night.
Shadows crept through the night, consuming his conscious as his gaze fell upon your neck. His fingers itched to grasp your lithe neck, constricting until you’re crying and thrashing frantically; his mind yearning to see the life leave your bleary gaze.

Stirring gently, your tired gaze fell upon your husband. You smiled gently, snuggling close, idly tracing the defined ridges of his chest with your gaze.

“Can’t sleep?”

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Tear (Loki Laufeyson )

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson/Reader
Words: 1000+
Warning(s): Abuse, Abuse mention
A/N: heya! i hope this turned out how you wanted~ also i just love this gif of Loki. Im glad to write for marvel.
Request: how about a loki/reader where she is getting abused and thinks she deserves it and loki comforts her?

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Hey ya’ll!
So recently I’ve been working with a start-up makeup and skin-care company called Shae Face and Body. They’re products are all hand-made with natural, organic, vegan products and are free of parabens and phthalates (AKA yucky chemicals that are horrible for you). It also has no soy, tree-nuts, or gluten for those of you who are allergic.

So, I’ve been wearing their products for about 2 months now and I absolutely adore them. They make a lipstick that is to die for!! It’s a cream matte that doesn’t smudge when you take a sip of coffee or bite into a sammy. I usually don’t wear makeup because it’s so messy but this stuff is amazing. I love love LOVE that it doesn’t smudge. They also make a killer deodorant that smells Divine. I have the lavender-lemongrass scent but there are others as well.
The moisturizer leaves my face feeling soft and refreshed all day! And the finishing power is the perfect companion - I put it on my face in the morning and it gets rid of any shine!! My face is naturally greasier than most so the finishing powder is a godsend. They also make a soothing chapstick that is the perfect companion for this dry winter weather.

You can see above pics of their products as well as me rockin the lipsticks 💄💋

What seals the deal for me is that this company is run by an amazing GenderQueer person that has made it their mission to make quality products without using harmful chemicals or unethical production methods. They also want the company to be for anyone and everyone who is interested in makeup and skincare products, not just women and girls. This is a company that strives to be all-inclusive!! Perfect for the conscious consumer.

Check them out on Instagram @shaefaceandbody as well as twitter and Facebook.
If you’re interested in their products they sell them at:

I 10/10 recommend

I don’t want to have to try so hard to be a conscious consumer. I don’t want to be conscious. I want to sleep for 10000 yrs until the earth is knocked out by a nuclear blast & nature takes over again

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(And finally after the long, awful wait, it’s here! I really hope it turned out good! Sorry for making you all wait forever.)

He had been watching her for weeks now. The mysterious girl had caught his eye as he was venturing down the muggy streets of Gotham. She had been in a shop window, fixing a flower display that had fallen over. Her hair fell over her shoulders gently, her eyebrows knit together in concentration, her teeth biting down gently into her lip. Edward had paused, watching her from the short distance. His curiosity evidently peaked. Eyes followed her as she finished her business and made her way back into the depths of the store. Ed made a mental note, the name of the store, where it was, and the girl he saw. His day was far too busy to pursue anything at the moment, but it was clear, he would be coming back soon enough.

The day was far too long. Who knew that so many people would need bouquet after bouquet. I sighed a heavy sigh of relief as the clock ticked to closing hour. The store was void of customers. The flowers sat in their pots of water, their cheerful heads turned towards the plant lights above.

I took a deep breath, the floral scent enveloping my lungs. Checking that the cash from the till was counted and locked away in the safe at the back, I did my final checks, and made my way outside.

I always hated the streets of Gotham at night. They were bad enough during the day. Now with the news reporting almost weekly of maniacs and psychotics running about, it didn’t make a girl feel to safe about walking alone, even if it was for a short distance.

Having an apartment all the way on the other side of Gotham made the commute to work difficult, but in a city such as this, wherever you got a job, you made it work.

Setting a brisk and steady pace, I made my way down the streets attempting to get to the abandoned parking lot as quickly as I could, not wanting to chance any story worthy encounters with some freak on the street.

Edward glanced at his watch. Half past nine, she should be arriving any time now. After watching her for nearly a month, since that fateful day, he decided she was truly someone who he could be with. Someone who would understand and treat him the way no other would. The darker part of his psyche would whisper it constantly to him. When he was just working in the lab, or examining a crime scene, the sinister voice would creep into his mind, reminding him of the girl and her potential with him.

The shadow of a figure crawling upon the walls caught his attention. A sinister smile creeped on his face. It was her.

“Show time.” His dark voice whispered as he unlocked the door and made his way out.

