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Annabelle: Creation | Movie Review (Non - Spoiler)

100 / 100: Annabelle Creation’s provides nerve shredding terror and excellent film making, and makes for a great addition into The Conjuring universe. 

The first Annabelle movie wasn’t that great, I quite liked it but most people didn’t. However any worries you have due to the first Annabelle movie about Creation are quickly dismissed just by the opening 10 minutes, which provide an excellent prologue to set the scene and instantly pull you into the Conjuring universe.

The movie is superbly directed by David F. Sanberg, who also directed last years Light’s Out, a movie which I wasn’t a big fan of, however it definitely was a well directed movie, and here he ups his game. Excellent tracking shots are used throughout to provide an uncut feeling of dread. He also knows how to use objects alone to strike fear into audiences. Things like cupboard doors, chairs, light’s and stairs are all used in a way to tense up the audience and prepare us for a good scare.

Speaking of scares, jump scares. Jump scares are like an infestation in the horror genre. Most of the time a horror movie will be full of false, irrelevant and annoying jump scares accompanied by a jolting loud music. However in Annabelle: Creation the jump scares are used expertly though generously. However they aren’t ever really false scares, the scared lead to something or provide some sort of payoff for the scene, they aren’t a friend shouting boo at the main character.

The antagonist of the movie, the demon, is fantastically realized and used in this movie. The times in which we actually see him are completely terrifying, specifically in one scene involving a shed and scarecrow, that scene got me so much I accidentally threw my popcorn in the air. 

Talitha Bateman plays one of two of our protagonists, and she does an excellent job. The way her character is written and the way she plays the character really make you feel for her and care for her.

Lulu Wilson who made a stand out appearance in Ouija: Origin of Evil does an equally good job here. However the movie doesn’t fully utilize the ability of Wilson as she is a terrifically good “creepy” actor, and the movie doesn’t really use that to it’s advantage.

I have pretty much no major problems with this movie and nothing to warrant it being downgraded from 100. I can’t wait to watch this movie again, as it is a fantastic cinematic experience, and one that SHOULD be seen in cinemas with a nice energetic (but not phone using, talking, Brenda Meek’s style) audience. Seriously if someone is on their phone or talking ask them to stop, if they don’t go to the staff and if nothing is still done I really do recommend you simply ask for a refund and leave, as this movie is so immersive and so reliant on atmosphere for it’s scares, that a bad audience would mean many of the scares won’t work for you.

I guess Lulu Wilson is a good luck charm for any prequel to a shitty horror movie… Annabelle: Creation gets a well earned 100 / 100.
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Just watched The Conjuring

Really scary and awesome film! The best ever horror film i’ve ever seen. It’s the number 1 actually. It’s very intense and the fact it was based from a true story and they showed newspaper clippings, the real people..what makes it twice frightening. But the plot is brilliant! Gonna post a movie review later or tomorrow!

If you still haven’t seen it, GO! You must not miss this.


Starring: Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Lili Taylor, and Ron Livingston.

Duration: 1hr 52mins.          Rated: R

Basis: Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren work to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse. Forced to confront a powerful entity, the Warrens find themselves caught in the most terrifying case of their lives.

Review: Based on a true story, from the Director of SAW andINSIDIOUS, comes THE CONJURING.  This movie was packed full of suspense, mixed with some horror.  The story line was good.  Things were explained to the best of their ability.  Its horror factor could have been increased, while the creepy factor was just right.  I’m not usually found of films set before the 80s, but it was tolerable.  Throughout the film you eventually begin to sympathize with the family at hand.  Unfortunately, no original footage was used which would have given it some major bonus points.  Some parts were slow, but nevertheless, it kept your attention until the next scary scene, which were pretty intense when they came around.  Also, the special and make-up fx were superb.  

External image

The entire cast of this film did an amazing job.  Patrick Wilson did a great job, staying strong.  He might have just found the genre of film he’s been looking for being that action doesn’t seem to be looking so well.  The only troublesome about his character were those dreaded sideburns.  After a while, they become an eyesore.  Someone who wasn’t at all an eyesore was Vera Farmiga.  She is not only a very pretty actress, but very talented.  Her expression of emotions were off the charts.  Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston also did a great job.  Taylor outshinning Livingston just a bit more.  The rest of the supporting cast consisted of: Shanley Caswell (did well), Hayley McFarland (innocent), Joey King (emotions were highly believable), Mackenzie Foy (darling), Kyla Deaver (adorable), and, Shannon Kook and John Brotherton (comical when appropriate, but otherwise, down to business).

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All in all, THE CONJURING is a pretty genuine horror film.  It’s not overly done with special fx, or loud suspenseful music.  It mostly does it with silence and dramatic pauses.  If you’re a fan of the horror genre, this is the film for you.

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So until next time, remember: A game of Hide and Clap isn’t the best game to play in a big creepy house.

Star Rating: ★




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