the conqerer

these ugly pikmin were inspired by @extra-vertebrae!!

i’ve always been fascinated by the whole premise  of pikmin, little plant aliens that have this weird hive mind and an insatiable need to consume and conqer all the wildlife they come across, so…

these are based off the newest pikmin installment, so no purple or white pikmin are here (I can always do  them later!)

all of them are fauna with compound eyes and a lot of inspiration/social mores from insects due to swarming tendencies and…i’d like to think that pikmin, much like ants, are actually exponentially smarter the more of them are floating around in a colony.

I also picture them with lots of fine, white hairs, and i figure them to be velvety to the touch like a sprout. They photosynthesize for food, and also have root-like stringy appendages. (they’re essentially the root of the “plant”)

top * bottom * left * right —>

blue pikmin, rock pikmin, flying pikmin, yellow pikmin, red pikmin

red pikmin have patchy scales and are generally unpleasant to eat by wildlife, from texture to capsaicin content.

pink pikmin don’t have any legs, so have locomotion based primarily on flying

yellow pikmin are lighter for throwing, but since they love being in the air so much, i figured giving them a whirlygig leaf would be a nice touch. imagine them spiraling down to the ground on their descent!

rock pikmin kind of gave me a bug up my ass, but ive grown to like them since designing them. all of them are basically little “root people” so I based them off of tubers. they have layers and are incredibly dense.

gosh, i thought i had more to say about these guys but. this is shorter than i actually thought it would be. feel free to shoot me any questions about them however!

maybe i can color splash them later.

  • Candela: This is Fuego, my Charizard and they've helped conquer all the nearest gyms
  • Blanche: This is my Gyarados and they have a high CP. Something that is vital when conqering gyms
  • Spark: This is Dab King the Pikachu and he is soft

With all this talk of the diamond murals, i think that the planets/moons they conqered say A LOT about them. We already know that yellow diamond is obsessed with power/power heavy things, which would make sense y she is the one who took in jasper, her being the perfect quartz.

But think of this.

Yellow diamond has mostly giant planets. If she is obsessed with being the best, it would make sense as the common generalization is
big = best.

Now given that, we can also make assumptions based on the other diamonds planets.

Given that White diamond has homeworld in her hands, we could maybe guess that she was the original diamond. But thats just a guess.

However white diamond has a varying majority of planets, most of which have a moon of some sort.

And given that white diamond is white, most moons are white, and the moon base has mostly white in it, it can be guessed that white diamond doesn’t necessarily want planets that meet a certain criteria, she just wants a LOT of planets that have moons. If she is the original diamond, this would make sense as she would want to grow her colony to be strong, and conquering planets gives more space to grow.

Now if we look at blue diamond’s mural, we can see that she has a small amount of planets with 0 moons.

From what we’ve seen from blue diamond, she is very orderly and precise. She likes elegance. But shes also very quiet. Now being quiet is key, as we’ve seen how lapis tends to want to be quiet, observe, and follow orders.

If blue diamond wants her gems to just listen, than it can be assumed she likes order. Everyone to be where they are supposed to be at the right time. To make sure of this, she even has a gem with future vision.

Now if she is so orderly, than it would make sense why she would have a very small amount of planets with 0 moons, because she would want the planets to meet specific criteria, one of those being no moons.

But we know little to nothing about pink diamond, except that she only has one planet.


A planet flourishing with life and such.

So maybe the reason she only has one planet is because she was looking for that PERFECT planet.

Idk im just speculating but feel free to expand this idea.