My breath came out in uneven puffs as I spotted my car. “Why on earth did you park at the end?” I cursed myself under my breath. Stopping briefly I rummaged through my bag, finding my keys, I continued forward. Hearing the sound of footsteps I turned abruptly, nothing. You’ve got to stop watching horror movies. I thought, continuing forward.

A hand whips its way to my mouth, muffling my quick scream to protest. “What the?” Came muffled from behind the stranger’s hand.

“Hello.” A deep male voice calls into my left ear. “Nice night for a walk.”

“Help!” I screamed as loud as I could from behind his hand.

A fistfull of hair is tugged sharply causing me to yelp in pain. “Hush now, wouldn’t want to alert the whole city now would we?” His next movement surprising me as he strokes my hair gently.  “I’ve been watching you for awhile.” He whispers in my ear. “It’s like you were made perfect for me. Someone who understands me, understands the darkness.”

I squirm against him, trying in some futile attempt to get away from him. “You’re a freak. I don’t even know who you are.” Kicking hard backwards, landing a swift blow on his shins, I run like hell, not bothering to look back.

The air is abruptly pushed from my lungs when I’m pushed face first into the concrete, the man from earlier tackling me harshly. I try to suck in any amount of air only succeeding in coughing brutally instead.

“Oh trust me, you will know me.” Even through my blurred vision I can see the smirk plastered across his face. “Tell me, what’s your name?”

I try to comment something rude in response but the words felt like they were took right out of my mouth, only the rasping sound of me trying to catch my breath filling the silence.

“I guess you’ll have to tell me later.” He laughs loudly, before taking something from behind him, bashing me rudely in the head. Inky darkness swims before my eyes before consuming my conscious mind.

Harsh coughing comes from my lungs before I thrash upwards, eyes wildly searching for anything around me of familiarity. Where am I? What happened? The tall stranger across the room brings things back to focus, reminding me of the events before. I inhale heavily, trying my best to get as much air into my lungs as I could.

He approaches me in long, quick strides. A bottle in one hand, his other picking up a syringe. “Gentle now. I’m not gonna hurt you.” He claims, closing the rest of the distance sitting on me next to the bed. “But if you’re not careful you’re going to hurt yourself.” He says matter of factly. Flicking the syringe, he pulls my arm harshly, injecting the clear liquid into my bloodstream.

“The hell?” I manage to get out before I’m sucked back into the abyss from before.

“There’s something about you that I can’t explain.” A voice pierces through my foggy conscience. “There’s darkness within your eyes, you understand things, you can understand me.”

Wearily, I open my eyes, trying to observe where I was. I was in the same bed as before. Edward sitting in a chair next to me, staring out the window whilst voicing his thoughts.

“You’re sick, and depraved.” I spat out.

He whipped his head towards me, shock and hurt on his face. “Don’t say that! You know that’s not true! You understand me.”

I hadn’t expected him to lash out so abruptly. Pulling my knees closer to my chest, I did my best attempt to make myself smaller, hoping it’d make things easier. Something seemed to snap in him, something dark and terrifying.

He rubbed his neck, seeming to search for his words. “Do you ever feel like you were meant for something, something important?”

I hesitantly nodded my head.

“There’s something inside of me, just waiting to get out! I know that! I just,” he trails of, looking around the room. “I need someone by my side. I know that person can be you.” He turns to look at me darkly. “Please, (Y/N). I desperately need someone.”

I turned, giving him a cold dark glare. “Go to hell.”

Standing up, he straightens out his sweater, composing himself. The next movement he makes, he’s slapping me across the face. A searing pain bursts in my left cheek. I’m still processing it when he grabs my chin, forcing me to look in his eyes.

“Don’t,” he breathes in heavily. “Test me.”

Ed let’s go with a hard jerk of his wrist.

Almost as if someone had snapped their fingers, his posture goes back to normal, his eyes look cool and calm. He flicks his wrist, glancing at the watch on his wrist.

“I have to go, but when I come home, you better have changed your answer.” He turns, grabbing his coat and keys and walking out.

After hearing the click of the lock I lose it, realizing the situation I landed in. Without thinking, I scream, hoping praying, that anyone might hear me.

Story Rewrite Of The Finale

Elena wakes up at the beginning because Bonnie’s heart stopped briefly. But Katherine still pretends to be her, after hiding her before she woke up. Bonnie senses that Elena woke up and calls someone for help. Elena’s locked in the tomb. With the tomb vampires, who are working with Katherine.

Katherine taunts the brothers about their silly plan to destroy Hell, telling them that they can’t and that Cade wasn’t even the real devil, just a messenger, like her. That she’s manipulating Vicki, same as her mom, to think that she’ll escape her torment by doing this.

