the conjuror

Gandalf: Bilbo Baggins, do not take me for some conjuror of cheap tricks. My tricks are some of the most expensive one’s you’ll ever see. My tricks are the best tricks around. No one has tricks like me. My tricks are incomparable. “Look at those tricks, those tricks are amazing. Who’s trick are those?” people say, and the answer always comes back - Gandalf. 

My favorite quick eye look lately with ColourPop eyeshadow in Bae (applied with a pencil brush) and mascara. Harsh cut creases are pretty much all I do and it’s easy to just dip into a cream eyeshadow then draw and blend a cut crease. I love how complex this eyeshadow looks. Fyrinnae loose eyeshadow in Conjuror is a similar shade that I recommend as well.

Invocation to the Witch Ancestors of Hellenistic Lore

Oh great witches of old, whose legends and names continue to penetrate the minds of all. Great women of magic whose gifts are accessed by the witches of today to work their spells and rites, hear my calls.

Erichtho, Thessalian woman, dreaded by all, come to my aid. Conjuror of the dead and feared leader of the witches of Thessaly, I invoke thee!

Medea, fabled witch of many drugs whose power is legend among us, come to my aid. Poisoner and healer, great daughter and priestess of Hekate, I invoke thee!

Kirke, great daughter of Hekate whose name is known by many, enchantress of lore and you who have been called goddess, nymph, and witch alike, come to my aid. Great sorceress whose skill in drugs and poisons is surpassed by none but the lady Hekate herself, I invoke thee!

Simaetha of legend, you who bound the errant Delphis back to thy side, come to my aid. You whose skill in binding and erotic magic is known by so many, I invoke thee!

Daughters of Hekate all, by the name of your three-formed mistress, I compel thee to come to me and provide me with your aid in my works of witchcraft. Fabled witches who I honor above all the shades of the departed, I invoke thee. Come upon your fellow witch and give aid to my spells!

You might, for example, be interested to know that the word “prestigious” is derived from the Latin praestigiae, which means “conjuror’s tricks.” Isn’t that interesting? This word that we use to mean honorable and esteemed has its beginnings in a word that has everything to do with illusion, deception, and trickery.
—  By Cheryl Strayed from We are all Savages Inside in Tiny Beautiful Things
Something was brought to my attention

Just because a particular Spirit that you hear of from someone isn’t mentioned in a religious text or certain mythologies doesn’t mean that those Spirits are made up by the conjuror. The Astral is immense and not everything about it is going to be written down already for you in some book.

Personally my girlfriend and I are working with several different leaders of several different types of Spirits that aren’t well known if they are known at all (the Rajael Ravstervrajh, for example, or the Rose Angels.)

Point being, just because a type of Spirit isn’t mentioned in some text that my or may not be based on religion doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. The size of the Astral and its varying planes are way too beyond comprehension for you to be thinking that every single being in existence over there has been recorded by us mere humans.

Tinkering with: Top Techy Tazri Trigger Targets.

Alliteration is gross. So is a deck that does it all. Creatures with repeatedly-triggering spell-like abilities are good alone, but with Allies, they all synergize in a manner that makes me want to puke. Top it off with a general that can tutor one out for you on entering the battlefield (hello, Conjuror’s Closet) is disgusting. Needless to say, I love it. Here are some targets from general Tazri you may have overlooked something about. Also… Strionic Resonator.

So, discard. Dis(gusting)card is such a powerful tool as it is, and this triggers on any ally entering, including itself. Assuming you played an ally like Beastcaller Savant, dropped Tazri, and grabbed this, the odds are you’re about to pick the best card from the three or four cards your opponent wants least out of their hands. Then you’re going to do it again next turn for four or five. Then… well, you get the point. Get rid of their Blasphemous Acts and their Day of Judgements. Unless you grab…

“But Mr. Goblin scientist man, how do we use that trigger at instant speed?” The answe is simple, Johnny/Jenny- cards like Savage Summoning, Quicksilver Amulet, Alchemist’s Refuge, Leyline of Anticipation, Veldalken Orrery, and if you’re a true boss, Sneak Attack. So go ahead, hit those triggers at instant speed. Why not? It’s not like you’re playing mill, right?

When your opponent is successfully ensconced in a fort of pillows, turn to your friendly excavator. You’re already running every single clone effect, so this is an easy strategy to go all in with if you so choose. It’s a real thing and it will lose you friends. While you get rid of their cards, draw some of your own with another blue Ally:

Just go ahead and reread that line of text, because I don’t have to write jack diddly about this card. It works well with some card selection though. If only we could somehow decide what we were drawing next…

Much like Tazri, play and ally, get some allies. There’s an xzibit meme in here somewhere but I’m not going to look for it too hard. What if you get tired of playing allies? You’re jealous of that Craterhoof Behemoth you milled away with your Halimar Excavator. If only you could get it back from their graveyard. With an Ally. That does Ally things.

Oh man that’s sweet. Mill, Discard, Draw, Recursion, Tutoring, Selection, Aggro… This deck is just hideous. But do you want to know what the best ally in your whole deck is? The very best?

It’s nine allies. Nine allies is your best ally. Just win the game in a sickening manner. GG fellow magic players, gg.

Starter for vincentandhotephas

*it had been a long night of camping.  being so close to Dun Mir’s volcano didn’t help any, but the Fire Knights and requested her assistance when one of the rune stones had popped up on their turf.  normally they could deal with this on their own, but a little closer of ties to the head of the Conjuror order was never a bad thing.  and so she sat on her turn for watch and stared at the fire in front of her, that was until she heard the unmistakable sound of the rune activating.  jumping to her feet she stared at the giant man in front of her* ….. well, that’s something you don’t see every day…..