Damon tells Stefan that he’ll take care of Katherine and tells him to go find Elena, just in case they can’t stop Katherine.

Stefan then is confronted with Silas, who also came through with Katherine, who tries to kill him, but he’s saved by Jeremy. He’s who Bonnie called. Jeremy asks Stefan if he has any idea where Elena is. Stefan isn’t sure but realizes where she is, by remembering Katherine calling it “Elena’s final resting place” and “ironic”.

Bonnie tries to convince Damon not to sacrifice himself, but he says that it’s the only way to make sure this works and that Katherine doesn’t try to stop Vicki from destroying the bell. He asks her if she really wants to risk the lives of everyone in Mystic Falls, including Elena’s, for him. Bonnie tells him that he’s starting to sound like Stefan. He says that he hopes so. Bonnie leaves. Bonnie then calls Stefan, telling her what Damon’s going to do. Stefan, after second of thought, says that he has to find Caroline, telling Jeremy to go save Elena. But not before asking him for a vervain dart.

Stefan gets to Caroline, as they’re packing to get out of the town. Caroline and Stefan have a deep talk where Stefan says that he has to save Damon, that he can’t let Damon die after everything he (Stefan) has done, because if anyone deserves to die it’s him, because it’s his fault for starting all this by making Damon drink, saying that he’s the evil one. Caroline tells him that he’s not evil and she believes in him  They’re both conflicted because Caroline wants to protect Stefan, but she also wants to protect her children and make sure they have a mom too. They both agree that they have to protect their family though and say goodbye and that they love eachother Caroline goes to get her kids out of Mystic Falls. Stefan goes to save Damon.

Elena manages to elude the vampires and kill one of them, when Jeremy comes in and they take out the rest together. She hugs her brother, crying tears of joy. They both say that they missed eachother. She then asks him to tell her about the life he’s led, everything he’s done, before realizing that she shouldn’t be awake and quickly asking about Bonnie. Jeremy reassures her that she’s fine and that her heart stopped temporarily. Elena asks if it’s another evil threat. Jeremy responds that it always is and he’s starting to wonder if it’s just them these things follow. Elena laughs. Jeremy then insists that they get out of Mystic Falls.

Caroline realizes, as she’s in the car with her kids, that after suffering the horror of thinking her they died, she doesn’t want to be a vampire her whole life and watch her children die. That pain is something she never wants tyo suffer again. She pulls out her phone and calls Stefan, saying that she understands if he thinks he has to save Damon. She says that that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve happiness, that he doesn’t deserve to have the life he wants Damon to have and that she’s sorry for any time she ever made him feel otherwise. That she’s sorry for everytime she’s let her insecurities make him feel guilted, lesser or like she didn’t love him, that she never wanted that, she never thought how she felt could matter so much to him and she’s sorry for that and that no matter what happens, she’ll love him forever, always.

Stefan, nearly to the tower, calls Jeremy. As Jeremy tells Elena that Caroline has 2 kids. Elena wonders how that is. Jeremy says that it would be too confusing to explain. He hears his phone ring and answers it, telling Stefan they’re on their way out of town. Elena hears Stefan and asks to talk to him. She asks him what’s happening, taking a moment to call him Mr. Forbes. Stefan has a smirk at that and tells her that she shouldn’t worry about it, just let Jeremy protect her and get her out. Elena, concerned now, states that that’s only done when it’s serious. He tells her to be safe and hangs up the phone. Stefan sees Caroline’s voicemail.

Elena asks Jeremy what’s happening. He’s silent. She persists and he says that it’s Katherine, she’s back and she’s going to destroy Mystic Falls and Stefan, Damon, Bonnie and Matt are trying to stop her. Elena tells him to turn back. Jeremy says that he has to protect her. She says that he should know by now that she won’t accept that. She then says that no good has ever come from protecting her, to let her help. They have to do something.

Bonnie doesn’t use magic to save the day. She and Matt convince Vicki to help her destroy the bell. Because only the Donovan who rang it can. Bonnie convinces her by using her own experience with fear anger and pain to convince Vicki to not be consumed by it and repent. Bonnie’s arc is realizing that her heart has always been her strongest weapon, not her magic. And she uses that to forgive Stefan for what happened and let Enzo go and be in peace. For the first time Bonnie isn’t a magic plot device.

By destroying the bell, the Hellfire would implode the whole tower wiping out everyone in it. It won’t destroy hell. But it will keep anything else from coming through that portal.

Stefan gets there and tells him that Elena’s safe and out of harms way, that he doesn’t have to sacrifice himself to save her, trying to convince Damon not to kill himself, that they can find another way. Damon says that it’s the only way to be sure. That he’s done so much evil in his life, that he killed Tyler. That he has to do this. No matter how much he wants a life with Elena. It’s the right thing to do. Stefan gets angry and tries to force Damon to leave. Same exchange. Damon compels Stefan to leave to prevent him from being dragged down by him so he won’t die trying to save him. He tells Stefan that he was always better than him, that he’s always forgiven him for everything he’s done and now it’s finally his chance to make that worthwhile. He’s going to take out Katherine alone, by stabbing her with the bone before they’re hit with the Hellfire which will kill them both and make sure Katherine can’t come back through the Hell portal before its destroyed and stop Vicki from destroying it.

Stefan then uses the vervain dart he got from Jeremy to weaken Damon so he can knock him out and uses Matt’s handcuffs to lock Katherine up and keep her from moving. He drags Damon out.

Caroline has Alaric pull the car over and asks the girls to do something, to use the spell that Bonnie told them before. Alaric says that they don’t have a power source to draw from. Caroline says that they do: Her. Alaric says that it could kill her and starts to bring up her mom again, but Caroline stops him, saying that he has no right to bring her mom into this and that she’s not Jo or Jenna and for him to stop treating her like she is. She says that more than anything what her mom always taught her was to be strong and do what’s right and even though she didn’t always do that, it’s what she would want, and she can’t be a good mother if she doesn’t do the same for the girls and just runs away. She tells him to be quick when the kids sap her vampire magic and revive her.

Katherine wakes up, having been stabbed multiple times to keep her down, and finds that she’s handcuffed. She, after a minute of thought, breaks her hand to slide it out of the cuff. She goes up the tower and stabs Matt, knocks out Vicki and gets into a fistfight with Bonnie.

Elena and Jeremy get to the tower, now surrounded by multiple evil vampires from the series’ run. Silas leading them. Jeremy starts fighting them, and, seeing the light glowing from the top, tells Elena that something’s wrong, so Elena make sit past the barricade as Jeremy fights them, then rushing inside and up the staircase into the upper tower.

Katherine pins Bonnie, choking her. telling her that she bet she wishes she hadn’t renounced her powers. Katherine lifts her bone, which she’d used to stab Matt with and brings it down on Bonnie. When her hand is grabbed by Elena, who twists her arm behind her back, takes the bone from her and stabs Katherine with it. She tells Katherine, “Game over.” The Hellfire begins to explode down out of the bell and Elena throws Katherine into it, burning her. Vicki wakes up, seeing the fire beginning and deals the killing blow to the bell. Bonnie and Elena check on Matt. He’s still alive, but barely. And the bell is about to implode. Matt, barely conscious, sees Vicki become consumed in light and disappear. Bonnie and Elena hold eachother over Matt as the fire engulfs the tower. But they’re protected somehow from it.

The kids say the spell, encasing a force field around the bell, reducing the flames, as they’re draining Caroline.

The bell implodes completely. And the numerous vampires Jeremy was fighting disintegrate. The police and ambulance show up and Bonnie, Elena, with Matt make they’re way out of the fire, the medics getting him on the gurney.

But Caroline’s dying, the same way she died from Katherine suffocating her. Alaric gives her mouth to mouth.

Later, Stefan rushes into the hospital, where Alaric is waiting. Stefan asks him if Caroline’s okay. Alaric tries to tell him what happened, but can’t get it out. Stefan freaks and rushes into the room.

To see Caroline standing, perfectly fine. His eyes fill with tears and he hugs her, saying that he thought he’d lost her. She hugs him back, tightly and then pulls away, telling him that she has to show him something, showing him a cut on her hand that hasn’t healed. She’s human again. He says that maybe they can get Damon to give her some blood and make her a vampire again, But she says no. It’s perfect this way. He says that he thought she loved being a vampire. She says that she loves her daughters, Matt, Elena, Bonnie and him. She says that she’s realized that being a vampire isn’t what gives her strength, it may have helped her realize it, but she now understands that everything she is, she is without being a vampire. Just that now, she gets to grow old with her best friend, husband and man she loves, that she gets to have children with her husband, raise them and her 2 children she has already with him and that she gets to have the life full of real adventure that she’s always wanted with him. He tells her that he nearly gave up, but then he saw her message and hearing her made him understand he had always done the same, pulled away, sabotaged himself to avoid happiness, afraid that she didn’t love him, that he didn’t deserve it and that he was wrong to think that, because she was always there. In that moment he chose her, and Damon, he chose his whole family. He says that she’s the one for him and that he’ll love her forever too. She cries and they kiss.

Damon walks into Matt’s hospital room, finding him alive and bites his wrist, offering Matt his blood. Matt doesn’t take it, until Damon tells him to not mope and accept the help. He then takes a moment and says he’s sorry for Vicki, for everything, especially for what he did years ago to her. Matt says thanks. Damon leaves and is met with Elena, standing outside the hallway. They embrace, smiling and kissing. Montage through the end with delena getting married, Bonnie giving them the cure that she got from the other dimension she trapped Kai in for Damon to take, then through the lives of everyone, including Stefan and Caroline having kids, same with Damon and Elena, the lives they live, the good they’ve realized they can do and them passing away and reuniting with eachother in heaven and with others they love who are there. End on Damon and Stefan hugging, then joined by Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, Jeremy, Liz, Jenna, Tyler and every main cast member.
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God bless you all!

anonymous asked:

But isn't the basic fact about the superhero comics that they are power-fantasies put out by corporations who screwed its creators, or that they originated as a front company for Depression gangsters (as per Gerard Jones' MEN OF TOMORROW)? How does the pro-Union man in you square that union-busting exploitative history?

Name an industry that doesn’t screw over its workers and I’ll show you an industry that doesn’t exist. 

So unless you want to live in a cave and solely enjoy shadow-puppets, you’re going to have to engage with cultural industries that are varying levels of exploitative. 

But there are more or less socially conscious ways  of consuming - supporting the legal rights of creators is one way, supporting unionization rights is another, boycotts or collective purchasing actions, engaging in criticism, and so on and so forth. So consume, but consume consciously. 

It’s been well over a week since I posted any art. I have been spending a lot of time watching tutorials and work videos. But I have become more conscious that I’m consuming more than I’m creating.

This image is something I was messing about with. A very badly drawn Vin Diesel (looks nothing like him!) and the Iron Giant (he did the voice).

I feel I need to add a disclaimer about the giant. I’m still rubbish at drawing robots, so I went onto pinterest and used an awesome image by DKNG as reference.

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5 Ways To Create Happiness

 The law of attraction states that you attract what you are and what you are is determined by the dominant thoughts and feelings you hold in your mind. Therefore if you want to attract happiness - you must become that which you seek. 

1. The first step is to assess your environment. Look at the world outside and see what you’ve attracted so far. Assess what no longer aligns with that which you are seeking to attract and identify what you need to change about yourself to attract better in the future. This is vital in helping you along your journey of conscious evolution.

2. What’s your self-talk like? Observe the thoughts that run through your mind in your daily life and identify what activities inspire positive self-talk and which do not. If you have positive thoughts whilst drawing or painting and negative ones whilst in the company of certain people - you know what changes to make.

3. What media are you consuming? Become conscious of what you’re feeding your mind. The subconscious mind is a vault - we can only withdraw what we deposit. Be aware of the imagery and energy you’re feeding the mind and how it affects your behaviour and mental state. When I stopped watching TV I noticed a massive positive impact on my mental health.

4. Remove negative associations. Anything and everything negative must be removed from your life if you are seeking to build a life of happiness and fulfilment. Whether they are friends, family or colleagues - removing negativity allows room for positivity. Identify who, what and where is negative and remove them from your life.

5. Spend time with yourself. Knowledge of self is the key to attracting happiness into your life. Once you know yourself well enough to determine that which no longer serves you - you can create a life that inspires you with happiness instead of one you need a vacation from. Knowledge of self is acquired through spending time alone in nature and listening to the voice within.

Bonus tip - being grateful for that which makes you happy is a great way to attract more happiness into your life. Gratitude allows you to occupy a state of abundance - which the universe will repay in kind with more abundance.

True happiness is created, not found.

Peace & positive vibes.

Last Words: [Epilogue]

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1k

>> Part.1 | Part.2 | Epilogue | Alternate Ending <<

If you love me, please don’t leave me… take my body 

Take my heart…

The second Jungkook finished reading the letter he rushed out in search of you going to the first place he imagined you’d be… your mom’s house but you weren’t there

He just needed to you see you, at least, one last time

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Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: wow wtf i didnt realise how long this is sorry ogm i think i got a little carried away btu i hope it makes up for not updating last week tally ho



Chapter Thirteen

Dan lets what Phil had said stick in his mind for a little longer than he’d wanted it to.

And by that ridiculous understatement, he means it had completely and utterly consumed every conscious thought sitting in his mind, making it immensely difficult to try and think of anything else that wasn’t Phil, Ryan, or those fucking blue eyes.

Not your best, Daniel.” Mrs. Rotherham raises her eyebrows, dropping Dan’s History test on the table with a condescending clatter. He sighs, picking up and letting himself be met with the bold letter C glaring back at him in fierce red ink, causing his stomach to drop with the realisation of how much it’d been starting to affect his schoolwork. Granted, he’s not, and never had been the most focused of students, and he’d admit to spending more lesson time with his eyes glued to the window at whatever was happening on the other side of the glass rather than whatever dull information was being plonked onto the board in front of him, but it’d never affected him this much.

He gulps, nibbling his lip and shoving the paper into his bag with a rushed crumple before anyone else caught sight of his embarrassing grade; especially considering if he reached anything below that, he could kiss Welfeather, and a secure chance of an Oxford University application goodbye.

Well, at least he could return back to Fernhaven if that did end up happening.

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Full offense, but if you continue to buy makeup from brands owned by known racists/homophobes/neo-nazis etc. and your defense is “beauty is personal and I’ll buy whatever the fuck I want!!”, you are not an ally :^)

There are dupes for pretty much any product you can imagine, so it’s not difficult to be a more conscious-consumer and still achieve whatever look makes you feel beautiful.

anonymous asked:

Why do you eat animal products? I thought you are vegan :(

hm, I’m not sure why you thought I was vegan, I’ve never said that I was! I have been plant based for over 10 years though. I buy all my produce and animal products (mainly just eggs, and occasionally cheese) from a local organic farm in my area. Believe me, I am a very conscious consumer, with a focus on sustainability, ethics, organically grown, and locally grown food. I look at things from a holistic perspective, making sure to do as little harm as possible (to the earth, and other beings) Everything is connected in the end, so if you’re not eating animal products, but you’re supporting non-organic, unsustainable,  agriculture (mono-crops) thats hurting our earth, bees, farmers, and natural eco systems or if you’re consuming a lot of processed vegan foods with heaps of packaging (waste) and it’s being shipped from across the world (fossil fuels polluting our environment) that is still a part of the problem. So overall, I think its really important to look at things in the big picture, holistically. For example, something I am VERY passionate about that is often overlooked, is human rights in sweatshops.. I know animal rights activists who shop at forever 21…which seems crazy to me!! (since F21 is notorious for sweat shops with horrible working conditions and using child labor) or people not buying second hand leather, but wearing plastic ‘leather’, that is made from super toxic petroleum polluting our environment and causing cancer for the workers in the factories, and when you’re done with the item, the material won’t decompose, like, ever. It will just leech toxic chemicals into the soil. So, to me, its really all about the whole picture, and being holistically educated about things. and trying to do your best in this crazy destructive society. Investing in your local economy by supporting local, ethical, artisans/farmers of all kinds is among the most revolutionary things you can do, (voting with your dollar). I could talk about this for days honestly, but this is where I’ve come to stand on this issue as of now! I’ve been fighting for animal rights and environmental rights since I was 11 years old, I am on your side!! I uplift anyone who is trying to make a positive difference in this world (whatever it is you may be fighting for) I have a lot of respect for Vegans! This is in no way demeaning Veganism. These are just thoughts of one human, (who is still learning). 

My goal is to eventually get some land, and start an off grid, self-sustaining close-looped homestead, thats as local, organic, and humane that it gets!! Love & Light Kindred Spirit💞

Blond - Duo.

Blond design studio have released Duo, a portable speaker with an induction charging base that also charges other portable devices. It comes as a result of a case study investigating the immediate future of induction based technology, targeting the increasingly interior/style conscious consumer

sittingquietly  asked:

Regarding the post about rising quinoa prices, can explain the racism and appropriation? I understand the issues surrounding a growing demand for any type of food but what makes this more than just another food fad? (Don't take this as argumentative. I just want to be informed and you are always spot on with your posts). Thanks!

i’m going to open this with a story.

when i first moved into on campus housing at Hampshire college i had a Peruvian roommate. upon learning that i’m a vegan she one day said to me “at least you’re not the kind to eat quinoia”. she then went on to explain to me that quinoa is a staple in the diets of peruvian peoples because of its nutritional benefits, such as high protein, high fiber, low calories, ect. but because the demand for quinoa in the united states has skyrocketed, people in Peru and other places where quinoa is an indigenous crop are no longer able to afford it. this means they have to shift their diets to what’s immediately available in order to survive the quinoa outsourcing boom, such as an increase in meat consumption to supplement the protein they would have gotten from quinoa in order to survive. this shift in how peruvians and other people access food in order to survive is causing a spike in diabetes, obesity, and other health problems that weren’t as significant before the quinoa boom. from a health and food justice standpoint, the quinoa boom is causing health disparities in people who had otherwise been able to survive for years. 

interestingly enough, she was telling this to someone who had never eaten quinoa in her life, and quite honestly didn’t know what the fuck it was until she explained it. 

there’s a lot of issues with what i’m going to call white supremacist food culture, the ways in which U.S commits food imperialism when we imports good as part of the “supply and demand model” in order to satisfy the dietary needs of a few at the expense of many

like lets be real about something 

the U.S isn’t buying quinoa in bulk and then distributing it in the hood for free. its not hitting the shelves of grocery stores located in food deserts in droves. 

its going into whole foods, small boutique health food stores, stores where the assumed consumer is white, upper class, and labelled “health conscious”. stores that are not located in places populated by people of color, whether its urban, suburban, or rural. its going into the stores where white people live and white people shop. 

there’s actually a really good essay in the anthology cultivating food justice about how one of the problems with food justice and health consumer culture is that the “conscious consumer” is assumed to be white and the “unconscious consumer” is assumed to be a person of color. and when food justice operates under the assumption that “unconscious consumers” are merely people who don’t know what’s good for them and have to be told what’s good for them then its located in white saviourism. it doesn’t address the issue of access as it relates to class, race, mobility, proximity and continues to perpetuate a power imbalance where white people are posited as the authoritative source on health  

now why is it racism and appropriation? 

the lack of tangible fair trade agreements that benefit the producer moreso than the consumer- i personally believe that fair trade can never exist within the context of a capitalist framework. current fair trade rhetorics, to be frank, are an emotional remedy for the guilt ridden conscious consumer moreso then they are a real solution to transnational trade and consumption. no matter how much people in the U.S pay for something labelled “fair trade” you are still getting it for relatively cheap in comparison to what its actually worth, because you’re importing from places that don’t have the same philosophy about labor that we do, where labor is thought to be theoretically “cheaper”. and chances are you are probably paying more for the luxury of a brand to say its “fair trade” than you are an actual, equitable exchange. in order for fair trade to truly exist there has to be complete autonomy over the means of production so that producers can play a larger role in their own economic development. essentially, the people who produce quinoa are probably not profiting off it as much as U.S companies who import it are

long term environmental consequences- the U.S has a nasty habit of overconsuming/over-importing foods labelled “exotic” by virtue of not being indigenous to Eurocentric agricultures or food cultures. this places pressure on countries of production to deplete their own natural resources in order to keep up with with the demand, such as destroying rainforests in order to make more room for more crops. especially since its not advisable to crop the same crops in the same patch of dirt over and over again. so we are playing a role in the destruction of the environment abroad, especially in countries of color who have already gone through the environmental destruction associated with European imperialism. U.S import culture fosters another form of environmental racism all on its own 

the “its not healthy or worth eating until white people eat it” gotcha of food appropriation. at the same time white supremacy loves to tell people of color that our foods are not healthy, nasty, smell bad, ect it also loves to appropriate our foods and take credit for making them more palatable to the taste buds of white people. and out of this a repackaged food culture arrives, where the representations of that food culture make whiteness the referent, the default. and where the profiteers are white. white people probably make more money off selling non-white recipes, cookbooks, ingredients/food staples ect than the actual people of color from that cultural context ever will 

the best way to see this illustrated is to go to a book store and pick up a cookbook that advertises a non-western, non-white food culture written by a white person. the emphasis will often be on rehashing recipes from that culture to make them “healthier”, i.e fat free, low in sugar, carbs, high in protein, whatever is the hot new stay healthy/stay lean diet tip of the day. this assumes that prior to white adaption and appropriation, these foods are “unhealthy” relating the health of a food culture to Eurocentric values of what it means to consume “healthy” food/”unhealthy” foods. 

yet what is considered “healthy” or necessary for a culture to survive is not going to be the same across the board. “health” is relative concept influenced by a lot of shit. and white supremacy functions to set the proverbial standard of concepts that are relative 

additionally this framing conveniently ignores the impact of European colonialism & white supremacy have on POC food cultures. a few days ago i reblogged a post where whole foods was selling collard greens, a staple vegetable in many blackamerican soul food traditions. the advertisement stated “it doesn’t take bacon to make these greens taste great”. 

well whole foods is right, you don’t have to add bacon to collard greens in order to make it taste great. especially if its not your preference

but that conveniently ignores the context by which collard greens arose as a coveted dish in the first place. they’re part of blackamerican soul food cultures, which originate out of slavery. slaves didn’t have access to what some might think of as “healthy” food. being fed during slavery was a luxury that came few and far in between. and when slaves were fed they were fed what was left of the masters meal, the throwaways. so emerges a food culture as of a method of survival, a food culture that suited the needs of people who were being physically exploited for labor and unsure of when they were going to see their next meal. dietary preference or selectivity doesn’t exist when you’re fighting to survive. 

food appropriation by white supremacist food cultures is nothing new. people who benefit from white supremacy have been either taking by force or underpaying for their “exotic” dishes, ingredients, recipes. neither is the dialogue about the appropriation of food from marginalized peoples is. the only thing that’s quite new about is in the academic discourse and scholarship that has risen out of food justice. but then to me that narrows the scope as to what is considered scholarship, who is an authoritative source, who defines such limitations

i mean whether i’ve read about it in an article or my grandma calls me on the phone one day to tell me she can no longer afford collard greens because their in high demand at the whole foods clear across town

either way i’ve learned the same lesson 

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“I don’t kill. But I don’t lose either.”

In September 2011, DC Comics rebooted their entire main universe, leaving hundreds of characters missing or irrevocably altered.  Many of these losses included women, specifically those of color, and characters with disabilities who had come to help develop, in some small way, the world of DC as populated and enriched by more than just white, able-bodied men.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the treatment of Cassandra Cain. 

Initially a young woman of color whose disability affected her ability to speak and read, Cass’s first appearance in the Batman arc Mark of Cain signaled a change in the stagnant atmosphere in Gotham and would lead to the young woman’s ascension to the Batgirl cowl.  Enriched, but never dwarfed, by a full cast of Batfamily members, Cass’s run as Batgirl didn’t stray away from her abusive backstory nor from her optimistic future.  Later storylines would alter Cass’s character in numerous ways—many terrible, some terrific—but the heart of the character and what she meant to so many people would not change.

What has changed, however, is Cass’s presence within the DC world.  Completely removed from the main universe, it is up to the fandom to keep Cass alive.  It is up to us to be conscious consumers of our fanworks and to demand more Cassandra at every turn.  No more Batfamily posts without her.  No more stereotyping and making her into a background character. 

Just as Cass fought to be more than what her father wanted, so too should we fight an entire system, only exemplified by DC’s tactics, that tells us that Cass’s narrative is not one we should care about, that women of color with disabilities have no worth within a world where humans can fly, and that Cassandra herself is the Batfamily member no one wants.

“You can change. You can.”

WHAT: Cassandra Cain Appreciation Month

WHERE: Here on Tumblr, or on any other fandom channel you commonly use (such as AO3, Livejournal, or Twitter)

WHEN: July 2nd-July 31st

WHY: Cass’s first appearance took place in July of 1999 in Batman #567.  This month is also host to disabilityfest, which emphasizes the importance of fictional disabled characters, like Cass.  In many ways, it’s a perfect matchup of dates!

HOW: How can you help?  It’s simple!  During the month of July, consider creating, posting, and reblogging more Cass!  Create headcanons, write meta, write a tweet celebrating your love for Cass, or ask questions about her to your followers!  Think critically about the presence of the Batfamily in both the comics and in fandom and how your contributions either help or hinder Cass’s presence as a crucial, loved family member!  Write fics, do fanart, or make crafts!  Make graphics or playlists; change your Tumblr theme and your icon!  No matter what you’re good at, there’s something for you to do to let everyone know how much you love Cass!

“Everyone experiences tragedy. Tim. Bruce. You and me. It’s not about the city. It’s about how you choose to see the world. Everything else is just an excuse.”

This appreciation month is being coordinated through In the Name of Cassandra Cain.  This blog is completely dedicated to Cass, and will host a contest during July with prizes for seven different categories of fanworks!

We do ask that if you will be participating in Cassandra Cain Appreciation Month, that you follow some simple guidelines:

  • Don’t post/reblog/support sexist, racist, ableist, or otherwise offensive material under the premise of helping Cass’s cause.  Cass wouldn’t support that kind of behavior, and neither should you.
  • Don’t character-bash.  There’s a strong difference between pointing out meta differences in characters or in characters’ treatment in fandom and hating on a character you don’t like under the premise of defending Cass.  Focus on Cass, not other characters.
  • Please use tags for all potentially triggering material, especially in your fanworks.  While certain materials may not bother you, they could potentially cause very unsafe feelings in others.  Tags include, but are not limited to:
    • NSFW
    • Racism
    • Sexism
    • Ableism
    • Gifs/Flashing
    • Blood/Gore
    • Death
    • Abuse
    • Rape (please note that dub-con and non-con should be explicitly tagged with this)
    • Nudity
    • Sexual Content

The main tag for this event will be #casscainappreciationmonth, but some other tags you can use here or on other social media and fandom outlets include:





Please reblog this post to spread awareness of the celebration!  Let others know that you stand with Cass!